tagGroup SexDavy's On The Road Again Ch. 06

Davy's On The Road Again Ch. 06


"But the Colorado Rocky Mountain High,
I've seen it rainin' fire in the sky,
The shadow from the starlight is softer than a lullaby,
Rocky mountain high..."


"Spent the last year, Rocky Mountain Way,
Couldn't get much higher,
Out to pasture, Think it's safe to say,
Time to open fire,
And we don't need the ladies, Crying 'cuz the stories' sad,
'Cuz the Rocky Mountain Way, Is better than the way we had..."

"There, that's one I wanted." Amy was in charge of the music today and doing a damn fine job. She'd become quite adept at finding the next right song on the iPod, whether it was "road" music for hard driving or "scenic vista" music for taking in our remarkable surroundings. She'd already discovered that my music wasn't on the iPod and I explained to her that when I'm driving, I want anything but my songs or my voice or even my art. I need different voices to spur my creativity whereby to paint movies in my head. I explained this patiently as part of my "process" and she clearly understood, although I wondered if I was able to accurately clarify how that 'process' worked.

The last few days have been wonderful. We are all in sync and it felt right. We'd spent an extra day with Stevie and Sally mostly preparing and packing. Santo knew we were getting ready to take to the road again and clearly, he was of a mixed mind. One one hand, his walks in the fields and trails had become longer, on the other, he was already moved into his favorite sleeping spot in the RV. I also spent a good part of that day explaining the RV and all it's features and intricacies and she picked up on everything very quickly. Her natural enthusiasm was heartening.

We spent a while going over our itinerary. Should we go to Santa Fe? Or down through Arches to Monument Valley?

"I really have to go to Monument Valley I have to stand there and in my best John Wayne say, 'That'll be the day!' I'm serious."

"Such a ham! I want to hit Route 66. And I want to go to Taos and Santa Fe."

"That's cool. I want to see Bandolier." I liked how these things worked out. It was obvious that we were on the same page. It was also great that she could read a map!

Finally, since time was no object, we worked up a plan. From Aspen, we'd head down through the mountains to Taos (Bandolier Park)) and Santa Fe, then back up North to Mesa Verde, then west to Monument Valley and Lake Powell, south to Grand Canyon, catch Route 66 near Seligman and ride it to Kingman, from there we'd go into the Mohave to Needles, south to Lake Havasu City and catch I-10 to Palm Springs. It seemed ambitious but, hell, when would we ever do this again, you know?

"Ride The Wind, let your dreams blow,
You will feel all you need to know,
Be open eyed and open up wide,
Come on, let it go,
Ride The Wind, let your dreams blow,
Oh, it feels so good it feels so good..."

So here we are having left Mesa Verde Park and, after Bandolier, having a pretty decent knowledge of cliff dwellings. The road has been mesmerizing, the panoramas are devastating. We have frequently stopped just to gaze at snow-capped mountains off in the distance or sometimes to see canyons, gulches and ravines just off the road. Once we stopped to see some wild horses grazing and drinking lake water. If we dig it, we stop. We had fun in Great Sands Park, in Taos (where Amy shopped), in Bandolier (where we had some healthy exercise climbing around those amazing dwellings), in Santa Fe (where Amy shopped. To be fair, I shopped my share, too. In Taos, While she was strolling through shops, I saw an impressive turquoise bracelet with a large #8 stone. I had to buy it for her. I just had to.)

Mesa Verde gave me more healthy exercise and now I'm done with that. I need a hot tub and a message. Amy has been very involved with the computer. Besides mapping us, she's also been locating cool rest stops as well as making reservations. She's also been all over the web site for the adult spa resort in Palm Springs reading all the features and spa services and how it looks so great. But right now, we're on our way to Monument Valley and she's located a campground with a grand view of the valley. Although we'll get there at night, it'll be a helluva sight to wake up to, that's for sure. We should be there in about a half hour or so.

We haven't been hungry what with all the amazing dishes filling the fridge. Between George's box o' barbeque from The Woody Creek Tavern and the box put together by Sal and Stevie, it's been a moveable feast. We still have a few bottles of wine and plenty of dope so that's good. Amy has taken to the RV and when we pull over to sleep, she's right there pulling out the sides and dropping the awning. We've kept pretty much to ourselves mostly telling each other our histories, the happy and the painful. Our intimacy level is deepening every day and we find ourselves enjoying the little moments. Santo has taken to her in a big way, often curled by her feet. Earlier today, he licked her hand for no reason at all. Love is infectious.

