tagGroup SexDark Side of Hema Ch. 06

Dark Side of Hema Ch. 06


Hema’s dark life really begins- pleasure is replaced by fear and betrayal…

Hema excited the auto driver, who for most of his time was eyeing the dusky slut through the rear view mirror while driving her to the RS Puram office of Tractors Ltd, he was sure she was a high priced whore.

He somehow suppressed his inner desire of propositioning to her with rich clients, only because of the 'mangalsutra'.

Anyway, he knew where she stayed and since he belonged to the same area made up his mind to track her down soon, either today or whenever possible. He had not seen this pussy earlier so was sure she had come new to the town and was not very conversant with Coimbatore, a town famous for the ultimate in cases of 'wife swapping' and 'illicit sex'.

If Guinness Book had to do a study in this subject, they could straight away descend on Coimbatore. In the days gone by the town was agog with a hot topic that the elite of Coimbatore rich had fucked the famous actress south Indian actress Bhanupriya for four long days and nights, without a cloth on her body.

Hema reached Dayal's office, it was on the first floor and his secretary Suma ushered her in to the chambers, Hema could not trace Ananth who would be upset that she came all the way instead of making a telephone call to Dayal and calling him over to their home.

Hema treated her sexual life differently and took adventure real seriously.

She was not in the least surprised when told to go straight through his office into the private apartment at the rear. She had heard of Ash having such arrangements in Chennai from Radha, upon entering the plush room she saw Dayal for the first time, standing in a silk dressing robe and she knew from her past experience with men that he was naked, quite naked beneath it.

She really felt disappointed, he was a horrible looking man, balding with thick eyebrows that made a mockery of his 35 years of age, she started trembling when she saw how he ogled her legs, eyes piercing through the shimmering salwar as soon as he saw her.

"Nice to see you Mrs Venkaji, Ash recommended I meet you in person" he greeted her, shocking the wind out of Hema's sails who nearly fainted upon hearing this statement, "Have a drink, let me see if I remember correctly, you're a teetotaler right?"

She nodded, and he closed the door behind her, and went to the cocktail bar and poured a soft drink with a slice of big lemon and handed the glass to her, his other hand touched the naked shoulders over the silk straps, as he stood close.

She sipped at the potent drink and tried not to show her displeasure of the way his hand had moved to caress over her rounded corners on the shoulders, that entire stretch on both the sides was naked, Hema had dressed for a kill and she was getting it.

"Has Ananth come in.?" blurted Hema darling to Dayal, who sneered at that name, ' Bastard, should have known better than fucking you in his house and telling all of us that he is in Chennai attending to his sick mother", she nodded apologetically, 'I am sorry, please don't punish him for that mistake'.

' Madam, Main to use hee nahin, tumhe bhi nahin chodoonga, teri chut ka main bhosda to banooanga hii..par tujhe randi banake chodunga' thus spoke Dayal in chaste Hindi, Hema understood the essence of it, she had very poor knowledge of the language.

He pointed her towards the very comfortable and expensive sofa and Hema moved across to it and settled herself down.

He brought a footstool and couched down in front of her, " I will fuck you and suck you and then again fuck you, after that you have a surprise pack of the day, Ash will be coming here at around 2pm, he will take you to the Club and the rooms there are really made for fucking wives of other men, that is exactly what he will be doing. He wanted a king size portrait of Venkaji, you know why...Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha...' laughed Dayal, 'he wants to keep it in front of the bed while he fucks you, by the way the chul buli chut Radha is with him, so you can resume your bisexual interest while he reams your ass and creams your pussy'.

Hema was getting too much on a single day. Her jet set erotic private life, full of sexual odyssey was going over the trees crashing into oblivion. She felt like a trapped kitten and was absolutely without escape. She pleaded with him to leave her and told him to do whatever he wanted with Ananth.

Just then Ananth entered the room, "You did real good work there Bhabhi, that shows your true character', he said softly.

"I am so pleased with you that I've got your little reward over there." and he nodded towards an envelope kept on the table.

Hema was not able to guess but whatever it maybe, she did not deserve to be treated like this, it now looked clear to her that she was being thoroughly betrayed by Ananth.

She opened the envelope and out dropped more than 200 photographs of all her fuckings with Ananth and Meekri including the one she had in the early part of today immediately upon her arrival from Chennai.

