tagIncest/TabooDaughter Comes in From the Cold Ch. 02

Daughter Comes in From the Cold Ch. 02


Dace heard his daughter in the shower. He knocked on the door, waited for her to answer and then went in. "I'm running late so I need to go."

Sara shoved the shower curtain aside innocently letting her dad get a glimpse of her. "Well if you have to go it's a good thing nothing is distracting you."

Admiring the partial look he got of his nude daughter, he sighed and reluctantly agreed. "Yes, isn't it?" He went and gave her a kiss."

She loved pleasing her dad, but teasing him had its own attraction. The trouble with teasing him was that it also turned her on, and she responded to his kiss. "We better stop before I pull you in the shower with me."

Knowing good advice when he heard it, Dace reluctantly removed his lips from hers. He would love nothing more than to join her in the shower but knew he had to go to work. "What do you think about me bringing home supper tonight?"

Her face lit up, "Mexican?"

Dace chuckled, "Mexican it is, you're going to turn into a burrito. I have a telephone meeting this afternoon so I will probably be late getting home."

Late that afternoon, with supper in tow, Dace saw the trouble even before he pulled into the driveway. A hundred questions raced through his brain but they all boiled down to one, why was his ex-wife's car in front of the house? Pulling into the driveway he headed into the house.

"Mom I told you, I don't want to live with you."

"Baby you shouldn't be here with him."

Dace heard what was being said as he walked through the open door, "No, she shouldn't be with you." He saw his ex-wife sitting on the sofa and his daughter sitting in the farthest chair from her. "I'm sorry Danielle, I didn't know you would be here or I would have brought you some witch food."

Danielle gave her ex-husband a dirty look, "Nice to see you again too. Where is my daughter sleeping?"

"In the only bed in the place. Remember me the one who gave you almost everything I had and can only afford a one bedroom apartment?"

"Then where do you sleep?"

"You're sitting on my bed." He and Sara had already discussed what they would say if they were ever asked these questions.

"See mom, I told you."

"I'm just concerned about you baby."

Sara had spent the last hour fending off her mother's questions, and had taken all she could. "Fuck you."

Danielle was surprised, "What did you say to me?"

"I said fuck you. You threw me out of the house when it was 2 degrees outside. You didn't care about me then. On top of that you pitched my clothes all over the yard. I was so embarrassed. What part of fuck you don't you understand? "

Dace started laughing, "Broke up with your latest boyfriend didn't you?" He looked at his daughter and saw that she was ready to explode, "I'll tell you why she's here, her free ride is coming to an end. When you graduate high school the child support check she gets from me stops. If you go to college the check will go to you, not her. But if you are living with her she'll find some way to get you to give it to her."

"Dad, you still send her a child support check even though I live here?"

"It would have taken a lawyer and the court to stop it and you would have been out of school before the state changed anything." He saw that his daughter had gone from pissed to hurt. It was obvious her heart was breaking.

With tears running down her cheeks she just stared at her mother, "For a few minutes I actually thought you cared about me, – "she shook her head when she saw her mother about to say something, "– Go away."

Dace watched as Danielle stood, gave him another dirty look, and walked out the door. He shut and locked it behind her and went to his daughter. Making her stand up, he just held her.

Sara put her lips to his and gave him a passionate kiss. She was surprised when he pushed her away.

"I'll be your lover some other time; right now you need your dad."

Laying her head on his shoulder, she welcomed just being held in his embrace. She felt the love he had for her and knew he was right; she needed her dad right now. "Why is she like that?"

"I don't know, she didn't used to be. She really has no reason to complain, my check has never even been late."

"Then how come she sometimes said you didn't pay and would drag me down to the social workers office?"

"She needed more money and knew how to get it. She would get my check and then go and them and tell them I didn't send it. They would cut her a check and garnish my income tax refund. I wouldn't even know she had done it until I didn't get my refund. Of course I played hell trying to talk to a person, they have their phone system set up so you just get nothing but one recording after another, but never any help. Eventually I would get a letter of what to do and then I would have to prove I did pay it, which I could. They would send me the money they took from me but they never did one thing to her."

"Daddy, I didn't know."

"It took three years for me to settle it the last time she did it. I couldn't find a lawyer that would take on the child support people, so the last time she did it, I went to her social worker and insisted that I send my check to them so they could verify I did send it before she got it."

"I remember that, she cussed you out for a week."

"You know the list the paper publishes about dead beat dads who don't pay their child support. I contacted them to have them print a list of women abusing the system. They didn't have any balls to do that, it wasn't politically correct." He felt his daughter hug him and breathed a heavy sigh.

"I'm sorry daddy."

Dace did his best Mexican accent, "You would like to have the supper yes, my little burrito."

Smiling, Sara lifted her head, "Si Señor."

As they ate father and daughter talked about anything except what had happened. When they were finished Dace finally spoke about it, "You know Sara, with me getting to stop paying that support; you and I can get another place with two bedrooms."

Sara felt her heart skip a beat, "Don't you want me anymore daddy?"

