Dawn Ch. 01


To those of you who have found yourself reading the wrong category, move on now to save yourself the trouble of having to send us messages explaining why this is all wrong!

It is written expressly for those that enjoy the fantasy of a bit of wife sharing. It is erotica, not a documentary.

We hope you enjoy!


'What are you doing Ant? Ooh! Hmmm, that's nice!'

Dawn moaned softly as her husband continued the movements of his tongue around her pussy. His head was between her thighs, her long legs were wide spread and her arms back above her head and tucked under the pillows. He was at work beneath the duvet, preventing her from looking down to see what he was up to.

He had her favourite black dildo to hand and as his tongue

flicked lightly across her sensitive little clit he started to nudge the shiny black rubber helmet against the soft moist folds of her rapidly swelling pussy lips. He started to ease it in gently - just a little at first, then out again, in a little further, then back again.

Her thighs parted further as if to welcome the thick helmet, now slippery with her own juices. With each gentle nudge, the realistic rubber dick began to fill her and he could sense her muscles drawing it in. She was writhing a little as he teased her with it, slowly building the pace until, with a breathless gasp, every inch of it was firmly lodged inside, filling her wet pussy. It was soon fucking her hard. He knew she was close now, and could hear her muffled cries.

'Yes! Oh yes! Oh my God, YESSSS!'

Her pussy gripped the dong tightly as she shuddered to a climax, her juices flooding over it. Ant just loved getting her in this state! As her orgasm died away and his own raging hard on became ever more apparent, he slid the dildo from her pussy with a soft gurgle and then, pulling the duvet to one side, he reached up to push the glistening black shaft into her open mouth.

He expected a little hesitation or protest but there was none; her dark red lips closed around it and she began to suck hungrily as she took it from him, then looking straight into his eyes, she began to deep throat it.

The sound of her slurping on that shiny rubber dong got her husband even more worked up as he brought his own cock up to her pussy, lunging forward in one movement to sink the full rigid length into her hot moist pussy.

She kept her eyes closed and her mouth full of cock as she moved one hand to her pert little tits to pull at her sensitive pink nipples, her breathing now more of a pant. Her cheeks were pulled in as she was sucking hard on that fake cock, his thrusting grew faster and more impatient.

He told her how hot she looked with her mouth full of cock and asked, stupidly perhaps, if she liked having a stiff cock at both ends.

The instant the question registered, her back arched and she pulled the slick dildo from her mouth. She looked at him dreamily through half closed eyelids as a second orgasm coursed through her.

'What woman wouldn't want two hard cocks? I've always been a greedy bitch, you know that!'

Ant feigned a shocked expression, as, with a final thrust, his balls emptied, pumping her full of hot cum.

His mind was now racing with images of his sexy 41 year old wife being spit-roasted between two thrusting cocks!

Dawn felt him flood her pussy and tossed the dildo aside.

'Of course, this is only fantasy darling, one man is enough trouble for me, and my black rubber friend is good enough for anything extra I fancy!'

He laughed as she added,

"But you can get down there and clean me up, that's one thing it can't do!"

He watched as she brought the dildo down with an urgent motion, sliding it effortlessly straight back up inside her spunk filled pussy. As she began to work the dong, the sound of it squelching in and out caused stirrings in her husband's cock once more. He positioned his face between her thighs to obey her demands, tonguing her clit lazily as she took charge of the fucking her black rubber friend was providing.

He had finally opened the suggestion of her taking more than one cock, and she had given a positive response without a second thought.

Ant thought excitedly, this could become interesting!


The complexity of a woman's mind never ceased to amaze Ant! Over the next few days he tried to talk to Dawn about the idea of taking two cocks, but her cheeks would flush red and she would immediately change the subject, unless, that is, they were in bed. That became an entirely different matter!

Now, as Ant lay in the dark on his side with Dawn on her back, one long leg draped across his waist, he start slowly and alternately feeding her his cock and her new toy, a nice fat life like dong!

'How do you like the idea of two cocks fighting over access to your hot little pussy?' He whispered.

Dawn giggled and sighed as her legs parted a little more.

