Crowned with fire,
Stretching from the depths unto the heights,
One foot in Hell,
Heaven in the palm of Her hand;
I adore beauty.
I adore splendor.
I adore the triumph of Love.
She standeth upon my Heart for Her foundation,
Our abiding joy and all-consuming love is Her Kingdom.
She bends to me,
Her lips on mine,
The Crown spreadeth, igniting upon me.
She anointeth me with love's gentle touch,
And fire courses through my soul.
From the Depths, I call upon my strength;
My voice carries to the highest Heaven.
My Queen, my Goddess, my Mistress:
I love Thee!
Thy King, Thy God and Thy Unchallenged Love:
I claim Thee!
The world is ours, from dimmest memory to brightest hope;
Past, present, and future:
All is wrought and forged in the power of our Love.
My fire to soften and bend,
Your cool waters to temper and strengthen;
We are unmatched, unequalled, unknown.
The Hidden God, and His Secret Bride;
Forever together, united by immortal love,
Death shall not dampen our kisses,
Nor darkness veil our joys.
For our kisses draw their life from love,
And our joy fills the darkness with a secret light;
A light known and seen only of our eyes.
Though we proclaim our love to the world,
The masses hear it not, nor see it,
For they do not understand.
They have but the play of men,
While we hold the power of Gods.
Love Immortal,
Enlightening Darkness,
There is no end.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous02/28/16

Je sais qui vous êtes vraiment maintenant. Vous êtes un menteur et un manipulateur. Vous dites à une personne ce qu'ils veulent entendre et puis les écraser juste pour le plaisir. Mon ami m'a ditmore...

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