She winced, this was pure betrayal, 'Brother will divorce you in 2 seconds and I will sell you to a brothel immediately after that, bitch, do you deserve to wear that Mangalsutra,' saying he was about to snap the ornament off her body when Dayal pinched him.

' Bhayya majja lootne ke liye rahne do na, hum isko issike saat chodhenge', and this brought weakness to her knees and she started fainting, Ananth's hands slid unto her top and helped her back to the sofa.

Dayal started moving his hands slowly over the salwar, she had to please this man or she would not get that envelope at all, his strong hands slid up to the tops of her salwar, paused for a moment or so to grip at the strong bind of the ‘nada’. The hot palms slid on to her bare flesh below it resulting in snapping of the rope and letting the garment come off her legs easily.

Her pussy was nude, after all Hema was not wearing a panty.

She saw his face turn devilish, Hema knew she had the best pair of legs and she also knew exactly how much a man enjoyed touching her thighs thoroughly.

Dayal moved his hands down and gripped her slim legs and stretched her legs well apart, then he placed her sandals firmly on the corners of the stool and with slow deliberate care he raised her legs higher and higher until all her delicious pussy in its pristine glory was revealed.

Then the inevitable happened which startled Hema, Ananth came from behind to catch hold of her boobs and started pressing them through the kameez and without warning snapped at the straps on the shoulders.

Hema was left with a garment that had no use now, Dayal immediately grabbed the kameez over both her boobs and shoving Ananth away from the body, he made sure the kameez was rolled down to her navel. It was left there as a proof of a garment Hema had worn and she was expected to keep that on through the morning, into the late afternoon, as long as they fucked.

Ananth once again descended on her boobs instructing Dayal,' Dayal, kiss her pussy and suck hard on the clit, spread the fuckin cunt with both your hands and press the tongue on her clit and keep it like that for some time, she will ooze cum in seconds. She is a pro and always ready, once she starts leaking, there is no going back. By the way that bastard Manjit is on his way, the surdy wants to fuck her ass. Last time as a voyeur he had watched us enjoying ourselves and promptly reported to you,’

'Only then we realized you are resourceful, don't worry, you retain your job and we get this pussy to compensate for what you don't bring to the job anyway' said Dayal, while his fingers were gently separating the outer lips of Hema's pussy.

The pussy was black in color but very shiny, for that matter Hema was shimmering all over her body.

Hema was sweating in parts even with the AC on, but overall she looked the classic beauty who deserved this treatment from men. She was a sexy woman and had everything ripe on her body, very attractive and was full at the right places. Her boobs were glistening between the alternating teeth of Ananth who was laving them with his saliva while kissing and sucking on them. They were big and bouncy, 38" of course.

Her midriff though covered by the rolled up cloth showed the curvy sensuality at its best, the navel was but a masterpiece and for some reasons, Hema had got the point just above the spot pierced with a gold ring a few weeks ago which made the whole supple flesh look more erotic.

Dayal could not stand the metal playing hide and seek beneath the garment and tore the garment away from her, kameez was now in smithereens.

The lewd strangeness of his nature began to show itself, Dayal's face started contorting and he was taking deep breath at an uneven pace. His hands roamed slowly and carefully all over the shaven area of her pussy and around the pubic area, she knew men loved to roam their hands over the naked flesh of a woman.

It always was a major portion of their plans whenever they got hold of a woman alone.

Slavishly he fondled her knees, her calves, her ankles, and slowly back upwards again to the pussy while she looked down at his kneeling form.

Whatever he did, seemed obscene to her and could not understand how a man could do this, what strange pleasure would he get from feeling a woman's legs as he was doing.

She wanted to slap him or better still kick him with her high sandals and yet she knew she dared not.

Now, he continued kissing her pussy and legs alternately making her hate him more than anything else, suddenly she screamed, he had swiftly descended on her pussy and inserted the tongue right into the gap and lay it below the clit with all pressure on the love button.

Hema started squirming and in no time was filled with ecstatic pleasure as she felt the tongue sawing in and out of the hole, gracefully at first and easily a few minutes later and very luxuriously but joyfully now.

Her cunt was well lubricated and was oozing juice at a very fast pace, Dayal's tongue was in an unrestricted area, and a woman's pussy usually renders a tongue hopeless especially if it is that of the wife of the house.

