Hello Reader, this is only my second attempt at writing and i feel it is completely different from my first. Please leave comments, feedback of any sort is welcomed. Thank you and I hope you enjoy!


Alone in the darkness I walk. At two in the morning, every shadow seems somehow deeper and darker. My skin crawls as my mind wanders to what could be hiding in those shadows.

On my way home from wherever it is I've been. I chose the walk to help clear my head from the alcohol. I walk pretty straight for someone who just drank half a bottle of rum.

My friend invited me out for drinks. I know the bar we went to. Know the location, the name of the place escapes me at the moment.

Again my mind wanders, this time trying to remember the name of that damned bar. "Oh well" I think, as I decide it doesn't really matter. I begin to think I should have gotten a ride home from my friend as my legs are now freezing. The thin material of my short black skirt does nothing to protect against the chill of the night air. I quicken my steps, trying to get home quicker. Then I can curl up in my warm bed.

My mind is thinking about my warm bed when suddenly a hand covers my mouth and a strong arm around my waist pulls me into an alley. My heart races as I try to fight back. No use, hes too strong. I wiggle and squirm trying to escape. The arms pull me back into the hard wall that is his chest. His arousal is evident even through his jeans and my skirt, as I feel it pressed hard and hot against my ass.

I feel his breath, warm and moist against my ear as he speaks. "Stop fighting or this is gonna get a lot worse." He moves the arm around my waist and his hand finds the hem of my shirt. I feel his fingers on my stomach. Slowly sliding over my skin until he reaches my black lace bra. He fumbles with the clasp and finally releases it, allowing my breasts to swing free.

He warns me not to yell, tells me he has a knife and he will use it on me if I yell. Aware this is going to happen and afraid, I keep my mouth shut as the hand covering my mouth moves to join the other under my shirt. Then both hands are grasping at my breasts. Kneading and groping them, twisting and pinching my nipples. I feel him grind him hips against me, rubbing the hard bulge in his jeans against my ass. I realize the attention he is paying to my breasts and nipples is getting me wet between my legs. My pussy is suddenly sopping wet and aching to be filled. My cheeks turn bright red with shame. This man is going to rape me, and apparently my body is enjoying it. This is wrong, I think to myself.

Suddenly his hands are gone. I try to run. I make it only a few steps before his hand in my hair jerks me backward and off my feet. I land hard on my ass and know that it will be bruised. He is in front of me for the first time. I don't know what he looks like, he's wearing one of those black ski masks with openings at the eyes and mouth. There is a glint of light and I notice he is holding the knife he mentioned earlier. It is very big and looks very sharp.

A quick movement and my shirt is in tatters. My bra and skirt follow soon after. He takes a length of my skirt and binds my hand together. Another piece of my clothes becomes a gag. He looks around for a moment and apparently finds what he is looking for, I can see a smirk cross his lips as I stand there crying.

He walks me over to the wall of the alley. There is a piece of something jutting from the wall above my head. It looks like a piece of metal that has been screwed into the brick of the building. He takes yet another piece of my shredded skirt and loops it between my wrists. He then lifts my wrists above my head and ties the cloth to the metal. It is high enough that I have to stand on my tip toes.

After I am secured to the wall he steps back to admire his handiwork. He smiles at me. Standing there bound and gagged, wearing nothing but my fishnet stockings, small black thong and high heels. My tears slide down my cheeks as he moves toward me.

He removes the jacket he is wearing and steps closer to me. One of his callused hands caresses my breasts again. The other hand holds the knife as he uses it to slice through the thin fabric of my thong, allowing the material to flutter away from my body and fall to the ground. The knife disappears as his fingers twist and pinch my nipples. My body is responding to his touch. I feel my juices sliding down my thighs as the last of my resistance fades. I arch my back as much as I can. Pushing my breasts into his hands.

A moan escapes my lips as his hands move lower. His hand slides over the short dark hair covering my wet sex. A finger slips easily between the moist folds and pushes inside. The walls of my pussy clench at the finger desperately trying to pull it deeper.

Quickly he removes his hands and grabs my legs above the knee. He easily lifts my legs and wraps them around his waist. His hands are busy squeezing the round globes of my ass as his mouth dips to wrap his hot lips around my nipples.

He removes one hand from my ass and undoes the fly of his jeans, allowing them to fall to his feet. He rubs the head of his huge cock up and down my slit. Lubricated by my juices, he lets the tip rest against my opening as he returns to suckling my nipples and grabbing my ass. Without warning, he thrusts into me. I cry out as his cock fills my pussy. I feel like he's ripping my pussy apart. I've never had a cock so big.

He thrusts furiously into me. In and out. Faster and harder, I moan and pant, and cry out from the pain and pleasure of it all.

Suddenly he's gone. The walls of my pussy clenching the air where his cock should be. I open my eyes and he is in front of me. Reaching over my head with his knife he slices through the cloth holding my wrists.

He turns me around and pushes me into the wall. A split second later he is against my back pressing the head of his cock between my legs. He fucks me hard from behind. Thrusting deep on every stroke. My shame returns briefly as I realize I am about to come all over this strange cock.

My body tenses as wave after wave of pleasure courses through me. The walls of my pussy contract around his cock, milking it. I feel him tense and then pull away, spraying my ass with his hot seed.

He dresses himself, then cuts the cloth holding my wrists together. I turn and he is already walking away into the darkness. I realize I am standing alone in a dark alley, completely nude except for my stockings and heels. In the middle of the night, after receiving the fucking of my life.

My eyes drop to the ground and notice that the man left his jacket behind. I pick it up and slip it on. It is just long enough to cover my ass, and I start to walk home. My mind drifts back to the scene in the alley several times before I arrive home.

Inside my house I lock the doors and go take a shower. After which I go to bed. As I climb into bed, I curl up next to my husband. He isn't asleep yet I know. I press my self against him and whisper in his ear,

"Thank you for a wonderful evening, Lover."

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