tagGroup SexDavy's On The Road Again Ch. 11

Davy's On The Road Again Ch. 11


This is a long chapter because lots of things happened!

The morning came and I was up with the dawn. I really can't say why except that maybe I was ready to seize the day. I put up coffee and took Santo out. He was pretty frisky on this dreary morning. Rain seemed to be coming in from the south and the clouds looked black and ominous. Fortunately, they were very far off. Since there was no one on the beach, I let Santo loose. He ran straight for the water and splashed about in the remains of the huge waves. He rolled around in the sand and, while having a ball, made a mess of himself. I saw a lone runner off in the distance as I reveled in the sound of the surf. I was awake but still fuzzy. I needed my caffeine. I turned back toward the bus as Santo scampered up beside me. I got the vibe that he was about to shake himself off and I was right when he suddenly sprayed me with water and sand.

"Ok, buddy, I'm going to have to wash you down when we get back."

I opened the side compartment and took out the hand-held shower head. I washed my boy down and then toweled him off. He was barely dry to I tethered him to the bus and brought him his water bowl. He found a spot under the bus and flopped down.

I poured a cup and noticed that we were almost out of milk. I wrote myself a note to check our supplies and to pick up whatever was needed. Amy was curled up in bed and sleeping. I quietly closed the door, sat down at the table and turned on the computer to check my email.

My first email was from Shelley and Linda (See Chapter 2). Shelley's mother had passed away in the night a few days before. The girls had buried her and were now settling her estate. They were soon heading back to Michigan and asked if I would stop by to see them if I made it up that way. They also told me that they had been following me on YouTube and were thrilled at my success. The end of the note made my heart sad. Shelley said that she and Linda were having some friction and she didn't know if their relationship would last too much longer. I responded immediately telling them that they were in love and that they should remember why. I said that they should return home at their earliest chance, back to the place where they were comfortable and to try to rekindle their relationship. I told them that the last few weeks had been terribly stressful for both of them and that they needed to seek out their comfort level. I told them that I was in love and that they would just love Amy, too. Finally, I wrote that I would make it a point to see them on my return trip.

I chose to ignore the emails from my former business associates - my manager, my publisher and all the rest of the bastards who screwed me around once already. Never again. I swear it.

I checked out YouTube and the benefit videos were way up over 100,000. There were links to the Aspen video and that, too, was off the hook. There were even video clips from old appearances on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, from Rockpalast, from Don Kirshner and from my first appearance on Saturday Night Live. I laughed when I watched the skit I did with Ackroyd, Morris and Belushi. I couldn't wait to show this to Amy.

I sat down on the couch with my pad and pencil. Lighting a half a joint, I began to write.

I have to laugh when I see pictures from the old days,

The songs I sang, the people I met, the things I did...

Too maudlin. I crumpled it up and tossed it. I sat thinking of something to write but was drawing blanks. I hadn't had enough coffee yet but then I never write well in the morning. I'm just not a morning person. Never was.

I turned on the TV and started to watch but soon was asleep. Amy woke me with a kiss. It was nine-thirty. She was sipping her coffee.

"I've been watching you for a half and hour. You seemed fitful, is everything alright? Are you okay, hon?"

"Yeah, I'm okay. I just got up very early this morning, that's all."

"Where is Santo?"

"Santo is tied up outside. I took him for a walk and he played in the sand and the water. I washed him down and let him dry off outside. Let me go get him."

Santo was patiently sitting and waiting by the door. I scratched his head and told him what a good boy he was and let him back into the bus. He still was still a little damp but I knew he wanted in. I got his bowl and freshened his water. He greeted Amy with a million kisses and sat at her feet as she scratched his head.

"Amy, I must show you something." I woke up the computer and clicked on the SNL skit. She laughed and recalled that she had seen it when it originally aired, back in '76. "Look how young you were!" My memories drifted back to that one summer I hung out with Beloosh, when he and Judy rented a house in East Hampton just down the road from me. I really liked that guy a lot and I was heartbroken when he died. I missed his humor and his sensibility.

Amy watched some of the other clips and was amused by my young looks. "You're still so handsome!" I refilled our cups and told her about my email from Shelley and Linda. I said that I hoped we might be able to swing by and see them on our return trip, whenever that might be.