'I'm having very rude thoughts now ... I wonder if both could get in there at the same time? Oh my God, just imagine, my little pussy being stretched by two big cocks!'

'I take it you'd like that then?'

'Mmmm, yes! It's still only a fantasy of course, but the idea of actually having two cocks to satisfy me does turn me on! It's a very naughty idea, but it does have a certain appeal!'

He soon discovered how appealing!

After teasing her further she became wetter than he could remember and fucked him like a demented wildcat.


As the next few weeks passed, every time they made love, Dawn went into more detail, asking what she should wear, and how Ant and the phantom cock would go about sharing her, what positions they would take her in, in fact everything but who it might be. Ant assumed that in her mind they are both him, but at the same time!

The trouble now is that he wanted to see her writhing between two cocks in real life, He'd always had that fantasy, but now that they were sharing it he wanted to take it to the next stage!

The real problem is who with, how, and would she? He really doubted that she would ever agree to it becoming a reality, so began thinking that a little trickery was called for!

Over the next few days, the seeds of a devious plan were sown in his mind. It was risky, but that made it more exciting, and it might just work!


As Ant continued to work on his devious plan, he became delighted with the newly liberated Dawn, even if that liberation was confined to fantasy roleplay within the bedroom! His credit card had taken a hammering though as Dawn has invested in some new clothes to bolster the authenticity of their games.

Recent purchases included some mini skirts, one of which was really not much more than a soft leather belt! Various tops, stockings, knickers and, best of all, a range of quite slutty (though very expensive) boots and shoes.

Much to her husband' delight, Dawn had now taken to 'dressing' for sex, be it a pair of long silky black opera gloves, her dominatrix style black pvc wear or a combination of, quite frankly, inappropriate attire for a woman of her age and social standing!

A 41 year old married professional woman should not really be dressed from head to toe like a cheap slut, more befitting a street corner whore! But Ant was far from caring as he began reaping the benefits of her new found enthusiasm for spicy sex!


Getting back to the plan for a second cock - Ant decided that the ideal candidate would be Jim, an old colleague of his. He is mature, educated and quite the "silver fox" -- just Dawn's type in fact. He knew from long conversations that he was like minded, and he had seen photographs of Dawn and had made no secret of the fact that if Ant ever decided to introduce her to extra cock, he would be up for it!

Ant also knew that threesomes turned him on and that he had indulged in similar fun with his own wife in the past. Jim was in his mid fifties, but still in good shape, and the added thrill was that, although they had discussed their sex lives in glorious detail, he had never actually met Dawn.

Ant arranged to meet him in a pub one evening and told him what he had in mind. Needless to say, he was very enthusiastic and within half an hour they had a plan in place. Ant surprised himself by scheming with him for a good hour or so and not feeling so much as a twinge of jealousy that this guy might end up deep inside his wife's pussy!

They arranged a date and decided on a nice hotel that was not too far from where they lived. Ant was to take Dawn for a weekend treat and book two rooms with an adjoining door to make the plan easier to execute.


Lying in bed a few nights later, he told Dawn that he had booked a weekend away at one her favourite hotels as a little treat.

'That sounds lovely, what's the occasion then?' she asked, curiously.

'No special occasion, I just thought it would be good to get away for the weekend for some relaxing time out the house.'

'Hmm, how relaxing did you have in mind? I know you and relaxing! I presume I won't need much in the way of outdoor clothing?' she laughed.

She became even more enthusiastic when he told her that he had ordered a new 'real feel' dong that he was going to introduce to her, so she had better be prepared for a busy night!


Jim booked into the hotel and settled into the room. Waiting for today had seemed like an eternity, but the wait until he received the text telling him that everything was ready seemed even longer.

He felt his cock harden as he went over the plan in his mind, unable to believe that he might soon have it buried in the lovely Dawn without her even realizing! This was so wrong but, at the same time, such a turn on!

A simple text saying 'unlock' would mean that they had gone down to dinner and he was free to unlock and test the connecting door for squeaks, he had oil ready just in case. Then the wait until he received 'now'. The signal to enter the room to join the fun!

According to the plan, he was expecting Dawn to be knelt on the bed facing her husband, blindfolded, legs apart and ankles tied to the metal frame foot board.

