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Date Night


Got this idea as a request of sorts from reader Daniel L., I can only hope I did it justice. Thanks.


I've heard the arguments many times. Okay, sometimes they were more like dropdown fights. Still, I knew my folks loved each other. I hoped they still did. Okay, I think they do. Maybe not like they did once, but their love was still there ... buried deep down under the festering, growing resentment that my mom had for dad's obsession with his work. Fuck it, I'll say it. He LIVED for his work! If he said 100 words to me in a week I would die from shock! And my mom ... I don't think they've made love in years, maybe even not since I turned 8, and that was just over ten years ago. Sure, mom has tricked him into fucking her, but they certainly were NOT making love! I could tell.

So after a particularly nasty, um, 'discussion' between them I stepped between them and became the referee. Don't ask me how (I still don't really know) but I got them to agree to Saturday night being their weekly 'date night'. No 'ifs', 'ands' or 'buts' about it. Hopefully that would reignite the spark of love they once had. I even took more control and TOLD them where they would go, what they would do and what time they had to stay out till. They could come home later than that time, but not until! So far they've had four of these date nights and dad has learned that I will be waiting up just to make sure they don't cut the night short. Talk about role reversal!

Okay, let me tell you about our family. Dad, Charlie, is 40 years OLD, and I do mean old! He used to be fun and energetic, but for at least six years he has become an overweight stick in the mud. He doesn't want to do anything except pour his soul into his job. It's a good job, but it's JUST a job for Christ's sake!

My mom, Marcie, is 37 and can only be described as a trophy wife. That makes me laugh a bit because dad should be like 25 years older for her to be that, but he acts like he is, ya know! Any way, she is kinda tall at 5 feet 10 inches in her stocking feet. Put her in heels and holy shit, her luscious legs go on forever! Add to that her awesome 36D-26-36 figure and she turns heads everywhere she goes. Oh yeah, she's got natural blonde hair, blue eyes, an infectious smile, and the cutest dimples ever known to man.

Then there's me, Manfred, but I go by Manny. Dad insisted I be named after his grandfather so I'm stuck with it. I'm in my last year of high school. For an 18 year old, I guess I'm okay. The girls all love me thanks to my male model good looks, rock hard 6'4' body. Okay, hopefully it's my personality too. Oh yeah, I inherited mom's blond hair, blue eyes AND the dimples. Hers are better. Any way, all that put together helped me loose my virginity four years ago and so far I've been with about seven different girls. It's probably not nice of me to say this but they ALL got their pussy fucked royally!

So, back to the present. It's the fifth Saturday and dad has been acting like a shit all day. He has to do 'this' for work, and he has to work on 'that' for work, and he needs to ... yada, yada, yada! The look on his face when I barked at him, nose to nose, to stop whining was priceless.

"I've already made the dinner reservation for the two of you ... and yes, it is formal!"


"Yes dad, it's time you put that tux of yours to use," I told him sternly. "After that you will have your choice of three different things to do, I've got them written down for you. I don't much care which you do but you will do at least one of them! I know mom would love to do ALL of them but I leave that up to you."

"Oh, that is SO kind of you."

"Christ dad, can't you just have fun once in a while and enjoy the wonderful woman you are married to?" I stared at him in disgust before saying, "What the hell ever happened to you?"

He didn't answer me, but then again, I didn't think he had an answer for me.


Well dad is taking eight times as long to get ready as I would have. He can't find his bowtie, then where are his cufflinks. Oh shit, one of them broke, now where are some others. I peaked in on him and he is not even half way ready.

After going back downstairs I heard my mom calling, "Manny, can you help me with this?"

I looked up and saw her coming down the stairs. "Holy shit," I mumbled when I saw her. She was wearing a full length evening gown, emerald green in color. It was cut low showing lots of cleavage that was obviously unencumbered by a bra. Damn her tits swayed magnificently as she moved. She stepped carefully in her four or five inch heels as she moved down towards me. But the real kicker was the left side was slit up the side of her leg. Check that: make that WAYYY up her leg all the way to just below her hip bone!

