tagErotic CouplingsDated the Daughter, but Married the Mother

Dated the Daughter, but Married the Mother


Author's Notes: I find my mind filled with new stories now that I have finished dealing with the things that have been over my head for so long. I hope you enjoy the fruit of my relaxation. After this one though, I really have to get back to work on my other writing projects. Enjoy this copywrited piece of adult fiction, with the usual legal disclaimers, and please feel free to comment and vote. Enjoy.


"Okay, without going into the whole I'm my own grandpa thing, I'll try and explain the reason for the riot in the church, officer." I used the torn cummerbund to wipe the blood off my knuckle.

"This is going to be good, I can already tell." The jaded cop said, as he tilted his cap back and took out his notepad. "So, what is who, how, and why?" He asked and hitched his belt into a comfortable position as he surveyed the destruction.

"Okay, my name is Steven Tucker. I'm 26. My wife is Susan Lloyd, now Tucker, and her daughter is Donna Lloyd. This all began when I started dating Donna the daughter. That's when I meet Susan, the mother." I started my explanation.

"Okay... hold it right there!" The cop looked at my wife and the subdued Donna and tried to assess their ages. "I thought they were sisters." He scratched his head.

"Yeah, it looks that way. But, Susan was born first. I was born eight years later. Eight years after that, Susan got pregnant by her boyfriend in high school and decided to keep her baby. She did the best she could to raise her. Donna is that baby. I started dating Donna, but ended up marrying her mother."

"Now wait a minute..." the cop sighed. "Alright, go back and start from the beginning. I need to know what's going on so I can figure who is going to be charged and for what. Somebody has to pay for this mess." He motioned to a couple of chairs. We turned them back up and made sure they could hold us before sitting down. "I have a feeling this is going to take some time, so let's get comfortable." He huffed and waited for my explanation.

I sat down, smiled at my wife, and ignored the hate filled look from my former girlfriend and now step-daughter. I thought back to how this all started and came up with the fact that I didn't like the new program the college had started a few years ago.

I was trying to get my degree in computer science. I went through all the bullshit you have to do at the beginning of the year to get all the mandatory classes out of the way. What I didn't know was there was now a thing called Middle College.

Middle college was where high school students, if their grades are high enough, could attend college and cut two years out of the whole process. Sounds great in theory, I just wished they gave us some warning.

I mean we're in college. I shouldn't have to worry about checking the age of a girl in my class to see if they're old enough so I can date them. Should I? Well, that's where it all started. We were in the same English class when we met....

I got my books and was going to class. I wanted to get everything settled so I could get to my job and not lose any more hours. Next to the door was a stone cold fox. She stood five seven, with white blonde hair in a cute pixy cut. I was transfixed by her thirty six D breasts and round perfectly shaped bubble butt.

"Hi, I'm Donna." She chirped up at me with a big smile.

"Hey, Steve...." I tried to keep my tongue off the floor and chin off my chest.

I knew I'd never have a chance with her, but I could dream. I think of myself as average. Six feet, two hundred pounds, of light brown hair hazel eyed average. I'm just another guy trying to make his mark in the world. I didn't know she was just out of high school and on the prowl for a college boyfriend. After ten minutes of inane babble, she startled me with.

"So, do you think we could be study partners?" She batted her lashes, and I was thinking with my dick. God, the things I wanted to study with her.

"Yeah, sure, that'd be great." I made a concentrated effort to look into her green eyes, instead of at her tits that were barely contained by her halter top and a bra that needed an award for above and beyond the call of duty, for keeping those beautiful orbs in place.

Before I knew it, we're an item. I never intended to become an item, but there it was. Donna was waiting for me after my classes every day. I liked having her there. She was good on the eyes and filled the ego to have her grab my hand as we walked down the halls. Hey, I knew it wasn't serious. Until one day that all changed.

"Steve, do you think we can study at my place?" Donna asked as she pressed her breasts into my arm.

"Sure, why not." I replied, thinking it might be good to be in her apartment for once. I was getting tired of footing the bill at the diner.

The next day, I picked her up from school and followed her directions. I had to look at her when she directed me into a nice suburb.

"Oh, um, I still live with my mom. She's cool, so don't worry." Donna smiled.

