Darla's Games Day 04


Dreamlike, her hands reached closer and closer until her fingertips were at those lips. As slowly as anything else she had done so far, she pulled herself open, letting me see more and more of the wet and shiny pinkness inside her. I was moaning and didn't care who heard it now. "Please" I begged. I looked into her eyes, then seeing the desire there, dropped them to her body once more.

I couldn't help myself but to stare at her in a little bit of envy. While I had been naked in front of her on multiple occasions over the last three days, I was still uncomfortable with it. She seemed completely at home with her body, and, as I said, for very good reason. I looked down to my own body, a small belly, not anything that hung over my skirts, but enough to make a slight curve there at my tummy. My breasts, though they sat high and firm, seemed too big compared to her perfectly shaped orbs.

I had little time for such comparisons before I felt the bed sink in as she climbed onto it next to me. She took my face so lovingly in her hands and closed her eyes as she leaned in to kiss me softly. I just let her kiss me and lay still, not returning with any effort. I was in a daze and was afraid of myself should I kiss her back.

She held the kiss, so soft and tender. She didn't press her tongue in my mouth or anything pressing like that, just nibbled so gently on my lower lip as she kissed me for a long time. Finally, she released my lip and leaned back to look into my eyes. "Please Carrie. Don't shut down like this. I want this to be special. Please?" She begged.

I instantly hated myself for this, but in spite of years of difference or indifference, I had grown very fond of Farin in the last two days. I decided to do this for her and perhaps for me too. I leaned to her and kissed her full on the lips. I closed my eyes and no other person forced their image into my head. I kissed her deeply and passionately and soon I initiated with the insertion of my tongue into her open mouth.

We let our hands roam over each others' bodies, softly exploring the sensations and the contour of each curve. I lovingly stroked her hair, her back, her ass, and her thighs and worked my way up to tenderly stroke my fingers across her belly and to her breasts. She likewise explored my body and soon, the passion that had been building these last two days came out of me and I started rubbing my pussy against her thigh and stroking my thigh against her pussy.

We were panting and writhing, our bodies so closely entangled, our hand roaming wildly over each inch of each others' flesh. At length, I pushed her onto her back and rolled on top of her and kissed her quite passionately. I let my hands move to her breasts and softly squeeze them. I rolled my thumbs over her nipples, feeling how hard they were, how they poked straight up at me.

She kissed back roughly and held me, squeezing my back and my ass and my head began swimming. I was going into an overload of sexual energy and felt like I would explode at any second. I had to slow down. I grasped her shoulders and though it pained every fiber of my desire, I broke the passionate kiss.

Farin looked up at me as if to ask what was wrong. I smiled at her and she smiled back, knowing instantly that nothing was wrong by the look on my face. "Please," I grinned at her, "Let me do this for you." She smiled back in acknowledgement and let her hands slide from my body and down to her sides and she lay there before me.

A thin shine of sweat glistened on her body from just those few moments of unbridled lust. I sat up, between her legs and looked at her. She had allowed me to slowly take her body in with my eyes and now I was determined to similarly enjoy her body with my hands and mouth. Her chest was heaving in need, she was panting lightly, but her breathing slowed as I just sat up and looked down at her smiling.

I leaned forward, holding my body above hers with my knees between her legs and my left hand extended to hold my upper body off of her. She slid her thighs against my legs and I grinned and shook my head no. Understanding, Farin spread her legs wide so that our skin was no longer touching anywhere.

I took a wayward strand of her silky blondish hair in my fingers and swept it off her forehead. Kneeling there, between her legs as I was, I felt and undeniable desire to renew the impassioned embrace and so I stood up off the bed and walked over to her side and knelt next to her. She made no move to rise; apparently reading my mind that I needed to enjoy her body slowly and completely.

I lay down next to her on my side and placed my right hand on her cheek and softly pulled her face towards mine. I leaned in and kissed her forehead, right on the center, and then released the peck and centered a soft caress of my lips on the tip of her nose. Parting my lips slightly I lowered my mouth over hers and was inwards appreciative of the fact that she lay still and let me kiss her upper lip, tracing my tongue across it through my lips and tasting the strawberry gloss.

