Dark Dragon

byMy Erotic Tail©

The driving thrusts pressed her harder into the beam that she was tied to. Her muscles were tightened to extreme as he pumped wildly at her gripping with strong hands at her waist. The sting of his grasp was felt as much as the feel of her vaginal walls stretching.

Her head sank and a driving hump pushed her head into the wooden beam. Her ties that bound her hands cut off circulation as she pulled on them immensely. Moaning and whimpering only drove his desires further. Her arms were upwards as her head fell to her forearms and rested there while he fucked her feverishly.

"Shut up," the man yelled as he slapped the back of her head with an open palm. Jade tried to be quite but her lower stomach was being assaulted from the inside. His cock drove deeply into her with each pump. Her breath was short and a moan come out with every breath.

The darkness was only broken by the moons small peering through a distant window. She tried to turn to see who was behind her, doing this to her. But it seemed only like a shadow in the dark. His breath was short paced and his hands strongly grasping her. She was unable to do anything but pull on her ties that sank even more into her flesh. The oriental home had wooden floors that she felt under her bare feet.

There in a strange home, a strange land and a stranger man. He pulled her top up and the sound of slicing came as he finally stopped humping only to cut away her clothes. They fell to the floor about the time she felt the large warm hand strongly squeeze her breast. To the point of pain she moaned again as he continued his thrusting assaults. Her pussy felt wore and raw, this was not a lubricated enjoyment at all. Just the forceful drives of a Dick deep inside her. Then a grasp of a hand that yanked her head backwards from a gripping of her hair.

His breaths were becoming shorter as droplets of sweat fell onto her back. Pulling her ass out from the beam again as he pulled her hair tighter. Arching her back fully from a strong tug of her hair and driving more and more into her. She felt a gush of warmness deep inside her as the man slowed his pace. A few short pumps deep into her let her know he was almost done. The release of her hair only allowed her head to fall forward into the beam again.

His withdraw from her felt wet as she was relieved he had finally finished with what he came for. He leaned in and squeezed her firm perky breast even harder. "You have been blessed to be taken by me, you know this, yes? I am the Dragon of the Dark, you know this too, yes?" He asked but she didn't reply in any way. She had heard stories of the legendary Dark Dragon who was a Royal Imperial guard who turned renegade. She didn't know till now who was raping her, but she knew now. He slowly walked off into the darkness of the room.

She was leaning against the beam with her arms slightly upwards naked. Her feet brushed her clothes which lay on the floor. She finally relaxed her muscles and sank into the beam only to find she still couldn't sit on the floor she had to stand to relieve the tension of the ties to her wrists.

Jade began sniffling again as tears rolled down her cheeks. Her sadness was growing. She was on a journey to the mountains of eternal mist when her caravan of Imperial guards had been attacked and killed. The horses, carriage and weapons were all taken by the rebel bandits along with herself. She was to be wed to the governors son in two days. But he probably wasn't going to want her now. Now that she had lost her virginity, now that she had been taken by another. She was no longer pure. Her tears whelped up even more.

Her parents had arranged for her to be married since she was eight. As was the custom of the land of China in the year of 1859. She had traveled for a day in the wilderness with the convoy of soldiers that had been sent to deliver her to the palace of the governor when they were attacked. The carriage offered her refuge from the sight of the bloody skirmish before the carriage was brought here along with the Imperial guards Stallions and weapons. Jade just happen to be an added prize to their looting.

They brought her in and tied her to this beam and she had been a very long time now with no food or water. Her stomach growled but her nerves kept her from feeling hungry. Though she did thirst for some water.

The night seemed like an eternity before the first hint of light come through the far window. She had cried almost all night. She couldn't sleep and her mind raced with the possibilities that may become of her. A woman in a kimono come in the room as the light was growing brighter. Coming to the beam and setting down a pale of water and spooned it to Jades mouth. Jade lapped at it daintily slowly at first, then gulping.

The woman then went off and Jade started to try and pull on her ties again. Still naked and tired and sore between her legs. She began to stir as the light become brighter in the room.

In walked a man with a nicely trimmed beard and mustache. He walked past Jade as if she wasn't even there. She turned slightly to see him walk outside and disappear. She sank into the beam again. She heard some shouting of words from outside from a man with authority. Two men came into the room and come straight up to Jade and cut her from the beam and began dragging her outside.