"Cool, helps save money I guess." I answered noncommittally.

I didn't think anything was wrong, until the door opened. There stood a true vision of the female form. She looked a few years older than Donna. She was an inch taller. Her hair was richer and a shade darker with a reddish tint. Her curves were... I could only think of Jessica Rabbit as I looked at the person at the door.

"Hey mom... this is my boyfriend Steve. I was hoping we could do some studying in my room, since my laptop is on the fritz." Donna bounced up and gave the goddess in blue-jeans a kiss.

"Sure, just remember to keep the door open. Hi Steve, I'm Susan." She smiled and stepped out of the way.

My head was spinning as I was pulled into the house. It wasn't a big house. Just a normal house, like everyone I know lives in.

It was spotless and smelled of something good. I was trying to figure out what the hell was going on. There was no way the vision at the door could be Donna's mom. She looked almost the same age. Granted Donna tried to wear things that made her look older, where as Susan didn't wear make-up and hip clothes. She looked stunning in her faded jeans and almost loose top.

"What's for dinner?" Donna asked as she pulled me to the back of the house. "We'll be out once our homework is done or when it's on the table." Donna turned right into her room. She dropped her stuff and flopped on her double bed.

"That's your mom?" I asked shocked.

"Yeah, she a manager at a rental car place. She started out as a driver and worked her way up." Donna shrugged and tossed off her top.

"She looks closer to your sister." The roof of my mouth dried up, as the bra followed and I saw her in profile as she took a jersey and pulled it over her head.

"You're cute, and mine." Donna smiled and pressed her hot body against me, feeling my obvious hard on. She kissed me hard once. "Maybe later, if mom has to go to work, we can work on that." She teased and then pealed out of her pants to put on a pair of cotton baggy pants. What a way for me to learn she went commando as her trimmed bush peeked out at me as she dressed.

I had a hard time concentrating on work. I had to bite my lips every time her nipples poked through the gaps in her jersey. And knowing she wasn't wearing anything under her pants... hey, I'm a guy and she had to know what she was doing to me. If she was looking at getting laid, she was going about it the right way.

"Dinner...!" Susan called, interrupting that train of thought.

We all sat down as Susan served. "So, how long have you two been dating?" She asked as she set the salad into the middle of the table.

"Mom, you know there hasn't been anyone else since the beginning of school." Donna huffed as she served herself.

"Thank you for dinner...." I tried to interrupt. I'd began to notice things about Donna's even temperament and the lack there of.

"You're welcome. It's nice to finally meet one of Donna's boyfriends. How is school?" Susan asked politely.

"Fine... I only have a couple of semesters before I graduate." I told her and passed the bread.

"Oh, how old are you?" She asked shocked.

"Mom...!" Donna hissed. "You're embarrassing me!" Donna gave her mother the evil eye.

"Twenty five, I'll graduate when I'm twenty six." I laughed it off.

"Oh, that old... um...." Susan looked uncomfortable.

"Mom... it doesn't matter. Leave it alone!" Donna's face turned red. Out of anger or embarrassment I didn't know.

"Then tell him before I have to!" Susan met her daughter's attitude with her own.

"Um, tell me what?" I asked looking at them and setting my fork down. "Tell me what?" I insisted again, as I saw Donna squirm in her seat.

"That's she's still under age." Susan sighed.

"How old are you?" I panicked.

"I'm seventeen, almost eighteen. I don't like guys my age because they're so immature and...." Donna shouted, giving her mother another evil glare.

"Oh, um okay, that's not so bad... um... wow. How are you in my class then?" I was stunned. I know the thought of going to jail if I finished my plan on fucking her after dinner, before I knew her real age, sent shivers down my spine.

"It's a special program. Donna's grades are good enough to qualify." Susan said with pride. "I'd hoped that there wasn't so much of an age difference, not that it really matters, other than the legal aspect of things. I wanted you to know before something happened that can't be taken back, while my daughter spreads her wings, looking for her independence." Susan said calmly.

"Mooommmmm, He hasn't even really kissed me yet!" Donna blushed. "I'm not a child anymore! I'm older than you were when you got knocked up with me." I could feel the resentment from across the table.