She would be expecting to ease back onto the 'real feel' dong that was attached by a suction base to a plastic board clipped to the foot board.

Unbeknown to her, this will have been switched for an identical board with a hole for his cock to fit through. As Jim rubbed his cock in anticipation, a smirk spread across his face as he imagined how delighted she would be at the realism of this cock!

Coming out of the shower, Jim glanced at his watch. Just gone seven, time to order a light meal from room service. It shouldn't be long now until it was time to test the door.

Then a few drinks and wait for the fun to start!


His phone beeped as a text came through 'unlock'.

Jim slowly turned the key and the door unlocked quietly. Turning the handle cautiously and giving a gentle push the door swung open. Perfect! A nice silent door!

He took a quick look around the room and his eyes fixed on the bed, the scene of the evil deed about to be carried out! Slowly closing the door again, Jim settled back to await his signal.

An hour had passed by the time Jim heard voices in the corridor outside his room, followed by the door lock clicking next door. They were back!

Dressed only in a clean bath towel, Jim moved towards the connecting door and put his ear to it. He could hear voices and the occasional giggle, but then someone had turned the radio on and music washed over the conversation. He reached down and adjusted his cock, which had grown in anticipation of the treat it was about to receive.

'Not long now!' he muttered as he eased himself back on to the armchair, phone at the ready.


Ant had hardly been able to eat any dinner in anticipation of what was in store for Dawn.

As she chatted away during the meal, all he could think about was seeing her writhing about on the bed taking a cock at each end and having no idea that one of them belonged to a complete stranger. He knew that this was so wrong but the appeal was too great to resist.

Despite her relatively demure attire for dinner she knew he was mentally undressing her and was happy to cross and uncross her legs seductively or let a spiked high heel dangle teasingly from a foot.

Finally the meal was over and they were on our way back to the room.

Once inside, he pulled Dawn towards him and gave her a long, lingering kiss. Her hand moved over his crotch and she gently gripped his solid cock.

'Mmm, you're keen tonight!' she whispered.

'I think I should go and get ready, what do you want me to wear for your special fun?'

He handed her a suit cover and a box and she disappeared into the bathroom. As she dissapeared, he flicked on the iPod docked beside the bed so that music would help cover the sound of Jim's arrival and any other "unexpected noises"!

Dawn was back in a few minutes. Until this point he had not been sure about the outfit she was to wear. It had been Jim's choice and a concession he had been willing to make to add to the excitement of the occasion -- in addition to inadvertently ending up spit roasted his darling wife was also blissfully unaware that she was dressing to order for a total stranger!

His credit card had once again taken a pounding as some of the outfit was special order but the sight of her emerging from the bathroom was more than worth the expense and he knew Jim would be very pleased with his choices, despite them being far removed from Dawn's usual tastes.

His cock hardened as he took in her long legs now encased in tan suede thigh high boots with teetering five inch spiked heels and her dark brown lace top stockings just visible above the top of the boots.

Her basque was chocolate brown and in the shiniest satin, the straps clipped neatly to the stocking tops --a first for the suspender hating Dawn. Her neck was adorned with a thick diamante choker -- nine strands of glistening jewels sat snugly against her throat. Her hair was in a tight pony tail fastened high on the crown of her head and she had reapplied her dark red lipstick. She did a slow twirl.

'Will this do for you, sir?' she asked with a wide smile, knowing the effect it was having on him.

'Oh yes, that will do very nicely, I hope you're ready to satisfy two big cocks tonight!'

She glanced across to the bed.

'Where's my new friend then, I thought you had created something special for me tonight?'

'Oh I have, darling, don't you worry! But it's a surprise so I want you to feel it rather than see it! Come over here and let's get you ready!'

A few minutes and a few giggles later, Dawn was lying face down on the bed, blindfolded, and her legs wide apart with her feet through the decorative metal foot board, ankles firmly secured with rope.

'Right, just try kneeling so that I can position your new friend.' He instructed.

As she pushed herself back, the position was perfect for the board that he'd prepared. He clipped it in place and told her to lay down again. The second board with the dong attached was placed nearby so that he could change them over when Jim had left.

