Dark Angel: Mirror Crack'd Ch. 03


She tightened her butt cheeks when he drove in and held there, filling her all the way; her eyes snapping shut and her sweet pussy flexing around his huge cock. Then he pumped again, making her toes curl as the pleasure built in her loins for the third time, her orgasm, again, rapidly rising.

Her body was covered in a layer of grey dust from the gravel, and right now she felt so dirty, but it turned her on even more, and she worked her hips back and forth urging her slick pussy to take his cock harder...

'Fuck me, ' the Soto Mark groaned for the first time, trusting at a more erratic pace; then slapping into he with a squishing slop- and blowing his load...

Sam held her breath as she felt the deliciously warm burst of semen explode from his throbbing cock, her tight little cunt milking him desperately.. She gave a throaty growl and welcomed her third climax, unable to utter a word as the intense feeling flooded her being and she shivered in revelling bliss...


...Max looked down as he gripped his dick, biting her lip while impatiently waiting for him to push back inside her- But Gleason lowered his waist and placed his head to her asshole instead.

Again Max's face crumpled as he got ready to enter her forbidden hole, and she was about to protest when he pushed hard...

Her face scowled as his cock pushed into her ass, her anus clenching around his dick. He grit and groaned, but kept pushing, forcing his penis in her butt. Panting, Max placed her feet flat on the sofa for leverage, then gripped his shoulders, the burning in her ass shooting through her body. About three-quarters in, Gleason slowly pulled a bit out, allowing her anal canal to stretch, then started thrusting slowly. Max tried to relax as it felt a bit more comfortable, and slowly found the pleasure building again, now breathing heavily as she felt that stiff cock pump in and out of her ass.

Gleason went deeper, getting more of his penis in, and now started fucking her ass easier, she felt so damn good, and he knew it wouldn't take long for him to cum. Harder he rammed, putting in effort to give it to her, Max gasping beneath him, but still refusing to show her satisfaction. His cock sloshed in and out of her butt, her spit- that served as lubrication- trickling down her spread ass cheek.

God could he fuck, Max thought as she tried to thrust back into him-

Her eyes again widened as he kissed her, pressing his lips to hers and slithering his tongue into her mouth. With her distracted her reached down and rubbed her clit roughly! The onslaught of sensations was too much, and Max could just pull her face away, denying him the kiss, when her orgasm flooded her full force... 'OHFUCK.. Uhh, fuckmefuck, Huhh!' she yelled out, unable to hold it back.

Tension pinched her quivering body as the ecstasy shot throughout her being, she shuddered violently, pulling her knees to her chest, giving into the overwhelming synergy...

Seeing her climax, Gleason thrust in and out of her a few more times, then grunted as he ejaculated in her convulsing ass..

'Feck me,' he groaned feeling the sheer exhilaration of filling this stunning creature with his thick globs of sperm...

...They both calmed down and found themselves, Max still feeling Gleason's cock in her sore ass. He pulled out of her with a little "plop" and sat back on the sofa looking at her sweaty caramel skin, 'now that was som'n, lass...'

Max hated herself for giving in, but she couldn't deny how incredible that was, lately her sex had been with two or more people, but as far as monogamy went- this was the best she had in a long time...

Lazily, she sat up and started pulling on her clothes, with Gleason fixing his pants next to her.

'I'll get you a cell so you can make the call,' she said, refusing to look at him, 'don't even think of backing out of the deal-

'Deal?' Gleason smirked, 'you mus be proud o yerself selling sex or favours.'

Max didn't answer, she felt dirty, like some damn whore! She got up and left the room to get a phone...


Lying there under D'Arc, Sam caught her breath, his slackened cock still feeling big inside her aching pussy.. She stretched her arm out and reached for the T-734 in her inner-coat pocket; but her eyes shot open as his hand gripped hers. He pulled her hand up with the syringe in it, smiling...

'You're a great fuck baby, but you must think I'm brainless to fall for your stint,' he smirked, 'what is this?'

Sam bent her knees and put her toes to the top of his thighs and kicked up hard, using is own strength to toss him off her. Then she shot herself up and leapt at him, hand up, ready to stab the accelerated Progeria in his neck. D'Arc grabbed her wrist, snatching her out the air like a Frisbee, and flung her across the warehouse, but she grabbed a pole and swung around it, tearing it out of the ground on landing. She used her strength to lunge it at him, and it pierced his chest, driving straight through his body, putting him down!

Sam gripped the T-734 ready to complete her objective- But D'Arc got up like some sick Frankenstein Monster, and pulled the pole out of him not even flinching at the gaping hole in his chest. He gripped the pole and swung it, hitting Sam and sending her threw the window. She dropped onto the ground in front of some dope junkies who leered at her hot and naked unconscious body...

The dopers were about to take advantage of her when they saw the naked, hulking black guy tear threw the steel wall panels of the warehouse and scattered...

D'Arc looked down at Sam grinning, then picked her up and tossed her over his shoulder and walked off into the night with her...


Mole sat holding a pump action-shotgun, fiddling with the ring pierced through the horned ridges above his scaly eye, 'we don't make unnecessary trips out there beyond Terminal City, Max!'