"Is that because I insisted you go on the pill, or because you've actually waited to have sex?" I knew I was in the middle of an old fight and was looking for an escape. But then Susan turned to me.

"I'm sorry Steven. Donna and I have been having this argument for over a year. I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable, but I was young once and made some hard choices. I'm trying to keep my daughter from having to make the choices I did." She sighed and got up.

"This is so embarrassing...." Donna sighed and looked at me. "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean, I was going to tell you, but.... And well now everything is screwed." I could see the tears form in her eyes.

"Um, when do you turn eighteen?" I asked uncomfortably.

"In three months." Donna said, wiping her eyes and smearing her make-up.

"Okay, um, that just means there has to be um, some boundaries...." I swallowed hard. "I mean I'm not a lecher or anything, but we could date and be celibate for that long." I mean Donna was a nice girl with a killer body. If she was serious, it might just work out for all of us. I was willing to give it a shot.

"Really...? Donna squealed. "You're not going to break up with me over this?" She started smiling.

"Um, not if it is okay with your mom that we date. I mean... well yeah, um." Now I was blushing as Donna's nipples tried to rip her jersey open.

"See mom, I told you he wasn't just interested in my tits." She called out triumphantly.

"Are you sure?" Susan asked me with a look.

"Yeah, sure. I mean I didn't even know Donna was interested in dating me, if you know what I mean. I've just been helping her with her homework." I stammered to a halt, wondering which head was doing the thinking.

"Yes, I see." She smiled. "Donna, you might have actually found one of the good guys." Susan put her hands on Donna's shoulders. "I'm sorry if I made this difficult, but I know my daughter looks older than she is. I also know what it feels like to have all those raging hormones controlling your system. To be honest, that's how Donna came to be. I thought it was love and he thought I was the piece of the week. I am a mom and can be over protective." She shrugged.

"Can we finish dinner now?" Donna asked cleaning the streaked make-up off her face with her napkin.

So, Donna and I officially started dating. Unless we were doing school work, I promised to bring Susan as a chaperone when we did anything else. It gave all of us time to get to know one another. I liked Donna, but I'd admired Susan for her guts and determination for raising Donna all alone.

I guess you could say I was Donna's Eighteenth birthday present. She unwrapped me and I learned that she wasn't a virgin. It was simple really.

"Thank god mom has to work tonight. I've been waiting for this." Donna told me as she stripped off her clothes. "I'm not a virgin and I need laid in the worst way. Come fuck me like you mean it." By the time she was done talking, I was naked and she couldn't talk with my seven inch cock in her mouth.

"God I love sucking a hard cock." She gasped out and swallowed me to the root. I couldn't take it. I was shooting my load into mouth her in less than a minute. She kept sucking me until I was hard again. She pushed me down and straddled me. As she was lining me up with her pussy, she told me.

"Grab my tits and hang on. I've needed this for months." I was plunged into her wet and willing hole, while she rode me like a woman possessed. All I could do is hang on and enjoy the ride. She bounced up and down, she wiggled back and forth, and she even did this circle and grind motion that almost sucked my balls up into her twat, as she tried to see how much of my cock she could permanently imbed into her G-spot.

Donna used my body like an exercise machine. Every fifteen minutes we would change positions as we took turns fucking each other. When her hips got tired, I'd get on top and pound away until I couldn't flex anymore. She wanted some doggie action and ended up doing the reverse cowboy until I came again. We finally stopped when she claimed her pussy was too sore to take another thrust.

"Damn, that was worth the wait." She collapsed on my chest exhausted. "But no more waiting like that again. I plan on doing that as often as our schedule allows." She panted, still trying to catch her breath after the last go around.

"Sorry I didn't last that long the first time." I told her as I stroked her sweat damp hair.

"I knew you wouldn't. But it allowed for you to take more time after I popped your rocks. Not too many guys can last when you deep throat them like that." Donna shrugged and I felt a tingle go down my spine.

I kept that conversation in the back of my mind for a long time. There was something wrong nagging at me like a paper cut on your finger. But, since I was being so well taken care of, it really didn't click. I mean as far as I knew, Donna was doing her best to make sure I was one very sexually satisfied boyfriend.

