Darkest Night


She walked across the dark parking lot and wondered again why she had parked so very far away from the mall entrance. The car sat in the corner of the parking lot, with just the nearest side clearly visible as the rest vanished into shadows. Another vehicle sat silently nearby, but she wasn't really concerned. There was no evidence of anyone nearby, and the driver was likely doing some last-minute shopping. Still, she glanced quickly around to see if she was alone.

She opened the trunk of the car, leaning in to place her bags inside. The man came up so quickly, so unexpectedly, that she felt the gun press into her side before she actually saw him. As she caught her breath and prepared to scream, his fingers dug into her arm and she heard his voice for the first time. "If you scream, bitch, you'll die right here. Get in the damn car and you might get out of this alive." He did not yell, did not even sound angry. He spoke somewhat softly, and so convincingly that she instantly believed her only chance to survive this encounter was to cooperate.

He rode behind her in the car. Knowing the gun was pointed at her back, she obeyed silently. His instructions were simple. He wanted to see where she lived. What could she do to live through this? And how could she avoid being alone and even more vulnerable to this attacker? Needing more time to think, she took a left at the first stoplight. He immediately leaned closer to her, his voice in her ear and the gun barrel against her ribcage. "Don't play me, bitch. I know where you live, and you just made a wrong turn." She corrected the error, hoping to have the gun removed. No such luck, however. He kept it pressed into her side for the entire brief ride to her apartment.

"He knows where I live," she thought frantically. He carefully orchestrated the entrance to the apartment. Standing extremely close, the bulk of his body hid the gun as she reluctantly unlocked the door to the ground floor apartment. Not that the neighbors would have been any help, anyway. The neighborhood was slightly run-down, an older neighborhood where it was best to just stay out of each others' business. She doubted her neighbors would have helped if they had seen the small gun he held against her as she unlocked the door.

Inside the small dark living room, she waited for instruction or some sign from the large man controlling the situation. After she turned on the lamp in the room, she slowly stole a glance at his face for the first time. He was a big black man, easily able to overpower her even without the wicked little gun he held in one large hand. "What are you going to do to me?" she asked finally, unable to tolerate the silence from him.

The hand that was not holding the gun tangled in her hair. Pulling her toward his body, he pinned her against the wall and kissed her violently. She struggled, refusing to open her mouth for the kiss as his grip tightened in her hair and the gun once again pressed into her side. He spoke into her ear, softly. "I am going to do whatever I want to do. You belong to me now, slut, and if you are really, really good, I might even let you live through the night."

He forced her into the bedroom roughly. The bed took up most of the space in the tiny room, and she shivered at the thought of what he was going to do to her here. He sat on the bed and turned the gun in her direction. "Okay, my slut, take off those clothes. Let me see what I get to play with." Her fingers trembled, and she felt fear rise up in her throat. She unbuttoned the blouse slowly until she realized that he liked the suspense. She pulled the rest of her clothes off quickly, hoping to get the ordeal over with.

"Get on your knees, slut. Let's see if you know how to suck a dick." He stood again, forcing her down when she hesitated. He quickly released the zipper on his jeans and she was at eye level with the largest cock she'd ever seen. With the gun pressed against the side of her head and his other hand gripping her hair, he rubbed the massive shaft on her face. She felt the heat of it and forgot about playing along. When she opened her mouth to scream, however, he shoved the head between her lips.

Unable to pull away from him, the taste of his cock filled her mouth. She put her hands on his thighs and tried to push him back, but he just forced another inch of the thick meat down her throat until she couldn't draw a deep breath. Defiantly, she sank her teeth into the flesh, making little impression on the shaft because her jaws were forced open and he was fully erect. "Did you decide that you don't want to live through the night, my slut?" His voice wasn't particularly harsh, but the words froze her instantly. Relaxing her jaws again, she allowed more of the thick black cock to fill her mouth. She could hear him laughing at her sudden compliance, but she closed her eyes and tried to pretend this was someone else's cock filling her mouth.