Talk about an instant boner! My hands moved in front of me trying to keep my mom from seeing her own son popping wood over her. She smiled just then so maybe she saw it before I covered up.

With each step down her leg shown clearly as the dress parted, allowing me to see the top of her nylon stocking. Never had I gazed upon a vision as lovely as this. 'If dad doesn't bone her tonight he is brain dead', I thought, then cussed my self out for thinking like that. Then I thought, 'My god she is soooo fucking hot!' I know I turned crimson from that thought.

Mom had a sly smile as she stepped up to me. I saw her eyes flick down to my hands covering my crotch then she looked right into my eyes making me squirm in my own skin. "Sweetie, I need your help with a couple of things."

"Uh, sure mom," I managed to say. "Whatever you need."

"What a fine young man you are, son. First, could you please check my nylons to make certain that the seams go straight up the back of my legs?"

I swallowed hard as I found my voice enough to say, "Su-sure."

Mom turned her back to me as I knelt down. "Um," I mumbled as I tried to get a clear view of her left leg. Mom looked down at me and without a word spread her legs more than shoulder width while pulling her dress to her right. My cock surged in my pants as I stared at her sexy leg, wonderfully enhanced by her heals.

I shook my head to clear it before my twitching hands reached to her legs to straighten her seam. Mom looked back at me as my shivering fingers touched her leg, then I looked up and saw her smile at me before turning back to the front. Damn but her leg felt so good under my fingers! Slowly I worked the seam up her leg, making certain that it was perfectly straight up the back of her leg. It took time. I made sure of that. As I passed her knee I pushed the dress over to expose her thigh more.

"Get it nice and straight for me," mom said as she tugged the back of her dress to the right some more. I sensed that she had looked back at me again but my eyes rose only to the top of her stockings. They were riveted there as I spied the garter belt straps where they held up the top band of the hosiery. My eyes moved from the dark band at the top to her white thigh showing above it. I didn't realize just how sexy that could be until that precise moment!

"Honey," mom softly said and my eyes tried to lift up to look at her. They failed totally as I now could tell that she was not wearing anything besides the garter belt. My eyes gazed upon her bare slit making me gasp. My breath caught in my throat even as my mom remained silently looking down at me.

No way could I look up at her so my ten thumbs somehow managed to finish straightening the seam on that leg. Surely mom could here my heart beating as I knelt behind her. I don't know why, but suddenly I moved both hands to her leg and slid them all the way down from the top to her foot as though I was checking the seam. Then I surprised myself even more as my hands retraced their move back up her leg.

I stood up as my hands reached the top. Leaning forwards, with my hands right at the top of her thigh, I huskily said, "That one's done, mom." Just before I uttered the word 'mom' my right hand slipped up right against her gash and stroked it gently. My knees were weak even as mom groaned softly. Then I moved to my right a little and knelt back down.

"Charlie, are you ready yet?"

Crap! I nearly shit when mom called that up to my slowpoke dad!

"No, I can't find matching cufflinks. And I need to tie my tie and find my shoes. Shit, this doesn't match either. OW! Damn it, I stubbed my fucking toe! Shit that hurts! I'll be there when I can put my shoes on ... shit that hurts!"

We both heard him hopping on one foot before the bed creaked under his dropping weight. "Next leg please, honey."

"Okay," I said just before my mom grabbed the bottom of her dress and carefully pulled it up and around in front of her. I looked up in reflex and gasped, "Oh god mom!" as I gazed on her mostly bare ass, her slit winking back at me as she twisted to look back at me.

"Is something wrong Manny?"

"Uh ... huh ... what? Uh, no ... um, no mom, nothing's wrong." I will never know how I managed to speak, not to mention make sense as I replied. I exhaled loudly then inhaled in preparation to my task. My senses were assaulted by their first tinge of my mom's scent! Oh my god, she knew what she was doing and it was arousing her as well as me! Holy crap!