Sex in the RV has been fun, too. Still, it's our little intimacies I enjoy the most. Amy is saving water so we shower together in the small enclosure. Each shower is a very tight fit in so many ways. Last night, when we got into bed, we were both frisky. We'd already fucked several hours before after we'd pulled into a deserted rest stop for lunch. It was a distance from the main road and Santo didn't like the dust. Amy and I stood outside and stared at the mountains. I couldn't resist and I started feeling her up. We ended up doing it standing up against the RV. We finished just in time as another camper pulled in. We drove off singing "Why Don't We Do It In The Road?" But last night, we were high and silly. Amy sat across from me and we masturbated for each other. It was not only fun but educational as she taught me how she likes to bring herself off. I took mental notes. It excited her to have me so observant and when she came, it was beautiful. She then lay on her stomach and had a bird's eye view of me wanking. As I shot ropes into the air, some landed on my stomach and some on the bed. She cleaned me and we fell off to sleep in each other's arms. In the morning, I remarked that last night was amazing.

"I was surprised that although we messed up the bed by cumming all over it, it didn't bother you. My ex would have changed the sheets and showered first. She would have taken a cloth, soaked it in cold water and, much to disgust, wiped me off with it. I'm very pleased that you didn't do any of that."

"No, I didn't mind at all. I liked up being sticky and then sleeping glued together. I made me feel closer to you in an earthier, more primitive way. Kind of like fucking in a cave dwelling...and they certainly didn't change the sheets!"

What an ace woman. On our way out of Mesa Verde, she crawled next to me and blew me while I drove. That was exiting and I had to pull over when I blew my load down her throat. It made me wild when she reached into her shorts and smeared my face with her juices.

We pulled into the lodge and the dark sky was a scene to behold. The moon lit some of the mesas and buttes in the valley and it took on an otherworldly atmosphere. We pulled into a pad away from the road and up against the valley. After setting up the RV and giving Santo his exercise, we put on bathing suits and headed off to the indoor pool for a relaxing dip. The campgrounds was fairly empty and so the pool was deserted. We swam long leisurely laps in the warm water. The adjacent hot tub was nice and hot when we stepped into it. Amy began to rub my back and massage my spine. I was drifting into heaven when another couple entered the pool. They were younger than us and very cute - a perky pair. Amy and I whispered that they were newlyweds, what great tits she had and how tight his Speedo was. After a while, they came over to the hot tub and stood at the edge.

"Do you mind if we join you?"

"Of course not, it's nice and hot."

They slid into the tub modestly as he turned to hide his erection which was clearly outlined in his tight suit. Amy and I shared a private smile as she started to massage my legs.

"You'll excuse me while I smooth out the driver," she said to them, "his muscles are tight. But I see that's something that's going around."

A titter of laughter came from them but he was turning bright red.

"So, how long you two married?"

"One week!" she said as Amy and I high-fived each other.

"Where from?"

"Manor, Texas...it's just outside of Austin. And you?"

"Oh, we're not married...we just live in glorious sin," Amy added her droll comment, "and we're not from anyplace, really...at least, not any more."

"Oh, Amy, leave them alone. They're just kids. We're Amy and Davy and we left Aspen a few days ago and we're on an extended vacation. We feel like newlyweds, though, and like you, we're exploring the country and each other."

"Yes," Amy said, "I'm just feeling frisky and in love with my man." She began to massage my arms and my hands.

"We've always wanted to do this trip and I'm loving this honeymoon," she said, "I'm in love with my man, too. I'd love to travel and see lots of places and this is a good start."

"Indeed it is," I added. Amy now sat on my lap facing me as she worked on my shoulders and neck. I reached over and fondled her breasts. She reacted by rubbing her ass against my cock. The other couple was discreetly watching us and I saw her reach down, obviously rubbing his cock under the bubbles. They began to kiss.

Amy pushed her breasts against my face. Her top was small but she unclasped it and tossed it on the side.

"I hope you don't mind if I'm topless," she said turning her head to the newlyweds. They were too busy with each other and just moaned and nodded. Amy turned to me, "They don't seem to mind." She leaned into me and we began to kiss, too. I slipped my finger into her thong and began to play with her clit. She squirmed and moved away from me. Turning to the other couple, he had pulled her top down and was fondling her large pink nipple, she said, "Well, it was nice meeting you and best of luck. I hope you stay married 100 years but we have to go back to the RV and fuck. Com'n, Davy."

