tagSci-Fi & FantasyDark Dreams Ch. 03

Dark Dreams Ch. 03


All content of this story is copyright {2014} by Desired_Temptation and is my intellectual property. This is purely a work of fiction and fantasy and all characters are eighteen years old or older. None of the events exist or have ever happened. This story is not to be redistributed under any circumstances without my express written permission.

______Chapter Three_____


Warm hands stroked my heated flesh, curving around my breasts to lightly skim over my pebbled nipples. My whole body quivered with a fierce need that shocked me. It started with a deep throb from my feminine core and it spread outwards. Every nerve screamed for the release that only this skilled being could give me.

Soft lips touched the curve of my hip causing my stomach to jerk. Crying out softly, I squirmed under the tender assault of the feather light kisses he rained over my lower abdomen. Incoherent words spilled from my lips, my body desperately asking for more.

"Tell me what you want, mortal."

His husky words were breathed across my fevered skin, causing my spine to spasm. I sobbed gently, thrusting my hips upwards in a silent offer of my bare flesh to his heated mouth.

"Now who's cowardly," he chuckled, ducking his dark head between my spread legs.

Cool breath washed over the bundle of nerves at the apex of my sex a moment before he flicked me with his wide tongue. Letting out a moan, my hands snaked down to grip the short black strands as he explored the folds of my hungry core with sure slow licks and light suckling that drove me wild. I was so close to completion that my limbs shook while I balanced on the edge of a mind shattering orgasm.

"Please," I sobbed loudly, "please."

Grinning against my shaved sex, he locked those lips around my pink bud in mercy. Flicking his tongue in a flurry against my flesh while gently sucking, I felt the pressure build to a point that I almost thought that I couldn't take anymore. Hands convulsing in his hair, the dam broke and I came screaming and bucking underneath him as he remained latched to my rippling sex.

Tears streamed from the corner of my eyes and disappeared into my hair line as I shook in ecstasy. Those pleasurable lips left me, shifting to the inner flesh of my thigh just to the side of my pulsing core. A small stab of pain made my breath hitch, but it quickly melted under the glow I floated in and I had a second to wonder what he was doing.

My lips parted to ask, but the words were swept away when a sudden soul quivering orgasm took hold of me. I screamed, throwing my head back while my spine bowed as wave after wave of pleasure flowed through me. My hands clawed at the air, twisted in the sheets, trying to grab anything to hold onto as I rode out this ecstasy.

His strong wide hands kept my hips locked in place as he continued to suck at the upper part of my thigh. I was sweating and mewling, floating on the currents he pushed though my body as long as his mouth stayed against my skin. After a moment, though, he pulled away much to my disappointment. I whimpered softly, the sound coming hoarsely from my panting lips.

Raising my head up, I looked down at this sex god between my rubbery legs and watched as a drop of blood rolled off his bottom lip. That crimson mouth curved into a devious smile. Flicking my gaze up to his eyes, I blinked down at two blackened orbs that stared back at me hungrily. Part of me knew that I should have been afraid to see him like this, but I honestly didn't want to be. If opening a vein for this mind blowing pleasure he gave me was the price, then fuck it. Suck away my dark vampire.

Flashing a grin at me, I noted the two white fangs glinting back at me and shivered in anticipation. Raising to his hands and knees, I watched as his muscles glided and rolled beneath his skin as he crawled up the length of my twitching limp form. Small noises were escaping from my lips, whimpers and inaudible words coming forth.

I felt a heated velvety nudge against the opening of my sex and cried out. Blinking up at him, I watched as the black of his irises slowly bled to that gorgeous emerald I came to crave. Lips parting, he thrust forward, sinking deep into my clenching heat with an animalistic growl that vibrated through his broad chest. My breath caught as an mini orgasm rippled through me as his smooth invasion of my body with his.

A sudden loud beeping noise interrupted our erotic coupling. Frowning, I blinked up at his confused face and was shocked to see that I could see through that beautiful face. He was disappearing! Eyes widening in disbelief, I watched as those heated eyes pleaded with me to let him stay. I wanted him to, but that damn noise was getting louder, insistent with its quest to ruin this absolutely perfect moment.

