tagIncest/TabooDaughter's Visit

Daughter's Visit


I heard from my daughter Carol today from college. It seems she wants to come visit me during her spring break instead of going home to her mother's house, my ex-wife. I haven't seen Carol in about 3-1/2 years, not since the divorce and Joan moving across the country for her new job. Now Carol was in her junior year of college, 20 years old, and I was nervous about how to behave. I mean, I hadn't seen her in a long time, in terms of her life and how much she had probably matured in three years of college. And since I had been on my own I had actually developed a life, dating different women and feeling free and confident, the first time in years. I was only 42 and life was just starting to look good to me.

And now Carol was coming to visit. It was going to play havoc with my love life, not being able to bring anyone to the apartment for a week and a half. It was only a studio, but it was on the ocean in Malibu so it was a real good location. I had a king-sized Murphy bed and not much else in the way of furniture, so where Carol was going to sleep was a bit of a problem. Actually, it was probably a problem for me. I'd probably end up sleeping on the floor. Good thing I had my sleeping bag and ground pad. It wouldn't be that bad. Shit!

So here I am at the airport waiting for the passengers from Carol's flight. I hope I'll recognize her. And then I see her. I can't believe my eyes. Absolutely stunning redhead, hair down to her waist, big full breasts pressing out against the t-shirt she was wearing, her nipples hard and very visible, the mini-skirt she was wearing coming down to just past her crotch, six-inch platform shoes. And yet she had the most angelic smile, so innocent, completely belying the total sexuality of her appearance.

"Oh, dad, I'm so glad to see you," she said, hugging me tightly, her breasts pressing against me as well as her hips. "I thought maybe you didn't want me to come visit you."

"Of course not," I managed to stammer. "I've missed you so much. I just wasn't prepared for how much you'd changed, grown up," I said, standing back a step and looking at her in disbelief.

"Pretty hot stuff, huh?" she asked, pirouetting in front of me.

"Pretty hot indeed," I agreed. "Let's get your bags and get out of here."

They chatted about how she was doing in school, straight As, and how her mother, his ex, was doing. Apparently she had had a succession of unsuccessful relationships, each one leaving her more depressed than the last. Carol just couldn't bear another vacation listening to Joan moan about her love life, or lack of it.

When we got to the apartment Carol couldn't say enough about how much she loved it, the sliding glass doors opening onto the beach. She never asked about the sleeping arrangements, instead immediately pulling out her bathing suit.

"You mind?" she asked, holding it up.

"No, go right ahead. That's what it's for," I replied, totally misunderstanding her question as she pulled her t-shirt off over her head, releasing her incredible breasts, then pushing her mini-skirt down past her hips to the floor, stepping out of it totally naked. I just stared, my mouth hanging open. Carol had only a tuft of bright red hair above her pussy. The rest of it was totally hairless. She had fat, thick pussy lips with the inner lips curling outside of the outer ones and a big fat clit sticking out from between them all.

"Pretty hot, huh?" Carol asked, running a hand between her legs, her fingers trailing through her pussy and then up to her mouth where she sucked on them.

"Unbelievable!" was all I could manage to croak as Carol pulled her string bikini on, just barely enough material to cover her nipples and pussy.

"See you," she cried out, running out the sliding doors to the beach and to the water where she dove in, surfacing a minute or so later, turning on her back, her bathing suit appearing transparent from where John stood on the porch shaking his head.

This is going to be a very rough week, he said to himself, closing the sliding doors and collapsing into one of the two chairs. Carol's bag was on the floor next to the chair John was sitting in and he glanced down at it, noticing that it was open and that there were some photos just visible. Glancing towards the beach and seeing that Carol was still in the water, he opened her bag further, enough to extract the half a dozen photos. The first one was Carol with a group of young people, athletes from the look of them, black, white, male, female. They were a good-looking bunch, John thought, moving to the next photo and freezing in total shock. This was a photo of Carol and the other three girls on their hands and knees, naked, a cock stuck into them from behind, another in their mouths. The cock in Carol's pussy happened to belong to a black man and it looked huge.

