tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDark Angel: Mirror Crack'd Ch. 02

Dark Angel: Mirror Crack'd Ch. 02


Authors note: I hope you're not too disappointed with the time it took to post this chapter. At the same time I want to thank you for your continued support by means of your comments- please note that the more feedback I get the more enthused I am to write. If any of you read my 'Tomb Raider: Rituals' story you may find that I wrote a character in this chapter that resembles Ernest Ekeke- this was purposely done as I loved that character and wanted to add someone similar. Enjoy - INYOTEF ;)



'...452, I need your help. Meet me in Chinatown; one hour, come alone!'

'Sam!?' Max responded softly...

'...So whatta ya want?'

'...A man! By the name of Soto Marc... His here, in Seattle,' Sam said looking at Max.'

'They took my family, again, found out about our new identities and grabbed my husband and his kid on the way to school. It was government agents from Interpol, their here in the country, tracking one of their own along with an arms dealer named Klaas.'

'Either I get them Soto Marc and their agent, back, or I never see my family again...'

'...Soto. Marc. Is. Not. The. Name. Of. A. Man,' Sabastian said speaking with his voice synthesizer, 'The. Soto. Mark. Is. The. Modal. Upgrade. Of. The. Red. Series. Implants.

Doctor. Hun-Yu. Soto. Reverse. Engineered. It. The. New. Implant. Connects. To. All. Major. Nerves. Thru. The. Brain. Stem. Injecting. Nanite. Receptors-

'So it stabilises the hyper-adrenal burst with motor functions,' Max said.

'The entire body is ampt up making the new Soto user the same as a Manticore transgenic,' Sam concluded.

Superior. To. A. Transgenic. And. The. Bonding. Does. Not. Burn. Out. The. Body. Like. The. Red. Series. Before. It...

'...Look,' Logan said, 'maybe we're better prepared to go after Agent Gleason instead. Who knows, he may have intel that can help us retrieve the Soto Mark...'

...They were standing in a warehouse that had recently been converted for the production of a new pornographic feature entitled "Hot 'S Harlots" by the multi-million dollar production company; "Kalm&Nasty" the owner of which they were here to see. According to Sabastian's source he was once a dirty Bosnian army sergeant who had repeatedly dealt with Klaas

The man in question's name was Udrik Kalm...

I'm waiting for twins who are suppose to do a threesome in scene five, but if I used two stunning girls like yourselves, the ratings would go threw the roof...'

...With this man fucking her roughly Max had to concentrate hard on servicing Sam, and so she turned her attention back to her, Sam's, pussy...

...Sam turned around and fingered her own pussy as she watched Max fuck the porn star roughly. She then sat up and pushed her tits into Max's back then forced her hand down the front of Max's body and rubbed her clit, pushing a finger into Max's sex. Sandwiched between Sam and Robbie, Max huffed, and writhed, and jerked, as she thrust her hips, his full length now sloshing in and out of her rear...

'...Boston, Massachusetts,' Kalm said, 'Klaas owns a building there; and we are talking state of the art security baby. You want this Interpol agent, an' his in the States, then thas where he's bein kept...'

...Max looked up at the smoulderingly beautiful Polynesian looking girl who stood over them ready to attack again...

'...X6,' Del said, standing down, 'X6-899...'

'You interrogated Udrik about Klaas!?'

'What's it to you?' Max fished.

'He hired me,' Del stated...

...Max looked at Sam, then back at Del, ready on the offensive...


Boston, Massachusetts...

...The black sedan rode up the street slowly and parked alongside the pavement. Two men got out dressed in black suites and sun glasses, one of them opening the door for a young Japanese man who got out as well. He had spiky black hair, and wore a purple shirt under a casual leather jacket with a pair of white jeans and white shoes; he also wore purple tinted shades, and was carrying a small silver case that was cuffed to his right arm. Out of the passengers side of the sedan; a third person emerged- He was a black man that was tall and really buff; bald, and wearing a long leather coat, vest, trousers and army boots- all in black.

The crew walked into a tall L.T.D. building and up to a woman sitting behind a desk.

'Mr. Soto, welcome to "Leading Technologies & Dynamics", Mr. Klaas is expecting you,' said the receptionist.

'Arigato,' Hun-Yu Soto, smiled bowing down, 'eh- thank you.'

Ten minutes later they were on the top floor of the building and in a huge office looking at a stunning slender woman with captivating eyes and shoulder-length reddish-brown hair. She wore a business suite that comprised of a light grey jacket and matching mini skirt, with stockings and a pink, stripped blouse. She stood up and walked over to Soto looking at the four men in each corner of the room- And they all lowered their SMG's.