"I need my morning walk, baby. Let me take Santo out again so we can both stretch out. I'm going to call Sally, too, okay? I'll be back soon. I love you, Davy Harper." She kissed me and left.

The phone and it was George. "Good morning, Davy. Did I wake you?"

"No, not at all George. We still on for lunch?"

"Yes, but can we make it at Nobu? It's just down the road from you. Sorry to keep changing the place on you."

"It's okay, George. Amy and I will see you there. How's one o'clock?"

"That's great, Davy. I'm just over in the Colony. I'll see you then."

A few minutes later, I received another call. This one was from Craig Ferguson. I recognized his Scottish burr right away.

"Hello, Davy. It's Craig Ferguson - you know, the whack job with the late night show?"

"Of course I know who you are, Craig. What can I do for you?"

"What you can do is appear on my show tomorrow night - maybe play a song, sit on the couch and shmooze..."

"Well, I'll do it, Craig, but only if I can play with a puppet."

"That can be arranged, Davy. Can I have my staff call you later for some prep?"

"Sure, but later on in the afternoon, like about four. Is that good."

"For you, Mr. Harper, anything. Oops, sorry. I sound like a jerk."

"No, you don't. You've just been in Hollywood too long, that's all. Who else is on the show with me?"

"Right now, it looks like Maggie Gyllenhaal."

"Great, I like her...pretty and a very gifted actress."

"Yes, it will be a good show. I'm already thinking of a set up with the puppets. We'll have fun. Thank you, Davy and I'll have the staff call you later."

"Uh, Craig. One more thing. If you want me to perform, can I have a small group behind me - like maybe three or four pieces?

"Sure, Davy, my little dog-and-pony show can handle that. We'll just need a sound check first before the show. I tape at seven so let's make it five, alright with you?"

"Very good, Craig. and Thanks."

I called Mark immediately. "Mark, I need your help. Craig Ferguson wants me to do his show tomorrow night and he wants me to perform one song. He said I can have three or four pieces. Beside you, can you help me get a bass and a drum? He wants to sound check at five and taping is seven."

"Sure, dude. Relax. Let me call Gadd and Hillman. I think Nick left town and I think Keltner is with Cooder somewhere in Mexico. Let me check things out. Have Amy singing, too."

"Yeah, if I can get her to do it. I may have to wrestle with her on this, which ain't such a bad option either!"

"Indeed. Talk to you later."

I refreshed my coffee again but I hardly needed any more as I was pumped. I looked out the window and I could see the rumbling clouds moving closer. Amy was sitting nearby with her ear to the cellphone as Santo sat next to her, his butt leaning up against her. I watched her for a few minutes until I saw her hang up, jump up and run back to the bus.

"Here comes the rain!," she squealed. The windows began to fill with the pelting drops. "It suddenly got colder, too. I was on the phone with Sally when I saw a sheet of water come in off the ocean."

"How are Sally and Steve?"

"They're good. Sally was telling me about this sex party they attended last night and how she had four men doing her at the same time. You know Sally - she was cumming just talking about it! She also said that they have been keeping track of our clips on YouTube and while she's glad she's not here in L.A., she's sorry she missed the show. Otherwise, life doesn't change much in Aspen. What's with you?"

I filled her in on our lunch plans and told her about the Craig Ferguson taping tomorrow night. I told her that Mark was putting together a band and that I wanted her to sing with me. "I want to do "...Key of Me," what do you say?"

"Oh, God! TV?" She began to babble. "What am I going to wear? Oh, I have plenty. Should I have my hair done? I should call Linda for advice. Maybe I'll have my make-up done...no they have makeup people there and makeup for TV is different than...Quiet down, girl! Just relax!"

I laughed at her sudden panic and told her it would be very cool and not to worry.

"Okay, okay...Nobu for lunch, huh? Good, I'd like some sushi. Do you have a joint rolled? I could use something to calm myself."

I rolled up a think one, lit it and passed it over to her. She sat in the corner of the couch watching the rain pour down and toked it slowly. She seemed deep in thought.

"Davy, when are we going to go back to the road again?"

"I'm thinking right after the bus is done. Like the next day. Why, have you had enough of El Lay?"

"Yeah, maybe. I'm starting to think about our itinerary. Do you mind if I start to map one out? Just for fun?"

