tagErotic CouplingsDaughters Party Ch. 05

Daughters Party Ch. 05


I had had more sex in four hours than in the previous four weeks! Of the eight girls at the party I’d had sex with four of them. But, the sex and the beers had caught up with me and I dropped into the recliner in my den exhausted and immediately fell asleep.

I slowly awoke from what I thought was an erotic dream, but it seemed so real. Opening my eyes I was disoriented for a few seconds then realized that I was in my recliner in my den. Apparently I had been asleep for a while as the room was almost dark, only a small sliver or light from the hallway overhead shone thru the partially closed door.

An electric shock went thru me when I felt a hot mouth cover the head of my cock. I remembered that after the fuck session with my daughter’s friend Pam I hadn’t bothered to try to find my clothes before dropping into my chair and falling asleep. But, that didn’t explain the hot mouth on my cock.

I pulled myself up and looked down to see my best friend Tim’s twin daughters Patti and Mandi on either side of the chair leaning over my hard shaft taking turns licking and sucking me.

“He’s awake,” said one of the twins, I never could tell them apart. They were identical. Both looked so much like their mother Carolyn they could be confused for triplets. In the dim light I could see that they were both naked.

“What are you girls doing?” I asked, yeah I know – stupid question, as I pushed myself up into a sitting position and looked from one to the other.

“Well we’re playing Truth or Dare and we took the Dare and it was to come in here and give you a blowjob.” They both said in unison, then giggled a little self-consciously.

I had finally cleared out the cobwebs and I immediately decided that if they wanted to give me a blowjob it only seemed fair that I got a taste of their hot cunts. Looking between them I marveled at how identical they really were. They both had auburn colored hair, which even braided fell almost to their wastes. Dark brown eyes, full lips and a cute upturned nose highlighted their oval faces.

“Stand up here girls. I want to see you better.” I requested and they both stood so I could look at their well-toned bodies. I remembered they were swimmers, like my daughter, and it was clear from their deep tans that they spent lots of time in the sun. It struck me how different their bodies looked from Pam, who apparently never went into the sun.

My cock began to pulse as my gaze washed over their bodies. C cup tits crowned with dark areolas about the size of a half dollar and very fat nipples that looked to be about the width of my thumb. Clean shaven pussies and the most beautiful butts I’d seen in my life.

“If we’re going to do this I get to have some fun too. Which one of you is Patti?” I asked. The girl on my right smiled and nodded at me. Laying back down in the recliner I motioned her toward me. “Patti, climb up on the chair and straddle my face. I’m going to eat you while Mandi sucks my cock. Then after you cum it will be your turn to suck my cock and my turn to eat Mandi.”

Both girls grinned and Patti took no time at all climbing across my prone body and lowering her hairless cunt to just above my waiting lips. Her cunt was gorgeous, as smooth as a babies behind. Inhaling deeply I could smell the unmistakable scent of sex. She was as horny as I was and I couldn’t wait any longer. Reaching up I pinched both of her nipples and used them to pull her juicy pussy to my lips.

As my tongue snaked it’s way into Patti’s hot hole I felt Mandi’s mouth descend on my cock. She took just the head of my fat cock in her mouth, and I felt her hands wrap around the shaft and begin to slowly jack me off. Turning my concentration to Patti’s pussy, I swirled my tongue as deeply as I could in her hot cunt, pulling as much of her sweet tasting juices into my mouth as I could. The dragging my tongue up her slit I nibbled on her little clit, causing it to expand in my mouth.

“Oh god Mandi his tongue feels ssooo good. “Patti moaned as I continued my oral assault on her now drooling pussy. “He’s even better than you.”

I filed this bit of information away. It appeared that my friend’s daughters weren’t as straight-laced as he said they were. Patti was now humping her hot cunt against my face, trying to fuck herself on my tongue. Releasing her tits I slid one hand under her ass and up to her cunt where I slowly pushed two fingers into her hole. My other hand went behind Patti’s and I shoved my thumb up her tight asshole.

Patti bucked as my hands began their assault on her two tight holes. All of her bouncing had the effect on pushing my fingers deeper into her. She could no longer hold herself upright and leaned forward, her head resting on the top of the recliner back. Her cunt now ground against my face and hand stopping my fingers fucking of her wet pussy. Her ass lifted up a little which made it easier for me to finger fuck that hole. Pulling my thumb out of her tight ass I replaced it with two fingers and finger fucking her ass all the harder.

Patti’s legs began to quiver a little then like an earthquake her entire body began to shake as she was overcome by a monstrous orgasm.

I had almost forgotten about Mandi, what she was doing felt very good she seemed very tentative almost as if she had never given anyone a blowjob before. Patti collapsed against my body and slid down my chest forcing Mandi off my cock. She didn’t say anything, just lay on my stomach sucking in gasps of air as her shaking subsided little by little.

