tagSci-Fi & FantasyDark Temple : Wolfe's Initiation

Dark Temple : Wolfe's Initiation


“Please I beg you grant me sanctuary.” begged the once proud man cowering at my feet. Blood covered his clothing and matted his hair. There was a trail of bloody footprints from the temple showing his path.

“Why do you not make this request to the Temple of the Light? They are the usual granters of sanctuary.” I responded.

“I wish to ask for your sanctuary. Please I beg of you grant me sanctuary.”

“The Dark Mother will here your confession then decide on your request.” I reached down and ran my hand through the blood soaked hair. “The Dark Mother hears all.”

“I killed the man in an argument, said the man.

“So much blood does not come from a mere killing. What is your confession that keeps you from the Light?”

“I enjoyed it Priestess. I enjoyed feeling him die. I enjoyed the taste of him. I am afraid of my enjoyment.”

“Why should I not let the authorities deal with your crime? Why did you not confess to the Light? They have absolved and given sanctuary to murders.”

“ I felt the Dark Mother in my passion .She instructed me here. I wish to serve.”

“Do you submit to her will? Do you submit to the training of your desires?” I ask.

“ I will submit to anything you ask of me. Please grant me sanctuary.”

“My attendants will show you where to cleanse yourself. Then you will cleanse the Temple of your filth. Use this time to think on your decision. Once sanctuary is granted you will have safety only as long as you serve the Temple. As I watched the attendants take him to the baths I sucked the blood off of my finger.

He was beautiful tied naked to the post before the alter. I stood and watched him straining against his bonds, his oiled skin glistening in the candle light. I stood behind him pressing my oiled skin into his back and whispered. “It is time to decide if you want the protection of the Temple. There is still the option of seeking sanctuary in the Temple of the Light. Your bonds will be released and you will be escorted by my attendants. If you choose to stay your decision will be revocable only by death.”

“I wish to serve the Dark Mother,” his voice was strong.

I picked up the crop and traced up the back of his legs, then swiftly delivered four blows to his thigh. I was rewarded with a sharp intake of breath. The Mother’s fire started to burn deep within my belly as I saw the pink lines rise on the skin of his thighs. His legs quivered as I traced the welts softly with my nails. I began to flog his smooth ass my arm finding its own rhythm. He strained against his bonds muscles taught, beads of sweat dripping down his skin.

“Confess your true crime,” I hissed continuing to flog his ass. Red lines etched surface of his skin.

“I ate their flesh. Both of them. I killed my wife and her lover and ate the flesh and drank of their blood. I liked it.”

“Do you desire to do this again?” I asked. The fire in my belly increased with his confession. I could feel the Mother’s Dew dripping down my legs.

“Yes, Yes, I’m afraid of this need. Why do I desire this?” Pain cracked his voice. He relaxed into the bonds no longer leaning into the blows.

“It is a blessing from the Mother. Do you submit your desires to her will?” I stopped the flogging and whispered in his ear. The skin on his neck rose at my breath.

“My life is hers. I submit to her will.”

‘Name yourself for the Mother.” I whispered in his ear.

“Wolfe. I am her wolf and will hunt as she wishes.”

I stroked his hair as I would and animal. He nuzzles against my hand. My other hand traces the welts on his legs and ass. His breath softly hissed. I smiled to my self and licked the welts. My tongue found the small rivulets of crimson. I saw his phallus rise and his skin redden. I walk around him and sit on the alter my legs spread. His eyes lowered. I reach up and unhook his arms from the post. He kneels before my inhaling my sent.

“Worship, it is time to seal the bond.”

His tongue parted my lips drinking the dew offered. His hands stroked the flesh of my thighs. I moaned feeling the presence of the Mother invade my body. His tongue flicked my clit and drew it into his mouth. My body began to writhe .His fingers dug into the flesh of my thighs as he held me while his tongue flicked the nub pulled in his mouth. Mother’s passion suffused my body and I called out to her.

I twined my fingers in his hair and pulled him up. His eyes met mine questioning. “There is more for you to do” I said pulling him up to his feet and placing his hands on my body. He caressed my skin from my waist to my breasts. Then he leaned over and gently kissed my lips. He moved down biting along my jaw. His phallus rubbed against my thigh. I arched towards it, needing to complete the ritual. His lips covered my nipple sucking and biting. I felt Mother’s fog again invade my body. I arched against him. He slid into me stretching. I clenched down on him as he withdrew trying to keep him inside, my legs wrapped around his. He trusts into me and I met him. Digging my heels into his back I urged him faster, deeper. My body shook as the passion came again. He growled and bit into my neck as he twitched inside me filling me with his offering.

He looked down into my eyes with tenderness and softly kissed my lips. “I am your Wolf and hunt where you desire.”

I responded,” The Dark Mother will enfold you in her grace,” and returned his kiss.

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