Davy's On The Road Again Ch. 15


"Well, wait until you taste my brisket. It melts in your mouth."

For the rest of the night, I felt like a huge matzoh ball. But I felt good. We all felt good as we sat around belching. Amy and I entertained them with stories and pictures of our trip. Sally was ready to make a reservation at the spa in Palm Springs right then and there. They told us how they kept track of us through YouTube and how cool the music was. We watched the DVD of Sebastian's Berkeley show and Danny was right, it was fun. The video was just so-so but John had mixed the audio in perfectly.

Amy was busy chattering away on the phone most of the time as it never stopped ringing. At one point, my daughter, Emma, called and I told her the good news. She said that she would call Danny to make plans to fly out with Jack and the kids in about a week. After she hung up, Danny called to wish us well. He said that he was at his beach house in Amagansett while Kathy was with her daughter, who had just given birth. He said that they would fly out for the wedding, too. He also said that he'd just spoken to Shadow and he also wants to fly in. I was surprised that the news had excited everyone. Hell, I thought it was kind of a private matter between Amy and me but I guess people want to celebrate and a wedding is a perfect excuse.

"Davy, we're going to have one hell of a bash, I think. We'll put up Emma and her brood here...and Laura...and Susan, too. And Mark and Deb...that's a full house. Maybe we'll hire some help for that week. But tomorrow, I'm going to have to reserve a bunch of rooms at the hotel and the country club...it's good thing it's not ski season. Both Deb and Linda told me that there's a whole crowd from L.A. wants to come and that the news had traveled fast." At one point, Sally was fielding calls on the land line while Amy and I were on our cells. Stuttering, she interrupted us to tell us that we had a call. "A-A-Amy...you have a call from G-G-George and Sarah."

While Amy squealed on the phone, she asked if that was really George Clooney on the phone and I told her it was. "Davy, this is going to be one of the biggest celebrity parties Aspen has ever seen! We should use the country club and the Inn. This is going to be a hoot!...Stevie, you better start baking challahs!"

"We can add George and Sarah," said Amy. "They're flying in between his filming dates. This is going to be something else. I better start making a list. Tomorrow, I'll do the rooms...and I'll call Rabbi Mintz at the Chabad to see if he's free to perform the ceremony on Saturday night, if that's okay with you. Sally, we have to work out the menu. The only thing we don't have to concern ourselves with is the music! Ha, ha, ha, ha!" Indeed, that brought laughs.

"We can use our Woody Creek band as the house band," I said. "They can back up anyone. And here, I thought we'd have a little wedding ceremony and a dinner for just a few of us...well, so much for that!"

The night went on like this for a while until we were collapsing. Stevie and Sally bid us a good night and said they'd call in the morning. Amy and I crawled into bed.

"Davy and Amy Harper. I like the sound of that! I'm so happy I can't tell you, Davy. I've been dreaming of this for the past few weeks...that you would propose to me. I only wish my folks were alive to see this. Oh, I wish a lot of things but we're going to make them all come true. I love you, Davy."

We drifted off to sleep nuzzling each other and whispering to each other. Everything seemed so right. Even Santo, jumping on the corner of the bed, seemed to understand. Before he curled up, he moved up to us and licked us. One big happy family. I kind of liked the sound of that, too.

In the morning, the phone started ringing where it had left off the night before. By the time I had my second cup, I'd spoken to Shadow, to Buffett, to Mark again, to Yo Yo Ma (who unfortunately wouldn't be able to attend), to Meg (who called from Palm Springs after Callie told her the news), to Nash (who said that they had almost a whole planeload already), to Hillman, even Dylan called. Stevie and Sally shared the news with us and they couldn't believe it when I took Bob's call. Ed called and said that he was coming, too, and that he was trying to get in touch with Elon. That reminded me of his song and I sang it for him. Needless to say, he was ecstatic.

"Hey Mark, I need a pair of normal wheels. Is there a place around here I can buy a car?"

"There's a Chrysler place, and a VW place nearby. There's also a few places up near Glenwood Springs. Want to take a ride?"