It was hard to pretend. This cock was easily twice the size of her ex-boyfriend's member. Still, survival was more important than anything else. She began sucking and licking the head of his penis, using her mouth to stimulate him to even greater arousal. Amazingly, she could even feel the massive thing swelling further. Eyes still closed, she slurped and sucked at the dick while trying to ignore the man to whom it was attached. She actually liked sucking dick under normal circumstances, and she had been told that she was good at it. She could tell by the sounds of pleasure that he liked what she was doing. He moved the gun away from her head and eased his grip on her hair to allow her more movement. She wondered if he would forgo the rape he apparently planned if she agreed to suck him off. It didn't seem likely, but it was definitely worth a try.

With each bob of her head, his hands relaxed a little more in her hair. He tucked the gun back into the pocket of his jeans and pulled out a roll of gray duct tape. "Stand up," he ordered suddenly, pulling his wet cock from her lips so quickly that she almost fell forward. She did so reluctantly, wondering if he planned to tape her mouth shut. Deciding that if she was going to talk him into a compromise, she better do it quickly, she spoke.

"If you like, I could just suck you off." He didn't say anything right away, and she hoped he was considering her offer.

"You want to suck my cock off, bitch?" He didn't sound angry, and his eyes were warmer, so she just nodded hopefully. "You want to suck my cock off and drink my cum, huh? Is that what you want?"

She only hesitated a moment before nodding again. She didn't want to do either of those things, but she didn't want this massive black dick shoved into her tight white pussy. She had never fucked a black man, and this enormous cock would surely tear her pussy open, she thought. Of course, she had never swallowed a man's load either, but that wasn't likely to cause any real pain.

"Yes," she answered reluctantly. "I want to suck you off and drink your cum."

The words didn't sound very convincing, and he hesitated before pointing that out to her. "You don't sound like you mean it. I think you want a little souvenir of our time together, don't you? Don't want this black cock emptied into your mouth? Just think, when I fill that creamy white pussy up with cum from this big black dick, you can have a little brown baby to remember me by."

He actually smiled when he saw the fear on her face. Realizing that there were worse consequences than the immediately impending rape, she put more effort into convincing him to allow her to fellate him. "Please, no," she pleaded with him. "I really do want to suck you off. I want to drink the cum and everything." When he was still silent, she continued. "Let me suck this big dick. Let me make you cum in my mouth. Please..." She boldly grasped the enormous shaft and gave it a gentle squeeze.

He eventually nodded, and she felt relief wash over her. Amazed that she would feel relieved after being allowed to suck the dick of a man she didn't even know, she still felt it. She hoped to give him the best blow job of his life as a "thank you" for not raping her. The idea was shattered when he spoke again. As he pulled her in and kissed her, she cooperated and even kissed him back. Then he said the words that made her blood run cold again. "After I finish tearing up that pussy real good, I'll let you suck this black dick and drink my cum."

"But you said I could just suck you off." She tried to argue with him.

"You're scheming isn't going to get you out of a good fucking, bitch. I said you could suck this dick off, but I never said I was gonna pass on the pussy." He pinned her arms against her sides easily when she began to struggle again. "As a matter of fact, I think maybe you want this dick in your creamy, white pussy. You ever fucked a brotha?"

"I never fucked a nigger," she said the word deliberately, defiantly. He slapped her then, stunning her momentarily. Quickly turning her around, he had her wrists taped together behind her back before she could react sufficiently. Turning her back to face him, he began pawing at her breasts. Cringing, she tried to pull away from him. He did everything just a little rough, not really hurting her at this point, and she was horrified to realize that she was becoming aroused.

"Ask me nicely, bitch, and I'll suck your nipples for you."

"Go to hell."

She cried out in sudden pain when he pinched and twisted the nipple of her right breast. "Okay," she said immediately. "Suck my nipples if you want to." He didn't speak, but twisted and pinched again. A little harder this time. "Owww, stop. Please stop hurting me." He eased the pressure some, but kept enough tension on the nipple for her to understand that he was not satisfied. "Please, suck my nipples. Please..." Her voice trailed off as the pressure eased further. "Suck my nipples."

