tagBDSMDark Desires Ch. 2

Dark Desires Ch. 2


I was buried deep into her. Both of us were covered with perspiration. Her chained breasts pushed pertly into my own chest, calling me, begging me.

I removed myself from Kira with a groan. She had arched her hips, trying to keep me in her. I chuckled slightly and bent to lick at her clit. I tasted blood and both of our cum. I licked her gently, watching her squirm beneath me. I was worshipping her, my beautiful goddess. My beautiful Kira. Her moans began again as I licked and sucked. Every so often she would gasp as I bit or sucked too hard on her sensitive clit. I began to wonder how much pleasure/pain she could take.

Kira was thrashing her head, caught up in her impending orgasm. I watched her carefully. when the flush on her skin crept more and more towards her face I knew it wouldn't be long. I stopped my attentions. She immediately screamed her frustration.

"No! Please, I need to cum, God Please!"

I slapped her pussy lips and watched as she jumped.

"Silence. You will cum when I let you, not a second before."

I climbed on top of her again and placed my cock at her lips.


Her mouth opened and I slammed myself into her. She gagged for a second, but quickly controlled herself as I pistoned in and out of her mouth. My hands reached beneath me to her breasts. Her nipples were taut and stretched against the nipple chain. She cried out around my cock as I flicked them.

When she made my dick nice and wet I moved down, straddling her stomach. Her breasts were warm and tight as I slipped myself into the hole between them. My cock was too big and pushed her nipples against their confines. She began thrashing again, pulling at her restraints, begging me to stop.

"Please, it hurts."

I held myself still for a minute and leaned down. She cried out again as my movement pushed her tortured breasts out more.

"Do you really want me to stop? Do you? Or do you want the ecstasy you know I can give you? Does it really hurt that bad? Or does the pain turn into pleasure?"

She was crying. I could see that.


"Please what?"

She hesitated and I waited. My breath tight in my chest, my cock tight wrapped in her tits. If she said stop I would...God, I hoped she wouldn't.

"Please, don't stop."

My breath came out as a groan as I again began pistoning in and out of her tight chest. Her breasts bounced back and forth as I pushed and withdrew. Her body held me tight, almost as if it was trying not to let me go.

I felt myself building, becoming invincible. Pulling back, my balls tightened and I sprayed cum all over her. I pulsed and groaned as I sprayed more and more, covering her breasts, her face, her hair. I imagined myself marking her, making her mine. In that instant, I knew someday, I would brand her. I would have the goddess as mine.

For now, I got off of her, and moved towards the wall of whips. I took one down, a soft leather with thick braids. A flick of my wrist made it splay across her breasts, sending droplets of cum splashing. Her siren voice cried out at the unexpected pain across her body.

"Now, you've been naughty. You must learn never to make a man wait for his pleasure."

This was going to be a glorious night.

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