tagGroup SexDark Side of Hema Ch. 07

Dark Side of Hema Ch. 07


Chapter 7: Ripu and Ash enjoy Radha in a lewd threesome.

While Hema was getting fucked in Dayal's office, out there in a plush sprawled out room at the 'Coimbatore High rise club' was being enacted a more serious erotic stuff, there in the room were Radha and Ash.

It was Ash's birthday and he chose to celebrate it out of Chennai in the cool confines of Coimbatore, joining him shortly was his best friend from Delhi, Ripu.

Ripu and Ash enjoyed a very interesting relationship, both had common interests and were from the same college, studied together at Delhi's Kirori Mall. Their first fuck in life was together at Delhi when they got to screw a high society housewife but in bed a real slut in those days, Monika Gill- mother of Sonika.

Ash was talking to Ripu on the phone giving him directions to reach the club.

Radha heard the name 'Hema' and walked out of the room to Ash in the balcony who looked at her discreetly, 'Your friend is in town, right now at Dayal's office, her putty secret is out, this could be a nightmare filled morning for her'. Saying this, Ash with his bare chest and the gold chain around his neck turned around and kissed her fully on the lips.

The sky was full of dark clouds and it was bound to rain, Radha turned on the lights in the room and stood at the balcony looking out at the downpour, a cool wind started up and she shivered as it breezed through the sleeveless Salwar.

She could feel her nipples jumping erect, barefoot she stepped out into the pouring rain and walked across the balcony and stepped down out into the open terrace adjoining the balcony.

She shook her hair loose and turned her face to the driving rain, holding her arms wide, her eyes closed and enjoyed the sensation of the water streaming over and between her breasts, down her back, between her ass cheeks, over her navel, thighs, legs and of course between the precious cunt lips.

The atmosphere made her feel horny, filled with arousal she went back to the room and laid back on the carpeted floor, y down on her back, she gasped at the cold twitch sensation from the wet clothes on her naked body beneath, her nipples were stiff, her breasts swollen, her aureoles taut and hard.

Lying back in that pose, Radha continued to caress her breasts and slowly spread her legs and forked her knees drawing her fingers on both the hands down to her body, right into her groin, her buttocks flexed and her hips shaped up as she continued to gasp with her back arching.

She began to twist and turn the fingers inside herself as she enjoyed the hard bites of the wet cloth on her nipples as folds of the same tauntingly scraped against her inflamed clitoris inside the dress, she soared high and free toward an orgasm, her hands moving the fingers faster and faster, jerking it furiously in and out of her cunt through the salwar.

She climaxed with her back rubbing furiously on the floor, her hips bucking and writhing frantically and she plunged the fingers into herself and hit the orgasm.

Suddenly she heard voices and looked up to find two faces looking into her and on her body intently that of Ash and Ripu. They stood at the door of the room, grinning at the sight of her masturbating out on the carpet in her rain soaked clothes.

"Couldn't wait for us, My darling Radha?" Ripu smiled at her, he always will have a special place in her life after all took her cherry a couple of years ago at the resort while Sonika and Ramya watched the fun. .

Ripu and Ash started taking off their clothes, laughing and grinning with excitement as they crossed the floor, . She slid the wet salwar off her legs and rolled over and got to her knees, waiting for them.

She lifted her breasts inside the kameez and squeezed them gently with gay and wild abandonment.

They stood looking down at her naked and with their penises thickening before her face, Radha blitzed in pleasure, she began to caress them simultaneously, jerking and stroking their cocks, kissing and licking them alternately and after sometime began to suck them off, first taking one in her mouth and then the other. Ash and Ripu fucked her face one after the other and sometime simultaneously, shaking their hips back and forth, moving her head back and forth on their pricks.

Radha got wild with erotic pleasure and took both cock-heads in her mouth and began to lick and suck them in combo, The big guys were filled with delight.

Suddenly she slipped back on the carpet, down on her back with Ripu's cock in her mouth who twisted himself, kneeling over her face on all fours, he fucked her mouth deeply, his buttocks going up and down and cock sliding in and out of her mouth, Ash lay on the carpet thrusting his head between her pussy lips, her hips jerked as she felt his tongue swirl into her slit.

She moaned deep in her prick-holed gullet and slurped harder and harder on Ripu's cock, Ash's tongue was smooth but gritty and she shook ecstatically when he began to flick her clit with his tongue, sucking and nibbling it gently.

Half an hour later of getting her to enjoy and be enjoyed, Ripu and Ash took the other hole for a change and darling Radha got filled up with different pricks in her two holes. She was fully blown up now and there was no looking back, ' Ananth is being proposed to be your marriage partner, are you keen' said Ash while she was intensely excited, having a different cock in her mouth within minutes of the first along with a different tongue in her cunt.

She writhed and danced on her back against the carpet as Ripu slid his finger into her cunt and started frigging her.

