DARK Submission: A Bisexual Journey


The other voice replied, "Honey, a quick bite to eat with your family will not kill you." The voice seemed familiar and yet I couldn't place it.

"And if it does," the first voice said, sighing.

"Then Troy gets your college money," the older voice said.

My eyes went wide as I realized it was Mrs. Brown and her daughter, Rhianna, in the bathroom.

Ashley, turned around and smiled, before another drop of my cum fell and landed on her forehead. She mouthed, "You fucker."

I mouthed back, "Now what?"

"We wait," she mouthed back, stretching up and taking my cock in her mouth.

Thankfully, Mrs. Brown and Rhianna were just freshening up and left quickly as my slutty girlfriend enjoyed my clear discomfort.

Taking my cock out of her mouth, she said, "I will go check and text you when the coast is clear."

"Thanks," I stammered, climbing off the toilet and quickly putting my cock away.

She left and a few seconds later texted me, "Someone is coming."

I quickly locked the stall door and sat on top of the toilet praying the woman wasn't going to try my stall. Thankfully, she didn't, instead taking the stall next to me.

I quickly texted Ashley asking if the coast was clear and when the yes came, I quickly hurried out of the stall and bathroom before I crossed the hallway to the men's room where I discovered Mr. Brown at one of the two urinals.

Desperate to pee, which often followed an orgasm, I moved to the urinal beside him and joked, "Are you stalking me?"

He laughed, "I was here first, so you must be stalking me."

"Touché," I chuckled, as I begin urinating. I don't know why: curiosity I suppose, but I couldn't resist glancing down and checking out Mr. Brown's cock. It was a quick glimpse, but enough to:

A. See that he too was well hung even when not in a state of arousal.

B. To be caught by Mr. Brown.

He didn't say anything, but the slightest of a smirk, gave away that he may have noticed my interest in his package. He zipped up a moment later and went to wash his hands.

"Have a great day, Coach," he said, a moment later as I stayed at the urinal even though I was long done peeing.

"You too," I answered shakily as I put my cock, growing again despite my recent relief, back in my trousers.

Ashley texted me asking if I was out of my predicament just as I finished washing my hands. I returned to the table where she was chatting with Mrs. Brown and Rhianna.

When I joined them, I gasped to myself, my cum was still on Ashley's forehead, not glaringly obvious, but definitely noticeable if one was paying attention.

After a brief moment more of generic chit-chat, the Brown's left and I said, clearly stressed, "You still have some cum on your forehead."

Not fazed, she moved her finger to her forehead, scooped the small leftover remnants of cum, and put it in her mouth.

"Shit, shit, shit," I cursed, horrified by what the Brown's might think. Double horrified by being caught checking out Mr. Brown's cock at the urinal.

"I doubt they knew it was cum, baby," she smiled, sucking her finger clean.

"What if they did?" I asked, still stressed out.

"Then they officially know that a teacher has had sex," she said brushing aside my concerns.

"How can you be so laissez-faire?" I asked, refusing to look over at the Brown's table.

"I can't change it, so it is what it is," she answered, her casual attitude usually sexy, but now a bit frustrating.

"To make matters worse, I think Mr. Brown thinks I was checking out his cock," I confessed, my anxiety really getting the best if me.

"He what? Why?" Ashley asked, clearly curious.

"Because I was," I admitted. "I couldn't help it. I went to the urinal to pee like I always do after sex,"

"I meant to ask, what is it about you and peeing after sex," she interrupted.

"Don't all men?" I asked, just assuming.

"God, no, most just fall asleep," she answered, laughing softly.

"Well, I like to be different," I joked.

"That you are," she smiled. "Seriously, who gets turned on by pantyhose?"

"All men," I answered, defensively.

"Trust me, I have dated a lot of men and you are the first that gets turned on by them. Most obsess over my tits or ass," she countered.

"I like your tits and ass too," I countered.

"Anyways, you are a twisted man and that is why I love you," she smiled back.

"You love me," I asked, knowing full well she hadn't declared her love when I did.

"Of course, silly," she smiled sweetly, before her expression shifted to coy. "On another note, is Mr. Brown hung?"

