Dark Dealings


Jerome was met at the door by the Hanson's daughter Laura, a petite sprightly 18 year-old. He let his eyes travel down her lithe body, taking in her small breasts and slim, muscular legs, the glossy short-cropped black hair framing her impish face.

"Yeah?" she asked, lacking interest. One of her dad's co-workers, most likely. Great.

"Is your dad in?" Jerome asked, smiling, "Need to talk to him about the merger."

With a shrug, Laura let him in, took his coat and left him in the living room. Ted arrived and greeted him.

"Look, Jerome, my wife just called, I need to pick her up at the airport. Would you mind waiting here? It won't take more than an hour. The merger file is on disk, you can go over it." Ted asked.

"Sure, I guess." replied Jerome.

Thanking him, Ted exited, and was gone. For the next twenty minutes Jerome worked on Ted's computer, than decided he needed a smoke, and a check of his pockets revealed he had left them in his coat. He moved into the hall, but as he retrieved them he noticed his wallet was missing.

"I know I had it in my breast pocket. What-" he thought to himself, than a noise from upstairs caused him to draw the correct conclusion.

He ascended the steps silently, and slipped down the hallway until he reached the pink door at the end. It was open a bit and he peaked inside. Inside was a typical teenagers bedroom, posters, stereo, clothes on the floor. Laura stood with her back to him, but in her dresser mirror he could clearly see her thumbing through his wallet. Smiling to himself, he slipped inside and silently came up behind her.

"Surprise!" Jerome said, grabbing the billfold over her shoulder.

Laura jumped, and spun around in shock. "I-I-I... uh..." she stammered.

"You what?!" demanded Jerome, glowering down at her, "Your father will here of this."

"Oh, shit, please man, if he finds out he'll go ballistic. I got a trip to Paris coming up, he'll cancel it!" she was near tears.

"Should of thought of that before. Sorry." Jerome turned to go, but Laura was past him and closed the door.

"Don't I'll do anything, please." she grabbed his arm.

Jerome paused for a second, then smiling he slid his arms around Laura's waist. "I can think of one thing that will make me forget.

Laura's eyes went wide, and started to pull away. "Or I could tell..." said Jerome, loosening his grip.

"Well, I guess, the trip, I can't miss it." Laura gave in, Jerome smiled and pulled her close. She gasped as he kissed her roughly and ran his hands over her shoulders, her back, then ass. He squeezed her buttocks tightly, than lifted the back of her skirt and slid his hand under her panties and onto her ass.

"Mmm... nice." groaned Jerome, and he slid his finger down her crack and swirled it around her tight hole, "Are you a virgin, Laura?"

"Ah, no. I... just did it for the first time in May." she replied as he began kissing her neck, "How old are you, anyway?"

"29. Lost your cherry just a month ago, huh. Just a fuckling, good, you'll like it more." He spun her around and pushed her down on her bed. He grasped her legs and then began sliding his hands up her soft, firm young legs.

"Maybe this isn't a good idea." Laura said, as Jerome slid his hands under her mini-skirt, and grabbed the elastic of her pink panties.

"Best idea I've had for a while." he retorted, and began pulling the panties down.

When they were down around her knees, Laura reached out to stop him. "Look, I can't, this is like rape. Please."

"Look honey, I tell your dad about my wallet, then I cancel the merger, he looses his job, then where will you be? Just because you wouldn't have some fun for 20 minutes. Is it so bad?" Laura thought for a moment, then released Jerome's wrist. He pulled her panties the rest of the way off and tossed them on the floor.

He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, Laura's eyes went wide. "Shit that's big!" she gasped. Jerome pulled her forward, off the bed, and onto her knees. "Know what to do?" he asked, Laura nodded, and opened her pert mouth wide. He pushed his rock hard cock in, and she closed her eyes and began to suck.

At first she was hesitant, she had never sucked cock before, but before she knew it she was hard at, tite lips rising and falling, up and down the hard meat. A heat filled her, even as Jerome began to grunt and moan, this was so turning her on. She felt her pussy moisten between her legs.

"That's right, little girl, that's what Jerome loves, harder!" he said, and Laura began to move her lips up and down the shaft, faster and faster. Jerome grabbed her head, and began thrusting against her mouth, fucking her face. He ejaculated hard, and when Laura tried to pull away he held her fast, forcing his cum down her throat. Then he was finished, and he released her, to tumble back onto the bed, gasping.

"Are... we even... now?" Laura asked, licking the last of the spunk from her lips.

Jerome only smiled, and climbed on the bed beside her. He pulled her into a sitting position on his lap, and pressed his dick against her lips. "Wait, we need a condom!" she gasped as he began to slide in.

"Your on the pill right?" He asked, pulling her down by her narrow hips, impaling her petite young snatch completely, it was so wet, as he knew it would be from the glazed look in the young girl's eyes.

"Yes. Oh, my god!" she groaned at his huge member filling her cunt.

"I'm clean, no hoares, I can get any woman I want." He said unbuttoning her mini-skirt and pulling it off. All Laura wore now was a transparent white T-shirt, and the little lacy bra underneath. She was nude from the waist down.

"If you can have any girl you desire, why me?" pleaded Laura, as Jerome began to raise and lower her on his cock, the maneuver making a rhythmic sucking sound every time.

"This isn't about sex, it's about power!" he said, and as he continued to rut her with his knee, he slid his hands up and grabbed her shirt and pushed it over her head, throwing it on the floor. The girl was completely entranced in the sensation of being seat fucked she didn't notice him unhooking her training bra. It was around her waist, and on the floor, his hands grasping her high, half- formed young tits, before she was aware.

Laura orgasmed for the first time as Jerome closed his teeth around her left nipple, and bit into it hard, drawing a little blood. Her back arched as he pulled her off him and pushed her down on her stomach, her head dangling forward off the foot of the bed. As she screamed in ecstasy he slid atop her and drove into her ass hard.

Now the rutting changed for Laura, from pleasurable to painful. She gasped at the weight of the man atop her, and the savage way he now sawed back and forth, his big cock within her tight anal passage.

"Jerome, please, your hurting me!" she begged but he wouldn't stop, even sped up, her protests turning him on.

"Shut your mouth, little bitch!" he ordered, and then slid his hands up and under her chest to grab her small breasts in a painful grip, "You had your fun, now it's my turn!"

He pounded into Laura like a jackhammer, as she began to scream, and this turned him on even more, and he came again, blasting into her. He rolled off her, and stood up. He dressed quickly, and then pulled a hundred dollars from his wallet, and tossed it on the bed beside Laura, who was weeping softly.

"We're even now, honey." he said as he went out the door, "Nice to meet you."

And he left the house. Later Laura would tell her father Jerome had been called away. When she was sure her parents were asleep, she stole down to her father's study and thumbed through his rolodex.

Jerome was dozing in an armchair when the phone beside him rang. He started awake, and picked it up. "Hello?"

"It's me, Laura, you bastard." she said over the line.

"What?" he asked.

"... Can I see you again?" she asked after a pause.

Jerome smiled, "Sure thing, honey, how about Friday night?"

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