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Dark Angel: Fertility


Disclaimer: Dark Angel and related characters are the property of James Cameron & Fox network; I do not own any rights to it. This is an erotic fanfic based on the cancelled TV series that stared Jessica Alba in the lead role (Max); therefore if you are unfamiliar with the TV show you will be unable to follow the story. This story is written for entertainment purposes only.

This is a continuation of a story I posted on Chyoo.com so go and check that out first, the link is: www.chyoo.com/index.php/main.story.page/113943. Yes I know I already have 'NEMESIS' posted as a continuation of one of my threads, but this one is actually finished on Chyoo; whatta you gonna do? I'm not perfect! Anyway if you haven't read it, check it out. Sorry for spelling/grammar; or if any anyone is too much out of character. Enjoy -- INYOTEF ;)

PS: I may break this up and post it on Chyoo.


"Max," the husky voice of Ames White breathed...

Max's eyes shot open, and she shot out of the bed she was lying in. She heard a woman screaming and made a dash for the door taking it off its hinges as she broke through it. She held her mouth to the crook of her arm as the heat burned her naked body; the fires devouring the hallway, the thick black smoke making her choke and cough. With her eyes watering; she made out a window at the end of the hallway and ran for it, pushing her transgenic body to its limits...

Max dived thru the window, the glass shattering, pieces of it cutting her perfect body. She dove over to the roof of the adjacent building landing in a roll. Max got up looking into the sky; lighting flashing and storm clouds swirling over the Seattle horizon as the heavy downpour soaked her very naked body...

"452!" Another voice shouted at her, addressing her by her Manticore given designation.

Max turned to see Victoria standing at the edge of the roof; the fire from the burning building behind her making her slender body shimmer...

"Bitch," Max yelled charging toward her.

Victoria moved; running then skidding on her red leather clad knees, water spraying across the roof top. She bent backward sliding under between Max's legs, put her hands on Max's stomach and tossed her up into the air...

Max tried to flex her body as she flew through the sky but it was to late, she hurled over the edge of the building screaming as she plummeted toward the ground thirty stories below...


Max turned her aching body, her world hazy, her vision blurred. She rose looking around disorientated...

"Shit," she muttered looking around in her bedroom, then at Original Cindy standing in her doorway.

"You okay boo?" Cindy asked.

Max slumped back down on her bed and covered her face with her pillow.

"I'll take that as a no," Cindy said rolling her eyes, "we gotta jet for work in thirty," she said heading to the kitchen....

"Fuck," Max muttered into the pillow. It was the fifth time in as many nights that she had that dream...

Victoria and her damn Adonis clones, they were part of White's weird-ass cult. And it'd barely been a month ago that they had tried to impregnate her. They succeeded, but thanks to the now deceased former Manticore scientist, Professor Abraham Blunt, and a little help from Sketchy, Max had got rid of the egg in her body...

Max got up and headed to her dresser and pulled out her work clothes then jumped into the shower; shivering as the cold water washed over her. The stupid prick in 243 had stolen the power again and there was no hot water. Who did he think he was Max thought, they stole it first...


Max and Cindy rode along side each other on their bicycles navigating the overpopulated streets heading for Jam Pony.

"So? You got any leads on this sex cult?" Cindy asked.

"Nope. I went over to the warehouse the Pleasuredome was in a dozen times and zip. It's just a derelict old building; White knows how to cover his tracts..."

"Anyway, I don't wanna talk about that. What happened to the lickty chick from last night," Max asked smiling as she changed the topic.

"Now that was one fine white pick, boo, and she goes down on a sister like a happy dog."

"That is nasty," Max said pulling her face.

"Yeah whatever, but Original Cindy's telling you, you wanna reach the highest highs in your sexual climax's you gotta go to a woman. Men are just there to bang you till they can't no more, and when their done you left open legged and unsatisfied."

"Better a Bahama momma then a big prick?" Max grinned.

"B'lieve dat," Cindy snapped laughing.

Ten minutes later they pushed their bikes into work ignoring Normal's incessant Bip bipping about them being late. Max froze when she looked over and saw Sketchy chatting to Herbal...

"Normal, package, gotta work," she said, making a 180° turn and grabbing the first package off his work counter...