"Ashley," I gasped, surprised by her shift from her first declaration of love to the size of a black cock.

"I'm curious, just like you were, obviously," she smiled, her foot again going to my crotch.

My face went red at the truth of her words as I admitted, "Like father, like son, it seems."

"Hmmm, does that mean your dad is big too," she teased.

Realizing we were in play mode, I quipped, "Well, you know your body is based on your mom's DNA."

"Yes, you already know what I will look like in twenty years," she continued, her foot putting extra pressure on my awkwardly positioned and trying to grow cock.

"I will definitely take that," I answered.

"You better," she countered.

Our food arrived and we shifted our conversation to calmer topics like her ridiculous work schedule which would not allow for her to spend much time with me over the next week. I pointed out I would be pretty busy myself with getting prepared for the state championship and grading math tests that I had due this week.

Once done eating, our desert in front of us but both of us needing time for our lunch to settle, Ashley glanced over to the Browns before turning to me and saying, "I can't believe Rhianna was flirting with me like that."

"You loved it," I quipped back, knowing she did.

"Well, it is the purest sign of flattery," she shrugged.

"What is?" I asked.

"Being hit on by someone of the same sex. No different for men. When a gay guy hits on you that is the ultimate compliment," she explained.

"How so?" I asked, curious by yet another strange sexual philosophy of my oversexed girlfriend.

"Isn't it obvious? Gay men have better taste in men than women do," she said, as if that explained everything.

"I am not remotely following this," I replied.

"Well most women are so jaded by past betrayals by men that they lower their standards, while gay men have great taste in clothing and men," she clarified.

"So what you are saying is that you settled for me based on your harsh past and that since I have never been hit on by a gay guy I am not a good catch?" I countered, playing devil's advocate to her bizarre philosophy.

"First off, I am not settling. You are sexy, we have similar interests, your dad is hot so you will be too in twenty years, you have a super tongue and a nice big cock," she replied, splattering me with ego-boosting compliments.

"Those are all tough to argue with," I agreed.

"Plus, Nate thinks you are hot," she added.

"Gay nurse Nate?" I asked, although he was the only Nate I knew.

"The one and only," she confirmed. "That night we met Nate and I were both checking you out. Of course, I won."

"What did he say about me?" I asked and then realized how ludicrous the question was.

"Why do you want to know?" she asked playfully.

"I'm just considering all my options," I countered with a smile.

She laughed as she added, "Well, speaking of things Nate said, he tells me no one gives head better than another man."

"Well, we will just have to take his word for it," I replied, trying to push aside the curiosity tickling at the back of my mind; I wasn't gay, there was no way I was wondering if I could please Troy more than Eve could.

"If you are ever curious," she answered, then laughed at the double-meaning of curious in the context referred.

"Good to know," I laughed, "in case you quit sucking cock after the I do's."

Silence suddenly filled the room as we both realized what I had just said.

Thankfully, it was Rhianna who broke the sudden tension as she passed our table on her way to the washroom. "Hmmmm, that looks good enough to eat whole."

My eyes went wide, but Ashley not missing a beat, retorted, "So I have been told."

Rhianna was already walking away, her bubble butt ass swaying enticingly. Ashley leaned forward, "Do you think I should follow her in there and let her eat me whole?"

"You wouldn't," I gasped, my cock springing immediately to life at the thought of Ashley with another woman, especially someone as delicious as Rhianna.

"Just tell me to do it," she said, her expression one of total sincerity. If I said go for it I was positive she would have did exactly what she said she would do.

"If she wasn't one of my students," I said, briefly being the one in charge, "I would have you and her in a sixty-nine."

"You would?" She smiled.

"Absolutely," I nodded, playing along with her naughty innuendo.

She fed me a bite of the dessert and took one herself, allowing yet another naughty implication linger between us, my cock ready to burst through my pants like the Hulk.

The dessert was almost done when Rhianna sauntered past us again. Ashley said as she passed, "Isn't my dessert delicious, honey?"

