Darla's Games Day 12


The thing that started to enthrall me, to excite me a little, was how normal this was feeling at the moment. Here I was in a class room full of fellow students and I was fingering someone else as if it were acceptable behavior. This assaulted my sense of morality, but at the same time, made me feel rather sexy. I went with the feeling and just continued in the vaginal exploration of Courtney.

I could tell everything felt good to her. Well, wouldn't it feel good to anyone? But there were things that made her react in a different way and I took this opportunity to find what I could about her 'buttons'.

Her clitoris was probably a good bit less sensitive than my own. Of course, I knew first hand that she had orgasmic release several times last night, whereas I had not since Sunday morning. Even so, my clitoris gets very erect and red after a few minutes and becomes almost painful to touch. Hers seemed to welcome such continued stimulation, like it had a much less sensitive reaction. Not that she didn't love the feeling, in contrast, her body moved slightly every time I ran my thumb across that little nub. I figured that if I wanted to make her cum quickly, this might be the way to go. If I applied constant pressure and play to her clit, I could probably have gotten her off much quicker. This thought spurned me into a self-loathing as I pondered why I didn't just do this and get it over with.

Her lips were soft and plump. I took a few moments to leave her clit alone and play solely with her lips and while she didn't jump or shake at this touch, it was clear that she enjoyed it very much though I didn't get the impression she would ever reach a climax from the toying of these lips. I thought about how much fun it could be on my part to just toy with them all period and leave her wanting an orgasm for a change. With a malicious smile, I decided to do just that.

As to the inside of her, my finger fully imbedding inside her hole, I knew she was no virgin, but then again, how many of my classmates were at this age? I was indeed a novice even to masturbation it seemed. As I pushed my middle finger deep inside her, I brushed once upon a tiny bump, which made her buck slightly. This was interesting to me and wanting to see if it was that or something else, I ceased all other manipulation of her cunt to concentrate on this tiny bump inside her. I was very intrigued by this perceived reaction. Sure enough, the next time I swished my finger around deep inside her I found it again and her hips jumped ever so slightly. So, I looked up at her and pushed and rubbed that little bump over and over again and watched the ever flirtatious Courtney's eyes glaze over in lust. Now, this was interesting. I don't think my tongue would ever reach this deep, so this was perhaps unchartered territory, at least for me. The location, if I had to guess, would have lined up with the back of her clitoris, but maybe an inch higher.

She actually began to roll her hips and I knew I had her. I found the secret to getting Courtney off quick. I didn't know the terminology at the time, but Courtney was definitely a G spot girl. I backed off, preferring to return to my earlier thought of leaving her in need. I left my finger inside her, but kept it clear of that little bump and just played with her petals for the next ten minutes, smiling inwardly.

I was actually ignoring her at this point, as much as I could with a finger in her cunt and my other fingers toying with her lips, when Courtney put a note on my desk. It wasn't even folded and I looked wildly around the room to make sure nobody else had read it before I had folded it tightly in my left hand and tucked it into my notebook. Before I tucked it away, I had shielded the paper and read the words that damned me for my actions.

'This feels so good Carrie, keep this up the rest of class and we are going to the bathroom after the bell so you can finish me off. I guess that is what you really want or you would have just gotten me off with your fingers. Don't change anything for the rest of class. That gives you a good 25 minutes to play sweetly with my pussy. Are you starting to love my pussy? Is that why you have been playing with it so long? Well, I'm glad, because my pussy definitely loves you Carrie. My pussy wants to keep you forever. I was hoping you would fall in love with it.'

I fought back the urge to cry at her interpretation of my actions. I was so angry that she had turned around my plot to backfire on me. So, I would have pussy taste in my mouth all day today. I chastised myself for my stupidity and let my fingers continue to play with her lips.

About five minutes later, as I pointedly ignored Courtney except for my fingers of course, another note appeared on my desk, folded tightly. On the top, it read 'To Farin, For Her Eyes Only'.

I fingered the edge, wanting to "accidentally" sneak a peak at the note when Courtney pinched my forearm hard. I gasped in pain and passed the note dutifully to Farin.