She moaned as I withdrew my tongue back inside my mouth and pulled gently on her upper lip with my own two lips, stretching it and letting it release with a soft smack of my lips. I then likewise devoured her lower lip, savoring the flavor of her balm before stretching and letting it pop back into place against her perfect face. She opened her mouth in an invitation, but I didn't want her to reciprocate anything right now, I wanted her to enjoy me the way that I had enjoyed her little striptease.

I opened my mouth over her chin and sucked it softly, then provided a line of open mouthed, wet kisses along her jaw line all the way up to her right ear. Taking the lobe into my lips, I let my teeth graze it as I touched it tentatively with my tongue. I could feel her writhing a little on the bed and hear her emit a low moan, so I continued.

I hadn't wanted this, but if I was going to do it, I wanted to do it right for her. I sucked her ear softly and decided to explore this some more. I sucked softly with gentle kisses up the outside of her ear and listened and felt the bed move, experimentally discovering what really drove her wild. I let my tongue draw long and far from my mouth and licked the inside of her ear, which made her spasm lightly. Then I returned to her earlobe again and found that was what drove her the wildest.

Sucking and tugging gently, I finally abandoned that lobe and as I heard her sigh loudly, moved to duplicate my efforts on her left lobe. I spent much more time on the lobe, one little lick inside her ear, but mostly just lobe play with my teeth, lips and tongue. I swear I could smell her excitement rising up from her groin and I felt an urge to get down there and get it over with. But I knew that wasn't what I really wanted and so I continued with the slow, I imagine torturous, exploration of her body.

Resting my cheek on her chest, I faced her chin and slid closely until my lips pressed against her neck. Softly at first, I kissed her neck with only my lips. I kissed it all over and then began opening my mouth. As my tongue danced on her skin, I tasted her, not her lip balm or some excretion from her body, but just her. It was an intoxicating thing and I felt myself quivering almost as much as the moaning Farin beneath me.

I decided to play with her neck for awhile, since mine is so sensitive, I wanted to see what hers was like. I tried kissing and licking and lightly grazing my teeth and then sucking. I sucked soft and let my tongue dance on her neck that was inside my mouth. I sucked harder, and soon her writhing madly beneath me, moaning in desire. I sucked harder and harder to intentionally make a dark purple hickey on the right side of her throat.

She was grunting and panting and I saw her fists bunch up tightly. I am pretty sure it was hurting her, but she seemed to grant a great deal of reverence to my interest in exploring her fully.

Curiosity got the best of me and I let my right hand touch her breast. She shivered at the touch. I slid my hand, still sucking her throat as I felt my way down to her thighs. Farin was moaning from the time I kissed her lips and never stopped. She was squeezing her thighs so tightly and rubbing them back and forth. She was trying to give herself an orgasm.

As my fingers touched her right thigh, she slid it aside and I felt to her smooth pussy and found, not at all surprising me, that she was sopping wet. I let my finger glide the length of her slit and she groaned so deeply, I thought she would cum if I tarried there any longer. I wanted her orgasm at my mouth, so I withdrew my finger.

My eyes flew open as I thought that. 'I wanted her orgasm at my mouth'. I shivered.

Time for more, I finally decided, feeling her chest heaving, raising and lowering my head as it rested just above her breasts. I finally stopped sucking her throat and leaned back to look. I think I overdid it a bit. She was quite harshly bruised and I felt slightly guilty for marking her perfect skin like that.

I kissed the spot softly and then moved to her left shoulder, kissing it softly, my mouth open. I considered kissing my way down her arm, but didn't think that very erogenous, so I left it and headed for those perfect breasts. She panted like a dog before I even touched them. I looked at her; she had crooked her head up to watch me.

I opened my mouth right over her nipple. It stood up so erect and looked almost painfully full. I could swear I saw it pulsing. I held my mouth wide open and hovered over it, my eyes locked on hers. I breathed out intentionally, allowing my hot breath to immerse her nipple in its humid grasp. She started to arch her back to press it to my lips, but each time she did, I backed my head away until she exhaled harshly in exasperation.

