tagMind ControlDare Me Not Ch. 12

Dare Me Not Ch. 12


Recap: Drew and Janine are both in a state of shock after he fondled her breast during a lecture. Janine doesn't want to talk or think about it (Ch 11). She is looking forward to meeting Natasha to see if she would succumb to Natasha's commands since Professor Dawson's test to return control to Janine (Ch. 9)

Janine didn't want to think about it, but she couldn't help it. She had pretty much offered Drew her breast on a platter during the psych lecture. Would he tell Nat? When Natasha called between lessons asking her if she was keen to go to the mall after classes, Janine had almost blurted out her indiscretion. She felt guilty, but not dirty. In fact, she never felt dirty after any of her encounters, with Matt and Ivan the security guard, or with Coach Carter, Drew's father. Yikes, she had almost forgotten that she had sucked the Coach off, and displayed her body to him in his truck.

End of day rolled around and Janine found Natasha and Drew waiting at their appointed meeting place. Janine glanced at Drew, and they both looked away sheepishly. Natasha didn't notice as she led them to their cars, talking a lot about nothing. Janine went with Natasha, while Drew drove himself to the mall.

"Why are you back in jeans again? You looked so hot in skirts last week," Natasha started.

"Yeah, well, uh, I like to change it up," Janine floundered for an excuse.

"Well, you should change it up again then. Skirts look great on you and with this weather, they're even better."

"Uh, yeah." Janine crossed her fingers and waited for a dare or a bet, but none was forthcoming. Natasha just kept driving and did not push the point any further.

Drew met them at the door to the mall, claimed he was going to get some stuff and said he would meet up with them after they were done. "He's just happy that he isn't going to be dragged around by us girls," Natasha laughed. Janine would be the one that was to be dragged.

They flitted from store to store, trying clothes and shoes and other stuff, while Janine waited with bated breath for that all-important first command. Without a command, she couldn't prove that the Professor was able to block Natasha from controlling her. But until Natasha said the magic words "dare" or "bet", Janine would not know if it was going to work.

Janine was almost rife with frustration when they met up with Drew again at Starbucks after an hour of fruitless shopping. The previous times they had shopped, Natasha had dropped all sorts of dares on her. Daring her to try clothes or shoes, or daring her to buy things she didn't care for. But this time, nothing.

"So what did you buy?" Drew asked, almost thankful that he didn't have to pay for the stuff that his girlfriend bought.

"Oh, a pair of heels, a bracelet for my mum's birthday, you know, stuff."

Janine rolled her eyes as she shared a knowing look with Drew. Natasha spent money like it meant nothing to her. It probably did mean very little if anything at all to her, but her family had the money and was not averse to splurging on their 18-year-old daughter. This made it hard for Janine to believe that her friend would steal. She had been caught as a co-conspirator to theft by security the last time they came to the mall, and had been let off the hook after some punishment. Her punishment was a blowjob for a big black security guard. She wondered what Natasha had to do, but never broached the subject.

She desperately wanted to broach the subject of dares, but how could she? Natasha and Drew were engaged in a lovey-dovey discourse and it seemed almost rude to break them up, but Janine was getting antsy. She needed to test her control out.

She waited for an appropriate pause in the "I love you"s before saying, "Hey Nat, I have something I need to talk to you about."

Drew flashed Janine a look. Was she going to tell her what had happened in the lecture theatre that morning? "Sure, what's up?" Natasha asked.

"Um, can we go for a little walk?" Janine looked over at Drew, who was getting more nervous by the second.

"Sure, let's go. See you in a bit, baby." Natasha cooed as the two girls left the table and walked away. Drew stared at his frappucino and wondered if it was going to be the end of his beautiful relationship with Natasha. His girlfriend had a smoking body and he was not afraid to use it to its fullest potential.

Janine and Natasha didn't walk far to a less travelled corner perhaps twenty feet away from the entrance to Starbucks. Drew could still see them and Natasha turned to wave to him. He waved back slowly.

"So, what's biting you? You seem on edge all afternoon." Natasha asked.

"Well I need you to say a few things to me. I need to test a theory out."

"Huh, what is this all about?"

