Darla's Games Day 05


"See you in class." Rebecca said. For a moment I thought she was talking to me. "Remember, not a word to anyone."

"Okay, what a secret to keep." The girl laughed. "See you at lunch pony." She giggled.

The door unlatched and opened and closed and latched again. I heard the footsteps leaving down the bathroom and then leave the bathroom.

"Alone at last." Rebecca laughed. "I gotta pee. Just stay there and no peeking you little lez."

I grunted as she stood on my back. I heard her rustling her clothes and then the weight left as she sat on the toilet and kept her feet on my back. She began peeing, I heard the splash.

"Carrie, this is so good. I hope you keep hesitating for Darla. I have so many nasty things to do to you. Not so high and mighty anymore are you?" Rebecca taunted me.

I just shivered and sobbed quietly. I wouldn't give her the sick pleasure of a response.

"I bet you like it you sick little bitch. Darla told me how you went down on Farin last night. I always knew she was bisexual, but you." She laughed. "I always thought you were just a prim little virgin waiting for Prince Charming; imagine my surprise to find it was Princess Charming."

She finished releasing, as evidenced by the halt of the splashing sound. She moved her feet off me and I figured she was going to let me go now. I was wrong.

"Damn. I hate this rough toilet paper they put in here." She moaned in an over exaggerated discomfort. "I know. Let's try your talented little lezzy tongue."

I shook my head no. "Yes, I think so Carrie. That is off my list. Want me to call Darla? I'd love to get another item off my wish list today."

I moaned out loud in frustration and repulsion. I felt my way to my knees and then repositioned myself to face the toilet. I leaned in shaking and sobbing.

"Hurry up bitch, the bell will ring soon." Rebecca grabbed my hair and pulled my face hard into her pussy. I felt so revolted I nearly heaved up. My face was rubbed against her pussy and it was wet with her piss.

Whimpering, I put my tongue out and licked. It was the salty taste of pee, but mixed with something else, the tangy taste of her pussy. My eyes clinched I licked the length of her slit.

"Nice," Rebecca gasped. She pulled my head tight to her pussy and rubbed it against my face. She let go and pushed me away roughly.

"Your done for now. See you after class." She got up and left me there.

I sobbed and opened my eyes. My hands went first to my clothes to pull them back into place and then to my piss and pussy juice coated face. I cried for a minute, even after the bell rang, I knelt there and cried. This was unbearable to be treated like this. I felt myself becoming unhinged, a little bit insane.

I finally worked up the strength to get up to my feet and went and looked at my face in the mirror. I washed my face with hot water and soap. I took gulps from the sink and washed the taste from my tongue and swished and spit about ten times. Finally done crying, I dried my face with the paper towels and took out my phone.

I dialed Darla. She didn't answer, it went to voice mail. I didn't want to leave it on a message. I staggered out of the bathroom and around the corner to second period.

When I walked in, Mr. Thatch hadn't yet reached my name. He looked at me.

"Detention Miss Fitch."

I shrugged. I didn't really care just then, it was probably a blessing to have another fifteen minutes without Rebecca. I looked up at where I knew I was expected to sit. Rebecca was smiling at me so cruelly I wanted to slap her face. She patted the seat next to her. I looked at the other cheerleaders. They were all smiling at me and I didn't catch any sign that one of them had been there for my degradation.

Then my eyes drifted to Farin. She looked up and met my gaze and then dropped it to the floor again. I finished my stroll up the aisle and sat down on my seat between Farin and Rebecca.

Rebecca immediately started writing in her book, smiling at me in implication of just having thought of something else. I turned away from her and looked at Farin. She wouldn't look at me, but as I sat with my book out, she reached over and gripped my hand. She was shaking.

The teacher started reading and the whole class pretty much zoned out. I squeezed Farin's hand, it felt comforting. Rebecca then slid a note onto my desk. I reluctantly read it.

"At break just before lunch, go to the bathroom on the first floor in the back stall and strip off naked and put everything in your bag." It read.

I crumpled the note up and tossed it into my book bag.

Rebecca leaned into me so she could whisper in my ear. "I talked to Brad and his cousin. Charles agreed to let you have a turn sucking Brad's cock on our hot double date. I can't wait. I really hate going down on him, I mean it's just so non-gratifying. God, revenge is sweet."