It was now or never, nervously he typed 'now' into the phone and sent the text. He climbed on to the bed and knelt in front of Dawn, easing his rigid cock between her lovely red lips. She opened her mouth wide and murmured encouragingly as she let him slide his full length in. Fuck! He thought, this is going to be so good!


Jim jumped as his phone bleeped. He grabbed it and saw the word 'now' on the screen.

'This is it old son, it is actually going to happen -you're on!

Jim murmured, looking down at his cock.

Switching off the phone and the lights, he made his way to the door. He held his breath as he turned the handle and eased it open.

Oh fuck, Yes! He thought as his eyes adjusted to the soft glow of the room.

As Ant grinned a welcome at him, he took in the vision of Dawn as he saw her 'in the flesh' for the first time. Approaching the bed and hardly daring to breath, he took in the long, spread, booted legs, rising to her firm little bum and narrow waist. Her head was bobbing up and down enthusiastically on her husband's cock. He found himself trembling with nerves and excitement -- what a situation to find himself in! He gave Ant an expression of approval as he moved closer, wondering what he should do next. As if reading his mind, Ant eased his cock from her mouth.

'Are you ready for our friend to join us now?' he asked quietly, holding his head near to her ear.

'Mmm, I think so.' Dawn sighed. 'Is he going to like what he sees?'

'Oh yes, my love, he's going to like it very much!' replied Ant.

He watched Jim wave his erect cock in approval.

'In fact,' Ant continued, climbing off the bed. 'He wants to run his hands over your legs and body first, would you like that?'

This was not part of the original plan but Ant could see how adding to the mental images flooding Dawn's mind would work in Jim's favour, allowing him the opportunity to play even more.

'Oh God yes! Let him touch my pussy too, he can see how wet I am already! I hope it makes his cock good and hard, ready to fuck me with! I need two cocks tonight, I'm going to need a very hard fucking to satisfy me now!'

Ant gestured to Jim to help himself as he continued the commentary.


Jim didn't need telling twice.

Moving stealthily, he crept alongside Dawn. His hands started on her soft boots and he felt the heat of her body as he slowly ran them up her legs.

'Hey, he loves your boots, I can see his cock growing stiffer as he touches them! He's going up to your lovely thighs now, do you want me to stop him?'

Ant continued the roleplay scenario as Dawn became more engrossed in the picture he was painting for her.

'No, no, let him carry on!'

Jim moved his hands up over her soft stockings, across the lacy tops and on to the soft warm flesh above them.

Dawn parted her thighs further to allow easier access as she let out a long sigh -- assuming them to be Ant's fingers but imagining them to be those of her make-believe lover.

'This is so good! Oh my God, what a turn on!'

Ant watched intently as Jim's hand slid between her parted thighs, his thumb nudging against her pussy. She was right, she ready for this! Her pussy was so wet that his fat thumb slipped easily into her hot velvety tunnel as his hand gripped her soft warm inner thigh.

'Oh yes. Oh God, come on, I need some cock now, please, I can't wait any longer!' Dawn gasped as she thrust herself back on to Jim's thumb.

'OK Babe, if you're sure you're ready for it!'

He nodded to Jim to take up his position with his cock through the board, then helped Dawn back into a kneeling position.

'Are you sure you're ready for this?'

'Yes, for God's sake, give me some cock!'

To Jim's surprise, as Dawn was eased back up into a kneeling position just in front of the wooden board and his hard cock Ant reached between her legs and took hold of his cock. Talking to Dawn as if he had a rubber dildo in his hand he whispered to her.

'Mmm he needs to rub himself against your clit honey to check you are wet enough for him'.

The action of Antony doing this reinforced in her mind that it was a lifeless rubber cock stuck to a wooden board being rubbed up and down her gushing pussy rather than an actual cock belonging to a total stranger -- what a deception!

He rubbed Jim's cock up and down a few times as Dawn purred and then he placed the bulbous head at the entrance to his wife's yearning pussy. Jim needed no further encouragement and stayed perfectly still, his cock resting against the outer folds of Dawn's tight wet slit.

'Ooo,' she purred, 'It's a nice warm one!'

'Told you it'd feel real!' smiled Ant as he took his position at her head once more.

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