Dark Acolyte Ch. 04


A few hours later, the group did stop to make camp at a small grove of trees along the well-traveled road. The sun was still fairly high in the sky, giving the mercenaries time enough to set up their camp, including a rather large tent for Firanda and her governess, much larger than they probably needed. Not far from the camp, but far enough that it wasn't readily visible, a small river wound its way through the countryside. Zerafina smiled when Tidgit told her it was near.

She sashayed over to Padryc and lightly touched his shoulder. "I think I am going to wash some of this dust off of me," she said, her lips a scant inch from his ear. "You rough men wouldn't have traveled with soap, would you?" she asked. Padryc raised an eyebrow at her before digging in his pack. He came up with a wrapped bar that he passed over to her. "I usually keep a bar or two around," he said, shrugging. "Can't say that I ever saw much point in it. I tend to get just as dirty again afterward."

Zerafina ran her hand down her neck, dipping it into her ample cleavage. "I'm sure I might be able to change your mind," she whispered before stepping back away from him. She was careful too to let the skyyrim know to keep their distance. She did not want the sellswords to panic at their presence, and she didn't need potential slaves being killed off by her current subjects.

She made her way to the river and stripped off her robe and sandals leaving the robe hanging on a branch and the sandals just underneath it. She dipped a toe in the water and cringed briefly at the sheer chill of it. She muttered a brief arcane phrase under her breath and traced a design over the water and touched it again. It was still slightly cooler than she might have preferred, but it was much more tolerable. It did have the added effect of making her nipples harden and stand out. She took the soap in her hand and began to slowly rub it over her breasts, her thighs, her stomach, and her ass. She soaped herself slowly, lingering over her body. She then ducked all but her head underwater and looked toward the bank. She saw Padryc there, kneeling by the water. He had rid himself of his armor and had stripped to the waist. She admired his chiseled physique even as she took note of the scars on his body. Here was someone that was familiar with pain in both the receiving and giving of it.

She smiled at him as she emerged from the river, the water slowly running down her slick body. Padryc's mouth hung half open as he watched her, her eyes speaking her lust. She slowly tracked her eyes down his body, seeing the erection that strained against his trousers. She didn't speak, but moved up against him, cupping his cock in her hand and pressing her lips against his. She pushed her tongue into his mouth, felt his hands grab her roughly, pulling her against him. She felt the tendrils of lust-fueled power snaking around him, drawing him into her web of control.

She pushed back from him, her hands deftly untying the lacing on his trousers, pushing them to the ground and releasing his cock. Padryc gave a groan of release as her hand found his naked cock, as she slowly cupped his balls.

She grabbed her cloak, set in on the ground in front of him. She trailed slow kisses down his body, pausing to flick her tongue over his nipple. His hands twisted in her hair, pulling it back from her face as she settled on her knees. She blew lightly over his cock then slowly ran her tongue along the length of it followed by a trail of kisses back down to his balls.

"Suck it already," he growled at her, pushing her face against it. She wrapped one hand around his body, squeezing his hard ass and she pushed the head of his cock past her lips. She swirled her tongue slowly around the head of his cock, and she moaned as she felt his knees buckle slightly.

Padryc was inarticulate as she swallowed his cock, letting it slide deep into her mouth and into her throat without even the slightest gagging on her part. Padryc's eyes were wide as he watched her take the entire length of him into her mouth and then he groaned out loud as he felt her tongue work against his balls. He knew that he was not a small man, but to see Zerafina work her mouth around his cock, he had to wonder just what else she was capable of. Zerafina bobbed her head up and down slowly, luxuriously, enjoying the feel of power she had over this man. She could feel his will weakening, knowing that by the time she was finished with him, he would do whatever it was she desired.

"Now that truly is a fine ass," she heard a voice say.

Zerafina let Padryc slip from her mouth completely and turned to see Karlin standing nearby, leaning against a tree. She smiled at him, and waved him over. "You did say that it was share and share a like, didn't you?" she asked. She pulled Padryc, whose eyes were already starting to glaze over, to his knees as Karlin stepped over to her makeshift blanket. She quickly lowered Karlin's trousers and took his rapidly hardening cock into her mouth. He groaned out his pleasure, grabbing her head and forcing it down onto him. She felt Padryc rub his spit slick cock back and forth against her soaking pussy. She let Karlin's cock slip from her mouth and pulled him into a sitting position to give Padryc better access and to keep herself from falling over. She sucked Karlin's cock straight back down her throat, as soon as she was able to.