So we took off car shopping while Amy, Sally and Santo went into town. Mark and I looked at about a dozen car lots until I found one that would fit the bill, a Ford Escape Limited, all tricked out and in steel gray, although I waffled a while over a Lexus 570. I figured that I needed a car to carry stuff as well as people around, especially in the next couple of weeks. It wasn't cheap - it cost about as much as a fucking Caddy Escalade but it had a lot of cool high-tech features plus I have this thing about helping American business. It was plenty plush enough and it would do the job. We had Amy's Jag to go out on the town, Big Chocolate for big crowds and long trips and now an SUV for heavy lifting. This would work. Also, I figured that when Elon's sedan came out, we'd get rid of the Jag or add it to our stable. I called Danny first and he told me just to hand them my black plastic card and before you know it, I was following Stevie back to Aspen.

Back at the house, there was no one home so we rolled up a fatty and I took out my Martin and played Stevie some of my new songs on the deck. Fortunately, he had his autoharp in his trunk and we had a fine old time.

"I had this dream a couple of weeks back, Davy. In it, you were singing a real old tune you wrote called "Baby Broke My Heart." You remember that song? I think you introduced it one night at Max's Kansas City...at least in my dream you did."

"Yeah...vaguely. I remember Micky Katz better though. He always took nice care of us. He was a good guy. But the song? It's been out of my mind for many years..."

"Wanna do it?"

"No, Stevie, that song was a stone cold bummer, a real bring-down. I don't think I ever want to sing that song again. Sorry."

"Okay, I understand. It is< /> pretty heavy...Also, in that dream, we were singing folk songs like we used to do in the beginning only we were at the old Lone Star...the one with the lizard on the roof...and we were a little drunk. You were singing "Wanderin' with Tom Rush."

"Now that's a beauty. Let's do that."

"I've been a-wanderin',
early and late,
From New York City to the Golden Gate,
And it looks like
I ain't never gonna cease my wanderin'.

Well, my daddy was an engineer,
And my brother drives a hack,
My sister takes in laundry,
While the baby balls the jack,
And it looks like
I ain't never gonna cease my wanderin'."

"Man, that song sure is pretty."

"yup, it is." I went over some of my new songs and then, looking through my journal, I came across some unfinished bits and pieces. While Stevie lit up a big roach, I suggested that maybe we could finish them or at least, flesh them out.

"Here's a line I had somewhere on the road, Stevie. "Don't matter where we go or where we roam...I'm with you and that feels like home."

"How 'bout: "The road is long, no destination in sight, and it doesn't matter we go or where we roam, we're at a place in time and it's all right, I'm with you and that feels like home."

"Ooh, Stevenson, I like that. Say it again."

He repeated it a few times and it began to develop. I started to write my thoughts down.

"Riding over dirt like the grounds in my cup,
Hills turn into mountains and fields into sand,
The sky is forever and the mileage builds up,
We move ever forward and we eat up the land.

We move ever forward, can't recall where we've been,
But it doesn't matter because what's done is done,
It's been so long since I can't remember when,
I was living in one place and having no fun.

Can't know when these things end,
But I know one thing for sure.

The road is long, no destination in sight,
And it doesn't matter we go or where we roam,
We're at a place in time and it's all right,
I'm with you and that feels like home.

"Hmmm. I don't know, Davy. there's something not right about it...it doesn't scan...I don't know."

I fiddled around on the guitar for a few minutes and Stevie was right, I couldn't roll with it. I put it away to show Amy later and I pulled out another one. "Okay, what about this?"

"She said that sometimes she wonders,
Just what she was put here for,
Like just another tiny little grain of sand,
Or just another shell upon the shore.

I told her that life plays funny tricks,
And you never really know when,
One day it's all roses and some days it ain't,
It happens every now and then,
It happens with everyone, all the women, all the men
Maybe it's karma or maybe it's zen,
But it will never come around like this again
And you never really know,
What's lurking around the bend.

She said that sometimes she looks up,
At the clouds in the sky,
And she wonders why she stands there,
When all she wants to do is fly.

I told her that life is sometimes like that,
You play it as it lays,
Just ante up, deal out the cards
And fold, call or raise,
If you're feeling good or you're trapped in malaise,
And cannot find direction through the murky haze,
Sometimes it's like that, you know, 'just one of those days',
It's like 'sometimes the bear bites you',
To turn a phrase."

"Waddya think of that?"

"You know, Davy, I don't ever know where you come up with this shit. How does your mind work? I like some of that but I don't sense an overall tone. I don't know...maybe if I heard you sing it. Still, it seems kind of bleak to me and I don't hear a hook."