"Sure, I'm blowin' in your wind, babycakes. Go for it."

She sat down at the computer and started to make notes. In no time, she was absorbed in creating a route. "So I'm thinking that we go up the Coast Highway to San Francisco stopping in Santa Cruz - you wanted to stop there, right? I've never been to Monterey and I'd like to stop there. We both have people in San Francisco so I figure maybe we're there for a couple of days. Then on to Tiburon, I never been there either and you have friends there, too and then up to Bodega Bay, where you have more friends. Am I right so far?"

"I'm listening but so far, you're good."

"Okay, from there to the Napa Valley, through Sacramento to Yosemite Park, which I really want to see. Across Nevada and Utah (stopping over in Salt Lake City - maybe), and then north to Yellowstone, another place I want to go. From Yellowstone we head south to Aspen for a while so I can check out my biz, not to mention Steve and Sally."

"I'm getting exhausted already. Maybe we should stop right here for the night, waddya say?"

"Cute, guitar boy. In Aspen, we can map out the next leg but I know you want to stop in Michigan."

"Sure, you know we're missing the Pacific Northwest and Wyoming but we can do that on another trip. Eventually, we have to head back to New York so I can handle my biz, too. And somewhere in there, we might have to head off to a gig. I'll tell you one thing, it's great to be so flexible, isn't it?"

"It sure is but I'm getting a little antsy to move on. I'll check out RV parks later."

"Speaking of which, let's get dressed and meet up with George."

"Oh right. If I smoke any more, I'll forget my name."

"Ha! I could smoke all day and I'll never forget your name."

We dressed and headed over to Nobu. Although it was raining heavily, it was only a few minutes up the road in Malibu proper. George was already at a table in the back and waved us over. We made some small talk for a while and George suggested we let them prepare a sashimi platter for us.

"I'll tell what this is all about. I'm working on a project now and it's in the earliest development stage. I've had a couple of treatments written so far. I was very taken by the two of you at the benefit and at Mark's party and you kind of dovetail into my project. It's a film about a sixties musician who's been out of the loop for a few decades and who suddenly finds himself making a comeback. It's a drama about romance and redemption, if you will. I'm not interested in doing a biopic about you, I just want to use elements of your story, or your stories to flesh out the screenplay. Perhaps you might even write some songs for it. Like I say, it's in the earliest stages here and nothing has the green light except my interest. And, by the way, I'm not interested in playing the part as much as I am in producing it."

"So what would you have me do, George?"

"Maybe first a series of chats, if that's alright with you."

"You know, Graydon Carter wants to do a story about us. He wants Annie Liebovitz to photograph us. Perhaps, that could be the seed material for you?"

"Perhaps. That could be a good source or even a starting point. I want to be honest with you, though. I've heard some chatter from other studio people that they are interested in doing something with you. I want to be the first. With that in mind, I'd like to offer you an option so, at least, I have you locked up and don't have to worry about any competitors."

"I've heard some rumors about that myself but I don't trust Hollywood much. I know that you make quality films - stuff that you believe in. I'm more inclined to work with you."

"That's good. I have no intention of screwing around with you. I know that you can give me color and that whoever develops the screenplay can work that into the plot. How long will you be in L.A.?"

"Maybe another week is all. We're going to head up the coast and then see some parks before heading back to Aspen for a little while before heading east."

"I expect to be in the country for a few months so maybe I can hook up with you on your trip and we can talk while you travel. Will that work for you?"

"Sure, that sounds cool. I'll email you when we know our itinerary and we can schedule something."

"That's great. To tell you the truth, I'd like to see some of the National Parks, too. I've never seen Yosemite. I'll get right to work on cutting you a check, shall we say $100,000 for a one-year option? If we take it into development, there will be a lot more but this is just to seal our deal."

"Amy, what do you think?"

"It seems non-lethal to me, at least at first blush. I want to sleep on it and toss it around with you before we commit to this. Is that alright with you, George?"

"Yes, of course, Amy. Today's lunch was just, shall we say, an initial conversation, that's all. When you accept the check, the deal is done. And that doesn't commit you to anything except letting me have first dibs on your story, or perhaps I should clarify that, both of your story."

"Okay then, so far it's all good to me."

"Fine. I can call you tomorrow with more details, if you like."

