tagBDSMDark Desires Unleashed

Dark Desires Unleashed


This is a story of love and passion and the exploration of dark desires shared by two people who trust and love one another completely. My lover and I have a love most search all their lives and few ever find. When we first met, it was online. Our scenes were always full of dark passion when we escaped into our own little cyber dungeon. When we met in true life the attraction and comfort was instant and undeniable. Our past cyber encounters were discussed but only in the sense that the passion we shared back then seemed so real. Our relationship in true life is not one of Master and slave. It is one of pure heartfelt love and equal partnership. That being said . . . enjoy the story.


Excitement courses through my entire body like an electrical current. I look into my lover’s eyes, dark and mysterious yet full of love and passion. Tonight we will explore those dark desires we spent so many nights fantasizing about, our trust, devotion and acceptance of our dark desires put to the ultimate test. I don’t feel the least little tinge of fear, only all consuming excitement. I give myself to my one and only love completely. I know in my heart he knows what I crave and will not hurt me. I will refuse him nothing, for tonight I am his to do with as he pleases and will refuse him absolutely nothing.

He takes my hand and leads me to the bedroom. His hands caressing my skin as he undresses me, his lips kissing my bare flesh with hot wet kisses, his tongue gliding over my soft skin with each sweet kiss. I do the same to him, savoring the taste feel and smell of his skin as I expose it with the removal of each article of clothing.

He guides me to the bed and turns to walk to the dresser. Taking the soft ropes off the dresser, he walks over to me. He tenderly kisses my wrists before he binds each one, securing them to the bed frame. His kisses move slowly down my body. I can feel my excitement growing, a dark longing that I have suppressed for so long finally set free. Not a word is spoken between us as he ties the restraints.

His tender kisses move over my stomach. His tongue caressing me as he travels downward. He purposely avoids kisses to my hot pussy growing wet with sheer excitement, lingering between my legs so that I can feel his hot breath. I quiver with pleasure and desire. His kisses move down further, alternating from one leg to the other as he travels down the length of my long legs. He sucks my toes into his mouth. A soft moan escapes my lips as I feel his tongue, hot and wet caressing my feet as he sucks my toes into his mouth. He then kisses my ankles tenderly before binding them as he did my wrists spreading them and securing them to either side of the bed frame.

He stands at the foot of the bed looking at his newly discovered plaything. A smile plays across his lips as I lay before him, helpless but totally trusting. God, I love this man with my entire being, my love for him all consuming, my trust in him unwavering, my passion and desire to please him so strong that it makes my head spin. He moves up my body, slowly crawling, to straddle me. His hands caress my body with a mixture of tenderness and roughness that never in my life had I experienced. Rubbing and gripping my tender flesh, he moves up to position himself on my stomach.

He leans down to whisper in my ear. His long hair shrouds my face. “My sweet little Becca, I love you. You know I would never want to hurt you. If I do anything that is too much for you to deal with tell me. I will stop. This is the first time I have ever had the pleasure of doing something like this and I might get carried away. There is a thin line between erotic pain and true pain. Promise me you will stop me if you are the least little bit uncomfortable with anything I am doing.”

I look into his eyes, feeling his love for me. “I promise.” I whisper as he leans down and kisses me deeply. His lips caressing mine as his tongue plays over mine. I feel myself growing hotter and wetter with his kiss. My whole body is engulfed in a passionate heat unlike any other I have ever felt. He whispers in my ear again, “I’ll be right back my little Becca . . . Don’t go anywhere.” He adds with a chuckle.

As I lay there bound to the bed, I can only imagine what he has in store for me. I think back on all our cyber encounters and know the possibilities are endless. I literally squirm with excitement as I lay waiting for his return.

I hear the CD player kick on, dark Heavy Metal playing in the background. The driving beat fits the mood perfectly. He enters the room with several different things. I can’t make them out in the darkness of the room. He places them out of my sight. He then begins to light the candles that are throughout the bed room.

I watch him intently. The flickering candle light dances on the walls. He once again crawls up the length of the bed. He straddles me, his hard cock between my breasts. He reaches down looking into my eyes as his hand caresses my cheek. I lean into the caress as his fingertips move over my cheek, traveling to my lips. He traces my lips. I suck one of his fingers into my hot wet mouth. Savoring the taste of his skin and the feel of his finger as my tongue circles it. His hand moves to my throat tightening slightly around it. “You’re mine, my little Becca. I have complete control tonight. Are you ready for this?” His fingers tight around my throat evoking a helpless excitement, I have never felt. His eyes’ dark yet loving eyes search mine for an unspoken response. I nod. “I trust you completely my love. I will refuse you nothing.”

A devilish smile appears on his face. “I’ll be putting that vow to the test tonight.”

