Darla Ch. 02


2 - Experimenting

Well, last night was really something. I watched Stu fuck Darla in her pussy and her ass, and then come in her mouth. After he fell asleep she came out to the balcony and she and I did it once, then went into the spare bedroom and knocked it out two more times before I left. In the morning I boxed up my few belongings and loaded the back of my truck. I called Darla about ten. "Well, is it safe?" I asked.

"He just put the last of his stuff in his car. He should be gone within the next ten minutes."

After what I witnessed last night I wasn't jealous, but I had to ask. "You two do anything else since I left?"

"No, I told you, we were finished."

I hesitated and then said, "Yeah, but I remember hearing you say that you were going to miss having his delicious cock around."

Looooong pause from the other end and then, "Silly, I had to say that as part of what we were doing. And, because I saw you watching and wanted to give you a show."

"Okay, so, if I come over in about a half-hour we'll be good to go, right?"

She agreed and I left my old pad, making the long drive to my new apartment. As soon as I got there she came out and helped me carry my stuff in and then we found somewhere to put my meager belongings and we were -- living together.

I have no idea what happened then. From the first time we were together, every time I could get her alone, I'd be sticking my dick in her somewhere. Now, all day long I didn't even feel horny.

I'm actually a very good cook and Darla can't cook worth a damn, but she managed to fix something that was edible and we had an enjoyable dinner. We even stroked and played with each other while we ate. After dinner we cleaned up and I was pleased that we worked well together in the kitchen. That's got to be a good sign, right?

"Let's watch a movie," she said as we walked into the living room.

I didn't have a lot to say about it so I sat down and waited as she pulled out a DVD and stuck it into the player. She sat beside me on the couch and pressed play on the remote.

Hell! It was a chick flick. I suffered through about half an hour listening to her coo and moan with the various scenes. I finally said, "Okay, these two are in love, right? So when are they going to fuck?"

She gave me a dirty look, but didn't say anything. I got that same look again fifteen minutes later when I made a similar comment. When the thing ended she pushed stop on the remote and leaned against me with her head on my chest. "Wasn't that sweet?" she asked.

I stroked her ass and said, "As far as I can see the sweetest thing was at the end when the broad died. Now the guy can go out and find a girl that puts out."

She flew off the couch and out of the room. "Hey! Where you going?"

From the distance I heard, "I'm going to go to bed, you pig. You can do whatever you want."

Hmm, bed, that means sex, right? I turned out the lights and walked into the bedroom. I got undressed, lay down next to her, and gently reached out to stroke her hip. "Get your hands off me, pig," was the only response I got. No sex that night.

The next morning was rather frosty and thawed out only over the course of the day. By dinner we were joking around and everything was back to normal until we went to bed. We lay there kissing and my hand went right between her legs and started stroking her clit and then I slipped a finger inside her pussy. She moaned a bit as I ran my finger in and out of her warmth and then worked another finger into her.

In just a couple minutes she stopped moaning and said, "Jake, what are you thinking about?"

I smiled in the darkness as I said, "I'm thinking about fucking your brains out."

She answered, "I don't think so. Haven't you noticed something?" As she said that she wiggled my cock. It hadn't even started to get hard!

I chuckled a bit and said, "Nope, didn't notice that. Maybe it needs your mouth to wake it up."

She kissed her way down my chest, across my stomach, and took my cock into her mouth and started licking and sucking on it. Geez, this woman has a talented mouth. I lay there enjoying the feeling until it finally dawned on me that I was still limp. She worked on me another five minutes before crawling back up beside me and said, "Don't worry, sweetie, it happens to all men sooner or later." She kissed me and said, "Come on, let's go to sleep, you'll see, everything will be fine."

As I lay there I remembered that after the frost had worn off that day I had, a couple times, come up behind her and cupped her breasts while I kissed the back of her neck and rubbed my hips against her ass. And I hadn't even been aroused. I was a very troubled man as I went to sleep.

When the alarm went off at five I reached down to check -- nope, nothing, it's still just lying there. I didn't bother to wake Darla as I showered, dressed, and left for work. That day was a blur as I didn't pay attention to much of what I was doing. I got home about an hour before Darla and busied myself with fixing dinner. As soon as she walked in she came over, embraced me, kissed me, and rubbed her hips against my crotch. No response from my stupid dick.