My hands fumbled as I somehow managed to get her right seam perfectly straight. It did take quite a while, which just left my hands stroking up, down, and around her incredibly sexy right leg. My left hand had a mind of its own as I neared the top of her stocking. I'm sure I didn't do it on purpose but four or five times my palm slipped gingerly against her bald pussy. Shit she was WET!

Mom's breath quickened as my hand lightly grazed her sex. Shit, what was I thinking?!? Fuck if I knew! My eyes were locked on her delicious looking ass and her glistening pussy lips that showed her moisture of arousal.

"Charlie, are you coming?" mom called out.

"Damn it, my toe hurts! I'll be down when I'm ready!"

"Is it straight yet?" my mom asked in much softer tones.

"Huh?" I groaned as I knew my cock was ramrod straight, but didn't think my mom meant that. Then I remembered my task and looked down the back of her right leg. "Um, yeah ... I mean yes, it's as straight as the left one. They're both perfect," I said, meaning her legs more than the seams.

I was sitting on my heals behind her with my hands on each side of her right ankle. My mind tried to decide if the furnace like heat was my hands or her skin as I lightly stroked her nylon covered skin.

"Thank you Manny. Come up here and give your mom a nice hug."

I slowly rose to my feet while I kept my hands lightly sliding over her leg. Both of us moaned softly as I stood upright, my left hand barely in contact with her steaming hot gash. I kept my hands immobile before me as I stepped around her right side, my hands gliding over her skin. Mom somehow pulled the bottom of her dress further around her as my right hand slipped into her crotch as I moved in front of her.

My brain was out of touch with what I was doing. It knew my hand was against her pussy again, but didn't know how it got there or even if it was okay or not. Our eyes met and four unblinking eyes stared into each other for what felt like centuries.


"I can't put my shoe on! Just hold your horses woman!"

Mom licked her lips than said much softer now, "Manny?"

"Oh god mom," I groaned, "you are so hot!"

"I'm so fucking horny!"

"Oh mom."

Her hands found my cock, stroking me over my pants. A smile creased her face as she realized how hard I was even as her fingers somehow managed to undo my belt and pants before she used her thumbs to push them and my boxers down to my knees.

Her right hand gripped my shaft as her left hand pulled the bottom of her dress up and further out of the way. Both of us groaned as I pivoted my right hand so my fingers could curl up and slide into her pussy. It felt as if I was pushing my fingers into overripe watermelon it was so moist! Well, except it was hot. Super hot!

"Oh baby, I need it." Our eyes met again, hers looked pleading as she went on, "Fuck me baby! I need it so bad!"

"Oh mom!" Her legs had never moved from being wide spread so I just stepped more to her center, bent my knees and, like a laser guided missile, drove my cock straight up into her sex.

"Umgh!" mom gasped as my lance drove into her core. Her eyes crossed and then rolled back into her head when I pulled back halfway and then powered fully into her, lifting her right off the floor. "Oh god, it's so big and hard!"

My right hand pulled her dress fully out of the way even as my left lifted her up letting her wrap her legs around my ass. With her arms around my neck mom began bouncing in front of me, nearly knocking us over. I stagger stepped towards the nearby wall, somehow moving even as my pants bunched at my ankles.

"Umph!" mom gasped as her back pounded into the wall. Our lips met then in a most unconventional kiss between mother and son. First her tongue forced its way into my mouth then mine pushed her tongue back into her own mouth. My hands grasped tight to her ass cheeks as I lifted her nearly off my dick and then gripped tight as I powered her back down onto my raging cock.

Neither of us spoke any words, but our moans and groans spoke volumes as we raced onward. With each thrust of my hips I drove my cock deeply into my mom's steaming hot pussy, its ridges squeezing and massaging my full length. I wish I knew how long we rutted there against the wall but I have no idea. Time seemed to speed by while at the same time it froze as things often seemed as if we were fucking in super-slow-motion like they use for NFL games on TV. What I DID know was that I loved how her pussy grabbed onto my cock while I moved within her.

"Oh fuck me!" mom cried out as her body lurched in orgasmic release.