The coutyard was open with brick laiden of rock. There by a post was a troft of water that they drug her to and threw her into. The morning cold water awoke her tired muscles as one of the men tossed her a bar of soap that hit her in the chest. They didn't have to say anything, they made their point. She adjusted to the cold waters temperature quickly and began lathering up her hands with the soap. The scent was refreshing as she bathed. Once she was done a man gripped her by the hair and pulled her, guiding her out of the troft of water back into the house. No towel was offered or clothes as they drug her naked petite frame back onto the interior hard wood floor.

The man with the beard was sitting on the floor before a small table eating. A Kimono was tossed at her from another man and motioned for her to go to the man eating. She quickly dressed and slowly crawled on all fours to the table. The food smelt good and a bite to eat seem wonderful right now she thought.

"What is your name?" The man asked. She recognized his voice. He was the Dark Dragon. She didn't answer, she just sat low to the floor and stared at the plate of food that seem to be placed there for her. "Take her and tie her back up till she speaks," the man snapped.

"No, Jade, my name is Jade," she said hastily. Her wet hair stranded down to the floor so she pulled it back behind her.

"Then eat Jade," the man motioned to the plate of food. Jade took a piece of egg from the plate with her fingers and took a nibble then a bite. The Dark Dragon snickered at her approach to her meal. "You are of royalty?" He asked.

Jade didn't answer her mind raced to the possibility he was looking for a way to ransom her or find out vital information to aid in his raids perhaps. "No," she finally answered between bites thinking she better say something or they might tie her back up, for her silence.

"What were you doing with the Royal Warriors yesterday then?" He asked while still eating. His eyes darted towards her for the first time as if he was reading her face.

"I am a teacher of calligraphy," she said cautiously. "I am on my way to teach in the shaman province," she said.

"Oh? This is an Honor then. I to have had such training," he spoke with a sense of social grace. She was almost done with her meal and began fingering the tid bits left.

"What do you intend to do with me?" Jade asked with curiosity.

"Sell you in the slave market at the port," he said without hesitation. He never looked up from his plate. She stopped eating and her head sank knowing this meant she would be shipped off to another world far from her family and even farther from the one she was to wed. Dark Dragon nodded to his warriors that stood guard and they took Jade by the arm and guided her away from the table. They raised her arms to tie her again to the beam.

"My wrist ache please no more binds," Jade pleaded.

"Shackle her ankles," Dark Dragon said to the guards. They allowed her arms to fall as one of them left out. She turned to look back at the man who was peacefully eating his meal, still.

"You are a coward and I hope your fate is worst than death," Jade blurted as her tears whelped back up. The man came back with leg shackles and put them around one ankle then the beam. Checking their secureness then they left. Jade sat on the floor and began contemplating her fate again. Dark Dragon rose from his seating and walked over to her.

"You still have fire in you? Good," he said as he unrobed. Her face was mere inches from his hanging limp cock. The size made her eyes widen. She had never seen a mans part, much less the size and shape. His hand gripped the back of her hair and he pressed her face into it. "Open your mouth, and if you so much as think of biting, I'll cut your head off."

Jade's face was pressed into the warm growing muscle. He gripped it with his other hand a put it at her mouth. Pushing into her lips harder till she opened her mouth slightly and it went in. Her tongue tasted his musk and salt like flavor. The rubber texture slid on her tongue more and more as Dark Dragon began pumping lightly towards her face.

His grip on her hair was pinching and pulling back and forth from his swaying forward humps into her mouth. The head of his cock began to go deeper into her throat and she gagged. He laughed slightly and pressed even more. Her hatred for this man was growing. He pushed himself into her mouth fully and held her head there for a moment before he released. She pulled back gasping for breath and gagging a bit. Then he did it again only holding her head to his cock even longer, she tried to pull back but his grasp was to strong. Pushing with her hands at his legs hard while her nose pressed against his flesh with open mouth.

He let up and she regained her breath again. Then he patted her cheek with his stiffness while she started breathing more calmly. Then he pressed his cock back into her mouth only more shallow this time. He was rocking back and forth slightly as he fucked her mouth. Then deeper with each push till she felt his hand tightened around her hair then push into her mouth full again. Holding as he quivered and she felt the warm rush of fluids slide down the back of her throat. She held her breath as long as she could while his member was releasing itself deeply.

He let up and pulled away and she gasped for air. She sank to floor as he walked off. Her face stared at the wooden floor slats as she wondered if this would be her fate for the rest of her life.

The day seemed endless as there was no one around for most of the day. A pail with a scoop had been brought by a woman earlier that day and she was alone other than this servant that passed back and forth periodically.