"Oh, and change in plans Friday night. Invite Julie to a slumber party at my house. My parents are out of town for the weekend. I know she wanted to quadruple date or whatever, but you are with Brad, Charles and I from the game to the party. We'll let things go wherever from there." Rebecca added.

I moaned loud enough that a couple of people turned their heads toward me.

"Brad and Charles want to see you go down on Farin Friday night. I'm going to try to make that happen. It should be fun to watch. Maybe Brad will fuck me while you demonstrate your lezzy love skills." She taunted.

I kept my eyes trained straight ahead at the blackboard, refusing to look at her for fear I would have no power to stop from punching her in the face. Farin kept gripping my hand and trembling. She refused to meet my eyes though. I wondered was it because of what happened or what was going to happen.

I decided not to think about it, as best I could prevent the terrifying reality from entering my mind every second. I actually concentrated on Math to tune out Rebecca's twittering in my ear. It didn't work very well.

"Next time you better run to the bathroom like you were told. It would be a pity to have to tell Darla you walked." Rebecca warned.

Eventually, the bell rang and I grabbed my bag. I looked at Farin, but she still refused to meet my eyes. I left class and did a deliberately fast walk for the bathroom around the corner. I went inside the stall, tossed my book bag to the back corner and stood by it. I pulled my top and skirt up, closed my eyes and wept silently.

I didn't have to wait long for the click of heels on the floor. They were a bit more rushed this time. I stood shaking with my fear of the pending humiliation. The door swung open and the cool air made me jump. "Knees bitch quickly." Rebecca commanded and I sunk to my knees on the nasty tiled floor.

"Stay still and keep your eyes closed." She instructed and I heard a bag hit the floor and a zipper open. I then heard another zipper and then some snaps coming open and closed. I knew there were two people in the stall with me, but the other person was quiet as Rebecca took control.

"This is a present from Darla." Rebecca giggled. She started putting something over my head. It was cold, smooth and from the smell and feel as it was moved around onto my face, I could tell it was leather. She kept moving it around roughly on my face until it settled about my face and I felt the leather pressing against my entire face.

She struggled with my hair, pulling it roughly and stuffing it into the back of the leather casing on my head. I could feel how the leather molded to my nose and left an open circle around my mouth. "This will never work." Rebecca muttered as she made me squeak each time she tugged my hair.

"Idiot." Whispered a voice and I felt the second person push Rebecca away. I hadn't recognized the whisper and I struggled to think of who it was. Farin? She grabbed my hair, much more gently and pulled it all together like she was going to make a pony tail. Then I heard and felt her zip the back of the head cover up until my pony tail was left apparently right from the top of my head.

"Oh." Rebecca muttered, embarrassed at being called an idiot.

"But with her hair out, won't someone figure out who it is?" Rebecca asked. "I thought that was the whole reason for doing this?"

The bag was rummaged again and I felt my pony tail tugged together and wrapped at the base with what I assumed was tape. I had to tell all this by feel, but she then wrapped the tape around and around my hair, ever upwards and finally curved it around and taped it again to the base. She had basically turned my hair into a rounded handle on top of my head.

"Oh!" Rebecca exclaimed. "That is awesome."

The bitch grabbed my hair and started yanking my head left and right and up and down with it. "Oh this is going to be so much fun." Rebecca giggled.

The hand of the second person then forcibly pushed hers away and seizing the handle herself began to unwind the tape. It wasn't really that tacky, it didn't pull at my hair a great deal as she unwrapped it.

The bag was rummaged again and Rebecca just laughed and giggled in excitement at whatever the mystery girl was showing her from the bag. The whispered voice seemed slightly familiar, but its owner seemed to be intentionally disguising it so I wouldn't discover the identity.

"Understand?" The voice whispered.

"Yeah, thanks." Rebecca answered in awe.

The door opened and one set of footsteps clicked down the bathroom and out the door.

"No time to play, you need to get to class bitch." Rebecca roughly unzipped and tugged the covering off my face and after some rustling; I heard a zip that signified that the bag was closed.

I then heard Rebecca rustle her own clothes a little bit. Then I felt her ass press against my face. "Kiss it and then you can go." She laughed.

Tears flowed again as I kissed my enemy's ass. She didn't linger, just allowed one quick kiss and pulled away. "Count to fifteen and get up and go. Leave your clothes as they are until you get to the door leaving the bathroom. See you at lunch."