"Damn it! Hold your horses woman! I told you my foot hurts!" dad called down, misunderstanding the reason for her cry.

Much softer this time my mom begged me, "Don't stop! Oh god baby, I'm almost there! Please don't stop!"


Mom gripped so tight with her legs I didn't know how I was supposed to move, but then her arms helped me as her hips crushed our pelvises together. "Oh god! Baby! Oh god yes! Here it comes! Right there ... right THERE!" Then her lips clamped onto mine as she kissed me with more passion than any girlfriend had ever kissed me with. I opened my eyes and she was staring into me with eyes bigger than saucers! Her kiss lessened and I heard her softly moaning, "Yes ... yes ... yes ... yes ... yes ..." in time with our bodies crushing together.

I stumbled backwards a little before recovering and pressing her once more against the wall. My feet were back about a foot allowing me to really drive my cock up and into her moist heat. My hands had wrapped under and around her thighs for more leverage and I gave her about ten hard and full length thrusts that buried my cock into her to my balls. Then my balls rolled signaling my own eruption and I gasped, "Oh mom! God you feel so good!"

Her legs somehow moved up to the top of my ass where she locked her ankles behind me allowing her to grind her pussy into me. "Fuck me!" she gasped with horny eyes. "Fuck me! Give it to me! Fill me!" My balls lurched and a powerful blast of hot sperm slammed instantly into the back wall of her pussy. "YES!" Then much softer mom begged, "Keep going, fuck me, fuck me, oh god yes I'm going to cum again!"

Even as I pressed her into the wall my mom somehow managed to shake violently as her body was racked by another orgasm, her screams muffled against my lips. I thought I had pumped her full with over a gallon of cum; I shot so many ropes into her. I knew she felt them all as she moaned with every blast from my fire hose cock! My balls ran dry just as her body crested her climax and we clung to each other basking in the incredible afterglow of totally amazing sex! The only thing holding us up was the wall behind her.

We (well, I) stood there, gasping for air as our bodies continued twitching and spasming in recovery mode. Mom's head dropped down onto my shoulder while her arms tightened their grasp around me. Again, I have no idea how long we stood there like that. Neither of us cared if dad should choose then to come down stairs. I for one wanted to stay locked like that forever. It was heaven on earth!

"Jesus," mom softly moaned into my neck.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"Heh-heh!" she laughed. "That would be an understatement!"

I looked into her eyes and she smiled weakly as even softer she said, "Wow! I am SO okay! Thank you Manny! I really needed that! I didn't expect to get it from you but I wouldn't change anything for the world! God I love you SO much!"

"I was worried you might be mad at me. I just couldn't help myself!"

"Well, I was surprised! But at the same time I was so horny! I was worried you might be mad at your mom!"

Our eyes answered each others questions as I finally managed to stand upright with no help from the wall. Mom rolled her hips pulling her pussy from my cock and then shoving me back into her. "Oooo, you're still hard! Can you go again for me? Damn it you feel so good!"

"With my sexy mom riding my cock, you bet I can go again. Now?"

"Charlie!" mom loudly called out. "I'm not in the mood anymore. Just go soak your foot in the tub for an hour or two!"

"Thanks babe, I appreciate it!"

"Yeah. Take a pain pill if you need to."

"Okay, but they put me to sleep!"

"Don't worry about it!"

Seconds later we heard the water running in the tub and my sexy mom looked me in the eye, gave me a firm squeeze with her pussy around my cock and said, "Yes 'now'. And please carry me into the guest bedroom. I've had enough of standing up fucks for one day!"

And that's what I did. I sure was glad she didn't say anything about horizontal fucking because we did that for over five hours! Wow do I love my mother!


The end, and thanks again to Daniel L.

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Not dead yet

dezurtdawg here!
Hi guys n gals, just a quick note to let all of you know a few things.

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Hot mum

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I know this story was posted some years ago, and I'm not even sure if you're still writing anymore. But you're one of my top favorite writers on Lit and I think it'll be really awesome to see a sequelmore...

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Incredibly hot

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