"I - I can't tell you right now. Could you just humour me?"


"Okay, repeat this to me. I dare you to put both arms above your head for twenty seconds."

"That's kinda strange, Janine. I dare you to put both arms above your head for twenty seconds."

Janine waited and expected her arms to reach for an invisible target above her head, but they stayed numbly by her sides. She looked at her hands, turned them over and started to grin.

"I don't get it," Natasha remarked.

"It's good!" Janine was ready to jump up and down in glee. "Okay, now we should try a bet. Could you say I bet you are tired and need to sit down?"

"I bet you are tired and need to sit down," parroted Natasha. Janine was now jumping in delight as she felt assured that the end of her plight was in sight. Natasha now had no control over her, which meant that Brad Wheeler had no control over her! She had to tell Professor Dawson and get him to make it so that no one would control her again.

"Okay, I can see you're really excited, but you owe me an explanation. What's going on?"

Janine wondered if she should make something up or just brush it aside, but decided to tell Natasha everything. Well, almost everything. She told her about the strange CD she received from Professor Dawson and how she could not escape dares and bets. Natasha's eyes widened as she put two and two together.

"So that's why you started wearing skirts? Because I dared you to?"


"So why aren't you wearing one now?" Janine almost blurted that it was Coach Carter who gave her control over her dress sense, but skirted around the issue and said dismissively that she received a blanket rule to return her right of choice.

"Well, if you had the right of choice already, then it means that no one should be able to control what you do or say now right?"

Janine briefly described her ten-second rule without getting into the details of how she figured it out. "That's interesting! Wow, so you were like a slave to others' commands?"

"Well I guess you could put it that way. I'm just glad that Professor Dawson found a way to override the commands. Now I'm impervious to you and Brad Wheeler!"

"Brad Wheeler? The quarterback? What happened?"

Janine hesitated briefly, but told her story. Natasha was filled with righteous anger as she heard her friend describe how Brad had figured out her secret weakness and had used it against her. "But it's all good now right?"

"Yes! He can't control me, just as you can't control me. Prof Dawson set it up so that both of you cannot control me. Well I asked for you so that I can test it out. I didn't want to only test it for the first time when Brad came around again."

"Yeah, I've seen him looking at me when I wait for Drew after their games. He gives me the creeps! Hey, I'd like to see some commands at work. It's quite interesting now that I know about it. Hey Drew!"

"I don't think that's a good idea, Nat..."

"Oh hush, let me have some fun with this." Drew sauntered over as casually as he could. Was the game up? "Hey Baby, I'm playing a game of truth or dare with Janine and I dared her to do whatever you tell her." See, your secret's safe with me. She winked at Janine, who understood her plan. Drew wouldn't know that it was the dare itself that she could not escape.

"Anything? That sounds kinda dangerous."

"Well we're in public, and I'm your girlfriend, so nothing strange okay?" Natasha gave him a mock glare, and Janine and Drew exchanged furtive glances. Nothing could be as strange as groping her breasts in public.

"Oh well, I dare you to bend over and touch your toes."

Janine folded perfectly at the waist to touch her exposed toes. She never thought herself to be flexible, but she kept a perfect balance while remaining completely collapsed with her knees to her chest.

"That's so lame. Surely you can do better."

"Er, I dare you to do a headstand."

Now that was definitely something Janine had never done. In fact, she could not recall ever seeing one in person before. Never fear, her body knew a lot more than she did. From her folded position, she placed her palms flat on the floor and set her forehead on the floor to make the last leg of the tripod. In a swift motion, she kicked both legs upright and held them together in a perfect headstand. Natasha and Drew were flabbergasted, and Natasha started clapping.

"That's awesome Janine. I didn't know you could do a headstand."

"Neither did I," came Janine's equally shocked response. "I guess I never knew I had it in me."

"It's good you're not wearing a skirt today," Drew remarked cheekily.

"Indeed. I would have socked you if you asked her to do a headstand with a skirt on!" Natasha threatened as they laughed.

They bantered on, and a few seconds later, Janine suddenly blurted out, "I'm gonna fall!" Her ten seconds of fame were up and she wobbled dangerously before she tipped over and crashed unglamorously into the floor. There was a pause of shock before Drew leapt forward to help her up.