"Hey, hey, hey!" Normal yelled, "you don't even know where it-

"7th and Turf," Max yelled back cycling out the door.

Normal stood there confused. Cindy came up behind him, "Hey where's Max?"

"How the hell did she read the address off my computer from there," Normal frowned perplexed squinting at the blurry small letters on his computer across the room...


Max took a left on her bike speeding down the road taking glances over her shoulder simultaneously dodging cars and people...

She pulled the brakes, screeching her bike to a halt... "What the hell are you doing Max?" she asked herself.

Max hadn't told anyone about how Abraham Blunt had told her the only way to get rid of the infected embryo in her womb was to fuck a man and have him cum in her...

Sketchy was the one she ultimately slept with, but before that she had fucked Herbal on her couch. Unfortunately he pulled out of her just before he came...

Problem was, unlike Sketchy who had been drunk and couldn't remember the encounter; Herbal had been perfectly sober. He hadn't come to work since then, and Max had wondered how she'd face him when he finally did...

Well this was it; running away at the sight of him, "fuck," Max muttered.

Max was so preoccupied with her dilemma she didn't see the five hooded men coming out of the alley.

Her senses finally kicked in and she looked up.

"If you guys are looking to rob me you're gonna get your asses kicked so take my advice and back off."

They didn't say anything, just kept closing in around her.

"Fine," Max said, she wasn't in the mood for this shit. She got off her bike and headed toward one of them spinning her body in a roundhouse kick. Her eyes shot open when he effortlessly caught her foot out the air...

He then used her momentum to throw her toward the man behind her who hit her hard through the face sending her crashing to the floor.

Max got up on one knees wiping some blood off her lip.

The men removed their hoods.

"Oh shit. Please tell me this is another dream," Max said getting up and looking at the five identical men...

Victoria's Adonis clones had found her!

Max clenched her fists; her stance was firm, ready to move at a split-seconds notice. These clones matched her speed and strength, but they didn't have her training. She had to focus, clear her mind, her every thought and motion had to be fluid so that they wouldn't have time to counter...

She moved; avoiding the first clones kick; dropping down and sweeping his leg, then bringing her calf down on his stomach, kicking his wind out. She flipped her body up and into the air, leaping over the second clone; then ducked as the third tried to kick her. He kicked the second instead, sending him flying against a nearby wall. Max immediately took advantage of the opening hitting him with a flurry of rapid punches in the gut making him bring up blood before she hit him hard through his face, knocking him out...

Max looked back at the remaining three clones, "you guys sure you wanna ride this bus?" She mocked.

One of them charged lunging a punch at her, she spun around him pushing his back with her own and slamming her elbow into the back of his head sending him off balance and stumbling face first into a wall. He crashed into it and slumped down backward; Max standing with her back to him and her eyes on the two remaining clones, "that must'a hurt," she smirked.

The two clones were hesitating, though they attempted to hide it. Max stood her ground waiting for them to make the next move....

She heard a thud behind her and turned to catch only a glimpse of red before a plank shattered over her face blackening her world....


Max winced at her throbbing head as she opened her eyes. She found herself in a dank room, her hands chained to the ground and her clothing removed...

The door in front of her opened and a gorgeous woman with a slender body, long silky legs, large D-cupped breasts and long dark hair walked in, dressed in what looked like red leather bondage gear.

"Forget your whip?" Max said with a smug look on her face.

Victoria walked around her as she spoke, "X5-452. We've been looking for you for a while..."

"While you were out we ran tests and it seems you managed to get our offspring out of you without releasing the poison into your system. No worries," Victoria smiled at her, "We'll have to do the birthing process again."

"Fuck you bitch," Max spat, "You're not using me in your sick experiments again."

"Only problem is Ames is out in Washington for his day job," Victoria said, ignoring Max's outburst, "but he gave his consent that we use one of our original series Adonis clones to impregnate you..."

"As you know from our previous birthing project, our new Adonis clone inseminates his spouse with a fertility booster, which is why White had to impregnate you. Our older clones have regular sperm cells though, but since their not as pure as Ames and the Conclave brothers, the child won't be at its full potential..."

"After all," Victoria said turning and looking at her, "you are the perfect specimen for these projects with your perfect genetic markers. Sandman did a really good job on you 452, in you lies the hive of a perfect genetic army."