The next photo caused John to sag back in his seat. In this one Carol was astride one of the boys while another had her ass impaled while one of the black boys had his cock in her mouth. The next photo was Carol and the other three girls in a daisy chain, sucking each other's pussies. John was about to go to the next photo when he noticed Carol running up the beach towards the apartment. He quickly shoved the photos back into her bag and tried to pull it shut just as Carol arrived at the sliding doors, breathing hard, her full breasts heaving from the exertion.

"That is just great," she said, stepping into the apartment and closing the doors behind her. "An ocean for the back yard. You're so lucky."

"It is nice," I agreed, still in shock from the photos I had seen.

"You have a towel?" she asked, stripping out of her bathing suit to stand there naked, her arms wrapped around herself.

"Yeah, sure," I replied, getting to my feet and getting a towel and handing it to her.

Carol proceeded to dry off, totally unconcerned about her nakedness in front of me. I was having a hard time not having my cock get hard watching her. And then she bent forward to flip her hair forward to dry it, her legs spread and her ass and pussy just a foot or so from my face. Her pussy was incredible. Big fat pussy lips, nicely spread apart for her inner lips to curl outside of them, the biggest fattest clit he had ever seen sticking out from between it all. It was a pussy made for sucking was all he could think, his cock getting harder and harder in his pants. And then Carol looked back through her legs at him, seeing where his eyes were.

"It's a nice pussy, isn't it, dad?" she asked, running one hand between her legs and dragging her fingers through her pussy. "People just love sucking it," she said, sliding a finger up into herself and then putting her finger in her mouth and gently sucking on it. "It's a nice tasting pussy."

"Carol, I'm your father, for christ's sake. What are you doing?"

"Oh, that doesn't matter," she replied, standing up and turning around. "I've been on the pill forever," she said, stepping forward and putting her right foot up on the arm of his chair, bringing her pussy right up to his face. "Wouldn't you like to taste my pussy, dad?" she asked, her hand between her legs, spreading her lips wide, her clit sticking out. "Go ahead, lick it, dad, lick my pussy for me," she said, slipping a finger into herself and then placing it on his lips.

John couldn't help himself. He let Carol slide her finger into his mouth and he sucked on it, tasting her pussy juices. And it was the sweetest pussy he'd ever tasted. He couldn't believe what was happening to him as he found himself sticking his tongue out and Carol pushing her pussy closer and he was sucking on her, tasting his daughter's pussy. His mind was blown and blowing even further as he ate the finest pussy he had ever tasted. Carol rubbed all over him and from the gasping and the juices John figured that she was just cumming non-stop. When Carol finally couldn't stand any more, she sank to her knees between his legs, pulling his pants down and engulfing his cock, taking the whole thing into her mouth and down her throat.

Carol sucked his cock like it had never been sucked. Her whole mouth and throat seemed to milk him all at once. And she obviously loved doing it too. All too quickly John felt his balls begin to churn and he knew he was about to blow his load right into his own daughter's mouth. He started to say something when she gripped his ass, obviously sensing what was about to happen. Just as he began to explode John felt one of Carol's fingers slide into his ass and he began to cum like he had never cum before, filling her eager gulping mouth over and over and over, the sensation of her finger up his ass turning him on incredibly. When he finally finished cumming and Carol had sucked him dry, she lifted her face from his cock, licking the head one more time.

"Boy, dad, you sure cum a lot," she said with a smile. "I really like that."

"Where did you ever learn to suck a cock like that?" I asked, shaking my head in amazement.

"You'd never believe me," she said, shaking her head in laughter. "But let me suck you hard again so you can fuck me," she said, licking his cock. "My pussy needs cock, and lots of it too," she said, opening her mouth and once more engulfing him, sucking him until he was again hard, which didn't really take that long. "That's better," she said, pushing to her feet and straddling his legs, guiding his cock straight into her pussy. "Ahh, that's what my pussy likes, cock," she said, riding him. "My pussy really likes cock."

John just lay back in his seat watching his daughter ride his cock for all it was worth. He could see her fat pussy lips clinging to the shaft of his cock each time she rose up, then she would plunge back down and he would feel the incredible muscles of her pussy milking him, literally sucking at his cock. Because he had just cum he was able to last and it was almost a half an hour before John felt his balls begin to spasm and then cum was shooting into Carol's eager pussy. He could feel her milking him dry and he stared at her in amazement as she twisted her nipples and pulled at them. Then she lifted herself off of his cock and crawled up his body to plant her freshly fucked pussy on his face.