Rhianna stopped to look at me and waited to hear my response. Forgetting she was a student, my cock head again controlling my real head, I answered. "It is by far the best dessert I have ever had and I have had a lot."

Rhianna smiled, putting another seed of naughtiness in the air, "Well, I will have to try some... one day very, very soon."

Again, she left before Ashley could counter leaving yet another naughty innuendo lingering between us.

Ashley asked, leaning in, "You wanted to know if I have been with another woman, right?"

"Is that a trick question?" I asked, knowing in past relationships when something is too good to be true, it usually is (although Ashley had dispelled all my relationship theories so far).

"Nope, do you really want to hear about my naughty lesbian past?" She asked, sucking on her straw innocently, yet it wasn't innocent to me. Also, her foot which had returned to the floor throughout our meal was back against my crotch teasing me.

"If you want to tell me," I answered safely.

She moved her foot away and stood up, "If you want to know all about my sordid past and learn another one of my fantasies, you better follow me right fucking now, I am so horny I could go ride her face right here in the restaurant in front of her parents."

I briefly entertained that thought before tossing two twenties on the table for the twenty-six dollar bill and following her out like a puppy following a bone, giving a quick wave to the Browns as we left.

Once in the car, I asked, "Where to?"

"My place," she answered.

"Sounds like a plan to me," I agreed, pulling out of the parking lot my cock hard with anticipation and my mind filled with curiosity.

5. Ashley's DARK Lesbian Desires

Once back at her place, she asked, "Do you ever watch Internet porn, baby?"

"Isn't that the only reason people go on the internet?" I answered without answering the question.

"Nice evasive answer," Ashley noticed.

"Well, I watched a lot more before I met you," I answered, which was true.

"How sweet," Ashley smiled, before surprising me again. "I have subscriptions to a couple websites," she admitted, opening her laptop.

"You do?" I asked, surprised that a woman would pay for Internet porn, it seemed like such a guy thing.

"Yep. After a long day at work I often need to unwind with a glass of wine, one of my toys and a little Internet porn," she revealed.

"How many toys do you have?" I asked.

"More than a few less than a plethora," she vaguely answered.

"Well that narrows it down completely," I joked.

"I like to be an enigma," she smiled, clicking onto a website.

"That you are," I agreed, an enigma being the best word to describe her.

"Turn on the television," she instructed.

"Sure," I obeyed, reaching for the remote.

Once the screen was on, I realized that her computer was hooked up to her TV and the website she had up was all interracial lesbian porn.

"Wow," I said, staring at the screen unable to formulate a complete thought.

"So this website has a variety of hot lesbian submission scenes," Ashley explained, scrolling over a few brief pictures with summaries. "There is a student making her teacher her submissive play thing, that one is pretty hot I will download it for you, for the rare time you are home alone and need something to get you off."

"Thanks," I said, only vaguely knowing what I was saying thanks for. I was so overwhelmed by the different scenes of black and white girls, although these were all tasteful and appropriate pictures. I wasn't surprised Ashley watched porn, I was surprised she paid for porn.

She continued, "Oh this one is hot too, a girl gets pulled over for speeding and ends up paying the fine with her face."

I joked, "Cheaper than the ticket."

"And a lot more fun," Ashley volleyed back.

"Oh this one was crazy. Three prisoners overpower two guards and completely dominate them," Ashley said, as if she was reviewing a book.

"That turns you on?" I asked, not imagining her being taken.

"Fuck yeah," Ashley said, "just the thought of it has my cunt leaking. If we didn't know her parents I would have followed that dyke right into the bathroom and fucked her senseless."

"You would not," I protested.

"In a heartbeat," she countered. "Fantasy number two is me having sex with a black woman."

"That one is a lot hotter than the first one," I said, the thought of her in a sixty-nine with another girl, Rhianna of course popping into my head, was super hot.

"I don't think so," she shrugged, "they are both hot, just different."

"Night and day different," I added.

"I don't know, more night and dusk," she said, scrolling to another page of videos. "This one has the hottest black girl ever and she is even wearing stockings for you."

