DARK Submission: A Bisexual Journey


"Whatever," Jamal dismissed Rhianna's words.

"I love you," Ashley whispered, not loud enough for our audience to hear.

"Ditto," I whispered back, quoting another of Ashley's favorite movies.

"I hate to break up you two lovebirds, but we are all supposed to head up to the lake for some quality family time," Troy said.

Jamal laughed, "I think we just had some quality family time."

Rhianna stood up, the strap-on cock still on her waist, "I do want an answer to that earlier question one day soon, my pet. Will you let my brothers dp that white cunt and ass of yours?"

Troy added, "On that note, Coach, will you submit to Rhianna too if she decides she would like to have a white male cunt-licker?"

Ashley and I both looked at each other. Our eyes spoke volumes. We loved each other unconditionally, and nothing would ever change that. Yet, we were not yet ready to cross the last remaining line.

Ashley asked hesitantly, "Mistress, I hope you can understand and appreciate that Adam and I agreed to only allow each other to submit to our bi-sexual needs."

After a brief moments silence, Rhianna smiled, "I respect that. You two are truly a couple that were meant for each other."

"Thank you, Mistress," Ashley smiled.

"Fair enough," Troy agreed, shrugging, "I am not sure you could handle two big cocks in you anyway."

Ashley smiled back, "Who says I haven't already?"

Rhianna laughed, "Right back at you big brother."

Soon we were all dressed and heading our own ways.

Rhianna clarified, "I do want you to try and seduce my mother."

"Of course, Mistress," Ashley smiled, loving a challenge, as she asked, "Why?"

"She is such a prude and a submissive too dad that I think it would be fun to open her up a bit," Rhianna shrugged.

Jamal quipped, "I bet you would like to open her up you little dyke."

"Better than a fag like you," Rhianna shot back.

"Fuck you," Jamal snapped.

"I bet you fantasize about that all the time you perv," Rhianna smirked back.

Troy intervened, "Let's keep the incest innuendo to the family." I instantly wondered if there was more than just watching each other between the siblings...had Troy fucked his sister? I doubted it, it was probably just talking shit like Troy always did, but it did make me wonder.

Rhianna shrugged, "And you are going to take me to Boston, right?"

"That...I am looking forward too," Ashley smiled. "I did some research about this Le Chateau Club; it sounds like the best place in the world."

"Aunt Rosie says it is," Rhianna said, her tone getting giddy again.

"Just give me a date and I will take it off from work," Ashley said.

"We will have a fun, fun drive," Rhianna smiled.

"Oh, I imagine we will," Ashley smiled back.

Rhianna moved in and kissed Ashley passionately. "You were great, my pet."

"Thank you, Mistress," Ashley replied.

"You were great too, Coach," Troy said, moving towards me like he was going to kiss me.

Even though I had sucked cock, swallowed cum, had facials and been sodomized, I still didn't see myself as gay...yet kissing another man seemed...well gay.

Troy laughed as he reached me, clearly seeing the confusion in my eyes, "I'm not going to kiss you, Coach. I'm not gay." Instead he shook my hand and said, "Until next time."

"I can't wait," I replied, my ass already tingling with anticipation.

Once back in the car, Ashley said, "Oh my God."

"Oh my God indeed," I agreed.

"That...was...amazing?" Ashley said, sounding even younger than her age.


"I loved watching you?" Ashley said, her hand on my leg.


"I am still fucking horny," Ashley revealed, squeezing my leg with intent.

I started driving home as I answered, "Ditto times infinity."

Her hand went to my crotch and she asked, as she fished out my cock, "Think you can get blown, and drive?"

"Only one way to find out," I replied, knowing I had the best girlfriend in the whole fucking world.

The End

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Just when I think I have read the best of your stories I find one with black teens dominating a white couple!!! This is such an awesome story and describes the fantasy perfectly. Please write more likemore...

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