Farin took the note and I looked at her face for some clue as to it's contents. She looked hurt for a moment, then glared at me and let her eyes glide to my hand between Courtney's legs and then away again. She took a piece of paper with a loud rip from her notebook and started writing furiously. I didn't have to wait long to get another note on my desk.

'You are such a slut Carrie. I don't know why I thought we had something special. If this is what you want, to be treated like a common whore, then fine, be a whore Carrie. I will see you in the bathroom after 3rd period so you can lick my cunt too!' I wish I knew what that note to Farin had said. I'm sure it was something along the lines of how I must be enjoying this, but I never found out.

With about ten minutes of class left, I received two or three sheets of paper folded up together. On top it read 'Carrie, read this at fourth period and not before then'. I tucked the paper into my notebook with my left hand.

Five minutes left and my fingers were saturated with Courtney's juices. She never made any motion to stop me and though I wanted to pack up my bags prematurely, I was stuck still toying with her wide opened pussy. Finally, the bell rang and she pulled her hips back in signal for me to stop. My fingertips were glistening as I pulled them from her skirt.

I was about to wipe my hand on my skirt, when Courtney firmly grabbed my wrist and led my hand towards my mouth. People were turning around now, grabbing their bags and putting their books into them and I panicked. I quickly jolted to my feet and stood in front of Courtney as my fingertips touched my lips. I could see Farin and Rebecca and several of the other cheerleaders had a clear view of me, but it was better than the whole class watching me sucking Courtney's juices off my fingers until she let go of my wrist.

I was wondering if this was crossing the line. This was definitely blatant disregard of my privacy in these matters, which was supposed to be protected. But, I didn't have long to think about that as Courtney got out of her chair and grabbed her own books and started putting them in her bag. "Better hurry," she whispered, "You can't go to your next class until I'm done."

I grabbed my own books and quickly rammed them into my bag and slung it over one shoulder and followed her into the hallway. Outside, everyone was mobbing the halls as usual between classes and as we entered the nearest girl's room, I jumped at the sight of several younger girls joking around in the sink area. I hoped this would deter Courtney, but she just pushed through to one of the stalls and pulled me in behind her.

"Now," she whispered, "sit and finish what you started my sweet pussy licker."

I sat on the toilet and Courtney lifted her skirt and lowered her soaking wet panties, bending all the way down to peel them off her feet. She tucked them into my tank top for safe keeping, and I cringed at the wetness that threatened not only to leave a smell on my breast, but to wetten the thin tank and leave it even more transparent.

There was no reason to wait for a command and I just pushed my face forward and started to eat her dripping pussy. Her juices had already been flowing or over a half hour now, so I quickly found myself gulping down the contents of her cunt. I hated to admit it to myself, and would never share the view with her, but Courtney did have the tastiest juice.

I moved my tongue inside her folds easily and she pushed forward so my nose was imbedded on her clit. She started sliding her pussy up and down in an arcing motion so that she kind of rode my nose and was definitely getting her juices all over my face. "Do that thing with your finger again slut." She whispered a bit too loud for my comfort.

I figured it would get her off my face quicker, so I pushed my middle finger deep inside her and quickly found the little bump inside and started rubbing it hard. It definitely worked, as she started moaning way too loudly and bucking her cunt into my face hard. I was panicked, knowing that the other girls had to hear her and suspect what was going on. Courtney grabbed my hair and held my face into her slit as she slammed my face with abandon.

My world was collapsing. Would the underclassmen out there know who I was? I had to hope not. I definitely heard whispering and giggling outside the stall. Courtney was moaning louder now and I held a finger from my other hand to her lips motioning her to quiet down. She ignored me and started grinding her hips in a circle to coat my entire face with her copious juices.

I wanted to cry. But it was too tiring and I had done way too much of it lately. I renewed my efforts to get her off quick. I thrust that finger around and pushed harder on the bump inside her and she let out the most animalistic noise I had ever heard in my life. She came.