I read the summary: Carol (the maid) is sick of the demeaning way her white boss treats her and decides to turn the tables on her, making the white boss the maid.

"Oh, oh, here it is," she said, clicking on a chapter called Nursed to Sin. "Take a seat, baby, it's time for a little bit of lesbian submission."

I asked, "Are all the videos black women dominating white women?"

"Yep," she replied matter-of-factly, sitting beside me and watching the scene start.

Another puzzle piece to the enigma that was Ashley. She was pretty aggressive with me in the bedroom, but would she be submissive to a woman? A black woman? Rhianna? Again, Ashley had my head spinning as I began watching porn for the third time in a week.

The scene started with a pretty blonde nurse, in her thirties I would guess, walking into a hospital room of a black teenager lying on the bed. "About fucking time," the pretty black girl snapped.

"Excuse me," the blonde nurse stammered, surprised by the patient's rudeness.

"I have been waiting for twenty fucking minutes," the black girl roared.

"Sorry, Ma'am," the nurse responded, used to pacifying unhappy patients. "It is shift change and they must have missed you."

"Ma'am, I like that," the black girl smirked.

"What can I do for you?" The nurse asked her tone usually effective at calming most verbal storms.

"Massage my feet," the young black girl replied.

"Pardon?" The nurse asked surprised by the request.

"Massage my fucking feet?" the black girl repeated.

"Sorry, Ma'am, we don't do that," the nurse replied, surprisingly keeping her cool.

"It wasn't a fucking request," the black teen patient snapped. "Now get your ass over here and massage my feet."

The nurse seemed bewildered by the treatment, but decided it was better to appease the irate irrational patient before she caused an even bigger commotion. She walked to her and took the black girl's right foot in her hands.

"Good girl," the black teen complimented, the smile on her face implying she had nefarious intentions for the older, pretty nurse.

The nurse's cheeks went red but she continued the servant like task.

I glanced at Ashley who was staring at the television completely intoxicated by the scene that was unfolding. Was it one of her fantasies to be seduced by a patient, a black patient?

I returned my gaze to the movie and noticed the nurse had changed feet.

Ashley flipped her stocking-clad feet onto my lap, and I instinctively took her foot in my hands and began massaging.

"Suck my toes," the patient instructed the nurse.

"I really need to check on my other patients," the nurse replied somewhat flustered by the request.

"Fine," the patient replied, "but I expect you back here during your break. Is that understood?"

The question was in a tone that was clear it wasn't a question but an expectation.

"I will try," the nurse replied.

"If you don't come and get your break time snack, I will come and find you and trust me you don't want that," the teen threatened.

"Yes, ma'am," the nurse said.

"When is your break?" The teen asked.

"It's at eleven," The nurse answered.

"See, you then," the teen stated.

"Yes, ma'am," The nurse nodded in response, clearly desperate to get out of the room.

The nurse walked out and once the door was closed, she leaned herself against the wall her face flushed, her body reacting to the submissive task she had just done.

"Hot, hey?" Ashley asked, raising her other foot to my lips.

"It's very interesting," I answered which was the truth, my mind spinning with the unspoken implications of showing me this particular video.

"That's a very politically correct response," she smiled, bending her one leg so her foot landed right on my very stiff cock. "Interesting, very interesting," she smiled as she turned her head back to the television and I took her nylon-clad toes in my mouth.

On screen, the white nurse was clearly rattled by her brief time with the blunt teenager. At her break, she walked to the door and paused.

"Get in here," the voice came from inside the door.

The nurse paused a couple more seconds before pushing the door open and entering.

"My toes," the teen instructed, as if two hours hadn't transpired since their last conversation.

The nurse didn't move closer to the patient as she explained, although her tone showed her weakness, "Ma'am, please, this is inappropriate."

"Taking care of your patient's needs is inappropriate?" The teen asked, innocently.

"Yes, no," the flustered nurse replied, clearly overwhelmed and unaccustomed to the strong personality of the black teen.

"Come here," the teen ordered.

The nurse tentatively moved towards the bed her nervousness obvious with each step.

The teen lifted up the blanket covering her to reveal she was naked and really stacked.

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