'Mr. Soto, on behalf of Klaas, I'd like to welcome you. I'm Vivian Shevchenko; think of me as Klaas' PA,' she said smiling and extending her hand.

'Please forgive me,' Soto grinned, 'I am very health conscious, no touching.'

Vivian raised an eyebrow, but nodded in consent. She then walked back to the desk and opened up the Apple laptop facing it to Soto and switching it on. On screen was the frame of a man covered in shadow, sitting in an office chair; his identity hidden...

When he spoke, his voice was muffled, 'I am a man that get's down to business Mr. Soto- As I understand it, you have the Soto Mark on auction to six of my competitors, you should know I am not a happy man.'

'And I can't set foot on Japanese soil as I face the death sentence for treason Mr. Klaas,' Soto replied, 'so you understand why this needs to be as lucrative as possible for me.'

'You are a scientific weapons developer, not a soldier,' Klaas said.

Multiple SMG's cocking signalled the guards training their weapons on Soto's bodyguards. In rapid gunshots the two guards were lying in pools of their own blood; except for Soto, who was shielded by the hulking black man.

The black man looked up, bullet holes in his back, blood dripping out the wounds, yet he showed no pain, in fact he didn't react to being shot multiple times at all...

'...The Soto Mark is not in the case!' Vivian exclaimed, 'It's HIM, KILL HIM, RETRIEVE THE IMPLANT!'

The man charged at the nearest guard and shoulder butted him, the impact sending him flying across the room and smashing into the wall breaking a number of bones in his body. The Soto Mark then gripped the second guard by the throat and snapped his neck with the flick of his wrist. He next turned and picked up the office chair and flung it, super-hard; Vivian ducking, the chair just missing her and hitting the man behind her sending him crashing threw the window, and setting off the buildings alarm. The Soto Mark turned and kicked a large filing cabinet, sending it hurtling into the last guard, the impact killing him instantly...

The Soto Mark looked down at the cowering Vivian Shevchenko, then grabbed Soto and jumped out the window...

He dropped down thirty stories, and crashed onto the ground splitting the asphalt...!

'Get in the car Soto,' he said in a deep voice.

'Yeah, good work D'Arc (say: dee' ark),' Soto said, climbing in the car...

The Soto Mark: D'Arc, got into the drivers side of the sedan and sped off down the street...



'...That's it,' said Del, 'that's where you will find Muda Yobo (say: mah' dah yor' bor).'

Max looked through the binoculars at the hotel, 'I see at least six armed guards,' she noted, handing it to Sam to take a peek.

'Yeah, and we still have to watch our back too,' she said looking at Del.

They had reached a truce in the parking lot. Del had agreed to help Max and Sam locate the Soto Mark prototype, and the twin clones had reluctantly accepted; the alternative being a fight to the death. That was when Del agreed to help them rescue the captured Interpol agent, Sean Gleason, and told them about Muda Yobo. He was a Nigerian warlord that was in the country to meet with Klaas' middle 'woman', Vivian Shevchenko at L.T.D. for arms supplies. Del had told Sam and Max that using Yobo to get into the building, or at least as a decoy would be their best bet: So here they were in Boston with a little help from Logan to plan their next move...

'...Our chances of taking the Soto Mark down are stronger if we take him together,' Del reasoned, 'by myself I get killed fast. So I'm not gonna stab you in the back.'

'But you're gonna help us infiltrate the hotel of one of your boss' clients,' Max smirked.

'My job is acquiring the Soto Mark,' Del said kneeling down and checking her M4, 'I do that by any means necessary. I don't give a shit about Nigerian warlords.'

'Standing here arguing's not getting us anywhere,' Sam said picking up a sniper riffle, 'and if she pulls anything, we kill her.'

'Look!' Max said, grabbing Sam's arm, 'going in there guns blazing ain't the smart play here...'

'I got ten years special training on you 452,' Sam snapped yanking her arm free, 'which-

'Which.. is exactly why we should come up with a strategy, instead'a going in guns blazing against hostile guerrilla forces!' Max interjected.

'She's right,' Del said agreeing with Max, 'we go in and make a ruckus and Yobo will escape. Probably flee the country and lessen our chances at getting the Soto Mark Technology...'

'We slip in, get him alone...'

'Infiltration,' Max affirmed, 'why the hell do I feel like I'm losing my dignity piece by piece...'