"Yeah, you're right. I don't get that sense either. It's not telling me a story. You know, I don't think I like it. Maybe I'll show that to Amy, too. I was thinking of showing it to Dylan but now, I don't think so."

"Here, man. Toke up and let it be for now. You have to get your head into this space for a while and take your head off the road. Kick back...smooth out."

"Good advice, my brother, good advice. Another piece of good advice is not to write songs that try to make sense when you're stoned. You read it later and it's shit. Every time. Always happens that way. But I saved the best for last. What do you think of this?" I sang him The Ballad of Lenny and Lizbeth.

"Now that's cool. I like that. But I'd still like to see you rhyme 'Lizbeth'!"

"Hmmm....Lizbeth...crystal meth...death...breath...can be done!..."Lenny and Lizbeth, Lenny and Lizbeth, Lenny and Lizbeth, Take a deep breath and
Remember Lenny and Lizbeth.

"I'm not impressed."

I heard the girls enter the house. After putting their bags down, they came outside to join us. "Where's that joint, you stoners!"

"I like the wheels, Davy. It looks like a good all-purpose vehicle and we need one."

"It has all kinds of goofy options in it. I brought the manual in so we can learn what it does."

"Later, maybe...but now..." Amy peeled off her clothes and raced to the pool where she made a clean dive with minimal splash. "Just what I needed! Come on in!"

The three of us stripped down in a flash and joined her as Santo laughed at us. The water felt great as we swam around and splashed each other. Soon, we were all floating on our backs and gazing at the cloudless sky in our stony haze. Time seemed to slow down, too.

Amy swam up behind me and began to kiss my neck and my shoulders. Sally started to laugh as my dick popped up. She came over and grabbed it. "Look, it comes with a joystick? Can I steer?" she asked.

"You steer and I'll navigate," said Stevie as he reached around Amy and tweaked her erect nipples. I heard her joyful sigh as Sal pumped my cock. We were in the shallow end and I felt her pull my legs apart. Her hands caressed my butt cheeks and her lips engulfed me. Her sucking was having an effect on me. Combined with the weightless feeling, I was enjoying this immensely. I placed my hands on the coping and let her give me one of her famous blow jobs. Looking over at Amy and Stevie, I could see they were enjoying themselves, too. Backed against the pool's wall, Amy's legs were wrapped around Stevie's hips as he pumped into her. Her hand grasped mine.

"Sally, you sure can suck. You're going to make me cum if you keep that up."

"That's the general idea, Davy." Sure enough, I felt it boiling up. Her hands pushed my ass further into her mouth and I could feel the head tickle the back of her throat. I felt some pre-cum dribble out.

"Oh, yeah, Sally....yeah, that's good...ah, ah, ah...here it comes, Sally..." She grasped my cheeks tightly as I erupted down her throat. My cum just wouldn't stop. Finally, she pulled off me and my body sank down into the water. My dick was vibrating and pulsing but my body was limp. She moved closer to me and wrapped her arms around me, leaning in to kiss me. I tasted my seed as she tongued me.

Stevie was nearing his orgasm, too. "Oh, Amy, I love it when you squeeze it. Yeah." He was humping her now and the water was splashing around them. Amy was biting his neck and he was moaning. Suddenly, he arched his back and as little noises escaped his mouth, he was shooting his jizz into her, pushing into her as deeply as he could.

As soon as they disentangled, Amy pulled herself up and sat with her legs spread wide and far apart. "Now eat me, Stevie. Tongue my pussy. Eat me!"

"Good idea." Sally clambered up onto the side and pulled my face into her strawberry blond pubes. I snaked my tongue over her slit and circled her clit. Pulling her closer to the edge, I licked her cunt and tasted her juices as they began to flow. She and Amy were right next to each other by the side, their arms locked straight holding them up. They looked at each other and started to kiss. Stevie and I were busy licking and sucking on these delicious clams. Every time I moved up to Sally's clit, I felt her jump a bit. I wasn't ready to make her cum yet - I know she likes to be eaten - so I moved back down into her canal. I continued to do this until I heard Amy's deep and guttural moan. At that point, I began to circle and nibble Sal's large clit in earnest and it swelled up. Her large fleshy cunt lips were now oozing fluid onto my cheeks and she was getting close. Stevie's hand was rubbing my ass and I felt his finger around my pucker. I buried my face into Sally as she began to moan. My tongue rammed her puss while my nose flicked her clit. Amy was now in the throes of cumming and she started to squirt onto Stevie's face. Sally was softly whimpering as her orgasm came on. Both women were rocking their cunts now and pushing into us. I felt Sally's juice turn more viscous and thick. Yes, this was the way I always remembered her orgasm, thick and juicy with a musky fragrance. "Enough!" she said, pushing my head away and she collapsed onto her back. Amy was already laying there flat.

