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Dark Magic Necklace: Enter


This is my story. The story of how my greed and lack of control cost me what was left of my life. My name is Truce Weston, and like many stories, it started as one like most others. Unlike many stories, it also involves a necklace. A very special necklace.

I'll describe it to you later.

So, what's the big deal? It's called the Dark Magic Necklace.

Again, what's the big deal? It has magic powers and is cursed.

Still, what's the big deal? Curses aren't real, you say? It is the reason why my life is ruined. It's also the reason I'm telling this story. To tell people to not let emotions control them, especially negative ones.

Anyway, before I get all Socrates on you and philosophical, let me back track, to the happy beginning, or the complete lack thereof.

It all started during my solo road trip. I went out on the road to visit my cousin, Rod, who just came in to visit from overseas. My favorite relative, of all time. He was in the military, stationed in South Korea, and this was the first time I would have seen him in a decade. The only downside to this was that he was staying with my older sister, Karen.

I now lived all the way on the other side of the country. So, due to lack of funds, and pride that I didn't want her help in plane tickets ( especially since I hate flying ) I drove over to them. We always have had our rivalry, like all siblings, but there was more to it, for me. You see, she wasn't really my real sister, by blood. She was a girl I had a crush on in grade school, and right when I was going to ask her out, her mother and my father fell in love. So then, this girl I liked way back when was out of my reach. Our folks got married, and that was it.

The odd thing was she fit right into the older sister role perfectly, even though she was older by less than a few years. In less than a year after the wedding, we acted like brother and sister. I guess some of the rivalry was based in anger, in that I couldn't make her mine like I wanted to all those years ago. Her anger, I couldn't say where it came from. Hormones maybe? I don't know. Don't girls mature faster than guys? Anyway, she was nice to me sometimes, and other times she could be a real bitch. Other than those details, I still cared for her as family. It wasn't like I had much of a choice.

That may have been the only reason why I wasn't looking forward to this visit. I didn't want to face her honestly, because the last few years, away from her, seemed to be more fun for me, than having her under the same roof. So close, yet so far. Well, I tried not to let it bother me, as I hit the road. I preferred to focus on the positive. The reason I was looking forward to it, was my cousin.

After a couple of days of driving, I then hit less than a hundred miles from my target, and realized I needed some stuff. I forgot to get gifts for my cousin, and for my sister, so I then turned off the highway, and drove towards the nearest town, called Carter. Not even two lights later, I saw a sign pointing to a large flea market type place called Harkersville Auctions.

I felt this was higher powers at work here, helping me out. What kind of a coincidence was it that I happened to turn at that exit, at that time, and think about gifts, just as I saw that sign? So, I turned, and followed the sign. A few moments later, there it was. It was a sunny Saturday morning, and the place was loaded with people and vendors. I was lucky enough to find me a free parking spot, so I parked, and headed out to find some gifts.

Luckily the previous day, I paid a trip to an ATM, and had some cash in my pocket. I walked around, was impressed with it's format. New stuff on one side, and flea market junk on the other. Booths selling everything from the latest "As Seen On TV - Not Sold In Stores" products, to comic books older than me, and everything else in between.

I walked around, and I bought a few little things for me, a perfume box set of Karen's favorite perfume, and an autographed glossy picture of Tia Carrera for Rod. Then I remembered Rod wanted a new watch. I looked at the selections at two vendors, but didn't find anything nice, or worth the price they were asking. I tried to slim the price down on one, but they wouldn't have any of it.

Then I came across this vendor who had a motor home. He was an short old fat guy, had a baseball cap on, and talking to some guy. There was lots of old records there, some trinkets, candles, thing-a-ma-bobs, and even some unopened toys. I headed over to his area, and started to look around.

I overheard him talking to the guy a little.

"No. Thanks to this ring's power, I have the only thing I have ever wanted in my life, and I don't need the ring anymore. So here." said the guy, as he gave him a beat up old jewelry box.

"You are the only person to ever return something I've given them. Are you sure?" the old man said to the guy.

"Yes, just keep it." said the guy.

"I'll tell you what. I'll do that, and hold onto it for you. If you change your mind, come back here and ask me for it, OK?" the old man said.

"OK, you have a deal." the guy said, then he shook his hand.

"By the way, I have wedding rings also." the old man said.

"I'll get back to you on that." the guy said, as he said luck or something to the old man, and then the guy left.