They looked at us and smiled as we left the tub. They never batted an eye as they turned back to each other. Amy and I quickly danced back to the RV and found ourselves in bed. She flopped down and said, "Do me. big boy!" I mocked a growl and ripped off her thong. I jumped down on her and began to forcibly lick her moist pussy. I chewed on it, I nibbled, I sucked her prominent clit between my lips, I blew on it and licked it again and again. Amy was thrashing her hands around and grabbing at her nipples. I pinned her legs apart as a means of self-protection or she might have squeezed my head off. I buried my face into her as her panting became more intense. I moved my tongue around her clit just the way she showed me the night before. That kicked her orgasm into high gear and she began to shake and buck. As her orgasm was peaking, I tossed off my suit and threw myself onto her, piercing her canal with my hard and throbbing gristle. She groaned and gasped as I pounded her. I slowed myself and moved into long and slow, all-the-way-out-and-all-the-way-in strokes, pushing into her as deep as I could. This caused her to grunt with each stroke. It was when her hips picked up the beat that I picked up mine. Her nipples stood erect just below my face and I was tempted to lean down and suck one but my eyes were glued to her fingers pulling at them. She looked so wanton and deep in lust. The suction of her vaginal muscles pulling at me combined with the blissful look in her eyes set me off. "Give it to me, give me your cum...oh, your cock...yes...I love you cock...give me you cock." Her quaking hips and her pelvis pushing up against me was all I could take and my cream painted her walls. She came a moment later, pinching her nipples and with her eyes closed, smiling up at me. I leaned down and kissed her. I lay down atop her breasts and we proceeded to kiss for a very long while until I rolled onto her side. We fell asleep with her fingers in my hair.

When morning broke, we awoke to the sight of Monument Valley right out the windshield. We were both stunned and speechless. It looked better than in any John Ford film and that's really saying something.

"This is great. Last night was better but this is great!" Amy stuck her tongue into her cheek.

"Ok, so let's go do it right there," I said pointing toward an iconic rock formation, "You game?"

"I am if you are."

The truth is that neither of us were willing to offend all the families and tourists milling about and getting all that sand into our private parts did not seem appealing either. The awe one feels in Monument Valley overpowers every other sensation of thought. The shadows playing along the rock hills change the scenery and the dimensions from moment to moment. My mind whirled with snatches of lyrics. Amy sensed this and commented to me that I should keep them in my head as she had some, too.

Monument Valley was everything I'd always imagined it to be and I loved being there. My greatest thrill was to stick my face into a cut-out figure of John Wayne in his most iconic Ethan Edwards pose. Amy snapped the picture and it now adorns my facebook profile.

It was time to move on to Glen Canyon, Lake Powell and then Grand Canyon but after surveying the map, there was no direct route and the trip was not only circuitous but also the roads were not well paved so we decided to head down into Arizona to Canyon de Chelly, then to the Petrified Forest where we could pick up Route 66 and take that to the Grand Canyon. Why not?

It was another great ride into more ruins and cliff dwellings. We were in Navajo territory and I was in search of a blanket. We stopped for a late lunch near a trading post and I found what I was looking for. I bought two, one was smaller and fit Santo's bed. We walked for a while in the dry and dusty air and then the road led us into the Painted Desert. This place was a big "Wow"; visually it was an artist's palette. As I drove along, I imagined myself in the nineteenth century, riding a horse through this land. It was my childhood cowboy fantasy returning to my consciousness all these years later. This memory became snatches of lyrics. I quoted them to Amy and she entered them into my journal. She also worked on them and it made for an easy collaboration, almost like doing a crossword puzzle together.

At one scenic overlook, she asked me to pull over. With the Painted Desert before us, she said that she had an urge to make out but not fuck, just make out. That seemed like a good idea to me and for about a half hour, we kissed and necked and cuddled and felt each other up and acted like kids.

"My panties are all damp now and you have a hard-on. Wanna save it for later? We have a couple of hours until we get to our next campsite and darkness is coming on. It's your call, pard'ner."

"I say we roll a doober and hit the road again. If you'll be so kind as to feed me some of your dripping pussy excretions now and then, I'll be a happy man."

"You're on."

