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Dark Intentions


Sulis backed up to the door, blinking at the necromancer lord infront of her. The grin he wore was wicked, mocking her.

"Did you really think I asked you here to beg your forgiveness, my sweet young mistress?" he teased.

"Why – why did you ask me to come here?"

They were alone in his tower, his undead servants the only other beings moving around the tower's lower rooms. They would not help her escape the necro's intentions. The dark elf wizardess could tell from his glowing gaze that his intentions were truly diabolical.

She put a hand behind her to open the door, but it seemed to fall away and open for her. Sulis whirled around, prepared to run down the circling stairs to her freedom far below. Instead, she found herself face to face with a brazen warrior she knew once as comrade.

"What are you doing here?" she whispered, searching his eyes.

He grinned, gripping her roughly and turning her around so she faced the necromancer once more. Then he whispered in her ear.

"I'm loyal to my lord. Perhaps it's something I could teach you? Loyalty, that is?"


But there was to be no freedom now. The warrior pushed her forward, holding her against his chest as he moved into the room. The door closed loudly behind him and she heard a latch click into place. Once again she wished she had the power to create portals at a whim and escape her fate.

"Stop!" Sulis said, struggling against the warrior as he moved her closer to the necromancer.

Soon they had closed the distance across the room. The necromancer loosened his robes, and she felt breathless as they parted and fell away from his midriff. His member stood erect and tall before her, and as the warrior pushed her to her knees, she knew all too well what the necromancer expected.

One of his clawed hands reached out to her high-piled white hair, tangling in the curls ontop of her head. His touch was almost tender, at first. Then he was tugging, pulling her face forward.

"There is only one way you will survive this night with your life, and your soul, intact, bitch," he snickered.

Sulis knew what he wanted. She gulped and scooted forward quickly, putting her hands out to the only warm flesh he still had. She gripped his dark cock in both hands, suckling the head of his penis. She had to wet her lips many times, her mouth was suddenly so dry. It was the fear, she knew. Fear that he truly meant what he threatened. He was a death master, he could cast spells that would turn her into his willing, decaying zombie for as long as her flesh could survive his torments and magicks. And he could claim her soul, turn it into one of his mana-inducing charms and sell it to anyone who had enough platinum to purchase such a prized bauble. She wanted none of that and would do anything to survive this night.


Sulis pulled his cock deep into her throat, sucking hard while her hands toyed with the necromancer's hairless balls. He moaned, throwing his head back at her expertise. She had once been his mistress, lover in his bed and keeper of his dark elf estates while he toyed with his high elven wife. She knew what he liked, what he wanted. It had been her duty to please him. Now she called on those very tricks and lessons she had learned in his bed, in order to save her own life.

"You are so good at this!" he groaned, pulling hard on her hair as he looked down to watch her take him out of her mouth.

Sulis' tongue lathered over his shaft. She didn't want to look up at him but knew he liked that best. She blinked at him innocently, then gobbled his cock flesh once more. She used her hands to stroke him into her mouth, tasting his salty precum on the head of his dick. If she kept this up, he would cum soon. Would that mean she was free at last? She'd never fall for his tricks again, if she could only find escape.

Behind her, there were metallic noises of armor and swords. She wondered briefly if someone had come to her rescue; but no one knew where she was, where she had gone. She continued to suckle the necro, feeling him get harder and harder and looking up at him every chance she had.

"Don't worry about those noises, my dear one," he said almost tenderly. "My comrade simply wishes to have some of your pleasures for himself, that's all. I think that's fair, don't you?"

Sulis released his cock and turned quickly around. The warrior was already completely naked, standing proudly with his hands on his hips. For dramatic presence, he forced the muscles in his penis to tighten and release, causing his cock to bounce against his lower belly. The grin on his face told Sulis he'd been wanting her for quite some time. But she hadn't wanted him, not like this. He was too wild, crazy, and too strong.

Sulis backed away, finding the necro's slender hands now on her shoulders, preventing her from moving.

"No, that's not the way. You should be grateful to please him. Satisfying me alone wouldn't gain you the freedom you so desperately seek. Come now, you have to work off your debt to me, my fine expensive slut."

He pushed her forward and she landed on her hands and knees. Slowly, she lifted her head. The warrior was moving forward now, gripping in his hand the hugest cock Sulis had seen on a dark elf. She gulped, her mouth dry once more.

"Open up, Sulissss....," he said, hissing her name.

He stroked himself and she watched as he grew larger still. How could she fit that into her mouth? She knew she had no choice and moved to get back up on her knees, off of her hands. But behind her, the necro pushed her down.

"No, we both intend to enjoy your sweet assets. At once!"

She peered over her shoulder, watching in horror as the necro pulled her robes aside. He gently slid his clawed fingers around her lace panties' rim, sliding along her buttocks underneath.

"I don't recognize these. Did 'he' buy them for you?"

He was referring to her new lover, the powerful wizard that had given her the means to leave the necro's household and find her own way in the world. She said nothing, knowing any answer would be seen either as a lie or as more reason to despise her.

Regardless, the necromancer gripped the underwear tightly and then pulled, hard. Sulis gasped as they tore and he threw them across the room, leaving her naked ass to his hands. He smacked each cheek lightly, digging his claws in and grunting as he moved forward. He was on his knees now, too. And the proud stance he had told her what he intended. His cock was coming closer and closer.

Please, please don't, she cried inside, lowering her head.

The warrior reached down and put a hand under her chin, lifting her face up.

"Oh don't think about what he's going to do. Not with me infront of you."

He waved his cock at her, then smacked it lightly against her chin.

"Open up!"