The darkened room and my black haired vampire were suddenly ripped away, leaving me blinking at my blindingly bright the ceiling. I stared at it in confusion as desire pulsated from my core, my sex dripping with the memory of my dark visitor's touch. God. Was it all a dark dream? Nothing fucking happened? Damn it all to hell!

Rolling over nude beneath my dark blue coverlet, I reached out and viciously smacked my blaring alarm clock until to the damn thing went quiet. Growling, I rolled onto my back and clenched my thighs together. I still feel his rigid member in my depths and it was infuriating. How could a wet dream be more realistic then anything I had ever experienced in real life? Was fate so cruel?

Sighing unhappily, I sat up and flung my covers back. Staring down at my bare thighs, I almost expected to see two little puncture marks were my vampire had sank into me. My flesh was smooth and untouched, just slick with my juices as was my sheets beneath me. I blushed. If this was how I was with just a wet dream, I was afraid of what kind of mess I would produce with the actual man here. Christ.

Swinging my legs carefully over the side of my bed, I froze when footsteps suddenly pounded down my hallway at a pace that set my heart galloping. Even as I grabbed the covers to try to hide myself, I secretly hoped it was my dream lover. Could I be so lucky? Probably not.

Door bursting open, I let out a small scream despite knowing someone was coming and stared in shock into Violet's wide blue eyes. I sat there with my breasts bare to the room, but at least my lap was covered and my naughty evidence was hidden. I watched as she blinked a couple times then flush a scarlet color.

"What the hell?" I grumbled, slightly peeved that she had scared me a little bit and hadn't even bothered to knock at my front door.

Rubbing her palms against her blue jean shorts, I noticed she had a certain glow to her. Wearing a spaghetti strap pink, shorts and white sneakers with pink designs, she looked fresh. Well bedded even. At least someone had managed to get some actual cock last night.

"I-I heard you cry out from downstairs. I called a-and knocked... I thought something had happened to you." Turning those blushing eyes away from my stock still form, she cleared her voice. "I-Is there someone here? Do I need to leave?"

It was my turn to blush.

Clearing my throat, I pulled my coverlet up to hide my nudity and shook my head even though I knew she was turned away. "No. No one's here. Why are you here so early?"

I sounded snippy and I knew it, but I was embarrassed so I tended to get defensive. I knew Violet had good intentions, but really. Did she have to choose today to come barging into my room when I was dripping in my own fluid? Oh god. Did my room smell like sex? Does she smell anything?

Turning a darker shade of red, I worried over my best friend smelling the evidence of my desire and dreaded facing the subject. What the hell did you tell someone when they asked 'whats that smell?', 'Why does it smell like sex in here?' and you never had any. Do you confess to the wet dream or claim not to know what she was talking about even knowing it was a crock of shit? Oh god.

"I told you I wanted to know what was bothering you yesterday and its after eleven." She went quiet for a moment. "I'll go fix us some coffee."

I watched in relief as she turned and grabbed the doorknob. Sagging slightly, I breathed out a soft sigh. Just when I thought I was out of the firing zone, she paused and spoke over her shoulder.

Looking back at me, she smiled sweetly. "Why does it smell like sex in here?"

I stiffened, embarrassment coloring my mortified face.

Giggling, she turned away and took a step out of the room. "By the way, Stella, I didn't know you were so vocal. It was kind of hot."

Mouth hanging open in shock, I stared at her back as she quickly made her way out of my room and quietly shut the door behind her. Well shit.

After quickly cleaning up and dressing, I found little stuff to prolong going downstairs to confront Violet. I eventually just sucked it up and trudged down to my kitchen, my cheeks still flaming. Through a bit of awkwardness on my part and merriment on hers, I made it through the extraordinary confrontation and told her about my tall pale and handsome visitor. I even confessed about my incredibly hot dream I had that had starred him. Violet had laughed. That explained all the moaning.

Violet apparently had her own adventure the night before with the stud muffin she had been cuddling with at the club. Gregory had turned out to be a very generous lover and was well endowed to boot. We giggled and laughed at all the positions he had her try out and I secretly filed a few of them away for later use. Hell, at least he wasn't boring and it really happened.

