tagIncest/TabooDaughter Catches Dad Watching Video

Daughter Catches Dad Watching Video


"God this feels good," Jamie sighed as she eased herself into the hot bath. It had been a long week of endless classes for the college freshman. Thinking the water would wash away some of the tension from her joints, she relaxed for awhile. Closing her eyes, she gently fell into a light doze.

Thinking he would have the house to himself, Jamie's dad, Greg decided to cut work early and relax in front of the T.V. before his daughter came home from school. His wife had left him and Jamie when she was 3 saying she wasn't ready to be a wife and mother. Screw her, he thought. The years had not been easy but they had managed and now he made more than enough money to keep them in comfort.

Letting himself into the house, not noticing the book bag in the chair in the den, he went to the kitchen for a nice cold Bud Light.

Popping the top on the can, he took a big gulp and headed to the den for a little fun with his private stash of video tapes he had collected over the years since the divorce. Taking his favorite from the hidden closet in the hall, he walked to the T.V.

As the flick starts, a young girl is lying on the floor of what looks like a living room, reading a book. Her short skirt leaves nothing to the imagination. Her cut off white T-shirt comes to just below her firm young tits exposing a hint of what is underneath. A boy in his early 20's walks into the room and looks down at the girl rubbing his crotch at the sight of this lovely thing before him. He leans down and reaches to cup the girl's bottom. She rolls over and lifts the skirt allowing him access to the rest of her. Unzipping his jeans, the guy pulls out a cock that measures about 8 inches letting the young girl fondle him. He then takes the girls panties off to get at the goodies underneath. The girl has the guys cock completely down her throat sucking like an animal.

Greg, seeing all the action on the screen, takes off his shorts thinking he could get in a good session of jacking off before Jamie gets home.

The water finally cooling off, Jamie gets out of the bath and reaches for a big towel. Drying herself off, she gently rubs her breasts and her nipples harden instantly, feeling naughty, she plays a little bit. Going down to her cunt she dries the area completely, letting the material of the towel stimulate her clitty. Feeling a little horny, she wraps the towel around her and goes to get dressed knowing her dad will be home soon. Wishing she could play a little longer, she gives a little sigh. Oh well, she thinks, there's always tonight.

Still watching the action on the movie, Greg never hears Jamie come into the room. She is a little shocked at seeing her dad naked with his cock rock hard watching a fuck flick. Hell, she had never even dreamed her dad was as hung as he was.

Hearing a noise, Greg turns his head to see Jamie standing in the doorway. Trying to cover himself, he stammers out some sort of excuse.

"Honey, I didn't know you were..."

He didn't get to finish before Jamie walked over and took him into her hand.

Not knowing what to do, Greg pulled away. "You, we, I...we can't.

"Shhh...Daddy, hush, I've never seen one, please let me touch you. You can touch me too." With that she took her robe off wearing only a thong under it.

Taking his hand, she places it on the breast feeling her nipple harden instantly.

Sitting down beside him, her hand still on his hardened cock, she began running her hands up and down feeling him getting even harder, if possible, in her hand.

Greg never thought anything like this could ever happen to him. Here he was, a divorced, 38 year old guy with the hottest piece of ass sitting right beside him. As he was thinking this, Jamie had started running her tongue around the head of his cock. Instantly, his balls tightened, threatening to unload all the cum that had built up over the time he had been playing with himself.

Using all his will power, he held back. Pulling her up, he kissed her full on the lips, just to see if she would kiss him back. When her tongue stole into his mouth he was lost, all thought except that of her was gone.

Tracing his way down to her cunt he found her hot and wetter than any woman he had ever felt. He had to taste that pussy, had to clamp his lips around the clitty that was as hard as a pebble. Laying her down, he stripped the thong off her lush ass. Gazing at the sight before him, he moaned. Licking his tongue the full length of her slit from clitty to ass, he is lost. Hearing her intake of breath, he latches on her clitty, giving it a good suck before going to tongue fuck her hole.

Jamie couldn't take any more, her whole body was out of control, she could feel her toes curling, she had never known a feeling like this. There was a fire in her cunt that threatened to burn her up, just as she thought she would die, Greg sucked her clitty into his mouth once more..."OOOOOhhhh, Daddy,...please, I'm cumming...please, don't stop"

Greg had no intention of stopping, he had this little cunt right where he wanted, he just sucked harder.

At last, she went still, her body twitching a little now and then.

"Now, my little slut, you are going to get fucked . You are going to be Daddy's little slut from now on. I'm going to fuck you senseless every day and night.

Opening her legs wider, Greg positions his cock at her entrance, teasing her opening a little before plunging all the way to the balls, not caring that she's a virgin, not noticing her scream as her hymen is ripped away. All he wanted was to be inside the tight, hot cunt before him.

Jamie never thought it could feel so good, she barely felt her cherry taken away, all she felt was the huge cock that now was in her pussy.

Lost in his own pleasure, Greg fucks her cunt hard, his balls are on fire. Grunting, he throws his head back, feeling the cum rising up, "You ready? I'm gonna fill you up with my cum. Here it comes..."

Hearing her dad triggers Jamie's own orgasm "yes, Daddy, ...uuummm...ooooh...yes..."

Greg's cock seemed like it was shooting bullets, it was that powerful. He had never had an orgasm that intense. It just kept coming and coming, shooting load after load into Jamie's well used cunt.

Jamie thought she was going to explode, her whole body was on fire, then all at once like a flash of light she was coming...screaming, her nails digging into Greg's back and down his arms.

Finally, they collapsed in a pile of sweaty arms and legs.

Can we do this again, Daddy?" Jamie asked with a smile.

"Anytime you want, Love, any time."

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