She obeyed, knowing she had no choice. He put a hand to the back of her head, forcing his member hard down her throat. He gripped her messy white curls tightly in his strong hands, both sets of fingers twining in her hair. He didn't want her to use her tricks or talents on him. He just wanted to fuck her face. Sulis knew to keep quiet and let him. The muscles and war scars on his stomach and thighs, right before her eyes, told her he was a man not used to being disobeyed. And one who wouldn't appreciate it if she tried to take control.

His cock was huge and its presence in her mouth was tight, hot. She squeezed her eyes shut, doing all she could to keep her lips and cheeks as loose as possible. Her tongue was an obstacle, and she tried hard to keep it low, or off to the side, failing to avoid tasting his cockshaft with his every thrust.

Behind her, the necromancer was snickering, watching with glee as his partner fucked his mistress. He'd dreamt of doing things like this with her. Of course, in his fantasies she'd been much more willing than this.

He moved his fingers between her ass cheeks, down the crack to her pussy. He stroked her there, knowing just how to touch her to make her wet against her own will. And soon she was, his fingers beginning to drip with her juices. It made him snarl. Some subconscious part of her was enjoying what he had intended to be her torture. He sneered and smeared her pussy juices deliberately on her asshole. This, he knew, she would not like.

Sulis' eyes flew open, and she pushed against the warrior's thighs to no avail. Behind her, the necro moved forward, precariously balancing his cock on her ass cheeks as his hands pulled her buttocks apart. Then, he teased the hot head of his dick against her butthole. Sulis fought infront of her, trying to push away from the tight-gripped hands of the warrior. He was almost ignorant of her though, eyes closed as he reveled in the depths of her throat. His cock swelled more and Sulis had to fight to breath. Still, she fought to avoid what was going to happen behind her.

The necromancer lifted his chin proudly. His heart, what little of the black beating thing in his chest could be called a heart, had been wounded when she had insisted on leaving him. He had let her go, or so he had thought. But he'd wanted to see her one last time. She had refused. Finally he had pleaded with her like a lover once more. That had worked, had tricked her into coming into his tower alone. To fall prey to his wicked intentions.

He forced his cock into her asshole, grimacing as he stretched it with his thrust. He watched as the wrinkled hole spread wide for his shaft. He didn't stop, didn't slow down to give her body time to adjust. He pushed himself all the way in, and then began to withdraw, only to thrust in again deeper. As deep as he could go inside her wicked ebony ass.

Sulis struggled and fought, her hands clawing desperately at the warrior's hard thighs.

"Mmmm," the warrior said. "I like it when they scream...."

He put his head back, gripping Sulis' head tighter, readying himself for an amazing orgasm. The necro grimaced, hating his partner's pleasure in his mistress, but appreciating her flailing fists and her muffled screams. He bucked harder into her ass, gripping her thighs and hips to hold her still while he fucked her harder. Harder. And harder still.

Sulis cried, helplessly, still fighting the warrior as he forced his cock deeper into her throat. Her asshole was on fire. The clawed fingers of her necromancer lord dug deep into her hips. She could barely breath as the tears streamed down her face and the mucus built in her nose.

Finally, both men were cumming, and cumming hard. Sulis choked back on the cum pouring down her throat. Her whole body became like liquid fire, almost a pleasurable experience, as the necromancer behind her filled her ass with raging hot semen. They both continued to pump until they were empty. Only then did they release her.

Both men collapsed in contented heaps to the floor, breathless and panting. Sulis crawled quickly away, grabbing her robes and trying for some sense of dignity. She sobbed, her body aching at both ends.

"I hope you're happy," the necromancer said from where he lay on the stone floor, watching her.

The warrior was so quiet, Sulis thought in amazement that he must have fallen asleep or passed out from his excitement. She glared at the necro.

"You're a real bastard," she hissed.

"You used to like that, once," he responded quickly.

"But not anymore!"

"Is that why you left me – for him? Is he any kinder? Any gentler a lover?"

She stood up, carefully arranging her robes, struggling to maintain her pride.

"I wouldn't know," she said, turning dark and angry eyes to her once upon a time lover.

"What does that mean," he snickered.

She lifted her chin.

"He and I had relations...once...and after that, there was nothing more between us."

The necromancer raised one white eyebrow in question.

"He was a means to an end. A means of leaving you, and all of this, for my own fortune."

"So you were his whore, then?"

She gasped, enraged.

"The only man interested in my 'talents' and 'assets' has been you! No one else has ....has...."

"Has what?" he said, standing now. He walked slowly towards her, stopping a safe distance of a few feet from where she stood.

"Has what, Sulis? Has wanted you? Made you feel prized? Valued?"

She looked away, hating the truth of what he said.

"...desired? No one else makes you feel that way?"

He laughed now, hands on his hips, mocking her.

At last she had the strength to create a portal. She drew her magicks around her and stepped through the gate behind her, away from the tower and the two men it held.

He was right. He had been the only one who had made her feel like a pearl. All the money, all the time spent with the more powerful wizard lover, and he still had left her for more interesting tasks and important adventures. He'd given her everything she would need, and had balked when she asked him to cease gifting her with so many expensive things. At first it had made her feel like a princess. But the necro was right. In the end it just made her feel like a whore.

What was the difference really, between mistress and whore? One had an obligation and duty. The other? Not much different.

Except that, in the Drow world, to be a man's mistress meant that one was wanted, desired, held above others. To be a whore was to admit that one had no other means of making their fortune. To be a man's mistress was to be equal to his wife. To have honor, presence, pride.

She was on her own now. No man's whore. And no man's mistress.

She lifted her chin and made her way to the rooms she rented in the very same city the necromancer himself resided in, down in the deep dark caverns beneath the world. She would see him again. Could she face him with pride? Would she want to? She limped to her rooms and fell onto her bed, finding nightmares instead of the dreams she sought.

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