She growled something unintelligible around Karlin's cock when Padryc entered her, pushing his entire cock into her in one go. She felt him fill her up and she pushed her ass back against him. She felt her first orgasm already building and it came in a rush when Karlin reached down to cup her swinging breasts, teasing her hard nipples. Her nails dug into Karlin's thighs, but he didn't stop pumping his hips up to thrust his cock deep into her wanting mouth.

She felt Padryc get into a rhythm, felt his strong, calloused hands squeezing her tight ass as he plowed into her, felt as his heavy balls slapped against her as he fucked her. She let that set the rhythm of her head bobbing up and down in Karlin's lap, heard him grunting his approval as he let her do the work, his hands holding her hair back as she sucked on his hard cock.

She could feel Padryc picking up speed as he fucked her, knew that he was close to release. She could feel Karlin's cock throbbing in her mouth, knew that his will was going to be hers as soon as he came. The thought of controlling these two was enough to send her crashing into another orgasm, Karlin's cock in her mouth the only thing keeping the rest of the camp from knowing exactly what they were doing. She felt herself cum, felt her pussy squeezing tight around Padryc's dick. That was enough to send the sellsword over the edge and into an orgasm. He didn't stop pushing his hard dick in and out of her pussy, and her own orgasm simply peaked and crashed again. As she started to recover, she realized that Karlin had yet to fill her mouth, so as Padryc collapsed against her, she swirled her tongue around his dick, pushed it deep into her throat and swallowed slowly. She felt Karlin's hands tighten in her hair, felt his balls tighten, and then he came hard in her mouth, screaming his release as he shot his cum down her throat. He settled back on his haunches, his cock slipping from her mouth as she swallowed his salty cum, licking her lips.

She heard a slight gasp from the trees, and turned to see Firanda's governess standing there, her mouth open and eyes wide in shock. Zerafina uttered a curse under her breath, as she was sure that she would run back to her mistress and while Zerafina was quite sure that there was precious little Firanda could do to harm her at this point, it was better not to give the Baron's niece any warning that something was amiss.

Zerafina mentally considered her options, and then grinned wickedly just as the woman turned to run back to camp. She uttered a brief phrase in the demonic tongue and wiggled her fingers in the direction of the governess. Vines suddenly erupted from the underbrush, snaking around the woman's limbs. She fell hard to the ground on her face, the wind knocked out of her. Zerafina turned to Padryc and Karlin, but they still had yet to recover. She shook her head at the two men, before walking over to the governess. The vines had bound her tightly, suspending her above the ground, and she cried weakly for help, her fear having seemed to rob her voice of strength.

Zerafina grinned at her, running a hand against her captive's breast. As she contemplated what to do with her, she stretched her mind out to her two skyyrim slaves. They had set up camp just across the river, and responded quickly to her summons.

"What are you going to do with me you witch?" the governess demanded, struggling feebly against the vines. "You can't keep me like this!"

Zerafina narrowed her eyes, her pink tongue peeking out between her full lips as she wiggled her fingers. More vines erupted out of the undergrowth and the governess quickly found herself stripped naked. Her breasts were small and pert, her waist narrow, and her red hair was in disarray from having been dragged partly through the underbrush. Her pale skin bore a number of scratches and cuts from where the vines had roughly grabbed her, and dragged her along the ground. Zerafina guessed that the woman was in her mid thirties

Zerafina reached out, cupping her captive's breast and running her thumb against her nipple.

"W-what do you think you are doing?" she asked. Zerafina smiled at her, and with a brief mental command the vines forced the woman's legs apart despite her struggles. Zerafina ran her other hand between the governess' legs; let her finger run against the woman's pussy. Despite herself, the woman gasped.

"What is your name, slave?" Zerafina asked.

"I am no-" the woman started to say, but was interrupted when Zerafina slapped her left breast, bringing tears to the woman's eyes.

"I asked your name, slave," Zerafina repeated, gently. She took the woman's nipple between her thumb and forefinger and gently twisted it back and forth, eliciting a moan from the woman.

"M-Marta," the woman gasped, tears welling up in her eyes.

Zerafina slapped the woman's other breast. "You address me as 'mistress,' slave," she said. "Do we understand each other, Marta?"

"Yes... mistress," Marta replied, her eyes still wide and fearful. Zerafina gently stroked Marta's pussy, felt her writhe under her touch in a vain attempt to pull away. Zerafina could feel Marta's body betray her, felt her growing moist from the attention.

