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Darla's Games Day 06


Day 6: Thursday

My alarm got me up right on time. I smiled at the clock, feeling refreshed from sleep. I groaned lightly at my ass. It did still ache quite a bit, but the burn was gone. I looked at it in the mirror and while still discolored, it seemed to be healing already.

I set about my morning chores. I sat facing the computer with my legs spread wide, imagining Jill and Sue watching me. I pictured Sue with her own legs spread, fingering herself madly, while Jill told her to cum over and over again. I spiraled quickly towards an orgasm and stopped myself just short. I was shivering with need.

Every time I touched myself, it was like the last four days of unsated desire were back on me again. I had to rest more and more between the attempts for fear I would cum at a single touch. I made a mental note to move my alarm up about a half hour tomorrow. I thought about what happened yesterday. Somehow the beating in the bathroom barely crossed my mind.

What I thought about, what I tried to understand, was Jill and Sue. Such an amazing relationship, it filled me with wonder and intrigue. I found myself looking forward to the end of this bet so I could visit with them. I leaned up and imagined Sue licking me to orgasm after delightful orgasm and me with my face buried between Jill's thighs. I groaned in delight and had to once again yank my hand away to prevent an orgasm.

I kept going. Resting, pensively considering their relationship, then ramming myself full steam towards an orgasm that had me between Jill and Sue. I finished all five near orgasms before I went to shower for the first time since this nightmare began. It was refreshing to know I wouldn't stink of sex and sweat for a change.

I showered, gave myself the enema. I hated that, but it wasn't really so bad anymore. It was disgusting and uncomfortable, but not so terrible. I showered and washed my hair. I dried off on my way to my room and shut the door.

I put on my nipple bands and wrote DARLA in my ass. I was singing while I was doing it. That was odd. Finally, I dressed. I picked out the least revealing shirt and skirt I could find and put them on. I put on my boots and headed down with my book bag. I had a cup of coffee with Mom, ate a banana and rolled out for school.

Julie was at the bus stop and I instantly engaged her into conversation. We talked about school and cheerleading and the party. I told her my stomach was in pain. She laughed.

"Rebecca can be a bitch." Julie smiled.

I thought, 'if you only knew.'

"You don't have any baby fat." She giggled. "In case you didn't know."

I stuck my tongue out at her.

We got off the bus and I parted from Julie, and headed to the bathroom. Farin saw me in the hall and skipped towards me. She was smiling brightly. I smiled back at her and we walked into the bathroom together. We went to the last stall and closed the door behind us.

I went to show her my ass and she giggled. "Carrie, I trust you. Just tell me if you didn't do something and we'll fix it."

I looked at her and smiled.

"Now get over here and kiss me please. I was so spoiled Tuesday night and I missed you." Farin smiled.

We kissed and hugged and felt each other up. I slid my hand under her skirt and felt her ass. She did the same. I winced and she pulled away.

"Oh God baby, I'm so sorry. I forgot." Farin apologized.

I giggled. "It's okay Farin. It actually feels much better."

"Jill knows her shit." Farin smiled.

I thought, 'oh yes she does', but I didn't say it. I fell back into Farin's arms and we kissed. About then, the phone rang in my pocket. I pulled it out as Farin and I continued to kiss. I laughed and pushed her away as I pulled the phone to my ear.

"Good morning Darla." Farin started sucking on my earlobe and making me giggle.

"Good morning slut." Darla stated in her normal 'cheerful' manner. "I want you to understand something."

Farin lifted my shirt and started sucking my nipple. I tried to push her away, but she pushed me against the wall, giggling. "Ow!" My head hit the wall.

"Tell my sister to stop Carrie." She must have heard her.

"Farin, please stop. Darla said so." I told her.

"Ohhh" She said, laughing and feasted on my nipple again while holding me against the wall.

I moaned and then pulled the phone back to my ear. "Okay, Darla."

"Okay, little girl," Darla began, "I know you are all on cloud nine again. Get off it now."

Farin shoved a hand under my skirt and slipped her fingers towards my snatch. I giggled and tried to pull away. "Stop it Farin." I told her, while holding my hand over the receiver.

"Today, you will go into the bathroom as you did yesterday, only you will take your shirt off, pull your skirt up and stand with your legs wide open and eyes closed. Farin will come in once, Rebecca once and Courtney once. You will call me after each time and tell me who you think it was. We will do this every class break until you get it right."