Stevie and I looked at each other and smiled. I grabbed his head and pushed him down, dunking him. He came up out of the water and grabbed me as we began to wrestle each other. "Boys!" I heard Sally say in mock disgust.

Later, after dining on the rest of Stevie's Fricasee, we all lay together on the carpeted floor of the living room. Santo was very happy with so many hands scratching him. He rolled around on his back reveling in it. The phone rang several times but we ignored it, we were all just enjoying the feeling of being together again.

I called my sisters to give them the news. Frannie, who lives in London, had a maessage on her answering machine saying that she was traveling the continent ona writing assignment. She suggested email as a way to contact her. Janey and Ian also weren't home so I left a messsage.

That night, as Amy and I cuddled asleep, I awoke around four. I heard Santo snoring at the foot of our big bed and let my thoughts run though my skull. I got up to take a leak and then walked down to the kitchen. I got my pad and my #2 pencil and wrote down this song.

"Domesticity is a place I'd like to live
I have visited there before
I liked the decor
It's a space that I find attractive
And if I had the chance again
It's a place I'd like to explore.

Peace of mind is a very worthy goal
It doesn't take much work
Not like a job you'd rather shirk
It brings a lot of comfort to your soul
It relieves a world of pain
I/t's better than going berserk.

A happy home with my love at my side
My dog at my feet and I'll abide
The good Lord willing shall provide
And they'll say I was smiling when I died.

Domesticity is a roof above my head
With a sturdy wooden floor
And a solid wooden door
And a table with fresh baked bread
Made with five different types of grain
Wouldn't want for nothing anymore."

A happy home with my love at my side
My dog at my feet and I'll abide
The good Lord willing shall provide
And they'll say I was smiling when I died.
Yes, he was grinning like a fool when he died.

I read it over and smiled. Leaving it on the counter, I padded back to bed and quickly fell back asleep.

I was dreaming of lips on my dick, slowly sucking it in and then sliding back up...wet lips around it...a tongue licking the helmet and then licking along the vein. It was a good dream. I stirred and started to roll to the side when I felt soft hands roll me back. It wasn't a dream after all. I opened my eyes to see Amy in my crotch, looking up at me. I smiled.

"You left this verse out of your song, darling," she whispered in that soft voice so filled with passion and went back to sucking me.

"I think that's another song." I closed my eyes and felt my cock tingle as she sucked on the head and flicked my piss hole. Oh, this is how a man should always awaken.

"I love that song and I love you." She deep throated me. Her nose tickled my pubes. I just lay there smiling.

"Are you hungry for breakfast? Here's your first course...it's better than coffee." She repositioned herself so she could slowly lower her pussy over my face. She descended slowly so I could take in her musk. She slid herself down my nose and onto my lips. Then she leaned down and took me back into her mouth. I lapped at her and made sounds as if I was speaking. She responded by doing the same. I placed my palms over her compact butt and got serious. He were into our favorite rhythm, a graceful pas de deux. I rubbed my palms around her as she dripped into me. We went at this for a while until we were both getting close. She repositioned herself again and impaled herself on my hardness. She leaned in and kissed me.

"I taste so good, don't I? I do. I know I do. I've tasted me."

I pushed my hips up so she could boogie on me. We were rocking hard and now pumping like a V-8 piston. Her juices were flowing all over me. We were moving fast and it was getting divinely sloppy. I couldn't take it anymore and I began to jerk my cum straight up her love canal. She leaned back, arching and writhing. Her fingers moved over her clit and she was rockin' steady. Finally, with a growl and moan, she peaked and collapsed onto me.

"Oh, that was good. Now come with me." She pulled me from the bed and opened the french doors out to the pool. She pulled me to the edge and jumped in.

"What are you waiting for?"

"First things first." I turned toward the lawn and proceeded to empty my bladder followed my a deep sigh. I shook my dick, turned to her and jumped in.
We swam around playing grabsies and with lots of horseplay and laughter. Suddenly she jumped out and ran into the bedroom. Returning a moment later with towels, she waved me out.

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