She allowed them their pleasure, t fucked her in turns with Ash getting the first chance, after all it was his birthday and she was here for the occasion so he fucked her first, she lying on her back, and he ramming his hard prick hard into her cunt, making her run her fingered nails at his back while Ripu encouraged his friend to fuck her harder.

She whimpered and her legs wound tight around Ash's torso and his buttocks, trying to get more of his cock into her. He began to pound her, gradually increasing speed, driving her breath away and clutching her throat that made her arch, her face flushed and inflamed with erotic joy. She looked the epitome of sexual pleasure and ultimate target for a man's yearning demand for an enjoyable pussy.

Ash fucked her for a long time and as if it was an understanding, got up without ejaculating, giving his place to Ripu, who took her straight away, ' Kitne din ho gaye mere raani, paise to milte rahe hain na, kal hi mainne ek lakh ka money transfer karvaya hai tere account mein, aaaaaaaaaahhh, kya chut hai, aaaaahhh, majjaa aaa gaya, meri jaaannnn, jara apni bahen Ramya ko line pe laannnaaaaaa' saying Ripu kept thrusting in and out at a furious speed.

She sank down into the delirious fucking with a shuddering moan, and began to burn and shake in a frenzy,' Ash, shove your cock in my mouth' as she lifted her buttocks to accommodate more of Ripu's dick. Ash was more than pleased and put his cock in her mouth as he grinned while doing so, fucking her face with pleasure as Ripu speared hard into her cunt.

Both the friends took good turns on all parts of her sexy, luxurious and steamy body. She was fucked from behind, on all fours, her breasts swinging through the kameez as they thrust hard into her cunt, their cocks running in deep, burning and throbbing inside her.

Finally the orgy had to get on to the trios, they were enjoyed by her together, with one in her cunt and the other in her mouth, and this combination kept changing positions till she was climaxed multiple times and ran out count as to who fucked her in which hole and how many times.

She came repeatedly.

Sitting on the sofa watching her catch breath and finally get up to remove the kameez from her svelte body, "Now," Ash said softly. "Now we will fuck your cunt and ass together!"

That was not to be rebuked or rejected, it was next to heaven, and moaning with pure pleasure, Radha turned on her side in willing surrender to her paramours' demand.

Ripu slid down and went behind her, lifted her leg up enabling him to press his cock-head into her hole between the ass cheeks, she became tentative for a while and then finally succumbed as he flexed his buttocks to push his cock forcefully into her anus.

One could her cry out thinly experiencing an alternating series of pain and lust, Ripu was in the seventh heaven and was groaning with delight while his cock began to rock and jerk rapidly in and out of her anus, his hands crushing her breasts.

At this point of time, Ash obviously could not keep quiet and slowly laid down in front of her and pressed his cock to her cunt, Radha moaned, her hand between his legs, guiding it to her hole.

As Ash's prick went into her cunt, Radha nearly fainted with pleasure, she had two cocks plugging both cunt and anus, both these guys went about their act in a clock work precision, forward and backward thrusting their cocks into her simultaneously.

Radha enjoyed the pleasure and pain together, she was made for men's pleasure and their pleasure gave her pleasure. Her body twisted and her face twitched in pleasure and erotic ecstasy. Both these guys had heavy and real good pricks, pungent smell erotically interesting and extremely attractive, both were pounding her hard, separated now by the a thin cartilage of flesh as they began to fuck her asshole and cunt together, groaning and gasping, taken over by excitement.

They moved faster and deeper into her two holes, she writhed and whined and thrashed between them and her cries were loud and erotic as their pricks sawed into her cunt and ass together, running in deeper and deeper making Radha to start her second round of climax.

She started to bite Ash with her cunt on his cock and he shivered and ranted by ramming his prick deeper into her and finally shot his load, his cock spurting hot sequences of cum and scum and sperm into the pussy, a few minutes later, dear Ripu drove deep into her ass and finally delivered his load too making Radha fully complete, she was hot and felt real hot. Her body really was weary but mind still desiring more of the callisthenics as she felt the searing heat of his sperm flooding her other hole.

They split apart slowly and lay on the carpet, the willing maid and her two masters, slowly but surely she took both the pricks back into her mouth by turn, sucking them steadily till they were erect again. On one cock she tasted her cunt, on the other her ass.

She sucked and sucked, till they could hold back no more and each came in her mouth, splashed the sperm on her full blown boobs, face, eyes and all over her belly.

Radha's body was all spunk and looked the real slut, a real high priced slut. If there was a stock market in this world she was the highest priced scrip or ‘whore'.

She sat back and smiled gently at them and told her thanks.

Ash and Ripu grimaced, they like enjoying a pussy but this time it looked like they had performed a 'gigolo' on her.

They did not like it, it wasn't nice to be thanked after a fuck except when they gave good rewards.

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