Not like the other times. She came hard. She came furiously. She squirted so much I thought she had pissed on me. It was like an explosion of cum shooting into my face with a splash and washing down my body. And it wasn't just once. While they diminished in quantity with each squirt, she shot off five times and I could feel it dripping down my face and neck and even over my breasts and belly. I held on with my finger inside as she held my head to her pussy so hard I thought she was trying to suffocate me or fit my head into her cunt. She just held me there and her body shook so hard she really did hurt my face as she squeezed against it.

The orgasm seemed to last forever. It probably only lasted a minute though. Finally, she let go of my head and fell loudly against the stall door, releasing my finger in the process. I heard muffled laughter outside and then the bell rang and I heard scrambling outside as the girls who had enjoyed the sounds of Courtney's orgasm fled to their classes. No doubt they had a very interesting story to spread to their friends.

I looked at her face and it was the most blissful expression I have ever seen on another human being. She just leaned there against the door, her chest heaving, her eyes barely seeing me but looking right at me. Courtney reached up and held the top of the stall door as if she were going to fall to the floor if she didn't hold on tightly. The bell had rung, we were late and she didn't seem to care.

I stared at her, both of us speechless for awhile. Slowly, her chest ceased its heaving and she caught her breath and regained her focus. She looked at me and smiled drunkenly. "Oh my God Carrie." She said my name and I cringed because she had not whispered. I just hoped the other girls had all left. "That was the best orgasm I have ever had in my life."

She looked at me and her eyes traced down to my tank top. She laughed. "Well, that won't do at all. You are soaked girl." I looked down. I knew I had felt the warm fluid drip onto my breasts, but I had not taken the time to see the damage yet. I was horrified.

I would have been an excellent entry for a wet T-shirt contest. Although it was not white, the tank top was now saturated and transparent. My nipples were clearly visible. It soaked down to my belly, probably lower too, but my skirt didn't show the wetness anywhere near as clearly as the beige tank top. I gasped and put my hands in my head.

Courtney laughed. "I'll get you something. Do you have another shirt?"

"N-no Courtney, just the one in my gym locker."

She laughed again. "Well that is too far away. Take that off and give it to me. I'll dry it in the hand dryer."

I really saw no other solution so I peeled the soaking tank top off my body and handed it to her. Her panties fell out when I did. They landed on the floor with an audible plop.

"Well, I guess I'm going commando the rest of the day too." Courtney laughed. She told me to hand them to her and I did. "Okay, go clean up your face and well, all of you in the sink while I dry these out."

And we exited the stall. I washed my face in the sink. The smell stayed with me long after I was finished washing. I even washed my breasts and belly and dried off with paper towels. Meanwhile, Courtney was holding my tank top in front of the blow dryer on the wall. She kept moving it and restarting it. It took about ten minutes, but she finally did dry it out.

It reeked of her sex, but it was dried into the material now. I pulled it on and looked in the mirror. It was as bad as I remembered, but at least it wasn't completely transparent anymore. I cringed, however, as I noticed the nipple show I had been giving the whole school thus far. "Oh God, I can't do this anymore." I said as I looked at the slut in the mirror.

Courtney appeared in the mirror behind me and wrapped her arms around me from behind. She looked into my eyes in the mirror and smiled. "Yes you can Carrie. You are probably the only person I know who can handle this. And deep down, you love it. I'll show you." She pulled my skirt up and ran her finger up my slit. It came away glistening in the harsh lights of the bathroom. "See?"

I gritted my teeth in embarrassment and blushed brightly. "I hate this."

Courtney laughed. "I know. That is why you love it so much."

"Just please, not at school anymore Courtney. I'll come to your house every day if you want. I can't do this here anymore." I begged her.

"You really don't have a say Carrie. Anyway, no way you are getting away from me now. That was the most incredible orgasm. I've never squirted like that. You are just a natural slut, so good at what you do. I mean it Carrie. I know you hate me now and then. But deep down, you love this, and I absolutely adore having your face in my pussy anytime I want. So, no, I'm not going to stop at school. And your pussy doesn't want me to. And my pussy sure as hell doesn't want you to stop. In fact, she wants to go again right now."

I groaned.

"But, we are already late for class." She smiled and kissed my cheek. "God I smell good on you Carrie!" She laughed.

