tagGroup SexDarla's Games Day 05

Darla's Games Day 05


Day 5 Wednesday

The alarm rang and my head throbbed. I was dreaming of orgasms, sweet, delectable orgasms. Too bad I hadn't had one in my sleep.

I pushed away from Farin who still had her arms wrapped around me. I turned to face her. She was still sleeping so soundly. I hated to wake her, but I gave her a gentle kiss on the lips. I could smell my pussy on her face. It was arousing and kind of gross at the same time.

Farin's brown eyes fluttered open and she smiled when she saw me and gave me a hug. We kissed softly and I told her we should get up and get ready for school. She looked over at the clock and mumbled something about it being too early.

I laughed. "Yeah, well if you had to give yourself five near orgasms, an enema, put rubber bands on your nipples and write your sister's name in your ass crack, you'd think it was late."

She laughed and groaned. "God my jaw is sore."

"Gee I wonder why?" I giggled.

"Yeah well if some people didn't take so long to cum..." She laughed. "I'll help you with your getting ready stuff." She offered.

I thought about it. "Yeah, okay." I spread my legs and started fingering my pussy and rubbing my clit. I was so needy from last night I was ramming towards a climax in no time and I had to rip my hand away. "One," I panted.

"Poor baby." Farin pouted at me. "I hope Darla let's me share your orgasm. I think I earned it."

"Huh?" I looked excited. Was I going to get to cum soon?

Farin laughed. "I don't know when. I'm sure she will let you eventually though. You slut."

I spread my legs and started on number two for the morning. In about four minutes I was whining and slamming my pussy, trying to beat it to an accidental orgasm that would be permissible. Just when I thought I was going to take the consequences, Farin grabbed my wrist and pushed it away.

I collapsed backwards, panting and writhing with desire. "Thanks." I whispered. "I really needed the help; I don't think I was stopping."

Farin sat on the bed watching me for awhile. I felt her staring and I finally opened my eyes to verify what I knew. "Let's take a shower." I smiled at her. It was good that she was kind of on my side and now I had someone I could share my guilty secret with and the pain that it caused me.

We showered together. Farin helped me with my enema. We washed all the girl cum and sweat off our bodies from last night. Farin fingered me to a third near orgasm and while I would have preferred to get the last two out of the way with her help, we decided I needed a little break between. Wrapped in our towels, we headed for the bedroom.

I looked at the clock and saw it was 6:30. That left half an hour before Julie came over for breakfast. I fell onto the bed and started up again. Farin watched intently as my fingers flew in and out. I think she was getting my signs. She knew when I was close. As I started turning the bend to heaven, she grabbed my wrist again and helped me clean my fingers in her mouth.

"Damn, guess I have to wear the same clothes." Farin stated.

"You can help yourself to some of mine if you want." I laughed.

"Yeah, umm, no thanks sluts r us." She laughed back.

I got up and grabbed my marker to write DARLA down my ass crack. Then I pulled the nipple bands on. It was painful, especially since they would be on all day. I lie down to get my fifth near orgasm out of the way when the phone buzzed.

Farin picked it up while I hammered away at my pussy and clit.

"Hey, it's me; Carrie is getting number five out of the way." I heard Farin say.

"I don't care." She added a minute later. "Julie is coming over to join us for breakfast in a few minutes."

She listened for a long time.

"You really are an evil cunt Darla." She finished and hung up.

"Oh God." I started getting close. I thrashed and shook on the bed and Farin dove for my hand.

My whole body spasmed, as if I were having convulsions. My eyes looked dead up to the ceiling, focused on nothing.

"You poor baby." Farin sighed and kissed my cheek. "Hurry, Julie will be here soon. We have to get you dressed.

I looked up from my fifth near orgasm and saw that Farin was dressed. I slumped towards the closet, but Farin had already picked me out some clothes and was pulling a tight ribbed shirt over my head. I obliged her and sighed when she had me step into a stretch skirt that came only two inches below my ass. I moaned, thinking how it used to come two inches from my knee.

We were packing up our books when I remembered the phone. "What did Darla want?" I asked.

Farin turned away from me. "Nothing."

"Come on Farin." I laughed. "What is it?"

She turned to me with a forced smile. "I can't tell you Baby."

I frowned.