He leaned over and took the tortured nipple into his mouth. He sucked it somewhat gently, but she still winced. The nipple was already sore, and the suction he created was almost too much to bear. She arched her body closer to him to try to diminish the sensation. He switched to the other breast, sucking and licking the nipple almost lovingly. He used his teeth to graze the nipple and she felt it swell in response. He manipulated both breasts with his hands, and she knew there would be bruises later. Unfortunately, for now, there was only a strange blend of excitement and fear. Her hands were uselessly bound, and his enormous dick pressed against her belly in an ominous threat. The most alarming part of all of it, though, was the increasing moisture between her thighs.

The man seemed to know how to touch and suck her breasts for maximum stimulation. She nearly moaned with pleasure when he squeezed the flesh and sucked harder at the nipple. When he finally released the nipple, it was reddened and swollen. He kissed her mouth again, and she was just too surprised and horrified to resist when his tongue entered her mouth. If she responded, was it really rape? Could he really be turning her on by forcing this on her? The truth was that his mouth felt really good on her breasts. The kiss ended, finally, when he pulled back from her. She knew that he realized she had participated, but she hoped he didn't understand why.

"You want me to play with your pussy now, don't you?" The words came in a soft whisper at her ear. The feel of his breath against her ear was arousing her further. She didn't want him to feel the proof of that arousal. She knew that his fingers would find plenty of natural lubricant to ease an invasion into her tight sheath. And even though her body seemed willing, her mind still refused to comply with this scenario. So, even knowing that there would be unpleasant consequences, she shook her head to deny his request.

He did not appear surprised at her refusal to cooperate, once again. She struggled ineffectively in his embrace as he smiled down at her. "I like it when you fight me, ya know?" She stopped immediately. "I see a thick white bitch walking around like she ain't scared, and I know, she's one who's gonna fight me." Her eyes widened as she realized that this attack wasn't completely random. "I could get one of those timid little bitches that are always scrambling to get to their cars. But they just do whatever you say, end up crying and giving up the pussy too easy. See, I win either way. Either you fight me, and I take the pussy, or you give in and give it up to me. Only choice you make is whether it's easy or rough on you."

He abruptly pushed her forward onto the bed. When she landed half across the bed, face down, he immediately smacked her ass. He landed several more hard blows to the plump cheeks before she could lift her head and cry out. "Stop, please. Easy, I want it easy. I'll give it to you." She never would have guessed how badly the spanking would hurt. With each smack, the heat and pain intensified. He was smacking her repeatedly, making sure that he covered the expanse of skin to redden her entire bottom. "Please, please stop." He didn't respond to her pleading this time, and she wondered if he would ever stop. Although it only went on for a few moments, the pain was intense. Finally, she remembered what he wanted and gave it to him. "Please, I want you to play with my pussy. Play with my pussy, please." He stopped to caress the tender, reddened skin.

By now, she wasn't even thinking about resisting. "Play with my pussy, please," she said again. When he slid his fingers down the slope of her bottom and between her thighs, she opened her legs for him. His fingers were thick, and he immediately thrust two into her. The lubricant was there, easing the entry somewhat, but she still felt stretched. When he pulled them out, she moved automatically away. Another slap on her ass, and she cried out softly, moving back toward the intrusion of his hand on her pussy. He fucked her slowly with his fingers, one hand resting on her painful bottom squeezing one cheek and then the other.

"Like that?" he whispered the question.

She turned her face toward him to answer. "Yes," she said. There was defeat in her voice, but also genuine arousal. The feeling of those thick fingers stabbing into her pussy was exquisite. No dick ever stretched her that much, and she liked the heat and sensitivity of her ass once the pain had dulled. "Lick my pussy for me?" She asked the question softly, not knowing if it would be rewarded or punished. But thinking of his mouth on her breasts, she wanted to feel it on her pussy, too. "Please, sir, eat my pussy." She felt ridiculous calling him 'sir,' but she didn't know what else to call him.