You know how you listen in on things very closely that don't concern you, to the point, where it's like watching TV. This was one of those instances. I don't know why, but at the time, I just did, and then continued to look at the stuff at this old man's booth.

After the old man put the box away back in his motor home, he then looked at me, smiled, and said "Hey. How are you, young man?"

I looked at him, and said "fine thanks." while looking at his stuff. He had lots of crappy old records, but I liked the trinkets. some had the ying-yang symbol on them, and others looked like stuff out of witch central.

Then I noticed he had a couple of watches. They were a lot nicer than the other ones I saw before, and one set said Rolex on it, and I just went right to it. It was a pair or men's and women's set of Rolex watches, in the same box , but which didn't match each other. i thought, this is perfect. I asked the guy "how much for this?"

He looked at it, and said, "$35 bucks for the two. I even got separate boxes for them."

"But wait," i said. " Are they hot or fakes?"

"Neither. They were mine and my wife's. After getting back her ring, which I sold and got back recently, I don't want anything else on my hands other than her ring." he said.

I held a straight polite face, but was puzzled like crazy inside. He'd give up two Rolex watches for that price. I thought, he must be drunk, and i better take them, before he sobers up, and changes his mind.

"I'll take them both." i said happily. As he went to get the other cases, i looked and then saw the coolest necklace i had ever seen.

It looked like a little pendant thing. It had a round gold pendant in the middle, with little gems and weird writing and symbols on it. It also had two small leather straps attached to it, which were attached to gold chain extensions which connected to complete the necklace.

I picked it up, and when he came back out, i asked. "how much for this necklace?"

"let me see it." he asked, as I handed him the box.

Once he saw it, he had a shocked look on his face. "how did this get out here? I'm sorry, i can't sell you this necklace."

"what? why not?" i asked.

"out of good conscious, i can't do that to you." he said, putting the box, on his beach chair.

"Come on. I'll give you $25 bucks for that thing." I said.

"is your life worth that little?" he said to me.

I then looked at him with the puzzled look, thinking, he is seriously drunk.

"OK, fine. I'll just take the watches." i said, handing him some money.

Just then, a couple of ten year old boys ran over, and knocked over a couple of his boxes which had the records on them. Then they ran away, after a cop was chasing them. The old man quickly ran over there, to try and survey the damage. In doing this, his back was turned away from me, and his chair. I quickly opened the box up, and grabbed the necklace, with some paper that was in there, and replaced it with cheap ass 99 cent necklace with Spongebob Squarepants that I picked up before for my best friend's kid. I figured I'd get her something nicer than that. i closed the box, and put the necklace and paper in my pocket, and nobody saw me do that, because everyone was transfixed on the kids being arrested 100 feet away from us.

I then walked away slowly, said good-bye to the old man, and thanked him for the watches, and left. I then did a little more shopping, and left back to the car. once inside my car, I pulled out the necklace, and put it on. I'm not big on jewelry, but this looked cool, and manly as well. I then looked at the paper it came with. it looked like it had a riddle on it. I didn't know. It said: " the cloak of shadow the sun of light calling up the power and the Dark Magic Necklace might wish for the face of another anyone you may choose then you will begin to walk in their shoes then you may live the dreams you want so much but beware power's taste can effect you as such

this will be your be your beginning giving all that you desire and also your end as the more you use it closer you are to hell's fire

an eternal curse as you will lose your sense of self but that's the price you pay for fulfilling a dreams wealth "

Then I looked at it, and thought, who wrote this? that guy from Survivor? a coffee shop poet? Man, what a bunch of bullshit. I liked the necklace, and that was it, and got gifts for my step-sister and cousin. After a quick bite to eat at the drive-in Wendy's, I finished the rest of my drive.

I soon enough got there at the house, and my cousin was outside on the porch, drinking something. He ran right up to me, and gave me a hug.

"How you doing, Truce? Long time no see!" he said.

"yeah, I know." I told him.

"Karen went out with Rocky, she'll be back later." he said.

"Rocky?" I asked.

"Her new boyfriend." he said.

"oh, he's the flavor of the week, now?" I asked.

"yep. ha ha ha. So, how was the drive over here?" he asked.

"It was good. Oh! I got you something!" i said, remembering the watch.

I went to the car, and got it with it's own case, and gave it to him.

He opened it up, and smiled. "Woah! No wonder you didn't fly here man! You spent your fare on this for me?"

"yeah." i said.