"Oh God I hate this Carrie." She fell on her knees and held my hands and looked up at me. "I swear I will make it all up to you one day if you'll let me." She squeezed my hands and I just roughly tugged to help her to her feet.

I pouted as we went downstairs. My mom was up and having some coffee.

"Cool coffee!" Farin exclaimed.

I giggled as she practically leapt to the pot.

My mom laughed. "Good morning Farin. How did you sleep?"

"Like a log." She answered.

I yanked open the refrigerator and pulled out the orange juice and butter and tossed them onto the counter. "What do you want for breakfast?" I asked Farin.

"Whatever you are having." She smiled at me.

"Toasted bread without butter it is then." I smirked and went to the pantry for bread.

The doorbell rang. "I'll get it." Farin said. "It's probably Julie." She ran off down the hall and I heard the door open and then shut.

"Oh Julie is coming over?" My mom asked.

"Yeah, for breakfast and the three of us are going to the bus together." I answered.

I started wondering what was taking so long as I put two pieces of bread in the toaster and went for glasses for the orange juice. I poured out three glasses and then the toast popped and Farin and Julie still hadn't come in. I had heard the door shut almost as soon as Farin had opened it.

I put in two more pieces of bread and went to check on Farin. I looked around the corner and she wasn't there. I saw shadows out the glass on the sides of the front door.

I walked down to find out what was going on and opened the door. Farin turned and looked surprised to see me for a second. Then she smiled. Julie looked concerned about something. Then she smiled a fake smile too.

"Who died?" I asked jokingly. "Come on I got toast burning."

We all went inside and neither of them made any indication that I was ever going to know what they were talking about outside. I'm sure with my mom there, it had to wait. So, soon enough that was forgotten and we were talking about the workout this afternoon and Farin laughed at how sore Julie and I were going to be. We ate some toast and drank coffee and juice until my mom left.

It was close enough to time to go. I brought up what they were talking about outside and both said 'nothing' at the same time. I was starting to get pissed over this little conspiracy.

I pushed, though I knew in my heart it was something to do with me.

"The bus will be here soon, let's go." Farin said as if to put finality on the subject.

We gathered our bags and put the dishes in the sink. I muttered to myself. Julie was quiet when I had pushed, like she wanted to say something, but couldn't or wouldn't in front of Farin.

Farin controlled the subject matter as we walked to the bus stop. "Chad is so cute Julie. I'm really glad for you."

Julie smiled. I had just thought of something. "Who are you going with Farin?" I asked.

She turned and smiled at me. "I'm going solo. I guess I'll just take whoever isn't picked over." She laughed.

"You got to get a date. We can triple." Julie smiled.

"Ugh." I grunted. "I agreed to double with Rebecca."

"Well maybe quadruple then?" Julie asked.

"That would be nice." I smiled. "I might just have to meet you there. It's Brad's cousin from out of town, so not sure what we are doing from the game to the party." "Oh." Julie said. I could tell she was put out that I wouldn't be teaming up with her.

We got on the bus and Farin sat behind Julie and me and leaned up so we could all three talk together. She never gave any indication that made me suspect she was hinting to Julie that I had eaten her pussy twice last night. Still, the prospect made me very nervous.

"I can't wait until school is over." Farin laughed. "You two are going to be so sore."

We pulled up at the school about then and there was Rebecca waiting for us to get off the bus. "Good morning Rebecca." Farin waved at her and finally left our side for a moment while she rushed off to talk to her.

I figured Farin knew I had done everything that morning, so I just walked to home room with Julie. It would have felt almost normal except for the fact that my pussy wouldn't stop leaking, my nipples stuck out like bullets poking through the ribbed shirt and I had to be careful with every step to be sure my skirt stayed in place.

Neither farin nor Rebecca said anything, so I continued on with Julie. I kind of wished she would make up her mind what to wear Friday night and stop asking me all the time. She asked about the sleepover with Farin. I felt myself blush, but thought I handled it pretty well.

"Hey." Julie interrupted my boring discussion of math that was way beneath her anyway. "Why don't we all sleep at my house Friday night after the party. I doubt mom will mind."

I looked puzzled a moment. Who were 'we all'? I wondered.

She read my expression correctly and answered. "Me, you and Farin."

Thank God she left Rebecca out of the invitations. "I guess. Although, how are we getting back to your house from the party?"

"I don't know." Julie shrugged. "I'm sure my mom could pick us up or something."