I was squirming and Farin forced two fingers up my wet pussy. She kept sucking my nipple. I moaned into the phone.

"God damn it Carrie. Put my sister on the phone." Darla yelled.

I panted as I pushed the phone down to Farin's ear. I could still hear her screaming. Farin giggled at her and I began to think that this was not going to work. Apparently, Darla had the same thought though for different reasons.

"Fine, I'm sorry Darla." Farin spat and she pulled her fingers out of me and released my nipple and pulled my shirt down over my breasts.

She handed me back the phone and sat back and grinned at me.

"You can start after first period." She said. "After cheer practice, tell Julie you forgot a book from your locker. Go upstairs and strip naked in the hall and put all your clothes in your locker. Then go into your homeroom and sit under your teacher's desk."

I shook my head as the words sunk in.

"Carrie? You got it?" Darla asked.

"I ..." I stammered.

Darla laughed. "Someone will be up for you, don't worry, I won't leave you there long. Have a great day." *click*

My mouth opened wide. I told Farin about it and she laughed.

"God, that is so hot." Farin said and started in again.

"If it's so hot why don't you do it?" I laughed.

She shoved me against the wall and lifted my skirt. She sank to her knees and I instinctively spread my legs. She looked up at me smiling. "Because I'm not a slut." She laughed and slammed her mouth on my pussy.

I moaned loud. God, it felt so good. "Oh Farin, please don't. Honey, I can't last long."

She slurped loudly as she smacked her lips sucking and licking my slit. I was spiraling to orgasm fast. She licked and sucked and slurped. I was going to cum. She wasn't going to stop and I couldn't gather the willpower to stop her. "I..."

And just as I was on the pinnacle, she yanked away and tugged my skirt down. She laughed at me as I humped my hips at her.

"God damn you Farin, it isn't funny!" I screamed and grabbed my bag.

She blocked the door, still laughing at me.

"Fuck you Farin, it isn't funny." I was insane with need.

"Oh Carrie. I love you. Kiss me." She moved to kiss me and I pushed her away.

I backed into the stall and pouted at her.

She laughed. "Carrie."

"Just shut up Farin. It isn't funny. You have no idea what it's like."

"Yes, actually I do." Farin said and she smiled. "Baby, look, I hope like hell that I get to give you that orgasm when it's time. I think, given how well I know your body, that Darla will let me do it for you. When you go a long time without cumming, and then you finally get to cum..." She closed her eyes and moaned. "It is unbelievable. I have been there. I know."

She leaned in to kiss me again. I maintained my anger and turned away. "You smell like pussy. Brush your stinking teeth."

I couldn't hold it, I laughed. She laughed. And we kissed again.

"Hey Carrie?" She said between kisses.

"Yeah Farin?"

"Will you go down on me today?" She moaned and kissed me again.

"Sure." I muttered.

We kissed again. I was a little pissed at her for wanting me to go down on her. But, if the roles were reversed, I guess I would want the same. The bell rang.

We broke off the kiss and headed to our homerooms. Overall, it was a normal first period again. I was apprehensive about the after school nudity planned, but I didn't let it affect me too much. Julie had narrowed her Friday party dress decision to a red dress I had seen her in before. I thought it looked great and told her so. The other option was a blue dress that I hadn't seen. They both sounded lovely and I offered to come over to look at them after school.

The bell rang to end class and I headed to the bathroom. I wondered what the three girls would do that would make it so hard to tell them apart. Farin loves me, Rebecca hates me and Courtney wanted me to go down on her. Pretty simple stuff, I thought.

Nonetheless, I was a ball of nerves as I closed the stall door. I put my shirt in my bag, lifted my skirt up above my hips and closed my eyes and spread my legs. I listened for the door. It opened about half a minute later and I shivered.

I kept my eyes closed and heard the door open, shut and latch. Two hands reached out and touched my breasts. I gasped. They fondled me and then rolled my nipples. I moaned. The hands squeezed my nipples and then I felt lips touch my left nipple as the hand left.

She was sucking my nipple and I was quaking in my boots. I could feel myself getting wetter by the moment. She switched to the other nipple and sucked. I was in heaven. She kissed down over my belly. Her breath was so hot and lovely.

She then placed both hands on my breasts and touched her tongue to my clit. I shook in desperate need almost right away. "Oh God." I moaned. The tongue worked my pussy up and down. I was pretty sure it wasn't Farin. She had never done it quite like this.