We ate, watched a couple mindless shows on TV and went to bed. A half-hour of playing around and -- nothing.

I normally get turned on at least three or four times every day at work -- we have some really hot chicks working there. That next day I actually noticed that I didn't have a single erection all day.

When Darla got home I had dinner ready, we kissed (no response from you know what), ate, and then she showed me her surprise. "I stopped at the adult store on the way home and picked up this." She held up a DVD and said, "The clerk said it's one of the hottest sellers right now. Come on, let's watch it."

We did and, need I describe what happened? Darla was nearly on fire and I finger-fucked her for about ten minutes, giving her an orgasm, but I just sat there with a limp dick. We went to bed after it was over and, as we lay there, Darla asked, "Jake, when's the last time you had an erection?"

I had to really think about that. "Um, last Friday night when we did it in the spare bedroom."

"Yes," she said slowly, "Right after you watched me and Stu doing it."

I thought for a while and finally said, "Yeah, I guess so."

She leaned over to kiss me and said, "I thought so. I don't know if I'm right, but I think I know how to cure you. How about stopping by my office after you get off work tomorrow?"

"Why?" I asked.

"Not now. I'll tell you tomorrow. Now, get your rest, I think you're going to need it tomorrow."

I didn't really think about what she was planning until I got off work and was driving to her office. Maybe she was going to take me to a strip club and buy me a lap dance. Hmm, that might be something. Oops, what's that? Nope, nothing. For a second I thought I had detected a slight response from down below, but it was just a false alarm.

When I got to her office she gave me a quick peck on the cheek and led me through the manufacturing area and into the warehouse. "Here," she said, pointing, "pull these two boxes apart a couple of inches." I did and she said, "Okay, how's your view of that corner over there?"

I looked through the opening and said, "Perfect, why?"

She kissed me and said, "Because Art, the dock foreman, has been trying to get into my pants for months. I thought I'd invite him into the warehouse and give him a blowjob -- with you watching."

"Whoa," I said, "wait a minute, I don't think I want you doing that."

She grabbed my arm and said, "Think! The last time you could get it up was when you were watching me fuck Stu. We haven't done it for four days and I'm horny as hell. If we can't find some way to get that cock of yours to work, I'm going to go find one that does. Now, what's it going to be?"

Properly cowed, I said, "Okay, we'll try it. After all, it's not like I think I'm the only one who was ever in your mouth."

She chuckled and kissed me lightly on the lips and, as she walked away, said, "Nope, after all, you already saw Stu's cock in my mouth."

It was just a couple minutes before I saw Darla walk into view, leading the dock foreman along by the hand. She stopped, looked around, and then put her arms around his waist. "This is as good a place as any," she said and then pressed her lips against his.

Art wasted no time and immediately put one hand on her ass to squeeze and stroke it and his other hand slid up her chest and squeezed her breast. Within seconds I felt my cock start rising. It was the first erection I'd had in nearly a week and I reached down to stroke it as the two of them kissed and I saw her hand rubbing his crotch.

She let him squeeze her ass for a few seconds, but when he tried to move it around to the front she stopped him. "Huh, uh," she said, "This is all about you, not me."

"Ah, honey, I can do some really good things for you if you'll let me," he said.

Without saying anything else she knelt down, unzipped his jeans, and pulled them half way down his thighs. I could see the outline of his cock under his briefs and she stroked it for a couple seconds. "Oh, sweetie," she said as she pulled down his briefs and freed his cock. "I'm going to like this one."

Then she stood up, cupping his balls in her hand and played with them for a few seconds while she kissed him. "Art, you have lovely balls, would you like to have them in my mouth?"

"Oh, yeah, honey, I'd like that."

She kissed him again as she ran her hand up the shaft of his cock and wrapped her hand around it. "And would you like to have this in my mouth too?"

He chuckled a bit and said, "Yeah, I think that'd be even better."

She kissed him again and then leaned her head on his chest as she stroked his cock. Looking in my direction she smiled and said, "And if this is in my mouth long enough, do you think maybe you could give me an afternoon snack?"

"Honey, you keep doing what you're doing and I'm going to fill your stomach."

She looked up at him, smiled, and said, "Come to mama, big boy." Then she sank to her knees and slipped her lips over the head of it.