I mean if we couldn't get together because of class or something, she'd find me and I'd be the happy recipient of one of her fantastic, to the bone, blow jobs. She loved making my legs buckle as she swallowed me whole until I filed her throat with my spunk. She never hesitated in swallowing and made sure to lick up any that might have escaped.

I knew my heart had to be healthy from all the aerobic exercise we got at least three times a week, as she did her best to implant my cock into her pussy as far as it would go. The only no go. I was never allowed to take her ass. Hell, I could live with that. She was a wet dream come true in every other way.

All along, I kept in casual contact with Susan. We made sure to go to the movies or out to dinner with her at least twice a month. I really liked Susan, and often wondered what would happen if I met her before I became Donna's pet boyfriend and fuck toy.

It was a few months later when Donna started bringing up the conversations about marriage and what-not. She was fairly subtle with question about what my plans were after graduation, where we'd like to live, things like that. I mean don't get me wrong, I was happy, but I wasn't quite sure if my sexual dynamo was ready to settle down. I did catch her looking at some other guys with drool apparent, if you know what I mean. But, I figured what the hell. It wasn't like I didn't look at her mother every chance I got. That idyllic haze lasted until the beginning of my final semester.

By then, we were all but married in Donna's mind. It was firmly established that we were a couple, and that she had plans for me once I graduated. Hell, with school, work, and keeping her happy. I wasn't thinking at all. I didn't have time to think.

My last semester was the first time we didn't have any classes together. As a matter of fact, it was like she chose classes at the opposite end of the school and at different times so we couldn't be together. She sucked me dry and told me I was being foolish, as my ears rang from my orgasm. I figured I could live with it until we had time to work things out.

Every guy knows. I mean deep down we all know, when something is wrong. From the start, things really didn't add up. But, when you're fucked into submission by someone as sexy as Donna, you try and explain away those nagging feelings. It even looked like Susan wanted to say something to me a few times, but Donna's radar was spot on, and that conversation didn't happen.

My wakeup call came on an unscheduled day off. Damn the luck.

The power went out in our building and they sent everyone home. I figured what the hell. I knew Donna didn't have class, so it might be time to have some great make up sex. I know other than a few blowjobs over the last few weeks our sex life had become nonexistent.

I went to Donna and Susan's house. I knocked; no answer. I tried the door; it was open. So, I thought I'd sneak in and give her a big surprise. Well as it turns out, I was the one who was surprised. I walked in and I heard the noise from Donna's room. I figure it had to be the TV. My gut knew, but hey, I was still trying to make excuses.

"Oh yeah, that's it. Take it slow... not too fast, let my ass get used to it. God your cock is huge." I heard Donna pant. I was about to bust in and make a scene when I heard. "Get that hard dick over here and fill my mouth. I can't wait to have all three holes filled with hard cock at the same time." It felt like fire and ice running down my spine.

I turned and headed for the door. I did not want to see her being a slut for whoever she was fucking in her room. Hell, I might even have known them. Plenty of the guys had teased me about fucking Donna if they had a chance. I tried to force the sound out of my ears, as they all grunted together before I could close the door. I made it to the driveway as Susan pulled in. She took one look at my face and ran up and hugged me.

"I'm so sorry." She said, and held me close. I couldn't take it. I broke down and cried like a baby into her embrace. How could Donna be talking about getting a house together, marriage, and all that, and be in there fucking, I don't know how many guys? How could she do this to me?

"We'll get your car later." Susan said a few minutes later when she walked me to her car and pushed me in. She got behind the wheel and drove off, not knowing if Donna heard or even cared.

I know she talked to me, but to this day I can't remember what she said. I was in shock. Oddly after the initial blow, I wasn't that hurt. I was more upset at myself for allowing the charade to go on as long as it did. Before I knew what was happening, Susan held my hand and guided me to a bench in a secluded park.

"How long have you known?" I asked, wondering if she was covering for her daughter.

"Until today, I only suspected." She sighed. "I was going to confront her. That's why I took the afternoon off." Susan rubbed my hand between hers. "I've come home and the house smelled of sex. When I asked how you were doing, Donna said you hadn't been there. I wanted to tell you, but didn't know what to say." She looked off, not wanting to see the pain on my face.

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