Dawn and Ken and Maria and David


Much as we both enjoyed my kissing her breasts, I didn't tarry, but continued south, my tongue tracing its way down her tummy, pausing to ream her navel and proceed to her moist furry cunt, as I knew she liked. I had dropped to my knees now and Dawn spread her legs to receive the worship of my lips. She came twice, filling my mouth with her copious spend before pulling me to my feet and starting to undress me urgently. "I'm going to fuck you so good, Love. So good!" she promised.

She didn't lie. In seconds I was stripped and mounted, but Dawn took her time with me. (Two hard comes on my tongue had taken a bit of the edge off for her, but not me.) She was fucking me slowly, not letting me come, just making it nice. "Are you happy the way I worked things out, darling," she asked, some loving mischief in her eye.

"Of course, Sweetheart, being in bed with you, both of us free at last; I couldn't be happier."

"You don't mind having an older woman fuck you?" she asked.

"I LOVE having YOU fuck me," I responded.

It seemed to be the right answer, for her smile brightened. "Well that's good, because I have a little confession, David." The pleasure of her warm pussy engulfing me slowly riding up and down made worry impossible, but I opened my eyes inquiringly. "You said WE were free, but that's not quite true, sweetie. Maria left you with a need for a sexy woman to dominate you, David. You're not free of that." She squeezed my prick with her cunt muscles, bringing me to the brink. "So many women would love to have you, David. You are smart and handsome. Some woman will see your weakness and use it to make you her slave, David. But don't worry, *I* intend to be the woman who receives your sweet, submissive love. I want you for my lover and my toy and..." she accelerated her fucking just slightly. "I want you to make me pregnant."

"Oh, Dawn," I croaked. I don't know if it was surprise, or protest, or helpless joy. Her slick pussy grasping, massaging my prick made it impossible to think.

"Did you forget the condom tonight, David?" she grinned down at me. "Were you so horny for me to take you to bed, you didn't take precautions? Or maybe not, darling," she went on, smirking. "Maybe you sensed I'm fertile tonight. Did you want to knock me up, David? Make a baby with me? Make my tummy swell with your child? Drink from my milky tits? All you have to do is come in me, darling. Come!"

The ecstasy of Dawn riding me closer, ever closer to orgasm and the invitation to put a baby into this magnificent, sexy woman were too much. I exploded into her womb and felt her orgasm in response. She collapsed into my arms, sobbing for joy. "Yes, darling, yes. Give me a baby, a baby, your baby."

We fucked several more times that night and again when we awoke the next morning. Even as we listened to the commotion of Ken and Maria going at it in the next room, Dawn and I began making plans for the wedding.

It took me longer than I'd hoped, partly because Dawn was busy working and she Maria decided to make it a double ceremony. Then, too, it took time to bring Maria's mother and sisters and get countless girl cousins visas to come to the States. Both brides wore white, but I don't think anyone could ignore the definite bulge under Dawn's wedding gown or perhaps the smaller one under Maria's.

The highpoint of the reception was a showing of "Pearls Before Wine," which everyone really enjoyed, especially those men who had never eaten pussy before. Several of Dawn's professional girlfriends found sweet, docile mates among David's techie friends and were soon sporting large bellies of their own. Maria's sisters and cousins all acquired clever-tongued boyfriends among the doctors and interns that night and soon enough one after another was showing the results of a "happy accident." Dr. Morton, the head of surgery at the hospital was quite taken by Maria's mother. His ex-wife had never let him eat her and Teresa had the hairiest, juiciest cunt he'd ever tasted. He proposed to the the forty-five year old woman even before she told him she was going to have his "bebecito." Soon we were flooded with announcements of weddings and baby showers, though usually the other way around.


Well, I guess everything has worked out for the best. Dawn, though just a shade less demanding than Maria, is plenty hot enough to keep *me* fucked out of my mind. I never have to beg her for sex, or to wear sexy lingerie or none at all, or to try new positions, or to do it in the daytime, or with the lights on. And when she's pregnant, she needs to play even more. Once when she was already huge -- with our third one, I think -- she called me to come down to the hospital and had me "give her some relief" bent over a laundry cart. She also loves the way I relax her when she arrives tired from a long day of surgery, spreading her gorgeous legs and worshiping her pussy through several soft orgasms before a good long fuck.

Also, I have more in common with Dawn than I had with Maria. Dawn, being a romantic domme, likes to dress up and go out ballroom dancing or to plays or theater or ballet. We hold hands and gaze into each other's eyes over candlelit dinners and read sexy stories aloud in bed; Homer Vargas is one of our favorites. [2] She's continued with her career, taking over from Dr. Morton when he retired to play Daddy for his and Teresa's growing family. The additional money makes it easy for Dawn to support us; my job disappeared in the dot-com bust. Dawn is happy for me to stay home, anyway, and take care of the babies she has been giving me every year.

We have remained friends with Ken and Maria and even Ken would have to admit he's better off as Maria's pet than as Dawn's dom. Maria took him in hand and really smoothed out the rough spots. With her discipline, Ken turned his electrician's job into a small but very successful electrical contracting firm. On the outside Ken and Maria look like the typical, happy young couple. Ken goes out and makes lots of money while Maria stays home and makes lots of little brown babies. Of course Dawn and I know that every so often Maria likes to tie Ken up and play "evil dominatrix" games with him. She evidently plans these events carefully and Ken must enjoy them, too: several of their children were conceived that way.

Oh, well, I'd better stop to get dinner ready. Dawn told me she wants it to be "special" tonight and I know what that means. It's that time in her cycle, so I guess in about nine months, we'll be having another baby for me to take care of.

I love my life.

The End

Comments, please, to Homer Vargas through the link below.


[1] Dee Dee's and Homer Vargas's story, "Pearls Before Wine," has not yet been made into a feature-length film. Cecil B. de Mille would have been the perfect director, except that he didn't do XXX-rated movies and he's dead. I was thinking of casting Iman as Queen Fanura and Russell Crow as Marcus, the Emperor, but so far, no money men have approached me for the rights.

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