I counted to fifteen as I heard her steps cross the bathroom floor and the sound of the door opening. I stood, and opened my eyes. I picked up my bag and opened the door. I walked out into the main part of the bathroom and washed my face in the sink to remove the clear signs that I had been crying.

My heart was pounding in fear someone would come in and see me there, exposing myself like such a slut. I quickened my pace, dried off my face and walked to the door. Quickly tugging the shirt and skirt back into place, I opened the door and ran down the hall to Miss Simms Social Studies class.

I was nearly out of breath when I turned the corner into the classroom. Julie was already sitting down and tapped her watch as the bell rang, smiling at me. I hurried into my seat and Miss Simms started in almost immediately on The Civil War.

"Where have you been?" Julie asked in a whisper as I rummaged through my book bag for my history book.

"Bathroom." I answered in a hushed voice.

We paid nominal attention to the discussion or lecture and passed notes back and forth on her notepad.

'Rebecca said we are sneaking out of the cafeteria for lunch.' Julie wrote.

'I can't.' I responded in writing and pensively tapped my tongue to my lip. 'Rebecca asked me to go to the lockers to get a proper uniform'

'LOL! Well, I'm glad, that thing you were parading around in Monday was something from uber sluts' She wrote back.

'No doubt. Hey, Rebecca's parents are gone for the weekend and she wanted us to come over after the party Friday night. What do you think?'

Julie read it and smiled, 'Awesome!' She wrote back.

I didn't feel the same way, but I forced what I felt was an unsuccessful exuberant smile. 'Is Chad driving you to the party?' A much needed change of subject.

'Yeah, since you aren't riding with.' She stuck her tongue out at me as I read it.

'Sorry, wish I could.'

'No biggie. We'll hang when we get there.' Julie wrote.

'Yeah, should be fun.' I answered.

We paid attention a bit after that when Miss Simms eyeballed us. Soon enough, the bell rang and we started talking.

"So, what does this Charles guy look like?" Julie asked.

"I don't know." I laughed. "I just kind of agreed because Rebecca begged me and I didn't have a date."

"I hope he's cute." Julie frowned.

I exhaled sharply. "Yeah, me too."

Once our bags were packed, I remembered that I couldn't walk to class with her. I had to run to the bathroom again. "See you in class, I forgot my book." I lied.

"K, see ya Carrie." Julie waved as she walked.

I ran around the corner and dashed towards the bathroom, which was fortunately on the way to my locker. By the time I turned the corner, I was sure I had outdistanced my best friend and quickly ducked into the bathroom and into the stall at the end. I threw my bag to the floor, lifted my skirt and shirt and closed my eyes.

I heard a couple of girls come into the bathroom, chatting and talking, which was unusual based upon the previous two times. Also, neither voice was Farin's or Rebecca's. They took stalls earlier on and I held my breath. They kept chatting about music and stuff as they used the restroom.

I heard the door open and footsteps, only one pair, cross the bathroom and then enter my stall. A body pressed against mine and I gasped. I felt hot breath on my ear. "Open your eyes and pull down your clothes." It was Farin, whispering so as not to be heard by the girls in the other stalls.

I quickly and joyously responded to her request. Our eyes met and she wouldn't hold the gaze again. Perhaps to avoid the pressure to look at me, she hugged me tight and leant her cheek against my head, forcing my face to her shoulder. I hugged her back, glad for the warmth and ecstatic that Rebecca wasn't there.

"I'm so sorry." She sobbed.

The two girls finished using the toilets and washed their hands and left, still gabbing away.

The solitude allowed her to raise her voice a little. "She wouldn't let me ..." She trailed off. "I'm sorry."

"I know Farin." I squeezed her tight. "What are you all doing at lunch?" I asked and tried to pull back to gauge her reaction, but she held me and wouldn't let go.

"I'm not going to be there. I can't watch it. Just do as Rebecca says and mind everything Darla says from now on." She kissed my cheek. "I tried so hard Carrie. I begged and pleaded and ..." She trailed off again, lost for words.