After another hour or so discussing our dreamy men, Violet declared that she was actually meeting her guy for a late lunch. It seemed she really liked him. I just hoped that she didn't fall hard and he ended up being a complete asshole down the road. Promising to call soon, she fled with a bounce in her step and a smile on her lips. I had to admit I was relieved she was gone and kind of jealous of her.

I waited until I saw her white Kia Optima disappear behind the tree line before I made my way out to my studio. I had the urge to paint and I couldn't seem to get my muse off my mind. The damn man was haunting me.

Keys in hand, I walked to the renovated barn I turned into my sanctuary. I kept a lock on it because I didn't want noisy people in my business and some of the work I stored there was worth something. Worth enough to buy my new car outright and my new house.

Pocketing the keys in my baggy cargo pants, I sighed and pulled the doors open wide and froze. Sitting on an easel next to the painting I had done last night was one of my sketch pads. My blue green eyes stared at the erotic drawing as I crept closer and my breath hitched when I realized that it was a drawing of...me.

Quickly walking over, I picked up the unique and well done sketch and was stunned at the pose and outfit the artist had drawn me in. They had put me in a button up dress shirt that was simply tied beneath my cleavage and the pajama bottoms I had worn last night. Even my hair was pulled up into a messy, but slightly elegant bun like it had been.

Eyes roaming over the sketch, I tried to see if the person had left me a name and frowned in disappointment. Who the hell was in my studio? How had they gotten in without breaking my lock off? Why hadn't I noticed them?

On a whim, I gently turned the page and was surprised to see a note scribbled on the back.

"I'm no coward, sweet mortal. Meet me at Dark Impressions tonight. I look forward to seeing you. Come, if you're not frightened that is. Forever Your Vampire, Sage."

Heart hammering, I reread the invitation again and couldn't help the smile that curved my lips. I finally had a name for my mystery man. Sage. Grinning, I clenched the sketch he had done to my chest and walked towards the house. I would make that bastard pay for tormenting me with my sizzling dream. He just didn't know it yet.



Dark Impressions. A club owned and ran by one of my oldest friends, Anton. Staring into his striking blue eyes, I was still amazed that the human government let him even run a business of this sort. Having died at seventeen over two thousand years ago, he still looked barely old enough to vote much less drink and sell liquor at his established club.

Grinning, I watched as the old vampire laughed and flirted endlessly with humans and our own kind easily. Spiked brown hair and a trimmed goatee complimented his youthful face, making his sky blue eyes sparkle for his horde of admirers. Dressed in a bright blue button up silk shirt that gaped at his throat and a pair of black jeans tucked over his black boots, he seemed to bubble with that fresh vigilant bounce of a horny eighteen year old.

"Anton, my old friend."

My voice was barely a whisper in the throbbing atmosphere of his darkened lively club, but he heard me all the same. Head spinning my way, Anton smiled and excused himself from the giggling swarm of buzzed ladies. Instructing a slightly older male bartender to tend to his throng, he made his way down the shining black marble bar with a smile on his face.

"Sage, you old dog. What's got you in my neck of the woods, eh? Its been...what twelve years since the last time I was graced with your presence?" he asked, reaching out to clasp my forearm firmly

I smiled sadly. "Yes. Its been too long." Clenching his own forearm with my caught hand, I sighed softly. "You seem well and business seems to be thriving."

Anton grinned, pulling back his hand. "More then well. I'm actually opening another club a few towns away, Blood Rain. It will be having its opening night two weeks from today."

My eyebrows rose. "Congratulations. I'll be sure to pay you a visit on that momentous night."

Watching as he rummaged under the bar, he quickly made a drink I preferred, but hadn't touched in years. A Bloody Mary with a kick that thrilled a vampire's senses. Sliding the drink across the counter, I smiled and touched the glass tentatively.

"So what brought you out this glorious night, dear one? " Anton asked as I raised the blood infused substance to my lips.

Swallowing a mouthful, I sighed happily. "I'm actually supposed to meet someone here. That is if they have the courage to come forth."

Meeting Anton's steady gaze, I watched the surprise and curiosity flicker through his gaze. "It's a woman, yes?"

I kept back the smile that wanted to curve my lips. "What makes you say that?"