I shrugged. Honestly, I would have much rather she had just invited me over. I think she was trying to make sure that she wasn't excluded in my relationship with Farin. I might have done the same thing.

Being early, as we were, Julie and I settled into the classroom and chatted with our crew, who had been feeling dissed all week. I couldn't really blame them. We were so involved with the cheerleaders now. I so wanted to gag.

My phone buzzed while we were talking about Sara's trip to the mall last night. I picked it up to my ear, not even remembering for a moment that the only one who would call me on this phone was Darla. "Hello?"

"Good morning slut. Awesome performance last night." It was Darla and the momentary normalcy of my morning was stripped away that fast. "I have a few things for you today slut."

What the hell was this slut stuff all of a sudden? I am certainly not a slut.

"I know you did your five already. It's rather disappointing really, but I'm going to leave that for now. However, since the girls and I so enjoyed your time with my lesbo sister, you will have her for a sleep over at least one weeknight a week from now on."

That, though invasive, wasn't really so bad, I thought. Then I remembered that I am not allowed to cum. I'm not even sure how I could ever forget with my nipples beaming constantly.

"I don't want you in trouble, so I am going to try to keep everything out of the classroom from now on. Rebecca is having a fit about it, just so you know. She really does despise you." She laughed. "Besides, I don't want your grades to fall. That is important, I don't want you blowing off homework or studying for my games. Not that it will give you an excuse, just that you need to fit it all in."

I just listened and smiled at my friends while they kept mouthing 'who is on the phone?' and making faces at me to make me laugh.

"Now, I have a pretty good idea of your schedule. You have second, fourth and sixth periods with Farin right?" Darla asked.

"Yes." I concurred.

"That works out very well. Meet her in the bathroom closest to each class before and after. Run there, get in the last stall, lift your skirt and shirt over your hips and breasts and close your eyes and leave the door open and wait. Keep your eyes closed until she leaves. No matter what happens, no matter who she brings with her, you will keep your body exposed and your eyes closed and do as she says. You understand?"

I gulped. "I don't think that can happen." I mumbled.

"It damn well better happen. I have been very nice to you up to now and that is going to change. You haven't begun to see my bitchy side yet, but you will soon. You know I can make you do things by physical force if need be. If you disobey, I will just let Rebecca recruit two or three more of her friends to get in on our little games. She won't bring anyone in there who will take your precious cherry or will tell a soul about you, so you just do as you are told."

I whimpered into the phone. Darla heard it. "Good, I can tell you understand me now. No lunch today, you lost that with your hesitation, you will be in the stall as I described for the entire lunch period, so make your excuses beforehand if you must. Question me again and there will be more consequences."

"Rebecca has something special planned for you after your detention. You do what she tells you to do; I already cleared it with her. I swear that girl is evil, I have had to turn down about twenty things she wanted to do to you so far. That girl has been writing a book of things she wants to do to you." She laughed.

I moaned.

"Shouldn't you say something?" Darla asked.

"Thank You?" I returned. She really wanted me to thank her? For what? For messing up my life?

"Yes you ungrateful little cunt. You want more?" She was mean.

"Thank you." I said it this time, though begrudgingly.

"That wasn't very convincing slut. Since you don't appreciate my looking out for you, I am giving her one more thing of her choice from her list to do to you. How do you like that? Want to go for a third?" She kept her voice calm this time.

"Thank you very much." I pleaded with her.

"Much better whore. I will pick you up after cheerleader workouts. I'll give you and Julie a ride home."

"Thanks." I said.

"You're welcome bitch. See you later." Darla snarled.


I hung up the phone and clinched my eyes shut tightly. I didn't even want to think about what Rebecca had planned. God, I hate that bitch. The bell rang and Miss Galler commanded our attention to the front with a clearing of her voice.

"Who was that?" Julie asked in a whisper.

"Darla." I groaned.

"Oh." Julie replied. "It looked like she upset you."

"Yeah." I whispered. "She's a pain in the ass."

Julie giggled.

"Girls, would you like another day?" Miss Galler called to us. The whole class laughed.

"No thanks Miss Galler." Julie smiled back at her.

She made a zipping action on her lip, not that we needed explanation.

Class went on as usual. It was refreshing. I wasn't being humiliated and I wasn't numb. I was horny as all hell, but I found the class very distracting and stimulating in its own way. We found out more details about the composition assignment and I started scribbling some ideas on my notebook.