I grunted and moaned again. One hand left my breast and reached into my up turned skirt pocket. She pulled out my phone and flipped it open. I heard her pushing numbers into the phone and then hit the talk button. She pushed it into my hand and resumed lapping my pussy.

"Who is it slut?" Darla asked.

I moaned. "C-Courtney." I gasped as she latched onto my clit and sucked.

"Talk to you next period." Darla laughed. "Keep your eyes closed until she leaves the bathroom." *click*

I closed the phone and the unknown tongue left my quivering pussy.

She opened the door and left. I waited until I heard the bathroom door open and close. I opened my eyes and pulled my skirt down and got my shirt from my bag and put it on as well. I was so needy. God, I wanted nothing more than to cum.

I strolled out of the bathroom and into second period math. I looked inside as I entered the room to see Courtney and Rebecca whispering to one another and giggling. I rolled my eyes. With a deep exhale, I went to my chair without acknowledging them. Farin would be there soon.

I gasped. Farin wasn't there. Was it Farin? Oh God, if I got Farin wrong.

But whoever she was left before me. So it couldn't be Farin. I thought maybe I was right.

Rebecca leaned over to me and whispered, "Courtney wants you to go down on her before practice today. Find an excuse to stay behind Julie."

I groaned. Courtney giggled.

Farin walked in, smiling at me and flopped into her chair.

"Hey Farin." Rebecca called to her. She shrugged her off. Amazing how love can make you rethink your friends.

"Was it you?" I whispered to Farin.

She giggled. "No, no, no Carrie. You have to play fair. I'll tell you at fourth period."

We held hands. The bell rang and Mr. Thatch started the class after roll call.

Rebecca stuck a piece of paper in my right hand and giggled like mad. I was going to just drop it, but thinking it might be incriminating, I kept it. Opening the piece of paper, I read what the bitch had to say.

Carrie is such a slut

I know, what is your point?

I need an orgasm

When do you want it?


Trade seats with me

I looked up and Rebecca winked at me. While Mr. Thatch looked at the board, she switched seats with Courtney, who squeezed into the seat, turned her legs toward me and kept her top half facing the front of the classroom. She rested her head on her right hand and turned to look at me. She blew me a kiss.

I rolled my eyes. She spread her legs and just kept smiling at me. When I didn't do anything, she reached up and took my right hand and pulled it onto her thigh. I sighed and slid my hand up her inner thigh, under her skirt.

I looked around desperately. I sure as hell didn't want anyone to see what I was doing. We were in the back, so someone would have to blatantly turn around in their seat to see anything, and since I was doing this inside her thigh and under her skirt, it would be a near impossibility for anyone to do more than imagine they saw what they thought they saw.

When my fingertips touched her panty clad mound, I mistakenly looked at her face. Courtney was looking right at me and blew me another kiss. She smiled at me, and then motioned downward with her eyes. I yanked my head back to face the front and pulled her panty to the side.

Her pussy was already very wet. I pushed two fingers tentatively into her. She wiggled a little. I started to finger her in and out and reached my thumb over her clit to stimulate her further. She leaned her pussy up to me to give me more access.

I finger fucked her for about five minutes, thumbing her clit the whole time and she finally bucked and spasmed and her vaginal walls squeezed tight around my fingers. I just kept going until she stopped and pulled my fingers out, stretching her panty back over her open lips.

I refused to look at her and considered what to do with the heavily glistening fingers that had just been buried in her snatch. I felt her hand on my wrist and she guided my hand to my mouth. I sighed and just got it over with. I sucked my fingers off and she let my wrist go. I looked over at her and she giggled and mouthed 'thank you'. She turned back around in her seat.

I looked over at Farin. She was pissed. She had obviously seen what happened and glared at me. I shrugged my shoulders at her and exhaled heavily. What did she want me to do?

The class drug on and finally the bell rang. I decided I hated second period. I went to the bathroom and dejectedly headed into the appointed stall, removed my shirt, closed my eyes and lifted my skirt. I spread my legs and waited.

I didn't wait long. The door opened and closed and I was instantly attacked. A mouth landed on my nipple and fingers at my pussy and another hand on my unoccupied breast. I bit my lip not to moan. The fingers were accurate in their guess that I hadn't needed any warming up as they shoved in and out in a flurry.