I smiled at her and she returned the smile. "Please be still." I grinned. Opening my mouth wide again, I hovered over the nipple and then extended my tongue as far as I could. I let the tip of my tongue just barely graze over the tip of her nipple and she moaned.

The tease was exciting me as much as it was her. I could tell that she was as needy as I felt after all of the past three days of frustrated lack of sexual release. Perhaps she was even more so. Finally, I decided to give her a small reprieve and I took that nipple deep into my mouth and began kissing. She was shaking and wiggling and I flicked my tongue. This provided a different moan. I sucked softly and got yet another reaction. Just to be sure it wasn't a heightening thing; I went back to kissing and was surely rewarded by the previous reaction.

It amused me greatly. She was like an instrument I could play. I bit down gently letting my teeth graze up and down against her sweet little pink bullet and she grunted in delight. I bit harder and she grunted louder. I sucked and she moaned. I kissed and licked and she sighed. I kept switching how hard and how soft and what I did until she was a quivering mess.

"That was interesting." I smiled. Her eyes didn't really focus anymore. I could see the lust was clouding her vision as she vacantly looked in my general direction. Her lip was shivering. I took much less time playing with the other nipple, but I felt I had to play with it a little or it would get jealous.

By the time I began kissing and licking across her tight abdomen, she was moaning and shaking the whole time. I saw her hands rise and drop about twenty times as I knew she was fighting the urge to force my head down to her soaking snatch.

I hovered again, this time above her navel and breathed deeply. She was a spasming mess and when my tongue extended to invade the little perfect hole of her belly button she whined. I liked that reaction and explored her navel for awhile, licking and kissing and darting my tongue in and out and back and forth until it was glistening with my saliva.

I trailed off, keeping my tongue in constant contact with her skin as I moved my mouth downward. I went lower and lower until my tongue touched the thin line of hair that rose up from her sex. I softly bit my teeth down and tugged gently on her pubic hair, eliciting a loud moan.

I then kissed all around above her pussy. This close to what I knew would be the end target, I could smell her excitement and I breathed deeply through my nose. The scent was pleasant and heady and seemed to mesmerize me with my own desire to speed along towards it, but I knew it would be awhile still.

I lovingly kissed and barely touched her thigh before she spread her legs wide for me. I had to move my body around so my ass was sort of diagonal towards her. Softly I kissed her left thigh, hearing her groan in frustration as I passed her needy slit and began moving to the side. My chin accidentally grazed her puffy lips as I clasped my wide open mouth just inside her thigh ever so close to her sex. She moaned so loud at the touch, I quivered myself.

I sucked on her inner thigh and kissed it and gave it the same exploratory actions as I had previously donned upon her ear, neck and breasts. She was shaking and moaning and grunting and groaning and panting so delightfully at every different touch. I moved my body so I could duplicate the efforts on her right thigh and she graciously spread her legs wide apart to give me access for my explorations.

I almost felt guilty when I knew what I wanted next. I was worried it would break the moment and the mood. "Farin, would you please roll over?" I asked her.

She groaned loud in frustration and did so without a word. I watched her shaking so hard I thought she would collapse as she propped her body up and turned to her belly, laying out flat and grasping my pillow in her hands. She spread her legs nice and wide for me.

I felt instantly drawn to the backs of her knees and as my breath came down on the left one, which was now closest to me as I hadn't moved much, she shook. I tentatively kissed it and she sighed. I licked and she moaned. I sucked and she groaned with a deep voice.

I played with the backs of her knees for awhile then sat up and looked at her. She was absolutely glistening. Her entire body was bathed in a fine sheen of sweat. She was quivering constantly and without my even touching her she continued to pant and sigh.

I let my fingers ever so gently touch her back and she jumped slightly. I traced my fingertips as soft as rose petals across her skin. I was tickling her back, not the kind of tickle that makes you giggle and jump, just the kind that makes your muscles tighten and is almost relaxing when you release them.

I let my fingers caress her back over and over and all the way down to the small of her back. I let them graze over those absolutely gorgeous ass cheeks and I thought I would never see such a perfect ass again. (I was right). I leant in and kissed her ass, I just felt compelled somehow to worship it. She moaned as my lips touched it and I opened my mouth wider.