"Suck my pussy for me now, dad," Carol said, rubbing herself on his face. "My pussy wants to be sucked."

So John sucked his daughter's fresh-fucked pussy, tasting himself along with her juices. And it was still the sweetest pussy he had ever tasted. He sucked her pussy until she came twice, then Carol slid down his body and sucked his cock into her mouth, sucking him clean and then hard again.

"Mmm, that's nice," she said, lifting her face from his again hard cock. "It's good that you can get hard again so quickly," she told him, crawling onto his lap and guiding his cock into her pussy once again. "Because my pussy likes lots of cock," she said as she began to fuck him once more.

When Carol had finished fucking her father senseless, he sat there in his seat, exhausted and in complete shock at his daughter's craven sexuality. She was a sexual dynamo like he had never encountered in his entire life.

"Carol, you weren't like this last time I saw you," John managed to say, staring at her as she stuck her fingers into her pussy and then brought them to her mouth to suck on, tasting the cum cocktail that filled her hungry pussy.

"No, I was still a virgin," she agreed, again tasting herself. "I've grown up a lot since then."

"And what about college? How are you doing?"

"Straight As," she told him. "I'm in computer science."

"And yet you're the most sexually dynamic woman I've ever met," John told her. "What happened?"

"Don't you approve?" Carol asked, licking her lips as she ran her fingers into her pussy again.

"To tell you the truth, I don't know," John admitted, unable to take his eyes from his daughter's spread pussy and hard nipples. "You're incredible."

"Thanks," she said with a laugh.

"So, will you tell me how you came to discover this aspect of yourself?"

"I don't think you'll like it," Carol told him. "I'd rather you just accept it and we'll have so much more fun."

"But I have to know, Carol. I'm your father and it's important to me."

"If I tell you you'll make trouble," Carol told him. "You'd have to promise me, and I mean really promise me that it would end here and now and that you'd just accept what was and what is. And I don't know if you can do that so you better think real hard before you answer. Because I'll hold you to it for the rest of your life, one way or the other. And that means one way you'll be able to suck and fuck my pussy whenever you like, the other way means you'll never see me again. So it's up to you. And I promise you won't like what I tell you, so think hard."

"Wow," was all John could manage, staring at his daughter, now suddenly very grown up, and digesting the totality of the threat/promise she was making. But looking at her naked in front of him made him realize that no matter what she told him, it couldn't be as bad as never getting to enjoy her again, in any capacity. So he made up his mind. "I want to know," he said. "And I understand your warning and accept it."

"If that's the way you want it," Carol said, "I'll tell you anything and everything you want to know. But why don't we lay on the bed. You can suck my pussy for me while I tell you the story. I love to have my pussy sucked after I get fucked."

John had never sucked a cum-filled pussy before, but once he started sucking Carol's pussy full of his own cum, he realized that he had no problem with it, that her pussy was so tasty that it just didn't matter. And then Carol started her tale.

"It all started the day you left, actually," she began. "Mom called up your old partner, Jim, and invited him over for dinner. It was strange to me to have him there eating at the table with us, but I knew him so it wasn't that bad. After dinner mom made me go to my room for the night and told me not to disturb them, that they had things to talk about.

"After about an hour I had to go to the bathroom. When I went into the hallway I didn't hear them talking from the living room so I sort of peeked to see if they were still there or what. And that's when I saw mom kneeling on the floor in front of Jim on the sofa. She had his cock out and was sucking on it. I had never seen a cock before so I watched as quietly as I could, not even breathing. She sucked him for a while, then there was this white stuff leaking out from her mouth. I know now that he was cumming in her mouth, but then I didn't know what was going on. She finished sucking him off and then sat on her knees, licking her lips and telling him how she had always wanted to do that. Then Jim told her that he wanted to suck her pussy and they were both pulling her clothes off and then Jim was kneeling between her legs and his face was in her pussy and she was sighing and squirming on the ground as he sucked her.