The one word answer to her unspoken question. And somehow, that felt right. "Please, Master, please, eat me." His fingers still slid into her, but he slowed the pace as if considering her request. Pulling away from her abruptly, he ordered her to turn over. When she finally managed to roll onto her back, he was standing beside the bed. He undressed while she watched, and she felt powerless to even look away. His body was hard, big all over. She knew the gun was just for the initial encounter, because his strength was obvious to the naked eye. His shoulders and arms conveyed power. She knew he could easily injure her without any weapons. Somehow, though, she didn't fear that so much now. She knew he was going to fuck her, however. The resistance was gone at this point, and she belonged to him.

When he was finally naked before her, she was intimidated by the sheer power of his body. Everything was thick and massive, especially the dick. It hung heavily from his body, only half hard, but still enormous. She wondered if she could handle all of that enormous cock pushing into her body, but knew that she would have no other alternative. He pulled her toward him, positioning her head at the edge of the bed and placing his shaft in her face. She opened her mouth automatically, taking the thick head and part of the shaft in. She knew that he would harden quickly, and that is what she found as he used both hands to steady her head and without pausing to allow her to comply, he began fucking her mouth. He shoved more of the thick black meat into her mouth with each stroke, frequently so deeply that she could not draw a breath. She felt a strange disorientation as her only reality became the thick cock in her mouth. She closed her eyes and stopped thinking about force and compliance. The cock pressed deeper into her throat, and stopped there. She could feel the head of it in her throat, although there were still a few inches of shaft she could not take. As her breathing stopped, she felt him forcing against the tight confines of her throat. Choking, she fought as much as she could with no hands and her legs uselessly splayed on the bed. He ignored her struggle and forced painfully deeper. She felt her throat closing around the massive head as it moved relentlessly deeper.

He was finally successful in forcing the entire length of the massive cock into her mouth. His testicles hung over her nose and eyes. He rocked his hips slightly, fucking her throat and ignoring her gagging resistance. Mercifully, he finally pulled back enough to let her draw a breath. He then forced the entire length back in slowly and inexorably. The process was repeated over and over. A long push into her throat with several short rocking movements deep in her throat, then a withdrawal for her to breathe. She forgot about her own arousal as she struggled to keep enough air in her lungs as he raped her orally.

After he pulled away from her, finally, she swallowed repeatedly. Her throat was already sore, and she wondered how she would survive the blow job he had planned for a finale. He walked out of the bedroom without a word, leaving her across the bed with her head hanging off the side. She struggled to sit up, finally successful as he walked back in with a bottle of wine from her refrigerator. He smiled at her face, red and tear-stained. Her breasts were thrust forward because of her bondage, and the reddened nipples stuck out prominently. There were faint purple shadows on the white globes as well, the beginning of the bruises she would wear for a week or more. He held the bottle up to her mouth, and she took a swallow of the wine gratefully. The wine was sweet and cool, but the alcohol burned at her raw throat as it went down. He forced her to drink more, tipping her head back and basically pouring the wine into her mouth. When he kissed her again, she didn’t cooperate, but she made no effort to resist either.

He tipped her backward and she cried out in sudden discomfort from her arms. The awkward position, and her body weight were almost unbearable, but she didn’t expect that to matter to him. “My arms,” she began hesitantly. He nodded immediately, however. He got her back into a sitting position and quickly removed the tape from her wrists to free her hands. Her relief was quickly dampened when he taped them back together in front of her. “I won’t fight you,” she protested. “Please, couldn’t you let me have my arms loose?” She was angered by his lack of response, and she spoke without thinking. “I guess you can’t get pussy without tying someone up?”

He slapped her again, but not very hard this time. He pulled her to her feet instead and turned her away from him. She quickly found herself bent over the bed again, with him standing behind her. He used one hand to press her face into the mattress and the other to punish her bottom again. The blows were firm and fast on the tender, still warm flesh he had previously abused. Begging wasn’t an option this time, since her face was firmly held into the mattress and even her screams were barely audible. The spanking went on for only a minute or so, but she was actually sobbing when he stopped. The pain was so intense that she could not catch her breath, and she felt like the skin on her ass was literally burned.

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