I kissed and licked and sucked on her ass cheeks as she humped herself against the bed and sighed and moaned and grunted with need. I felt repulsed but intrigued as I separated her cheeks with my fingers and looked intently at her rosebud. It seems such a personal thing, I felt I would die when mine was opened last night, but she allowed me to do as I wished. There was a freedom in that. I leaned in and kissed her cute little asshole and she shook hard.

"Thank you Farin." I whispered. "Please roll back over now."

She sighed loudly and her arm gave out once as she tried to roll over. She made it on the second attempt and lay before me. I looked at her face. She was panting, her cheeks flushed. Her lips moved constantly, making little incoherent sounds. Her eyes were so washed over with lust that I could tell she probably couldn't have told me how many fingers I was holding up if I held them right in front of her face.

I got up and watched her eyes following me as I walked to the end of my bed. I lied down so my legs hung over the side and my belly rested on the bed between her feet. I placed a hand on either thigh and pressed them apart, not too wide to make her stretch, just enough that when I had her where I wanted her, I could see her inner lips quite clearly.

I smiled at her, she barely acknowledged seeing it. Then I leaned down and placed my face within inches of her pussy. I breathed out intently and watched her lips quiver with excitement. I lowered my face closer and closer. I extended my tongue and let the tip touch her right between the bottommost part of her out labia and her thigh.

She shook violently. I let my tongue trace up around the curvature of that lip, following the brief, heart-like dip towards her clit and then down the outside of her other lip. I then let my tongue graze, ever so slightly over her right lip from bottom to top. I repeated this on the left lip. She was shaking the whole time. I could smell and see her wetness. Her inner lips were opening and closing from her contractions.

It was time. I lowered my mouth, opening it wide as it would go and settled it right over the top of her slit. I let my tongue move in and out of her lips. I licked down and inserted it into her hole. I licked up again to her clit and sucked on it softly before moving down again. I knew I wasn't good at this. I mean I had certainly never done it before and no one had even done it to me for reference, but I figured I did well enough as she shook beneath me.

Farin was moaning and grunting. She was panting and raising her hips. I decided to end her torture and reaching up I grasped her wrists and pulled her hands to my head and dove full onto her pussy. I figured I should let her guide me where she wanted me this time. I reached up and began playing with her nipples with my fingers while she gripped my head.

She screamed as she held my head down. "FUCK!" She thrashed her hips and her legs wildly and her pussy slammed my face so hard I feared she would break my nose. I had my face held so tightly into her quivering mound I couldn't breathe. My nose was imbedded in her slit and she yanked my hair to pull my face to her clit and then pushed my head down to force my mouth against her hole.

She began yanking and tugging my head up and down by my hair as she screamed out all sorts of things that were quite incoherent. I made out God several times, I think she was calling me names even, but her thighs closed around my ears and everything was quite muffled. She just kept humping her crotch into my face and I could feel her pulsating quim excrete the product of her orgasm into my mouth and up my nose. I was choking a little and became worried.

She was thrashing and bucking up and it felt like she had busted my lip. I grabbed at her hands to pull them away, but she had a death grip on my hair and wouldn't let go. I thought perhaps the best way to get out was to lick harder and get her over her orgasm quicker, so I tried that. It just sent her into wilder thrashing and moaning than before and I could hear her screaming loudly even through her clinching thighs.

Finally, after minutes I know, she let her thighs drop and I heard her moan quieting down. She panted and breathed so hard. She was whispering almost incoherently. "Oh Carrie I love you. You fucking bitch, how could you torture me like that. Oh God I love you." Then she faded off and laid shaking and quivering on the bed. When she finally stopped shaking, I softly licked her plentiful juices from her sopping wet pussy. I bathed it with my tongue and basically sucked it into my throat, drinking the abundant, aromatic cum. She moaned pleasantly as I did this. When I felt I had cleaned her enough, I stopped licking and gave her the softest of kisses to her dark, glistening pussy and worked my way up. I kissed over her pubis and her belly. I felt her belly quiver as I made my way over it.

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