It was natural knowledge that housewives do not give in to their husbands as much as they do to their paramours. In this case Hema was giving it to a man whom she met just a few minutes ago, lying on her back with nothing to hide on her body Hema looked a masterpiece of a slut.

She looked like one of those 'blue movie' heroines and Dayal was tempted to start his video recorder.

She looked 'jaan leva' and real mind blowing she was sex, pure sex. The bitchy cat purred and she had it in her to raise a dead man's cock, no doubt that Venkaji was getting all favors from Ash.

Ash would not mind to do whatever for Venkaji as long as this pussy remained desirable and today the reward of his 2 year long patience was waiting, being enjoyed by Dayal right now.

Ananth was sweating and shaking. "Come on baby," he mumbled to her. "Come on, you know what to do, honey.”

She took his hanging prick in her hand and started massaging Ananth in front of the leering eyes of Manjit who had just come into the room, her hands shook as she started to unfasten the fly and draw down the zipper, lying on the sofa with him standing in that position, she knew what she had to do, she lowered her face to Ananth's rampant cock.

Meanwhile Dayal was gripping the backs of her thighs just below the overhanging swell of her buttocks, as he started to drill his tongue more sharply inside the young woman's pussy. She knew when men did this, she had to keep her thighs wide apart and enjoy it as much as possible, only if Venkaji knew all this- poor man had not even once touched this bitch on her cunt, forget about all these acrobatics.

That was the carnal secret of his Iyengar bride, now a slut.

Hema came back to her mouth on Ananth's prick, she had to let him do the actioning with his cock, she had to let him use her mouth as he would have used her cunt ... pushing inwards, withdrawing almost to the tip of his rock-hard cock, then plunging in again to the back of her throat, almost making her choke.

Manjit was getting restless during the going on in front of him, slowly strode up to the trio and very hesitantly, taking advantage of the light started fondling the young woman's lovely 38" tits, it was too much for him.

Manjit was a 45 year old man and was unmarried, he was still a bachelor and his only sexual experience was with his sister whom he fucked when he was 21 at her in laws place. It was a sin to commit oneself to incest but she was his first cousin so the impact was that much less.

Here back to the sofa with his hands massaging the oily boobs and with Hema showing her relish at such petting, he ran his hand down onto her body and his hand met the metal on the navel. He felt himself to be on cloud nine and quickly descended onto the button and started sucking on the same.

Basically Hema was a dirty girl and here it was proven without doubt. Manjit encountered only muck in the beauty spot, around and inside the navel but for him who had seen all of the orgy which this bhabhi-devar put up a few weeks ago, really enjoyed the dirt and literally ate all that with relish.

Hema started enjoying the afternoon, it was 12:15 and she knew this was not going to end so soon. Three men were attacking her from all sides. He mouth was busy, boobs and navel were alternatively between two men well shared and taken care, pussy was still getting grilled and drilled by Dayal's tongue for more than 30 minutes now. Dayal rarely got a pussy to taste and this was a rare occasion, which he did not want to let go without having the best of the hole in front of him, of course with his mouth.

There was a long afternoon in front of them and in the course of the same, he may get to do everything but would not get to suck on her pussy again. She would become untouchable down there shortly, after every one fucks her one by one.

Hema would be reamed, fucked and screwed. She will get loads of sperm on her boobs, navel, face and into her pussy, thinking of all this Dayal grabbed more of her pussy and this time he had most if it in his mouth. If one peeped at the junction, the triangle between Hema's legs was well placed inside his mouth.

Hema's body was becoming a real torment for Manjit, she knew the effect it was having on him after all it was luscious and ripe.

Manjit got up from her navel and started gaping at her, Hema left Ananth's cock and swayed up to the 45yr old tilting her face to his and started unbuckling his trousers and slipped her hand into his crotch, fondling his thick prick.

"I want you, my darling Manjit," she murmured. "I want your cock. Fuck me."

His trousers rustled to his feet as he kissed her hard on her mouth with his hands squeezing the breasts eagerly, Hema was enjoying all this with her nipples already turgid turning stiffer in his fingers. She slid on to her side on the sofa without many disturbances to Dayal who was still busy with sucking of her pussy.

She started nuzzling Manjit's crotch and took his cock out, which was hard and erect, a sizable nine inches long and really thick.