"What the hell are you up to?" Max spat, her restraints keeping her in check as her anger flared, "You're obviously not working with the White's fucked up cult."

"True," Victoria confirmed, "the Conclave has grown weak, and we are the Purging. Ready to do what they will not. Their tied to their old traditions, but we are all that is new. We will bring America out of the depression, we will bring down the ones responsible for the pulse, we..."

"Are psychotic," Max chirped in.

Victoria looked at her, "had project Manticore started earlier your X5 unit would have acted on in-tell and stopped the pulse from ever happening, that is why you were mixed in a pietry dish 452."

"My name is Max!" Max gritted through clenched teeth, "and I'm not just some fucking lab rat."

Victoria smiled...

"You are the blueprint for the next evolution of perfect enhanced soldiers 452..."

"Times are wasting, and we have work to do," she said walking over to a CCTV set on the far side of the four square room, "as we told you the first time, this works best if you cooperate, but we know you, you'll fight us at every turn." Victoria switched on the TV blocking the view, "which is why we arranged some incentive, "she said stepping out of the way.

Max was speechless; anger dissipating and replaced by defeat as she saw Cindy strapped to a bed.

Victoria tested the waters bending to whisper in Max's ear, smiling when she made no attempt to attack her, "You have sex with our assigned clone, willingly, and your friend will be safe..."

She got up and walked to the door, "Resist in the least, and I won't just kill her. I'll have each one of my clones rape her till she passes out from the pain..."

"On a lighter note, I must say I'm disappointed 452, we followed you and your friend all the way from your apartment to your work place. You're getting sloppy..."

"So what's it gonna be?"


Victoria led the way, Max behind her and two Adonis clones bringing up the rear as they walked down a hallway. It was uncanny Max thought, everything was so vivid, but it was impossible. No! It was true; this was the same burning hallway from her dream. Turning a corner she looked at the window she dreamt she jumped thru. When Victoria opened the door she knew what to expect, looking in at the bedroom with a single bed with a spring mattress against the wall, she even looked up at the camera mounted in the corner...

What Max didn't expect were the two Adonis clones that stood on either side of the bed stark naked. The one, though identical, looked slightly older than the other. He must have been one of the first series clones Victoria spoke of Max thought.

"Well 452, coming from Manticore you're familiar with the copulation projects," Victoria said looking at the disgusted look on Max's face as her memory was jogged, before she turned to the clones...

"Adonis S2 you will inseminate 452 boosting her fertility rate, after, she has had an orgasm. Adonis S1 you will then impregnate 452; understood?"

"YES MISTRESS!" they yelled together.

"Well then, I'll be monitoring and return on successful copulation, have fun..."

"And remember 452, you will do this willingly or your friend can look forward to long hours of unrelenting violent sex."

Max said nothing as Victoria walked past her and left the room....

She looked up at the two clones as their eyes roved her naked body and started rubbing their cocks. What could she do? She had no idea where in the building Cindy was, and she couldn't live with herself if she was hurt. She had to do this. Have sex with these men and somehow get the egg out of her again...

But with Abraham Blunt dead she didn't know where she would find the reagent that counteracted the enzyme that would kill her if she tried to have the child aborted...

It wouldn't really matter though; Victoria would keep her prisoner here till she gave birth...

What could she do?

Max thought back to her dream. The building was real, so the circumstances leading to her escape had to be real as well; the burning hallway, the fight with Victoria on the roof in the rain...

No, it was ridiculous, she couldn't see the future!

One of the Adonis Clone, the one Victoria called S1 walked up to her and put his hands on her hips pulling her against his chiselled body, Max eking a breath, his hard cock pressed against her firm tummy, then another as her cupped and squeezed her ass cheeks. But she didn't pull away, didn't fight him off; she just stood there as he rubbed and massaged her perfect ass...

Thoughts flooded her mind, had Manticore made her for this? No junk DNA, was she made to mother the perfect army. She was by far the most beautiful of her fellow Manticore sisters, genetically modified to be perfect. Her body her tits her ass, her face perfectly sculpted; even her pussy was tighter than any other woman's. They made her this way...

She closed her eyes when he started rubbing the underside of his cock against the soft skin of her stomach. Max felt the other clone, S2, put his hands on her shoulders before reaching around and cupping her breasts...