We headed for Route 40 and Route 66 all giggly and silly. Amy dipped her fingers into her pussy and let me lick them off. She rubbed her fingers around my nostrils and her scent made the miles fly. She did that a few times.

"And It Stoned Me to my soul,
Stoned me just like old jelly roll,
And It Stoned Me."

Damn, this woman knew how to pick the right tunes.

We pulled into a dreary campgrounds just outside of the Petrified Forest. The sights along the road might the park enticing. We figured that we'd split the campgrounds early, do the park and head north on Route 66. We set up the RV for the night and closed ourselves in. A light wind had picked up and it looked like rain - a perfect night to be alone with each other.

"I want to make us a nice dinner tonight and maybe watch a movie," Amy opined.

"Ok with me but I want to fuck you silly. I think I'm still hard from earlier."

"Good, because I'll still wet and sticky. What are you doing right now?"

She straddled my lap and we began making out again. The RV started to rock but I think the wind had picked up and sure enough, it a few minutes, it was raining buckets. It didn't matter to us, we were in another world entirely.

"Amy, I love the way you kiss me. I get lost in them."

"Yeah, Davy, we kiss well. My mind blanks out. I like it a lot."

I kissed her ear and nibbled on her ear lobe. I nuzzled her neck. She stroked my hair and kissed my eyelids. Our mouths connected into light kisses, then licks and finally deep tongue and spit-swapping.

She whispered in my ear, "Davy, I'm so crazy about you...I've never felt like this before...last night was so good for me, my mind blanked and all I could feel was my love for you...it's more than sex, it's emotional...it's total. When we start to perspire, I feel like we're even exchanging fluids in another way. I feel like a sponge, soaking you in. Does that make any sense at all?"

Her fingers were unbuttoning my shirt. She pulled off her t-shirt and unsnapped her bra. She brushed her breast along my chest hair.

"It feels so good...your hair against my nipples..."

I kissed her forehead. "Amy, I have not been this happy in so many years that I can't count them. As I drive, I think about us...I think about finding my soulmate...I am amazed, delighted and I can't believe I'm babbling..."

"Yes, that's the word...but I know what you mean."

"I think to myself that this could just be the first blush of romance but I know that it's far deeper than that. When we make love, my mind blanks out, too. I'm never the spectator..."

"Oh, yes, me neither."

"...I'm so in the moment with you. I feel that when we're driving. I felt that today when we were gazing at Spider Rock and then again in the desert. I feel whole." She pulled my pants down and pulled off her panties but her gaze never left my eyes as she followed my every word.

"I've been having this cowgirl fantasy all day and now I want to fulfill it. I want to ride you."

I lay back on the couch as she mounted me. Slowly and carefully, she rocked back and forth. She pulled my arms up and placed them on one breast. She held my wrists together. "I need the reins."

"You know, I've been having these cowboy fantasies all day, too, but I never thought I'd be the horse! I like it. Ride me, Annie Oakley."

She did. She said, "An easy trot" and started to slip up and down with a loping feel. I closed my eyes and let her fantasy wash over me. "Chick-chick", she said and picked it up to a canter. My knees slipped up to enable the rhythm and she pushed lower. My hands held her breasts as they began to bounce. I became her bra. I don't normally cum easily when I'm in this position, instead I stay hard longer, much to her delight. I heard squishy sounds as she rode me and I knew she was into her fantasy and enjoying it.

"Yes, my stallion...yes, my stud."

The RV was rocking as she started to cum and her fluid washed me. I started in to buck and toss her around and we were in a full gallop. She pulled at my arms trying to control the ride but this horse was moving. She cried out and pulled my arms up. I pushed my loins up to meet her. I felt her vagina tremor while it gushed. Finally, she wrapped my arms around her and lay down.

"What a ride. You're a good mount. You'll get an extra bag of oats tonight."

We lay for a few minutes until she regained her strength and then she dismounted me and told me to stand up.

"You are my master. I want to please you."

I did as I was told and she kneeled in front of me. Licking and sucking me, she murmured that she tasted goo. I liked that. She gave me a masterful blow job, holding my sac in one hand and twist-stroking my cock with the other while she gobbled on the head. In a very short time, my knees were buckling and I was shooting into her mouth. Pushing me back onto the couch, she slipped back onto me and then kissed me with her mouth full of cum. We snowballed it back and forth until it salivated away. While I was never a great fan of snowballing, we seemed to do it a lot and I really didn't seem to mind. It was another exotic way to exchange love.

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