"You were doing so well. I thought you were gunning for a Guinness record."

Janine feared what would have happened if she did or could not reclaim control of her body. The thought of being completely at the mercy of another scared her.

"So what are you guys up to for the rest of the afternoon?" she asked.

"I'm thinking of popping by Drew's for a bit. I left some stuff there last week and couldn't get it over the weekend."

"Okay, I guess I should catch a bus home."

"Oh come on, why don't you come over for a bit. I'll give you a ride home later?"

"No, I really should go home to study," Janine didn't really want to study, but somehow knew that she had to.

"Forget about that. Drew, why don't you dare her to come over to your place?"


"Just say it," Natasha insisted.

"It's okay Drew, you don't have to," Janine tried to protest.

"Just say it, Drew," Natasha persisted.

"Janine, I dare you to come over to my place."

"Drew, let's go. I'm coming over to your place." Janine repeated to his surprise.

"See, I guess you've got quite the charm. I bet you think he's charming, and good looking too!" Natasha winked at Janine as she playfully punched Drew's bicep.

Drew is charming, Janine agreed silently. She had no idea why she never thought it before, but she had to agree that Drew was really a nice guy. He was tall, well built, reliable, and really good looking. Janine blushed quietly as she walked behind the couple towards their cars. Maybe it was their earlier encounter that was getting to her. Even his butt was good looking!


Natasha hummed a cheerful song as Janine sat quietly on the way to the Carter residence. She could not get how charming and good looking Drew was out of her head. She tried to imagine him all dirty and sweaty after a football game, hoping the thought would gross her out, but instead she thought him even manlier. She recalled instances where he had made a total ass of himself, but his subtle charm seemed stronger than her memories.

Pulling up to his house, Drew parked the car in the garage and waved to his father. Natasha parked on the driveway and waved a similar greeting to Coach Carter. Janine exited the car slowly, pausing to greet the coach.

"Hi, Janine. I see you got dragged by again."

"Yes, Nat said she had something she forgot here last week."

"I saw she left her bikini here last week, so I'm sure they will be a while."

Janine knew he was probably right. Natasha would probably "model" the bikini for Drew again if she hadn't already last week, and turn the poor charming hunk on to the point of distraction. Charming hunk? Where did that come from? "So how come you're home early today, Coach?"

"No after-school practice today, so I get some time to myself."

As they chatted, it was hard for Coach Carter to ignore the fact that the coed was not wearing a bra. "Brrr, I bet you didn't notice it's getting chilly," he remarked nonchalantly.

"It doesn't feel cold," she replied. It was a blatant lie, and though Janine knew it, her body shivered involuntarily. The sun was getting lower in the sky, but it was still warm and balmy. But her body reacted like the temperature had dropped ten degrees. The hairs on her arms and neck stood on end. She shivered again, and her nipples gave the coach the show that he was waiting for. They joined her hair in their appraisal of the phony chill and rose to give the weather a standing ovation.

Coach Carter looked on in approval. His penis stirred as he recalled the amazing blowjobs he received from her, once in his garage and again in his truck when he sent her home. She had bared her body to him in that truck and he imagined that he could still feel her taut body pressed up against him in the close confines of his cab. Her perky nipples threatened to pierce through her pink cotton T-shirt and he mentally undressed her.

Something had changed since their last meeting because she was aware of his deception the moment he gave the command. He hoped that whatever or whoever had changed Janine did not remove the ten second rule.

"I bet that since you're feeling cold, you'll need to come inside for a long intimate hug. Who knows? Maybe you'll need even more warming up after that."

Janine's eyes flashed with suspicion but knew she could not stop herself from walking into the garage with Coach Carter. She had flashbacks of them lewdly entwined on the floor of the garage with his tongue buried in her pussy as she inhaled his throbbing cock. The imagery both scared her and made her strangely excited. What would he do with her now? Should she scream for help? Who would come to her rescue?