The night seem to finally come and Dark Dragon came in but went straight to the back and disappeared. She was relieved and scared at the same time. Perhaps he wouldn't bother her anymore then she figured perhaps he will wait till deep into the night before he raped her again.

It crept into the night slowly and the ankle shackle allowed her to at least rest better. She fell into slumber with thoughts of her fate and possibilities.

The feel of a hand around her mouth awoke her. Tightly gripping her mouth to where she couldn't hardly breathe. The sound of, "Shhh," seemed strange. She fought for a moment but the hand was to strong. Then a shadow moved in front of her while the hand still held her.

"Do not make a sound, do you understand?" The voice was faint and whispered. Jade shook her head in understanding while she watched the shadow before her move about the room in total silence. Like a cat stepping from door to door peering. The hand fell from her mouth and the shackle at her ankle moved slightly from his attempt to figure its lock. The clink of its opening made Jade realize these were her rescuers.

"I am here to help you," the man said lowly and the other man came to her side too. "Go with this man, quietly. You understand?" Jade nodded in silence. "Where is the Dark Dragon?" The man asked. Jade pointed towards the room she had last seen him go through.

"GO," Said the man dressed in the garb of the ninjitsu, the shadow warriors. Jade got to her feet and followed the other man dressed in black. As she got to the door she looked back and couldn't see her rescuer anymore. The man she followed went from building to building pulling her by the arm till they got to a wooded area. Releasing her arm they began to run through the woods for quite a ways before they came upon three horses. The man helped Jade to mount a black steed and then took one himself and sprang onto its back and they galloped off into the night.


It was day light when they got to a hill that showed the beautiful palace of the eternal mist. The low hanging clouds and mist that gave it its name, was present and Jade stared in awe. They slowly come upon a road that led to the main gates and they were greeted graciously by the crowd that gathered around them as they came into the village on the main road leading to the palace.

Silence was then broken from the man who delivered her from the Dark Dragons clutches. "Your husbasnd too, will be here," the man said.

"Where is he?" Jade asked.

"He is the one who stayed, to see to it, The Dark Dragon scorns no more." The man said with sadness as if worried. "But don't worry he is ninja, he will prevail," the man said as if trying to convince himself. Jade's heart sank.

Jade was greeted with anticipation and warmth. Taken to a room where she was able to bathe and freshen up. The servants all praised her and took good care of her. She was dressing in a fine silken gown when the door flung open and there stood a man in the black garb of ninjitsu. The servants scattered and bowed as they passed the man.

"You are Jade Chong of the Shilo province?" He spoke with pride and strength. Walking forward slowly.

"Yes, and you are?" She asked but fairly certain he was the one who had stayed behind.

"I am Mi Wyon, your husband to be." He slowly walked around her looking her up and down. "You are truly a beautiful flower, Jade," he said with a pleasing tone. "Did The Dark Dragon harm you?" He noticed the bruise on her head from the beam.

"No," she answered as she wrenched her wrist that still felt sore. The man noticed this too and took her wrist in hand, gently and looked at the rope burns that she had. Then his eyes met hers and they both smiled at each with approval of each others features. Jade looked down as any woman should in those times, when she saw the cut in his shoulder.

"You are injured," She blurted and began tending his wound.

"Is but a scratch one might get from trying to hold a beautiful rose," he said smiling,

"Oh you are to kind," she replied as she pulled the cloth back and saw the deep gash he had. "Here sit I will tend it." The man smiled and sat with willingness. He watched as Jade tore away the cloth and she damped at his wounds caked blood.

"Will you still be the bride of my dreams?" He asked.

"It was arranged by my parents, I will not go against my fathers wishes." Jade said with a slight smile on her face.

"Will the dark cloud of thoughts of the Dark Dragon keep the sun from shining on our lives?" He asked with a curious tone. Watching Jade's every move becoming more pleased with her.

"Is the Dark Dragon no more?" She stopped and looked at the man with a serious look in her eyes.

"No, he will not reign terror anymore," the man said and looked at his deeply cut flesh.

"Then he will never bring darkness to our lives in any way," Jade said with a slight smile from the thoughts of a happy marriage. All her life she was uncertain of the man she would marry but today she felt better about it already. They looked into each others eyes deeply and like a magnet their lips come together.

Like the dwindling darkness it was a dawning of shining times. The years before them were starting from a bond that grew form this kiss to a life of love and happiness. The many years of uncertainty was the dark yin, but the Dark Dragon was gone now and the yang began filling their days and nights with brightness, love and happiness.

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