The eagerness made me think of Farin and when the mouth left my nipple and traded places with the fingers that had been shoved up my cunt, I knew it was her. Her right hand left my breast, fished out my phone and dialed, then pushed it to my hand. She never stopped devouring my pussy and I was fighting with all my being not to cum. I hadn't been told, but I figured the punishment would be severe.

"Who is it slut?" Darla asked laughingly.

"Fuck," I gasped trying not to cum so hard it hurt, "Farin," I moaned, "It's Farin."

"Okay, good girl," Darla replied. "You know your pussy eaters well. Rebecca would have been last so you win this game. Do you want to cum Carrie?"

I moaned so loudly, I was worried people would hear it even out in the busy halls. "Yes, please." I begged.

Darla laughed. "Soon my little girl, but not today. Tell Farin to stop before she gives you a heart attack."

"F-Farin, God, please stop!" I grunted, moaning with lust.

Farin giggled and giving a last lick from hole to clit she pulled away and stood up.

"Good girl Carrie. I hope one day you will be able to stop yourself. But I know it will take awhile." Darla said. "Go to class you saucy little slut." *click*

"Open your eyes." Farin said. "You know it's me anyway."

I opened my eyes and saw her with her face glistening with my juices. "Lick the juice off my face Carrie."

I hesitated. I didn't really want to. But Farin came close and kissed me and I did. I tasted myself on her tongue and face. I didn't taste bad, but it was repulsive to me for some reason to taste myself. Still, I licked her face because she wanted me to.

When I finished to her satisfaction, we kissed again and then I got my shirt on and my skirt down and we parted ways for third period. I was ecstatic that I wouldn't spend any time alone with Rebecca. My ass, though visibly healing quite well, was still quite sore, a constant reminder to me never to piss Darla off again.

Still, all these things were so subordinate in my mind to the time I spent last night with Jill and Sue. I couldn't wait for another opportunity to share the company of either of them. I really desperately wanted to spend the night in the spare bedroom, pull all the furniture into the center of the room, and spend a sleepless night tracing the entire mural.

I promised myself to make that happen some day. For some reason, I think Jill would be pleased if I did. And Sue, well, I think she would be pleased as well. I had always thought she didn't like me before last night. She was an odd person to be sure.

Every other time I had seen her, she seemed so, unintelligent. I saw her in a whole new light now, like she was a lot more than a scantily clad, slutty looking... okay, now I was describing myself as well. Was Darla trying to make me into a Sue for her? I surely hoped not.

And as that thought crossed my mind, Julie jumped out and screeched a happy hello and made me jump in surprise at her jolting me from my thoughts. We went to third period together and remained bored through another forty-five minutes on the Civil War.

Bell rang, and I was relieved as hell I didn't have to rush off to a fucking bathroom stall for the first time in two days. I walked the halls with Julie and we laughed and talked and it was just awesomely normal and boring.

In Biology, we were learning about human anatomy, and there were always giggles during the class. I hadn't really partaken of the subject matter in the last few days due to my apprehension at other aspects of my life. It was refreshing to slide a note to Julie about the flaccid penis pictured on page 72 of our book.

We headed together for lunch, Farin joined us from Biology. I had to reconcile my feelings for Farin, because while I was very into her sexually, I wasn't sure where this was going. But, for now, I could put that on hold.

Julie and I sat with the cheerleaders and I got more than one dirty look from our friends at 'our' table. Sara kept looking back at us, I missed her. I missed all of them really. Julie, on the other hand, didn't seem to miss them at all.

She was getting along so well with the other cheerleaders. Not Farin so much, she was too far up my ass to give Julie much notice. Not Rebecca either, to her, Julie was just an annoyance that was necessary to deal with me. But she wasn't even sitting next to me. She sat over with April and Courtney. The same Courtney, who occasionally blew me a kiss or winked at me from across the table.

I felt like I was losing my BFF and it really bothered me. Especially to that dyke Courtney. I was really starting to hate her. She was so non-reciprocal, just wanted me to go down on her at the drop of a hat. It was kind of sexy, but annoying.

Farin, if she were any closer, she would be on my lap. She was totally trying to publicize our relationship and I was sure I wasn't ready for that. I mean, most people I knew were pretty liberal when it comes to bi-sexuality, but lesbianism was rather taboo. It was an instant one way ticket to freakdom.

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