Dace stood and made her stand up and hugged her, "Of course I do, I just thought you might like a closet of your own were you could put your clothes."

"I was worried that..." Her dad stopped her with a kiss. "I mean you saw me naked in the shower this morning and you weren't turned on."

He pushed her away from him so he could look into her eyes, "Are you nuts? It was all I could do to not attack you."

She put her lips to his, and whispered, "Then what's stopping you now?" A squeal of delight escaped her as she felt herself being picked up. After being carried to their bed she found herself on her back with him on top of her. She had discovered that her dad was as emotionally scarred by her mother as she was and while father and daughter were satisfying each other sexually they were also healing each other's spirits.

She had no idea what her mom had put her dad though, but she did know he hadn't deserved it. All through everything they had done she came to realize that he just needed to know that she wanted him. It was incredible how something so simple could be so powerful. Wrapping her arms around him, she pressed her lips to his, "Daddy, I want you." The look on his face said it all. She didn't understand why her mom wouldn't want to give him that.

Their clothes were soon a pile on the floor. Sara watched as he positioned himself placing his penis to her face. She loved doing stuff with her dad. Opening her lips she took his entire soft cock in. Licking and gently sucking she could feel him reacting. This was something she had discovered that he liked and had never had done to him. As he grew hard she let him out of her mouth a little at a time.

Dace was mesmerized by the sight of his cock between his daughter's lips. Her big eyes watching him as she played drew him in.

Her dad had let her have the freedom to discover her body and what she liked and didn't like. Sara found that she enjoyed being in control. It was such a turn on. With very little effort she could get her dad to do whatever she wanted. Sometimes she would discover by accident something that one of them liked. If she also found out he and her mom had never done it or her mom didn't like doing it with him, there was nothing that could stop her. She realized it would be simple for a guy to lie about stuff, but not her dad, not to her. The look on his face made her know in her heart how much what they did meant to him.

Making him scoot down she faced the opposite way. As she placed her breast to his mouth her own lips found his nipple. With her being on top she could suck and play as much as she wanted. She had discovered two reasons for playing with and sucking on his nipples, either one would be enough for her to do it. The first was that he liked it, and second was her mom didn't like it. To give him that excited her.

Hearing him moan, she glanced down and saw him respond to what she was doing. There must be thousands of ways to do millions of things and she had every intention of trying most of them. They licked and sucked on each other and she watched his cock get a little longer, a little thicker and a little harder. Sara loved the 69 position and scooted down to put his cock right at her mouth and her pussy right at his.

Dace was so turned on. His teenage daughter put her pussy just at his mouth. There was no way he couldn't find that erotic. He breathed in her scent and let his tongue lick.

"Mm," her dad was good at doing that. Her mouth formed an "oh" and she let his hard cock slide in. After trying a lot of times she had been able to get most of him in without gagging and her dad hadn't seemed to mind letting her practice. She had let him cum in her mouth because she had wanted to find out what it was like. She was surprised at the initial spurt of fluid, there had been a lot and it was thick and salty. She had managed to swallow most of what he gave her and licked off the rest. While she didn't mind the taste she did miss the feeling of him throbbing deep inside of her.

Her body reacted to what he was doing making it hard to think. His tongue flicked across her clit making a delicious feeling shoot through her. Then he would add the sensation of his tongue slipping inside of her and her eyes would bug out of her head.

Dace loved having his tongue in her pussy. The more he did the more she loved it. He never got tired of her wanting him. His love for her made him want to give her everything.

Sara liked to keep varying what she did with her dad. She knew her dad could have sex with other women but she was going to remind him as much as she could that he could only make love to one daughter.

His fingers played as well as his tongue. Gently touching her pubic hair he teased the outer edges of her pussy. Letting his finger play he moved his tongue to the inner lips and clit.

Sara felt the pleasure growing, with tingling electricity spreading through her. It was making it hard to give as good as she was getting. Wrapping her hand around his hard cock she tried not to get aggressive and swallow the whole thing. She had caused him pain once by sucking too hard and she definitely wasn't doing this to make him uncomfortable.

Dace moaned as her lips brought sweet pleasure. He could feel her tongue wrap around the head as she let his cock slide back inside her mouth. His daughter absolutely loved sucking him trying to bring him more pleasure that anyone else had done. He knew she was trying to please him more than her mother and he wanted to get her to stop that and just do things because the two of them wanted to.

Using one hand for balance Sara used her free had to play with his balls as she continued to lick up and down the length of his hard cock. She liked the way the light reflected off of his wet skin. It was funny, just a few months ago she would have never dreamed of doing anything with her dad. Now she would find herself wondering what different things would feel like, how to try different positions with him.

His tongue and lips were causing her immense pleasure and he had started to use a finger in her pussy as well as one in her ass. She had no idea she would like having him do things like this – but damn! Sara started swirling her tongue around the ridge where the head meets the shaft and then gently sucked the tip of his shaft. After a few minutes of this she pressed her wet lips to the underneath of his cock trapping it between her mouth and his stomach. Slowly sliding down the entire length she alternated between sweeping up and down and circular motions.