"Keep sucking my pussy, dad," Carol reminded John as he lay frozen between her thighs, not believing what he was hearing. "And let me know when your cock gets hard. I want you to fuck me in the ass next."

"God, keep talking," John said, sticking his tongue back into Carol's pussy.

"Well, I watched while he sucked mom's pussy for a while, then he got on top of her and stuck his cock into her and they fucked. I saw him cum at least three times in her pussy and then he fucked her once in the ass. She seemed to really like that."

"She never let me do that," John almost sobbed from between his daughter's thighs. "And she never let me cum in her mouth either."

"Well, every night after that she invited another of your friends over for dinner and she would have sex with each one of them. I always snuck out of my room to watch. And I think after a while mom knew I was watching. It used to get me so excited watching them cum in her mouth. That was the best for me. And when I'd see their cocks pushing into her pussy or ass, it just seemed like so much fun. And mom was obviously really into it. It seemed like she always wanted more and they just couldn't do it.

"Then one night she invited three of them over, three that had been there before. I couldn't wait for dinner to be over. I just knew they were all going to have sex together. I had started playing with myself while I watched mom having sex, you know, playing with my nipples, rubbing my pussy. And I was getting really really wet and excited. Well, that night when I snuck out of my room to watch I didn't wear any clothes. I was naked in the hall. It was so exciting.

"Just like I had suspected, they were all naked standing in a circle around mom who was on her knees naked, sucking one cock and holding the other two in her hands. And she'd go from one to the other, sucking all of them until finally they all began to cum at once, all over her face and into her mouth. It made me so excited to watch. I was rubbing my pussy so hard. Then they each took turns sucking her tits and pussy. Mom was going crazy on the floor. And then they each fucked her, one after the other, their cocks filling her pussy as she begged for more and more and more.

"I got so excited that I just closed my eyes and kept rubbing my own pussy until I came. It was so powerful. I had never felt it like that. And then I opened my eyes and one of the men was standing in front of me, his cock standing out in front of him, all shiny and wet. It must have just been in mom's pussy."

"Hey, look what I've found here," he said, taking me by the hand and dragging me naked into the room where the other people were. "And a sweet tasting little pussy this one has too," he said, pulling my fingers to his mouth and sucking on them. "I saw her in the hall playing with herself while she was watching us."

"Carol, what do you think you're doing?" mom asked me, though she didn't really seem that angry. "How dare you spy on me."

"I'm sorry, mom," I sobbed, frightened. "It's just that..."

"How old are you?" the man who had found me asked.

"Old enough," I replied.

"Are you a virgin?" he asked.

"Yes," I answered.

"Did you like what you saw your mom doing with us?"


"And did it make you want to do it too?"

"Well, sort of," I replied nervously.

"What did you like seeing the most?" he asked.

I remember staring at mom while he was questioning me. She was just staring at me, not angry, just a strange look on her face. Then one of the other men pulled her onto her hands and knees and got behind her. I knew from the look on her face that he had put his cock into her. Mom sighed as he began to fuck her but she never stopped looking at me.

"Well, what did you like the most?" the man asked, shaking my arm.

"When you came all over her face and in her mouth," I managed to answer.

"You liked that, huh? Maybe you'd like to try it yourself," he suggested. "Here, get on your knees next to your mom," he said, pulling me over to her and forcing me down.

"He was standing in front of me, his cock pointing at my face, still wet and dripping from being in mom's pussy."

"What do you think, Joan? Do you think little Carol here is ready to suck my cock like her mother?"

"That's up to her," mom had replied, panting from the exertion of the cock in her pussy. "I've known she's been watching me for a while now. And she's old enough to make up her own mind."

"Well, Carol, would you like to learn to be a slut like your mom here?" he had asked.

"My mom's not a slut," I had shouted at him, which caused all of the men to laugh.

"Of course she is," he had replied. "That's why she's been fucking different men every night since your father left and that's why she's fucking the three of us tonight. She just can't get enough cock. So, are you like your mother?"

"My mom's not a slut," I had shouted, even as the other man stood in front of her and fed her his cock while the man behind continued to fuck her.

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