"this is so cool. Thanks, Truce." he said.

"don't mention it." I said.

so I got my stuff, and brought it over to the extra room. I know when I come over, I'm always in this room.

When Rod brought the last bag up, I gave him the other gift I had for him, the Tia Carrera picture. He again thanked me. "let me just warn you, in this house, the walls are made out of toilet paper, so at night you get to hear lots of banging and moaning."

This was a surprise because I thought that Karen would have had fixed this problem by now. Every time I came over, that was the case. One time, it even was the grounds for an embarrassing moment. Karen and her friends heard that me and my best friend Bill, who came over with me once, were planning an April fools joke on them. Then the tables were turned on us, Karen's friend, Kelly, had pulled us aside, and said she'd help us lose our virginity. She told us to come over to the room at night, with only bikini briefs on. What do they call them now? Speedos? Whatever, that's what we wore. We did, and they had a frenzy. Tying us up, and taking pictures of us, dumb young kids. She held that over my head for years. Just last year, I found the last of the pictures, and burned them. Then she said, she'd fix the walls, because they were old.

I was hoping to not have to see Kelly see me at all during my stay there. I wasn't sure how I was to react to her being around, since it was shortly that short after that incident was the last time that I had seen Kelly. I started to unpack a bit, and my cousin stood there in my room with me, just talking about where he had been, what he had done. Incredible stuff, what a hero. I asked about Bill, since he had also gone into the service, but he said he hadn't seen him since training, as he got stationed somewhere else than himself. I had gotten a few cards here and there, but they were short, and also they were few and far between.

Not too long later, the phone rang. It was Karen.

"hey! What's up? I'm glad you made it! what's new?" she said, as I picked up the phone.

Well, she had rarely been that nice to me before. She must have been either high, or that Rocky guy must have been boning her so much and so well, she's actually content.

"Not much, I just got in. Say, where are you anyway?" I asked.

"I'm at Gina's, with my boyfriend." she said.

"The health spa hotel?" I asked, remembering that this was this town's counterpart to a fancy rich club and bed/breakfast. Only the people with money to burn need apply.

"yeah, he surprised me with a day's V.I.P. treatment package for the two of us, when I went to see him today. So we're here now, and will be by tomorrow. I left money in the cookie jar, if you want to order pizza or something. o.k.?" she said.

"OK, then. That's fine. You have a good time, and I'll see you tomorrow, Karen." I said.

"Of course. Bye-bye"

"Bye-bye" I said, and I hung up the phone.

I told Rod what was up, and he smiled, figuring that something like that was going to happen. It didn't matter too much to me, since I wanted to hang out with Rod more anyway. But then again, I couldn't help feel a teeny-tiny part of me that wanted to see Karen also. I guess it was the brotherly part of me thinking, or at least I hoped it was.

So we called in a pizza, drank, and talked for the rest of the day, and into the night a bit. Then I decided to turn in, as I was tired. He said, he would stay up, and to not be shocked if he heard someone come inside the house, because his girlfriend Clara was due to come over. Fine by me, I went to get ready for bed. As I went to lay down, under the sheets, I looked at the paper again, the one that came with the necklace. I must have been tired because I actually wondered even more what that poem meant. The words just hit me in a strange way, I just wanted to know why. I then decided that the next day, when my energy was awake, I was going to put thought into the matter.

Not having even finished that thought, I heard the door to my cousin's room close, and also voices. His, of course, and another one, a female voice. It was too muffled to hear the exact words, but it didn't last long, as soon after I heard a few minor crashes, bumps, and a lot of moaning. His girlfriend had definitely arrived.

Man, he was right, the walls were like toilet paper. Anything above the normal voice level was clearly audible. I guess he was too horny to recall what he told me before, about the walls, or to think that I could hear his romp in the room.

I was too tired to care, or to even jack-off that night, so I just went to sleep. I knew tomorrow was going to be an interesting day somehow. Was it because I get to see Karen and her boyfriend Rocky? Would I meet this Clara girl? And what about that poem? Did it have any meaning, and if so what? Did it have to do with the fact the guy wouldn't sell it to me? Who knew at the time the ride I was in for, and the high cost that trip would take me.

To Be Continued......2 B Cunt-inued

enjoy this and any of my older stories if you would like. Vote please, and do let me know what you think. More stories will come as i write them, so bear with me. Thanks, and remember, I write stories for people, and me, not for critics.

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