I gave her a half hearted smile. "Courtney?"

"Yes Carrie?"

"Those other girls. I can't. I can't have this out in the open. Please stop being so risky."

She laughed softly, not cruelly. "Carrie. Shut up and go to class." She turned my head to her and kissed me right on the lips. And not just a peck. And I was lost in it for a moment. And it went on far too long though it was only a few seconds.

"Best sex I ever had. And I've had quite a bit mind you. Enjoy the compliment and get your sweet ass out of here." She slapped my ass.

I looked at her in the mirror. She was smiling. I knew she meant what she said, after all, what would she have to gain by saying it? Still, I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. It never happened and I made my way down the empty hallway to the detention slip that awaited me in Social Studies.

Walking in late not only gained me a detention, but drew all kinds of unwanted attention to my erect nipples poking through the ribbed material of my tank top as I made my way to my seat next to Julie. She gave me a quizzical look and I fell into my seat. "Bathroom." I muttered.

She laughed. "You okay?"

"Yeah. Just a wardrobe malfunction."

Julie laughed too loud and garnered Miss Simms' attention. "Would you like to join Miss Fitch in detention today Miss Petri?"

"No thank you Miss Simms." Julie smiled.

"Very good, then I'm sure you'll agree there is nothing humorous about your history book and we are on page 137 ladies." Miss Simms returned to indulging us in more American history.

And I made sure to sit a bit away from Julie so she wouldn't pick up on Courtney's smell imbedded in my shirt.

I expected some acknowledgement from Farin, but I never got any. Even when the bell rang and I stuck with Julie on our way to fourth period, Farin didn't even catch up with us. She just ignored me. She was breaking my heart, truly she was, but I refused to let her know it. Silly girl stuff I suppose, but I was tired of being hurt all the time. Emotionally hurt especially.

And so I sat through my science class while Julie kept whispering to me about next period. Next period was lunch and the unveiling of whatever torture I was supposed to be sitting through when in fact it would be someone else going through it in the gimp suit. I was absolutely not looking forward to it, though I could tell by Julie's excitement that she couldn't wait. I had to wonder where this side of her personality had been all the years I had known her. I would have called anyone a liar to their face and backed it up with my fists if they had told me this about Julie a month ago, but now, having seen her 'mean girl' side first hand, I contemplated how I could know so little about my very best friend.

The bell aroused me from my thoughts and I went to Science with Julie, Farin tagging along behind made no effort to cash in on her promise of another visit to the toilets with her. The next fifty minutes moved far too slowly for me. I just wanted to disappear rather than participate. Was this girl a willing participant or had she been coerced like I had been to play these games? What would be the retaliation? Most importantly, was it anyone I knew?

I totally botched the experiment that Julie and I were working on being so distracted. For her part, Julie was as excited as I was apprehensive. And finally, it was time. The bell rang and we packed our bags and headed to our lockers to store them for lunch period. I felt so hungry all of a sudden, like I would love to skip this to eat. But, I knew this was for my benefit, to help protect my identity, and how could I throw it away like that?

After depositing my bag in my locker I leaned against it far too long and Julie prodded me on. "Trust me." She smiled, "This is going to be fun."

I gave the best smile I could force and we went together to the girl's bathroom on the far side of the school. Outside the door, we were greeted in hushed tones by the rest of the squad, with the exception of Rebecca and Courtney, who were already inside with the panty thief. Of course, I knew that neither I nor the girl inside there had anything at all to do with any missing panties.

Right about the time that the bell rang, we all went inside and Britney hung an 'Out of Order' sign on the door before we closed it and locked it behind us. The 'gimped girl' had not yet exited the stall that I knew too well. So we whispered and giggled and waited. A few long minutes later, the stall door opened and out came a Rebecca, Courtney and my replacement.

"Hey girls." Rebecca chirped, looking at me a little longer than I was comfortable with. "So, we've spanked her and fucked her ass and throat and the little bitch just can't get enough. Part of me wants to really punish her so the slut will stop stealing our panties, but on the other hand, this is a lot of fun."

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