Anton frowned and gave me a chiding look. "Come now, Sage. You were never a lover of men. I've known you for too long. You came dressed to impress and there's a nervous energy to you that I haven't seen in you in half a decade."

I barked out a laugh. "Never could hide anything from your all seeing eyes, could I?"

Anton smiled, his eyes glinting mischievously. "No. Now, tell me. Who is this enchantress that has captured the famous Sage's attention? What vampire goddess finally sank her dainty claws into my dear brother? Do I perhaps know her?"

Chuckling softly, I took a long swallow of the Bloody Mary and slowly savored the taste as I prolonged my response. "No, I do not think you know her. She is a nameless beauty I only had the pleasure to speak to but once, unfortunately."

Anton grunted in surprise. "You don't even know this woman's name and she has you practically wrapped around her finger. What the hell did she say to you that one time you did speak? Was her voice that soul catching? Or is it her physical appearance that has you enthralled?"

Mind drifting back to the exquisite painting I had found in the loft of her studio, I knew that it was all of the above. "She called me a coward."

Anton frowned in confusion, his dark brows drawing together. "That's it? That's not even sexy," he paused and an understanding flashed in his blue eyes, "though it is a challenge of a sort. Why did she call you that?"

I grimaced slightly. "I blurted something I shouldn't have and saw an opportunity to disappear. She called me a coward for running on her."

Those dark eyebrows rose towards his hairline. "Intriguing. What did you blurt that caused the fearsome Sage to run?"

Licking my lips, I turned my emerald gaze down to my half empty glass. "I told what I was. She was outside smoking a cigarette and I commented on how humans looked so blissful inhaling something that hurt them. She picked on the human part. I ended up telling her."

Flicking my eyes up to meet his steady gaze, I watched as he realized that the woman was in fact human. Taking another swallow of my drink, I let out a heavy sigh.

Anton stared at me. "Do you know what the Clan would do to you if they found out a mortal knew about our existence and you didn't take the memory from her? She could have told someone. You're treading in dangerous waters, my friend, and I fear the outcome. With everything that happened to Jewel, I thought you had sworn off mortals. Why now? Why her?"

Turning my head, I looked out at the throbbing dance floor. "I know what I have done. I know that I'm taking a chance with a human again, but from the moment I saw I was drawn to her. She calls to me in a way that puzzles me. Even in my dreams I can smell her sweet perfume and see the detail of her blue-green eyes. I couldn't stay away, Anton, and I don't want to."

"Could she be your mate?"

My head swung towards him at his soft question. Eyes wide, I gaped at him. "Mates are rare. The last mated pair was over a hundred years ago."

He shrugged. "Is was only a suggestion, but it could be."

I stared at him, my mind whirling with the possibility that this mortal could be my life mate. The one being put on this earth that was my other half. Could she be? I've been attracted to her from the start, followed her home even because I didn't want to loose sight of her. She haunted my every thought, day and night. Was it possible? Should I even think along these lines in fear of finding out that she wasn't the one?

Anton' gaze flicked to the side and I blinked out of my whirlwind of thoughts. Turning, I sucked in a quick breath. Smiling she walked towards me, her eyes a shimmering blue as she made her way through the pulsing dance floor towards me.

"A word of caution, Sage," Anton murmured from behind me as I watched the woman sling towards me in a very revealing short dress, "be careful with her. She is...fragile."

Frowning, I turned to look back at Anton, but he had disappeared down the bar to help serve customers that were practically throwing their money at him. I knew Anton had the gift of "Seeing" into people, reading their minds as well as their hearts. Only vampires of old that knew how to block such things could go unseen through his vision. It made me wonder what he had seen in her that warranted a warning like that.

Bringing me gaze back toward the human, I felt me heart thud heavily against my ribcage. Eyes sparkling, she smiled at me from a foot away. "So we meet again," she murmured softly.

Swallowing my galloping pulse, I felt a smile curve my own lips. "So it seems."

"My name's Stella, by the way."

I grinned. Stella. My beautiful fair maiden's name was Stella.


Well, that's the end of chapter Three. Sorry it took so long to post. I hope you liked it and feel free to comment and give advice, ideas. Love to hear your thoughts.

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