"George, there's no rush with us. Let me give you my business manager/lawyer's number in New York. And from everything I have heard about you, you are a gentlemen and I will only work with righteous people. I've learned from my mistakes."

"You see what I'm saying, Davy? Already, that's the beginning - or the end - of a good story!"

"Amen, brother."

We clinked our sake cups and proceeded to scarf up the yellowtail, the sweet shrimp, the tuna and all the rest of the food which was very, very tasty. I've never really liked sushi but this was something else altogether.

My cell vibrated in my pocket. I excused myself and took the call. It was from the Ferguson show and I asked that they call me back in an hour. I explained to Amy and George who had called.

"That will be fun. He's a smart and funny guy," said George.

We talked a bit about Amy and I meeting in Aspen and our subsequent whirlwind romance and trip. George was absorbed and asked a few questions about my days before we met and I gave him a thumbnail sketch. Amy was absorbed, too, and I realized that she didn't know a whole lot of my history.

"This will be an enlightening story for me, too," she said. We finished our lunch and shook hands before parting.

"Davy, I'll call you in the next couple of days. I'd like to see your bus. May I stop by?"

"Certainly, George. We'll give you the five-dollar tour."

Driving away, Amy was very impressed. "Wow, an option on a movie deal! How much better can it get?"

"Baby, we've only just begun."

Back at the bus, we didn't talk much perhaps because we were both a little overwhelmed by all events and offers since arriving here. The rain had settled down to a light drizzle and Santo was good for a quick walk. I considered that he was a little overwhelmed, too, and mirroring our tension. Amy had set out a glass of wine for me upon our return.

"Davy, how about we snuggle for a while. I have to shower and shave myself. Or maybe you would like to shave me?"

"Ooh, that sounds interesting and different. How can I refuse?"

"Good. You lay out a couple of towels on the bed and I'll get ready."

She showered as I prepared the bed. When she came out, she had her razor, some shaving cream, a scissor and some lotion. She also carried a damp washcloth.

"I've already done my legs and my pits. I just need you to clean up my crotch. Do you think you can do that?"

"Ha! Do I!" I snipped the scissors.

She placed her butt on the towels and spread her legs wide giving me a delectable view into her pink inside. I leaned over and licked her wetness away.

"First things first," she admonished me.

I picked up the scissor and began to trim her little v-shaped raven-haired landing strip, clearing the hair from just above the top of her slit. I shaped it and trimmed the long pubic hairs growing on the top and the sides. When I was satisfied that I had completed that task, I used the washcloth to wipe the hairs away. I then applied shaving cream around it and down around her mound. With gentle swipes, I lightly shaved around the edges of the strip. Slowly, I shaved around her lips and into the crease of her legs. She raised her knees up and I shaved around her opening and down beneath it. Carefully, I shaved the inside of her lower butt cheeks wherever I saw raven follicles growing back. I warmed up the washcloth and wiped away the shaving cream several times to make sure that I didn't miss anything. Finally, I cleaned her off and slowly massaged her pussy with lotion. I noticed pearls of moisture form in her vagina and I lovingly licked them off. Smiling at me, she rubbed her hand all around her crotch making sure that I had done a good job. Satisfied that I had, she propped herself up on her elbows.

"Would you like me to shave you now? I think I'd like to feel your soft balls."

I was startled. I'd never shaved my forest before. Not that I was opposed to it, it just surprised me. "If you like. I mean, why not?"

"Good. I think I'd like to see what it's like not getting pubic hair caught in my teeth. I promise I'll be gentle. I don't want to hurt my favorite fruit bowl! Go take a warm shower and I'll get ready."

I showered off and examined myself for a few minutes taking in my hair for the last time. I loved how this woman came up with ideas. I walked back into the bedroom as I was toweling off and lay down with my butt on the towels.

"First I have to cut back all this hair so just lay back and I'll go to work." With my head on the pillow, I listened as she snip, snip, snipped away with the scissor. After a few minutes, she swept the hair off me and, with the warm washcloth, wiped my crotch. She applied shaving cream all around me, from my pubes to my ass. With slow delicate swipes, she began to remove my hair. At first, it felt funny and a little ticklish but soon, as she held my dick down so she could clear the hair around the stem, it felt pretty damn nice. When my pubes were done, she wiped me off and reapplied shaving cream to the inside of my upper thighs.

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