For the next ten minutes I was rubbing my suddenly rock-hard cock as I watched Darla suck, lick, and stroke Art's cock. I knew that her tongue was doing wonderful things to him inside her mouth. When she licked the underside of his shaft and then took both his balls into her mouth and sucked on them I nearly cried out in ecstasy.

She kissed and licked her way back to the head of his cock and took it back into her mouth. I'm sure it was hitting the back of her throat as she started bobbing back and forth faster and faster. "Oh, baby, that's it, oh, baby, I'm going to come, oh, shit, yes, I'm going to do it."

Once again I had a slight twinge of jealousy as she pulled back long enough to say, "That's it, sweetie, give it to me." Then she took his cock back into her mouth.

He suddenly tightened his body, put his hand on the back of her head, and pulled it in toward him. His hips jerked several times as he groaned, "Ah, fuck, baby, that's it, oh, yeah."

I could picture his hot sperm flooding her mouth and flowing down her throat as he jerked two or three more times and then relaxed.

I could actually see her throat moving as she swallowed everything he gave her. She sucked on him another few seconds and then pulled her lips away and licked his cock up and down, cleaning off every drop of jizz he had.

She pulled up his briefs and then jeans and stood up to kiss him. "Thanks, Art, you have no idea how much I needed that."

He fastened his pants and then squeezed her ass again and said, "We going to be doing this regular?"

"I don't know," she answered, "I'll have to think about that."

"How about next time we do something a bit more?" he said.

She patted him on the cheek and said, "I told you, I'll have to think about it. Bye now."

She watched him walk back to the loading dock and then came over behind the stack of boxes where I was opening my pants to get my cock out. "Shit, baby," I panted, "That was hot. I need you."

I grabbed her, kissed her, and ran my hand up under her skirt. As we kissed I roughly pushed a finger into her pussy, ran it in and out a couple times, and then worked a second one in there. I pulled back and said, "Here, now, we have to do it." I turned her around, had her lean against the boxes, and pulled her skirt up over her hips. I spread her pussy lips with one hand and guided the head of my cock to her hole with the other.

She moaned as I pushed. The head of my cock popped inside her pussy and I pulled it back and pushed again. Twice more I did that and was deep within her wet pussy. "Oh, sweetie, that's nice, I've missed that feeling," she said.

As I thrust into her pussy I pulled her upright and said, "What'd you tell him to get him out here?"

"Oh, Jake, not now, just do me."

"No, I have to hear it. I want to know everything you two said."

"Oh, shit, okay. I walked over to his desk, leaned down so he could look down inside my blouse, and said, 'Art, you've been awfully interested in me for a while. How about we go into the warehouse and I'll show you how I appreciate your attention?' "

"What'd he say?" I asked.

"He just sat there for a moment and then stood up. 'You mean it?' he asked.

"I smiled at him and said, 'If you want to see if I'm serious, you should follow me.' "

She was nearly panting as she said, "Oh, Jake, that's it, shove it in me, oh, harder, do it harder."

I rammed my cock into her and then asked, "So, when you were sucking his cock, were you enjoying it?"

"Oh, sweetie, you know I like having a man's cock inside me -- anywhere."

"I asked if you enjoyed it?"

"Yes, oh, Jake, yes, I enjoyed it."

I rammed into her again and said, "And when he came, did you like having his cum in your mouth?"

"Yes, oh, yes, I love having a man's cum in my mouth."

"How about your pussy? Do you like having a man's cum in your pussy?"

"Yes, oh, yes, Jake, I need that."

"How about my cum? You want my cum in your pussy?"

"God, yes, give it to me."

I yanked back on her hips, rammed my cock as far into her as I could get and started squirting my cum into her depths. I hadn't come in days and I had enough that after just a few seconds I could feel it leaking out around my cock and running down her legs. Feeling me fill her pussy with cum she said, "Don't stop, I'm so close, keep fucking me, oh, Jake, that's it, I'm almost there, ohhhhhh!" Her body tightened up and I felt her pussy clench down on my cock as she jerked her hips up and down and back and forth in her orgasm.

As we both calmed down she turned her head so we could kiss. A minute or so of that and my cock slipped out of her. "Oh, Jake, I haven't been fucked like that for years. Thank you, oh, thank you."

I thought about what I'd just witnessed and what I had done and just said, "No, thank you."

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