He removes his hand from my throat running his fingers through my long dark hair as his hand moves to cradle my head. He leans up slightly. The head of his hard pulsing cock resting against my full lips. He lifts my head up as he grasps his cock with his other hand. Moving the head over my lips as he watches me. My tongue, hot and wet darts between my slightly parted lips, licking and caressing his cock. He grips my hair tightly pulling my lips over his cock. I lick and suck on him. My tongue circling him as my hot wet mouth engulfs him, feeling every ridge, every pulsing vein. His moans of pleasure increasing my desire to please him even more. His tight grip on my hair as he pushes and pulls my lips over his hardness sending a mixture of sensations of pleasure pain and excitement coursing through me. I moan softly reveling in the pleasure I am giving him. My soft moans vibrate around his hard cock.

He loosens his grip on my hair and leans back slightly. His hardness slips from my eager mouth. He laughs softly as he watches as I strain against my bonds, seeking his sweet cock, wanting to feel it gliding between my lips, wanting to hear his sweet moans of pleasure.

His lips cover mine in a passionate rough yet loving kiss. I never knew that roughness could have gentle loving shades to it. The contrast of the two leaves me reeling with

pure excitement. His kisses travel slowly to my neck as his body moves down mine. His knees are kneeling on the bed between my spread legs. His fervent kisses evoke a deep desire within me. I feel his teeth sinking into my delicate vulnerable neck. Tingles of erotic pain shoot through my body. Making me cry out and writhe in my restraints. His hands move down to my breasts...he caresses them tenderly as he bites and kisses my neck passionately. His tender touch grows rougher as his finger tips close around my nipples, softly at first then growing harder as he firmly pulls at them twisting them slightly. My cries and moans of absolute pleasure fill the room. My nipples are rock hard and totally erect.

He moves off the bed retrieving one of the items he gathered. He stands beside me with a long length of rope. He caresses my hard nipples with it running the soft rope down the sensitive flesh between my breasts. I moan and relax at the gentle feel of the caresses. He ties one end of the rope around one of my ample breasts, binding

it tightly. Then crosses the remaining rope over to my other breast and does the same to it. I glance down. My breasts bound firmly, the tops cresting above the coils of rope encompassing them. My nipples stand at attention. I can feel them tingle and pulsate with my every heartbeat due to the slowed circulation. He circles one of my nipples with his finger tip tenderly. “That’s not too tight, is it my sweet Becca?” He softly asks. I shake my head, “No” I reply with a breathless moan. He smiles as he looks down on me. “God you’re beautiful. I love you, Becca.” I smile at him standing over me. “I love you too, Baby.”

He reaches onto the dresser getting a long candle in a candle holder with a wide base. The flame flickers as he carries it over to the bed. He sets the candle holder on my stomach. “Don’t move.” He commands firmly. I stay motionless as he reaches down on the floor beside him to retrieve a small bowel of ice, setting it beside me on the bed as he removes the candle from its precarious position. I look into his dark eyes as they sparkle in the candle light. His devilish grin reappearing across his sexy lips as he tilts the candle up slightly as he holds it well over one of my bound breasts. I feel the hot wax spilling over my tender nipple. I gasp sharply at the feel the hot wax stinging my sensitive flesh. He immediately grabs an ice cube rubbing it over the hot wax. The contrasting sensations send me reeling. My moans of sheer ecstacy permeate the room as I feel the hot wax harden pulling at my skin as it contracts and hardens.

He moves to the other breast, then slowly moves down my belly. Each splash of hot wax is instantly cooled by the ice. I writhe and moan in my bonds from the mixture of pleasure and pain. He reaches my shaven pussy. He runs his finger down my sleek glistening slit, feeling my hot wet excitement. “You truly are enjoying this aren’t you, my Becca?” He asks with a smile as he stokes my sticky sweet pussy. “More than I could ever put in words my love.” I replied between low soft moans.

He stops fondling my clit and removes his fingers. Without warning he turns the candle to one side, the hot wax spilling onto my outer lips. I gasp as the hot wax sears my flesh, tugging at my bonds as I writhe helplessly from the unexpected heat of the wax. Once again, the hot wax is instantly cooled by the ice. I relax as I feel the rivers of cold water from the melting ice seep into the folds of my sweet slit, moaning loudly my body still writhing from the sensations consuming me.

He continues his trek down my body, covering my legs with the wax. He cools it with the ice as he slowly and skillfully moves down the length of my legs all the way to my feet. My excitement grows to dizzying heights. I wince as the burning wax coats the bottoms of my feet, my entire body flinching at the feel of the ice replacing the searing wax.

He stands back admiring his handy work from his place at the foot of our bed. I lay before him, helplessly bound and squirming with exaltation at the pleasure he has granted me. My breathing fast, my bound breasts covered in hardened wax raising with each panting breath. My body wriggling as I let the exhilarating excitement he evokes consumes me. . . heart, mind, body and soul.

He moves back to the bed. His hands move over my body inch by inch, rubbing and caressing me. The wax peeling off my skin as he works his way up. He takes special care with my wax coated breasts knowing that they will be very sensitive due to the slowed circulation. They throb with the lightest touch of his hands as he gently caresses the wax off them. He gives each nipple a light pinch sending currents of pain pulsing through my body. My clit throbs with such intensity that it makes me scream out with pleasure as well as the pain from the pinches.