'You know, you can take your soulja-boy drill and shove it!' Max said indignantly, 'we're talking about one of our own-

'No- no, we're not,' Mole said getting to his feet, 'our kind is here; Transhumans! Not Transgenics...'

'It doesn't matter.. Does it...?'

'What!' Mole snapped turning around and glaring at Luke.

Luke stood up, the eyes of the dozen Transhumans in the room as well as Max on him... 'the humans don't care if we look like mutants or like one of them.. as long as we got a barcode, their gunning for us...'

'So it doesn't matter bickering over which group we belong to...'

Max smiled looking at him proudly...

'...If Max needs us ta help out a fellow "freak" I say we help,' he finished, raising his fist in the air and looking around the room.

The Transhumans in the room started shuffling and murmuring among each other; then, slowly, one by one, they raised their fists in the air affirming a silent, but heard 'hell yeah' in support of Luke... Mole grumbled, but nodded nonetheless.. 'Fine Max, looks like majority rules...'

'Guess it does,' Max simpered, 'I need you to break a group of nine into threes and surround the compound...'

'Luke,' she said looking at him, 'you're on surveillance with Logan, I need eyes and ears...'

'Got it.'

'Ok listen up ally'all; we're dealing with serious people here, all trained ex-military, so don't be stupid. Keep yourselves concealed, we don't need to be causing no panic, and alerting certain government agents,' Max announced loud enough for the room to hear.

'...Once we get word from Sean Gleason's men that the hostages are secure, we're good to go...'

'...We move in and get Sam out!'

'And may I ask what you'll be doing while all of us run and gun, risking our behinds for ya?' Mole asked with a smirk.

'...I play Sam, and distract Klaas,' Max said, simply.



Max (X5-452): Jessica Alba

Logan Cale: Michael Weatherly


Sam (X5-453): Jessica Alba

D'Arc (The Soto Mark): Michael Clark Duncan

Del (X6-899): Moon Bloodgood

Mole (Transhuman): Brian Jensen

Luke (Transhuman): Fred Ewanuik

Vivian Shevchenko: Stana Katic

Sean Gleason: Colin Ferrell

Klaas: Neal McDonough

Hun-Yu Soto: James Kyson Lee



...Max rode up to the gate of the compound outside Portland on her Kawasaki Ninja 650.. She had changed into a tan, suede jacket, with a grey shirt underneath, that was tied above her pierced navel. She also wore tight hip-hugging denim jeans and brown boots. She frizzed up her hair so that it was curlier and opted out her yellow tinted shades for a pair of brown ones that covered most of her brow...

Be careful in there, Max,' said Logan's voice over her earpiece, 'I'm guessing Klaas had already sent Sam after the Soto Mark, so you may want to think of a reason why you don't have it.'

'I got this. You just lean on Gleason to get Sam's family safe,' she said in response.

'We can't trust him, so remember the contingency plan,' Logan pressed.

She stopped in font of the gate and looked at the camera that moved to view her, then pulled out a cigarette, lit it, and blew smoke into the lens. The electric gate opened and she rode inside up the pathway, looking at the large number of ex-military guards- Klaas doesn't fuck around she thought.

The room was as lavish as the rest of the compound; that should have been called a manor. The man Max assumed to be Klaas, stood on the balcony dressed in a robe with a glass of Cognac in his hand. Max walked onto the balcony and adopted a rigid stance, pretending to be Sam...

'You're not handing me the implant, so I take it you failed?' Klaas observed, looking out into the distance as he sipped on the expensive brandy.

'There, were complications,' Max said, watching him carefully.

Accelerated Progeria will do the trick on his genetic code, 453. Not that it will do us any good now with him heading out of Seattle again,' Klaas said turning around and heading into the room.

Progeria! They had synthesized the rare genetic disease into some sort of weapon... She snapped back to reality and saw Klaas sitting on his bed, then walked over to him...

'...Oh Fuck!' Max groaned as she was tossed onto her side on the king-size bed, the man with short, bleached blonde hair lying behind her and gripping her firm round tit and molesting it..

He guided his hard cock back to her needy pussy and she whimpered as he slid back into her. Lifting her leg slightly he started up again, sluing in and out of that sweet, soft vagina of hers, her sticky lips caressing his hard cock- it was incredible!

Sam opened her eyes and found the world around her to be hazy, then cringed as the dull pain shot through her body; serving as a reminder of her predicament...

She was naked, and lying in the trunk of a car... she tried to move in the awkward space but found that her hands and feet were cuffed.. Then she felt a body pressed up behind her...

'He wants to take over, my prototype wants me to complete another implant to sell, or he will kill me..' Soto said in tears.

'Figured he had a say as he had all the muscles, did he?' Sam smirked, 'you mad scientists just never learn.'

D'Arc pulled a vile out of his pocket, the T-734; 'tell me about this, what's it do?'

Sam looked at him in an "As if" sort of way...

The tingles turned to sparks, and the sparks turned to a warmth that filled her with euphoria, and that in turn made her hotter and wetter, and she mewled as her body livened...

Just then the door opened and they both froze as Vivian Shevchenko walked in...

Klaas just about pushed Max off him in shock and in that instant the truth was revealed...

'So you worked it out,' Vivian said... 'Anonymity always served me well...'







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