My level of concern went up about twenty notches. What the hell were they going to do to me at lunch? Somehow, I knew she wouldn't answer me, so I just held her and we cried together. After a couple of minutes, we knew we had to get to class. She took my hands in hers and we kissed softly and parted the stall to wash our faces. As we exited the door, we released our hands from one another and walked to fourth period together in silence. We took our appointed seats about thirty seconds before the bell rang.

I was a nervous wreck throughout Biology. I tried to pay attention. Julie and I didn't even pass notes much. I knew in forty-five minutes I would be completely naked in the stall on the first floor and the thought placed panic in my mind.

The forty-five minutes seemed to go on for hours. Then again, it didn't seem to last nearly long enough before the bell rang and I told Julie I'd see her later, I had to run to the locker rooms before lunch bell.

We headed off in different directions, her for the lockers on the second floor, me for the bathroom farthest from the cafeteria on the first floor. I went into the appointed stall and with trembling hands pulled off my shirt, watching my boobs bounce as they were released from whatever support the shirt offered. I put it in the bag. Then I removed my boots and socks and put them in the bag. Finally, I took off my skirt as well and once enclosed, I zipped the bag up and put it in the back of the stall.

I stood there, naked and vulnerable. I couldn't stop trembling. It seemed like an eternity, but within a minute, I heard footsteps and my heart leapt into my throat.

"Kneel quickly." Rebecca ordered after latching the stall door. I heard a heavy bag fall to the floor. I knelt down and heard the zipper pull open and within seconds, the leather smelling mask was zipping up to leave my hair pulled into a pony tail on top. She worked quickly and roughly, moving me with her hands as I clinched my eyes closed.

Another minute passed and my hair was bound in that revolting handle. Then she had me stand and told me I could open my eyes if I wished. I opened them and thought for a moment someone had turned out the lights. Finally, I realized that the leather hood over my head covered my eyes so I couldn't see.

"The lie about the outfit was great." Rebecca mused as she worked. She must have spoken to Julie. "It gives Farin a good reason not to be here too."

She worked quickly and somewhat efficiently. She had me put on some extremely tight leathery pants. They were cold but smooth as they basically stretched over my legs as I pulled them up. It was hard to balance without seeing. I nearly fell once and Rebecca caught me and slapped my tit hard for falling against her. I squeaked, but didn't complain as I balanced and pulled the tight, stretching leather up and over my ass. It only came to just over the widest part of my hips.

I struggled with the zip and snap and finally got them done. She then helped me into a leathery long sleeved shirt. It was very hard to get into. She finally had to unzip the wrists and sides to get it over my hooded head. It was a battle to tug the bottom over my chest and when she finally did, I could feel my breasts squeezed tight to my chest, but my nipples were open to the air.

She zipped the sides and sleeves and the shirt came only to the middle of my rib cage. I bit my lip to stop from screaming when she roughly grabbed my left breast around my nipple and pulled it up and down and left and right until it squeezed through a hole there. She repeated with the other breast and I was panting and squirming.

"Want to see?" She giggled.

I shook my head no. I really didn't.

"Sit." She ordered. I felt my way to the toilet and sat on the closed lid of it. She put ankle socks on each foot and then worked with me, telling me when to push, to sink my feet into a pair of very heavy boots. Once my feet were inside the foot of both boots, she zipped them up and told me to stand.

As I sat my feet on the floor, I realized there was no way I would be able to stand. The heels of these boots were so high; they forced me practically to my toes. There was only a slight curve at the balls of my feet. I figured that they were about five or six inches of heels in the back. She laughed and grabbed my hand and arm and pulled me up.

She opened the stall door and I panicked. I pulled back, not wanting to go anywhere like this. She smacked my ass hard, but I still pushed backwards from the door. She smacked it as hard as she could and I squealed and followed her.

Her hand went to my eye and I heard and felt her pull on a part of the hood and with my eyes open, noticed that she was pulling a cover off my eye. "Just a peek, then I am closing it back up." She giggled.

She pulled it off all the way and I stared into the mirror at the strangest woman I had ever seen. Aside from my midsection, my body was covered head to toe in black stretching leather. It shined, apparently kept polished much more than my boots had ever been. I looked in the mirror from the wide toe of the boot to the high block heel. I followed every curvature of my legs, my ass when I shifted to the side, my breasts hung out obscenely against the black leather backdrop, nipples still bound in those disgusting rubber bands. There was a large hole at my mouth so the entirety of my lips was visible.

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