Never before have I ever felt the contrast of such intense feelings. Never before have I felt the love, complete devotion and longing for another. I would do anything for this man to repay him for the liberation of this side of me that has been so deeply guarded and concealed within me.

He grins and moves back down to the foot of the bed to retrieve a soft black leather strap. He glides the cold soft leather over my skin. Moving slowly over the soles of my feet smiling as I giggle and wriggle. He moves up my legs caressing me with the leather. My whole body relaxes at the calming caresses. He runs the strap over my pussy drenched with my sticky sweet excitement. I moan softly. He continues up to my bound breasts. Circling the exposed flesh, then tightening the caressing circles to encircle each nipple lightly causing tingles to radiate through my entire body.

Without warning, he lightly slaps each nipple with the strap. My muscles tighten as the tingles turn to jolts of pleasure tinged pain. He lightly slaps the strap across my breasts the lashes growing more ardent with each slap. I squirm and squeal with an overwhelming mixture of pleasure and pain. The sensations push me to the edge of my unexplored boundaries. My breath quickens and my heart races with each slap. He carefully watches and reads my response and stops once again caressing me with the strap.

“Shhhhhh My sweet Becca, I won’t hurt you. You’re doing so well. I love you.” He slowly moves down my body. The strap lashing my tender flesh as he moves down my tummy. My skin grows hot, tingling with each slap of the strap. I can feel myself growing wetter and wetter between my legs as I jerk at my bonds with each slap. I bite my lower lip to stifle my cries. He reaches my pussy and reaches down with his hand. His fingers glide over my slick clit delving into me, my hot sticky wetness coating them. He reaches up and places his fingers at my lips. I instinctively accept them into my mouth. I savor the taste of my own excitement. “You are positively dripping wet Becca.” He says with a huge smile. “You really are enjoying this, aren’t you?” “Oh my god yes.” I reply my voice shaking with an all consuming excitement.

He smiles as he goes back to my “lashing,” slapping my inner thighs, then moving back up to my drenched pussy. The tip of the strap sharply connects with the tip of my already throbbing clit. I scream loudly as the burning pain of the lash consumes me. He reaches down caressing my clit sending the concentrated fiery sensations flowing through me until they consumed every recess of my body. My whimpers of pain turned to loud moans of all consuming pleasure. “Cum for me my Becca.” He says softly “Cum for me.”

I am so glad he says this, because no matter how hard I could have tried, there is no way I could stave off the building sexual climax that is welling up deep within me. My body trembles uncontrollably as wave after wave of sweet release washes over me. I feel the cum dripping from my pussy, soaking his fingers and the sheets that I lay upon.

He stands up at the foot of the bed and licks my sweet sticky cum from his fingers as he watches me as I lay there, trembling with sheer delight. He unties my ankles, kissing each as he rubs the places the ropes have bitten into my tender skin. He moves up my body, slowly untying the rope binding my breasts. The rush of blood as my circulation returns to normal making my nipple throb and sting once again leaving me with the sweet mixture of pleasure and pain.

He moves to lie on top of me. He gazes into my eyes as he strokes my hair gently, softly whispering, “I love you. You are so unbelievable, baby.” I smile, still trying to subdue the quivers of pleasure that are still consuming my body as I lay beneath him. My arms still bound but aching to hold him tight.

I can feel his cock, hard and throbbing with desire resting on my soaked pussy. He moves seemingly with no effort at all, and I feel him enter me. My loud moans fill the room as he satisfies the aching need I was feeling to have him inside of me. His thrusts start out slow, long and deep. His cock gliding in and out of my tight hot wet sheath. He pushes my legs back, slipping my ankles over his shoulders without missing a stroke. Enabling his thrusts to become deeper. His hands move to my long hair tangled by my sweat and the efforts of my struggling, from his previous “play.” He grips my hair tightly as his thrusts grow stronger and more powerful. We are both completely lost in passion of the rawest form. Our loud moans, boarding on cries of delight, fill the candle lit room.

He places his elbows directly above my shoulders, gripping my hair tightly as he pulls me to meet his powerful thrusts. My toes curl, tingling with the deep penetrating driving force of each thrust.

I feel his body tensing. He withdraws from my hot pulsing pussy. He moves to straddle me reaching over to get the empty wine glass that is sitting on the bed side table. He strokes his pulsing member. In a matter of seconds he shoots his hot salty sweet load into the glass. He smiles as he looks down at me lifting my head and placing the glass to my lips. I eagerly drink every drop relishing the sweet hot cum as it fills my mouth and I swallow it down.

He unties my wrists, kissing them both as he rubs them, restoring my normal circulation. He lies down beside me on the bed. I snuggle up to him resting my head on his chest, holding him so very tight with my arms, trembling with complete satisfaction and exhaustion. “I truly love you. Thank you so much for all that you have given me.” I breathlessly whisper. “ You have taken me to level of pleasure I have only dreamed of.”

“Don’t thank me Becca. You’ve done the same for me. I love you.” We nestle snugly against each other and fall into a deep, peaceful, satisfied sleep.

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