Both father and daughter were in a bad way, and Sara knew that the only thing that would be better was to make it worse. She jumped up, turned and gave her dad a deep sensuous kiss, 'Feather'. Dace closed his eyes and moaned. His teenage daughter had discovered ways to give him pleasure that he hadn't even thought of and all because he had let her imagination run wild. Feather was a way she had made up for him to be inside of her that was almost too much to bear.

He watched his daughter get into position on her hands and knees. Moving behind her he placed his hard cock ever so slightly to her pussy and took his hands away. Very gradually, little by little he slowly slid into her soft pussy. 'Feather' meant that he couldn't use his hands on her to help him thrust and she couldn't help in any way. The only contact they were experiencing was the amazing sensation of her soft pussy muscles flexing and squeezing his cock as he slid inside of her.

Sara couldn't breathe as his hard cock slid in agonizingly slow. It took minutes for his entire length to be all the way in. They each held this position for the longest time then just as slowly he took it back out. Then it was her turn to move and make him slowly penetrate her body and this time he couldn't help. They couldn't use anything to push against, and that included each other; it was done solely by legs muscles. First she would stay still and he would move then he would stay still and she would move. They would go back and forth, taking turns, letting the pleasure build to a long and drawn-out agonizing level.

Dace knew she wanted him not to hurry, to see how much they could stand before finally giving into the passion that was already making them both crazy. It was his turn again and even though he felt her body respond he wasn't in a hurry, yet. He was trying to give her what she desired but wasn't easy to hold back because it felt incredibly hot and tight inside of her.

Sara closed her eyes to the incredible pleasure of being filled up. Waves of warm sensation pulsated inside of her. His hard cock slid in and out with pleasure bordering on pain. They had only done this a few times and each time was different. As the warm feeling slowly spread and turned hotter it grew harder for her to keep from just demanding that he fuck her hard.

It had started to feel like an furnace inside of her as her pussy grabbed and released all along his hard cock. Being in her this way was silky smooth and so damn intense! Back and forth it went, daughter and dad each taking their turn to please and to make it last as long as they could without going crazy.

Sara made a guttural moan and shoved her mouth into the pillow to keep from screaming. Then she felt her dad as he reached around her. What was he doing? Hanging onto each other wasn't part of 'Feather'. In her bent over position it was easy for her to look under herself. She saw him using just one finger to barely touch each of her nipples. She sucked in her breath at the shock of having just the very end of her nipple rubbed. Her eyes bugged out of her head and she stifled a scream. Gritting her teeth against the waves of sharp pleasure that shot though her from him just rubbing back and forth on the nipple ends on both of her breasts, she concentrated on not yelling as she beat the pillow. So slowly, so gently, so powerful but way too concentrated for her to stand it for more than a few seconds. With a loud moan Sara pressed back against her dad.

He was glad he felt her react; he couldn't have endured too much more. Placing his hands on her hips he gave in to the passion and rammed his cock inside of her, hard.

Sara gasped as her body reacted to what he was doing. There was an instinctual, animal feeling about being penetrated. Sara wanted her dad inside of her as deep as possible and as hard as possible. Every time his cock went in, out, and back in again she shuddered and the pleasure blended into one luscious, rhythmic feeling that spread all through her. Suddenly feeling the intense need to gyrate, she grabbed the headboard and pushed back. She felt his cock in every conceivable angle within her.

Dace felt her matching him thrust for thrust. Her pussy felt so silky soft. It was incredible wet and warm and made him want to give her more. He needed her more than he ever had. Almost ready to explode, he increased the speed and how hard he pushed into her.

They kept getting more and more erratic until the building sensation seemed to center at her clit. Sara pressed harder and harder. Her breathing was quicker than normal, and she felt the muscles in her thighs and butt tensing.

Finally letting go of the headboard, she buried her face into her pillow. With a loud muffled moan her body exploded in an intense orgasm. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" it continued as her dad rammed into her. Waves of pleasure rocketed through her young body only to collide with more waves of pleasure. It was incredibly intense and sucked the breath out of her.

Dace kept ramming in and out, harder, deeper. Hearing her make noises into her pillow made him want to keep going rougher.

Finally Sara felt her dad ram into her as hard and as deep as he could and hold it there. Hearing his guttural moan she felt his hard cock throbbing deep inside of her.

Dace let loose with an explosion of cum. He felt himself shoot again and again. Finally so exhausted he could hardly stand, he collapsed on the bed next to her. The only sounds in the bedroom were father and daughter trying to breathe. After a few minutes he panted, "'Feather' drives me crazy."

With a big smile Sara moved to give her dad a big kiss, "I know."

"After you graduate, what say we look for another place to live? With me not paying child support we can afford something else."

Sara had a hundred thoughts race through her mind all at once. "Someplace where I can really yell and scream when we do an even more intense version of 'Feather'?"

Dace just groaned.

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