Max and Del stood across the street from the hotel a half hour later (after doing a quick break-in at a nearby clothing store). She wore a tight fitting read dress that clung to her curves and accentuated them while pushing up her breasts deepening her supple cleavage. Del was beside her wearing a similar navy-blue dress, looking equally breath taking...

Fixing the earpiece in her ear and pulling her hair over it, Max looked up at the building across from the hotel- her pupil expanding so that her enhanced vision zoomed in on Sam positioned atop the roof with her sniper, 'ok sweetie, we're moving in. Stay frosty.'

'Rodger 452,' Sam confirmed, watching the pair through the riffle scope, slipping her nipped cigarette in her ear.

'Hey, just so we're clear, I left that designation at Manticore! The names Max.'

'Whatever,' Sam shot, dismissively.

'Hey,' cut the chatter ladies, we got an objective to complete; we get in and get close to Yobo using sex appeal,' Del said, covering their bases.

Max cringed at the thought, and breathed out slowly, 'les just get this over with.'

The two gorgeous X5's sauntered over the street to the classy hotel entering it. Since Boston wasn't directly effected by the Pulse, it faired a lot better than major American cities; even though it had a lot more poorer districts- Still, wealthy establishments were more plentiful here as it was now one of the richest post-Pulse cities...

...Max and Del meanwhile, both walked over to the front desk and gave the clerk a pearly white smile before Max spoke in a thick, ditsy call-girlish tone, 'Hi'ya cutey, we're, like, here to see Mr. Yobo. We were sent from the Satin Bordello to, like, well ya know.'

The clerk cleared his throat not even attempting to hide the fact that he was checking them out, 'g, eh- give me a moment ladies...'

He opened the book in front of him, 'Mr. Yobo's security team were very explicit about visitors, and you are not expected.'

Del grinned, pushed out her chest, and tilted her head to the side curling her finger thru her hair, 'oh dear. You see we were paid for by Klaas for Mr. Yobo's entertainment, surely you could give him a call handsome; two grand a piece is a lot of cash, and we work by the hour,' she said sweetly.

The mention of Klaas' name lit a fire under the clerk, reflected by the nervousness on his face. He quickly picked up the phone and dialled the room number...

Noting it, Max turned her head and mumbled so that Sam could hear her, '...room 242.'

Out on the rooftop Sam scanned the room calculating where Muda Yobo would be. On the tenth floor she caught him in her sights through a large window; he was speaking on the phone (likely to the clerk busy with Del and Max). He was a tall and quite broad black man; bald, and in his late fifties with freckles on his face and a greying goatee...

'...Got him,' Sam said, 'I got you covered if things go pair-shaped...'

Max turned back to the clerk as he finished on the phone, putting on a smile again.

'Ladies, Mr. Yobo has accepted your company, two of his security team are on their way down to escort you; pardon the pun.'

She gave a fake giggle as if amused by the clerks lame attempt at humour...

Within a few minutes, Max and Del found themselves in the luxurious suite of Muda Yobo, the Nigerian warlord. He stood before them wearing a maroon satin robe and holding a large stemmed glass of port...

'You are from Klaas, yes?' he chuckled, 'this is good; very generous.'

Max had heard of this man- he was a monster; controlling the eastern region of Nigeria with tyranny! He murdered countless innocent men and raped their woman, then used their children as soldiers or put them to work mining for blood diamonds. For those who opposed him; Yobo would cut out their tongues and have them lead to his camp with chains that were hooked to their noses like the ancient Assyrians. He would then execute them and put their heads on pikes around the perimeter of the camp as a warning- He was a truly sadistic and evil man...!

Max and Del were both using their peripheral vision to scope out the suite- Seeing seven men around them, all armed with 9mm handguns which were concealed under their coats. There were also only two exits: the fire escape out the window on their six; and the suites entrance.

Yobo was at the bar pouring another glass of port for himself, 'the clerk at the front desk said you were expensive; I can see why. You both are very beautiful...'

'You won't fight me like the village bitches back home, yes,' he laughed out loud, his men joining in, making Max angry!

'Ho's and sluts! It is what you Americans talk. Tapping that ass; I like these phrases,' Yobo grinned, his eyes looking the two women up and down, 'so let us see what American ho's and sluts look like; take off your clothes.'

Max gave a polite smile, casting her eyes down so as to appear submissive, 'shouldn't we go into the bedroom for some privacy.'