“Wow, you must be good” Mandi said is a low voice. “I’ve only seen her come that hard once before when we watched our mom fucking the pool guy.” As soon as she said it I could tell that Mandi regretted it.

“Oh god Mr. Jenkins, I shouldn’t have told you that. You’ve got to promise not to tell anybody. I don’t want to get my mom in trouble.”

“Don’t worry Mandi, I won’t say a thing to anybody.” I assured her. “What your mom does is her business.” It did excite me to know that Carolyn played around. I had fantasized about her since she and Tim moved into the neighborhood.

Patti had now recovered sufficiently to understand what was going on around her. With very shaky arms she pushed herself up so a sitting position. This caused her to slide further down my body ending up with my hard cock resting against her fine ass.

“OH!” Patti exclaimed as she pulled her ass away from my rock hard cock. “I don’t think I’m ready to try to take something that big. No wonder mom calls dad Tiny Tim, his cock isn’t half as big as yours Mr. Jenkins.”

Again I filed this information away for possible later use. I now understand why Carolyn was fucking the pool boy. We used the same service and if it was the same guy Carolyn was having a good time. The kid that did our pool was about 20, over 6 feet tall and built like the preverbal brick shit house.

“PATTI!!” Mandi admonished her sister. “You shouldn’t say things like that about dad.”

“Well it’s true!!” Patti said defensively. “I can’t help it if he’s got a little dick. Besides, you’re the one that spilled the beans about mom screwing the pool guy into the ground.”

My cock was aching and I’d had enough conversation. I reached out and took Mandi’s hand. “Your turn to ride my tongue.” I winked at Mandi.

She looked at her sister nervously then stood up and positioned her beautiful cunt over my face. There was something different about Mandi that I couldn’t put my finger on. She was tense and didn’t seem as comfortable as Patti so I decided to take it a little easier.

Gently caressing Mandi’s hips I slowly pulled her pussy to my face. That’s when I saw that they weren’t completely identical – Mandi had two small moles right at the top of her slit that her sister Patti didn’t have.

Opening my mouth wide I flattened my tongue against the base of her pussy and slid it all the way up to the moles. I kept ‘lapping’ at her pussy as she began to relay. Patti had apparently been watching but now satisfied that her sister was enjoying what I was doing I felt her hands close around the base of my cock as her mouth slide over the top 4 inches of my hard dick.

Mandi was now making little moaning sounds as she began to grind her cunt against my tongue. On the next stroke I pushed my tongue between the lips of her sweet pussy and ran it into her little hole.

“OOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Mandi squealed and began to fuck my face a little faster.

Not to be outdone Patti moved one of her hands to my balls and began to massage them. Her other hand was now pumping up and down my cock while she sucked on the head of my cock like a straw. This felt so good I began to fuck my cock into her mouth. Patti seemed pleased and redoubled her cock sucking, now cupping my balls with both hands and gently shoving more and more of my cock into her mouth with each thrust.

My lips found Mandi’s clit and I sucked it into my mouth. Mandi was lost in the pleasure my mouth was giving her. She was squeezing her tits, pulling on her fat nipples as she ground her cunt against my mouth faster and faster.

Patti was taking almost all of my cock down her throat. Each stroke felt better than the last and I rammed more and more of my cock into her willing mouth. Suddenly Patti pulled one of her hands from my overheated balls and as I pulled my cock out of her throat she shoved her index finger into my ass.

I lost all control as my cock exploded in her mouth pouring hot cum down her throat. At the same time I bite Mandi’s clit causing her to scream and freeze in place, her muscles locked by her orgasm. Patti choked on the cum that flooded her throat and pulled my cock out of her mouth. My last two shots sending ribbons of cum across her nose and eyes.

When Patti pulled her finger out of my ass I deflated like a balloon. Patti fell away from the chair sitting back on her heels as she used her index finger to wipe my cum from her face, sucking her finger clean with each glob. Mandi too finally passed over the peak of her orgasm and slid down my chest just as her sister had done.

It took at least five minutes before I recovered. Movement caught my eye and looking over Mandi’s head I saw my daughter Maggie move out of the shadows of the far corner of the den.

Looking at Patti she said, “I told you he could take care of Mandi.” Then looking at me she continued, “Mandi was raped several years ago and ever since then has only wanted to be with girls. I told Patti that you would be gentle and not try to fuck her like some mindless idiot.”

Mandi raised her head off my chest and looking deep into my eyes whispered, “Thank you Mr. Jenkins. All the girls told me that being with a man could be wonderful but I only remembered the pain. You showed me that it can be wonderful with a man.” She then kissed me on the end of my nose and raised herself off my prone body.

The three girls moved toward the door. “OK,” Patti shouted as she opened the door, “It’s my turn now – Amy - Truth or Dare?” The girls laughed as they disappeared down the hallway to the living room.

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