I couldn't help but throw in some pictures. I love to draw. I was in the midst of a lifelike drawing of a cheerleader in uniform when I felt a hard nudge in my side from Julie and heard my name. "Miss Fitch!" It was Miss Galler.

"Yes Maam?" I asked, looking up.

She sighed. "Did you come up with a topic for your composition?"

"Oh, I was just jotting down some ideas." I said, I scowled over to Julie for not warning me earlier and she just giggled and shrugged her shoulders.

"Well? Would you like to enlighten me as to the concepts that you have compiled?" She asked.

I flushed a little with embarrassment as every eye seemed on me. "Well, I thought about writing something like 'My weeks as a cheerleader'." Sara, Gina, Cat and Jen laughed. Julie snickered and I giggled lightly.

"Yes, well I am not sure that will make a good story, but let me see it when you get started." She smiled.

Okay, that was probably an unnecessary side trek, but it portrays the normalcy of the first class that day. When the bell rang, I shook with apprehension and slowly rose from my desk, bade Julie and the girls goodbye and headed to the bathroom.

I trudged. I don't think I had ever trudged before in my life, but it seemed the appropriate method of travel. Arriving at the nearest bathroom to the second period math class, I entered the last stall, exhaled deeply. I lifted my shirt over my breasts, my skirt over my hips and clinched my eyes shut and waited.

I didn't wait long before I heard footsteps clicking into the room. They didn't speak, but I could tell by the clicking of heels, there was more than one person. I held my breath, not daring to make a sound. What if it wasn't Farin and someone just saw me standing here like this? How humiliating that would be. How would I explain it?

The door opened, I heard it and felt the breeze from it opening. I listened intently and heard a gasp. Then I heard a whisper. "I would have never believed it if I hadn't seen it." I heard giggling and then the bodies, two, I thought, entered the stall and close the door and lock the latch.

The whispering girl laughed louder. "Oh God, she has rubber bands on her nipples."

"Yeah, she likes people to see them poking through her shirt. She's such a slut." That was Rebecca's voice. Where the hell was Farin?

"What will she do?" The voice was whispered and I couldn't recognize it. I wasn't sure though, whispers are easy to disguise.

"What do you want her to do?" Rebecca answered. "Tell her, she'll do it."

Giggling. I panted in fear and humiliation. I kept my eyes clinched tight. I felt it better not to know who I was about to do whatever it was I was about to do for.

"Kneel down." The hushed voice commanded.

Whimpering, I placed my hand against the wall and lowered myself to my knees.

The girl giggled again and it burned my ears. My face felt so red. I trembled as I knelt there for the unknown.

"Lick the floor." She laughed.

I hesitated. That was just disgusting. I was rewarded with a hard slap on the back of my head. "Do it bitch." It was Rebecca.

I let a tear slip down over my cheek and I swore I heard it sizzle from my flushed face. Trembling, I leaned down, on all fours with my hands and with a disgusted grimace on my face extended my tongue and touched it to the floor.

"Oh my God." The voice twittered. "That is awesome. We better go get to class. We'll be late."

"Not really, there are two minutes left before the bell." Rebecca chimed in. "Watch this." Rebecca sneered.

I felt her straddle me and lower herself onto my back. "Don't you dare let me fall bitch." It was Rebecca, not that I didn't figure that out anyway.

"Giddy-up horsy." She laughed and let her weight fall on my back. Tears free flowed down my cheeks through my clinched eyes as I took a step forward with her riding me. I couldn't really go far, it was a handicap stall, but not that big. I felt the toilet against my forearm and moved around it, trying to frame in my mind how much space I had.

WHACK! Rebecca slapped my bare ass with her hand. "Faster horsy or I am going to take you out into the bathroom for a spin."

I started struggling to walk around in a circle. She was so heavy on my back. I crawled on hands and knees while she rode me, her right hand gripping me by my hair. When I had circled once, she slapped my ass again and I circled a second time.

The other girl was laughing and giggling the whole time. "Want a ride?" Rebecca asked her.

"No thanks." The girl answered in laughter. "Maybe another time."

Rebecca got up and slapped my ass. "Good pony. Now lay flat on the floor"

I wept and lay down on the floor, the cold tile burning at my nipples. I could feel the toilet against my side.

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