He gestured her out of S1's arms toward the bed and sat down bringing her onto his lap with her back to him. Max looked down as he positioned his cock up in line with her hairless pussy. The other clone was in front of her, his huge cock dangling in front of her face an inch from her full lips...

She looked up at the camera knowing Victoria was watching her, Victoria's threat flooding her thoughts, "You have sex with our assigned clone, willingly, and your friend will be safe..."

"Resist in the least, and I won't just kill her. I'll have each one of my clones rape her till she passes out from the pain..."

Max took a deep breath then reached out and gripped the cock in front of her face stroking it lightly then sank into S2's lap.

"Ahh," she moaned as the his cock made contact with her delicate pussy lips before it dipped inside her cunt easing up her warm canal as she was stretched open. Firmly jacking off S1's dick, Max started slowly moving her waist up and down feeding the hard stiff shaft of the other clone into her taut body.

Her eyes fluttered as his balls pressed against her clit leaving her already panting with S2's cock snugly sealed in her cunt. Her eyes half open she looked at the other cock she was masturbating, her mouth open ready to suck him off...


Victoria answered her phone...

"Report," the gruff voice of Ames White said.

"I'm watching 452 right now," Victoria replied, "she's quite a minx going off on our clones."

"Make sure she sees the copulation through to the end, no mistakes," Ames ordered.

Victoria put down the phone and went to sit on the bed. She looked down at Cindy lying tied up next to her, "Your friend seems to be rather good at that doesn't she, a real pro."

Cindy mumbled at her through the gag around her mouth.

"Feisty one aren't you? No worries, if 452 does as she was told we'll keep our word."


Leaning slightly forward Max sucked up and down one clones hard dick as she trust her pussy over the other's. She panted over the cock struggling to breathe as she bounced up and down clamping her legs shut so that the thick cock was squeezed inside her slippery twat. "Oh, oh, ohh god," she moaned ripping the cock out of her mouth as she thrust her waist up and down. The clone, S2, held onto her as she rode his cock gritting his teeth as he watched her work.

He pulled her so that she fell on her side with a yelp, his cock slipping out of her wet cunt. He quickly lifted her leg lining up with her slit. Hot, ready, and in want; Max looked down as the tip of his penis grazed over her velvety folds. She reached down and cupped his hairless balls as he pushed back inside her causing her breath to hitch in her throat. He drove deep inside her holding there with her hand rubbing his balls. Holding her leg firmly he pulled out then thrust in, doing it again and again, picking up speed with every thrust until he was ramming into her body sideways, Max, massaging his balls as she looked between her legs mesmerised by his shaft slipping in and out of her hot sex.

The other clone, S1 watched as they fucked roughly on the bed, stared at the blissful look on Max's face as his comrade drove his smooth cock in and out of her slick pussy, stood there watching and stroking his own dick.

He moved forward putting his hand on S2's shoulder. The Adonis clone looked up at him then slowed his ramming of Max's hot cunt. He pulled out making Max moan, but she looked up to see the other clone coming down on top of her. Max was so horny now she just fell back and opened her legs for him the moaned as she felt him push his cock into her pussy. Her cunt convulsed around his wide girth as he eased into her and started to thrust his hips up and down, Max's legs riding up his waist.

She moaned hoarsely and louder as he thrust into her harder and rougher. Soon he was holding onto her shoulder and driving his cock so hard into her it felt like he would split her in half. "More," Max moaned in a husky voice, as she adjusted her hips so the angle was perfect to embrace the sweet surrender of her pending orgasm. S1 yelled out as he hammered his dick in and out of her perfect hole, watching her pussy bulge around his veiny cock, but he was about to blow, and he knew it wasn't time yet. He pulled his dick out of her yelling and slapping it, and then looked down at Max's hot sweaty body sprawled out on the bed.

Max huffed heavily as she lay there on the bed, her blood boiling as if she were in heat, she knew this was sick, but she was so goddamn randy. She smiled as S2 took her hands and pulled her up before lying down so she could straddle him. She gripped his cock thrusting her fist over it as she looked into his genetically created pretty-boy face. She then placed her hand on his chest and shoved his cock up into her vagina quite forcefully. Ignoring the slight pain Max wasted no time, gripping his shoulders and riding his cock as fast and as hard as she could.

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