They were now in the garage and the tension between them was rising. Coach Carter could feel his cock straining against his jeans, as begging to be released to ravage this pretty young thing. He approached to take the shivering girl in his arms when Drew called out from the kitchen.

"Dad, where are you? There's a call for you."

Coach Carter took a reluctant step away from Janine and replied that he was in the garage. Drew entered the garage and passed the phone to him. His father looked mildly displeased, but took the phone and went into the house. Drew looked over and saw Janine shivering.

"Janine, are you okay? You look like you're cold or something." Janine nodded mutely as she stepped purposefully towards him.

"Drew, I'm f-freezing. I need a hug."

"Sure." Janine all but leapt on him when he acquiesced. She snuggled into his broad chest and arms, trying to wrap herself up in him. "You're so warm."

Drew did not know what to make of the situation as he hesitantly circled her with his arms. He had never paid her any mind until today and though he had hugged many girls in his time, he felt awkward holding her while she burrowed herself deeper into his embrace. There was something strange, almost intimate in the way she curled herself up against him. She moulded her body to his and almost seemed to purr as she basked in his warmth.

"Janine, are you feeling better now?"

"No, not enough," came her throaty reply. "I need more."

More of what, his mind asked rhetorically. She continued to squirrel her way deeper into his chest, making him painfully aware of the sharp nipple points in her top. He had accidentally copped a feel that morning during the lecture, but this time he could not ignore them as they stabbed and stroked his chest. He felt himself rising to the occasion and resisted the urge to revisit her breasts.

Drew tried to think of other things, like his car or his homework, in hopes of distracting himself from his girlfriend's best friend. Janine was not heart-stoppingly gorgeous, but was definitely easy on the eye, he had to concede. She must have hidden that commendable body behind poor fashion and books, and he must not have been paying much attention to her all this time. There was no denying the effect said body was having on him. Janine gyrated subconsciously in his arms, and he wondered if she could feel his swollen discomfort. He could feel his pulse picking up and found himself taking deeper breaths.

"Drew, I'm cold, would you please rub me?" Janine requested, and without waiting for an answer, brought his right hand to her lower back. "Right here." He didn't reply, but rubbed circular motions into the small of her back. Her breaths came faster and shallower.

"That's good," she confirmed as she rested her head on his shoulder. As he rubbed her back, she thrust her breasts against him in time. His eyes widened at the increased contact and he felt he should back away while he could. Janine was having none of that. She grabbed the hand on her back and kept him there. "Don't go, please don't go. I need your warmth."

He put up his left hand to protest, but it fortuitously collided with her breast. She murmured her appreciation and closed the gap between them, trapping his raised hand between their bodies. His fortunate hand was well positioned in the mix, cupping her right breast. His erection reached its peak and he knew without looking that it was digging into her thigh. Would she back away now?

Janine felt torn. She knew that she was making Drew uncomfortable and that she was crossing many boundaries, but she just couldn't help herself. She felt so cold and so in need of his touch. She could tell the state of his arousal and while the rational part of her screamed in shock, another voice within whispered that the tent in his jeans was the heat source she was looking for. Such lewd thoughts were foreign to her, but yet they felt like they were a part of her.

"Um, you know, you've been acting a little strange lately. Is everything alright with you?" Drew broke the silence between deep breaths. "I don't mind giving you a hug, but I bet it's not really that cold, so what are you up to? Is this one of Nat's tricks?" He almost expected a camera crew to jump out from behind his neighbour's bushes to catch them in the act.

Before he finished his sentence, the cold tap in Janine's brain turned off and warmth returned to her in droves. She backed away from Drew shyly, blushing as she thought of what she had done. She looked into Drew's confused eyes and thought of offering an explanation, but could not form the words out of embarrassment. Her blush only heightened as her eyes lowered and she took in the magnitude of his arousal.

Drew had mixed feelings. On one hand, he was glad that Janine seemed to have returned to normal. On the other, her body felt really good and she had left him wanting more even though he knew he should not. Why did forbidden fruit have to be so sweet?

They stood there separately in silence, taking in the conflicting emotions inscribed on the other's faces. Countless words unspoken passed between them for an eternity of time as a seething Natasha backed away from the crack of the garage door without alerting them.

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