She flipped back the foreskin and with a soft moan swirled her tongue lasciviously around the bulging knob making Manjit really groan loudly, she slipped her lips around his cock-head and part of his shaft with an increasingly loud noise of slurping and pumping.

Hema's head started rocking to and for on his dick and also started jerking and pumping the cock in her fist, watching both of them had its effect on Ananth who really got turned on.

The sight of her slender fingers curled around the base of the dark cock moving in and out of her mouth was very erotic and the icing on the cake was the beautiful gold ring on her navel, twinkling in the soft light of the room.

"Yeh ... oh fuck yes!" Manjit started shouting, his face contorted with excitement and lust. "C'mon ... suck my cock ... suck it, you bitch Hema, suck it, you mother fucker, you raand, you bhabhi of that bastard Ananth, suck my cock, bitch, ... yes ... suck harder!" and he kept blabbering.

"I want to fuck your ass," Manjit gasped. "I want your butt to fuck you!”.

Finally Manjit pushed her head away and she got up, leaving Dayal gasping for air and left with nothing to lap.

Even before anyone could realize, Manjit sat on the sofa and Hema surprised the entire audience by going across to him and lovingly kissing him on his beard while straddling his lap with her back to him.

That was pure sex never seen before for Ananth.

He was surprised at the performance she had reserved in the hands of Manjit, the old Sikh was really fortunate, getting it from a 25-year-old pussy and that too so easily.

Leaning forward over the front with her arms stretched out in the open, Hema lifted her hips slightly, and quickly lowered her cunt onto Manjit's upright erection and with a soft, shuddering gasp, biting her lower lip in an exquisite tension released a very infectious smile to Dayal and Ananth.

After a while Manjit started grunting and both these guys reached out to her chest and started licking her on both the breasts at the same time. ‘Manjit! If you're going to fuck her ass, do it now!" Ananth snapped. .

Hema eased herself off Manjit's throbbing cock and spread her buttocks open as she lowered them so that his cock-head was at her anus, Manjit heaved while arching his hips, spearing her ass well and cleanly, he was surprised that it was neatly lubricated and ready for his dong.

But Hema felt the pain and her face twisted in an agony for a while, she did not feel any joy and cried out, impaled on Manjit’s penis. She kept crying in a high-pitched voice as she continued to rock her ass up and down on his cock.

"OHHH uhhh OHHHHH uhhh OH ma uh Ohma uhh OHH!" she cried. "Oh uhh OHHH uhhh OHHHHHH!"

"Yeh ... oh fuck yes ... c'mon whore, c'mon! ... c'mon ... take it!" Manjit was shouting deliriously, he buggered her peacefully for several minutes, with Ananth and Dayal fondling and sucking her breasts while her own hands were busy dilating and playing with the cunt and clitoris, Manjit gripped her buttocks to move her ass up and down the length of his penis, her anus convulsed helplessly on his throbbing erection bringing her to verge of an orgasm when suddenly Hema stopped and moved the cock out of the ass to put it back into her cunt again.

"Quickly now!" she cried,"C'mon! Quickly! OHHH uhh yes uhh OH uhh yes uhh OHMA uh yes ... c'mon ... c'mon ... c'mon, Manjit, c'mon!"

She jerked and rocked furiously on his cock, her breasts bouncing, her mangalsutra tossing and slapping on her brown skin, and soon began to cum while biting her lower lip in sheer ecstasy, just below her Manjit moved his hips rapidly up and down, pushing into her over and over again till, at last, his end too came and with a loud noise, he lost himself into her, holding her hips and ramming her cunt on his cock.

He came violently, shooting thick volumes of sperm deep into her smelly but juicy pussy hole.

Hema had the first taste of cock in her cunt and ass this morning, with lot more to come she got up from the Sardar and went to the adjoining toilet in the apartment.

" Come fast, she is already on a high but can lose her peak soon.' blurted Ananth to Ash in the phone,' Bring that bitch Radha, she thinks I will marry her, I want to fuck her in front of everyone. That will close the chapter forever' saying all of them laughed while Ananth closed the mobile phone's lid.

He was a grown up now. Wry and smart, he knew what was to be done with Hema and her sexy future.

Wait for the next episode to read more of this fucking morning and afternoon.

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