'My men and I share spoils. This is why they are loyal to me!' Yobo stated.

'As long as you know it costs extra, about three grand per customer, each,' Del warned.

'Do you think I am having problems with money,' Yobo said, raising his voice, his patience wearing thin, 'now strip!'

Max was having a hard time staying in control; an eight-way gangbang was not on the cards- The hell she was going to fuck all these men-

'Go with it,' said the voice in her ear. 'we need him to get into L.T.D. After you're through encourage him to take you along,' Sam said over the Transgenic's earpieces, 'I'll follow and use the distraction to break in and secure Agent Gleason...'

Was she out of her fucking mind, Max thought, she was not going to-

Max's eyes shot open as Del slipped off her dress beside her; the thin material falling off her body and pooling at her ankles leaving her in the sexy cream lace intimate apparel she had also stolen. Del then undid her bra and let it slide off her arms, exposing her firm round tits and small, rigid nipples, before flicking off her panties and revealing her smooth shaven peach- And in Del stripping, Max knew that the situation had spiralled out of her control.

Yobo's men looked at the exquisitely beautiful naked woman, inwardly groaning as they took in her curvaceous body...

Yobo however was looking at Max and she knew he was growing irritated- He was the kind of man who only gave instructions once, and killed if they were not obeyed the first time!

Seeing no way out- now that Del had so willingly complied- Max loosened her dress and let it fall off her, and unlike her X6 companion, she hadn't worn any underwear. Yobo himself coughed looking at Max salaciously- her angelic face, her toned body, her supple breasts, her tight little bald pussy- she was just delectable!

He opened his satin robe, displaying his hard, smooth 8" cock, a huge grin on his face, his eyes locked on Max's. She looked at him knowing exactly what he wanted; it made her almost physically sick to her stomach, and she actually swallowed the bile rising in her throat. Nonetheless she walked over to him and dropped down to her knees looking up at his hard, dangling cock, reaching out and gripping it firmly with her dainty fingers making him twitch. She snuck out her tongue, wetting her thick lips then spat on his dick, using her hand to smear the saliva over his length...

Using the flat of her tongue she licked the contour of his cock, tasting his manhood, then lapped the shiny knob tasting his pre-cum...

Two of Yobo's men were stripped, and they moved to Del; one of them pulling her onto his lap as he sat on the large sofa. She straddled him, moaning as she felt him nudging his cock against her slick, ample cunt lips. Taking a breath she pushed down, swallowing his cock inside her fleshy sex.

'Heergh, hahh,' he grimaced feeling how her hot sex massaged his hard dick, taking hold of her firm tits and mashing them together as she kissed him passionately. For her it wasn't about the sex, it was about completing the objective by any means necessary!

She circled her waist as she pressed down taking his cock further and further; her tongue pushing into his mouth and duelling with his as she deepened the kiss, moaning into his mouth! With him filling her out she barely got comfortably stretched open before she thrust up and down slowly starting to ride his cock effortlessly...

Max was still busy with Yobo, now taking his cock in her mouth and lathering it with her spit, salivating over his length as she deep-throated him expertly. Bobbing her head back and forth she slurped up the spit as it trickled down her chin, her deep, brown eyes cast up at Yobo, watching him as he cringed in toe-curling pleasure. She jerked his cock steadily, relaxing her throat as she took more of his rod in her mouth resisting her gag reflex- even under the present conditions she had to admit to herself how much she enjoyed sucking cock!

Yobo grabbed a tuft of her hair as she increased the intensity of the blowjob, now sucking on his balls as she jacked him off. He yanked his cock from her, pulled her up, and threw her over the bar counter roughly, the bottle of port falling on the floor and spilling over the expensive woollen carpeting. Max craned her neck watching as Yobo grabbed her ass cheek and squeezed it then gave it a sharp, hard, slap, leaving a fading pink-hued handprint. He then got behind her and took hold of his cock rubbing it over the length of her tight pussy before propping it against her entrance.

'Haarrgh!' he groaned as he pushed into her, gliding thru her brown lips and into her tight sex. Max mouth opened as she felt him slide into her pussy, feeling herself clamp down on him, resisting the intrusion.

Yobo poised himself, feeling how tight she was then pushed in again, her body gave in and he penetrated the spongy, warm depths of her moist womanhood, his entire body tingling with elation.

Filling her halfway, Yobo grabbed her slender waist and steadied himself then started moving his cock in and out of her sweet sex, thrusting in and out of her body; Max taking a sharp breath with each contrasting motion...

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