Zerafina heard the skyyrim approaching, felt the connection between her and them growing stronger, the closer they came. Zerafina heard Marta gasp as the two reptilian warriors came into her line of sight.

"Impressed?" Zerafina asked, sliding a finger into Marta's tight wet pussy. She slowly twisted her finger back and forth in her, her thumb rubbing over her clit.

"What-what are you going to do with me... mistress?" Marta cried out, adding the last when Zerafina raised her hand threateningly.

"Oh, it isn't what I am going to do to you at all," she replied. She removed her finger from Marta's pussy and stepped back. She gestured and the vines twisted Marta around until she was positioned horizontally, face down, and on a level with the waists of the skyyrim.

"No, you can't!" Marta cried as she watched the skyyrim divest themselves of their kilts to reveal their rapidly swelling cocks.

"Oh yes, they most certainly can," Zerafina said, her eyes wide with lust and desire. One of the skyyrim knelt behind Marta where she was suspended and Marta's eyes grew wide and her body went suddenly rigid as she felt the reptilian's tongue go to work on her pussy. The other skyyrim roughly grabbed her hair and pressed her mouth against his cock. She stubbornly refused to open her mouth to take the prodigious member until her pressed his claws just hard enough against her throat to get the idea. Her body stiffened suddenly, and she closed her eyes as the one skyyrim began to thrust his cock back and forth into her mouth. Zerafina could only guess what the other one was up to, but she could hazard a guess that its tongue was inside of her, flicking in her pussy.

Zerafina grabbed her robe and rearranged it on the ground so that she could watch the action. Both Padryc and Karlin had fallen asleep and oblivious to the ravishing that was occurring less than twenty feet away. Zerafina spread her legs and slowly ran her own finger up and down her pussy. A thought suddenly came over her, and she willed Tidgit to her. The small imp descended rapidly from his hiding place, and immediately dove between Zerafina's spread legs. His tongue was much smaller than any man's, but it was more than agile enough for her purposes. He immediately started flicking it against her clit, and she learned just how agile it was when he twisted it completely around her clit and started pulling on it. Zerafina squeezed her breasts as Tidgit licked her and watched the skyyrim work on the governess. The one that had been licking her pussy had stood up and was pressing his engorged cock into her from behind. Marta moaned loudly around the cock in her mouth and tried to pull away, but the fact that she was completely suspended from the vine meant that she was helpless bound and completely subject to the skyyrim. Zerafina could feel the chains of lust tightening around Marta just as they had tightened around the others, and that gave her a brief pause. She wondered if it was just her proximity to Marta that caused the mental chains of binding and obedience to form, or if it was the fact that those that she controlled could fuck others into submission to her and the Demon God she worshipped.

The skyyrim fucking Marta pulled his cock out of Marta's pussy, and Marta moaned again, only this time there was a note of disappointment. The one fucking her mouth was using long slow strokes, holding her head steady as he worked it in and out of her mouth. The other had grabbed her thighs, spreading them wide as he worked his cock slowly along the crack of her ass. She moaned in mixture of pain and pleasure when he pressed the head of his cock against the entrance to her ass, but he was too big and she was too tight for there to be any easy access. With a grunt of disappointment, he thrust his cock back into her wet, dripping pussy. Zerafina came then, hard and fast, her heels drumming against the ground as she through her head back and cried her climax. Tidgit climbed up her body, his hard dick grazing against her soft skin. Zerafina smiled at him and beckoned him closer, allowing him to slide his cock between her breasts as she held them tight around his cock. Tidgit's eyes were locked onto Zerafina's full soft tits as he pumped his cock furiously between them, and he gave little happy squealing noises as he fucked her tits.

Finally, abruptly, the skyyrim fucking Marta's mouth gave a low growl as he thrust deep into her mouth one last time, coming into her mouth. He held his cock there, forcing her to swallow him before he would release her. The one fucking her came soon after, and it was apparent from her wanton cries that Marta climaxed as she felt the warrior lizard explode in her pussy.

Tidgit too built up to his climax, and shot his cum across Zerafina's tits. She smiled at him and ran a finger between the ridges of his horns. She nodded at the skyyrim and sent a mental command for them to gather their belongings and leave. She gestured at the vines, and they retreated back into the underbrush after lowering Marta, still stunned from her ravishing, to the ground. Her eyes were still glazed over in absolute lust, and Zerafina knew that she had managed to gain three new slaves that day, and was that closer to realizing her revenge.

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