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Dawn and Marie


I've been slow getting this story in for a couple reasons; first "It's summer time....and the living is easy...", and more importantly it has been difficult to be clear, in writing, about my relationship with Dawn. To say it is/was complicated is being overly simplistic. She started out as a fuck buddy and became a life partner. Marie added several layers of complication, but I wouldn't have missed her for the world.


"Let's go in here, I'd like a latte."

'Here' was a coffee shop we had been frequenting lately when prowling the local antique shops.

It was a pleasant fall afternoon, and we were dressed for the warm weather, I was in slacks and a light shirt; Dawn was in a short skirt, light blouse without a bra, and calf high boots. Her light brown hair was brushed to sheen, and I noticed a touch more makeup than normal.

This was the fourth time we had dropped into this particular coffee shop, and I noticed Dawn checked in the window before suggesting we go in. Entering, I saw two things; we were the only customers, and the same waitress working as all the other times.

I have encouraged Dawn in her desire for women lovers, and she'd had (or been had by) several since Lillian on The Dancer. Dawn had enjoyed them, but I sensed she was looking for someone in particular. Now, watching her face and mannerisms, I felt sure she had found her woman.

Well, I wasn't sure about being a woman. Not yet. Her name is Marie; she may be five foot tall with the right shoes. If she hit one hundred pounds, I'd be surprised. She has a nice figure, pale skin, blue-green eyes, and long, wavy, blonde hair. Her makeup is always done perfectly. She's the epitome of femininity.

As compared to Dawn. Dawn has a tight figure with tits that have no need for support. In the right shoes, or boots such as now, her legs have a beautiful shape to them. But Dawn always projects a certain "tom boyishness". She loves wearing leather, and has never shaved her body hair. You might think she looked hairy, but it was more like fine peach fuzz everywhere but for the mane of fine brown hair on her head, and her soft fine pussy hair.

The first time we saw her, Dawn did a double take and she literally blushed (Dawn never blushes). Every time after that she engaged Marie in conversation; learning her story. Marie had moved here from a small town in Eastern Washington. She had a degree in business management, and had picked up a good job as office manager for a small real estate company. Unfortunately, when the economy tanked, so did the company. She had worked a variety of jobs until she ended up as a waitress in this coffee shop.

Marie, it turned out is in her mid-twenties, almost Dawn's age of twenty eight.

The more we talked with her, the more relaxed Marie was with us. By this, the fourth, visit, she smiled warmly when we came in, following us to the table we usually took; all the way back, against the wall. It had two advantages; privacy, and we, but especially Dawn, could watch Marie walking to us. She does have a sexy sway to her hips, and the flowing skirts and medium high heels she wore accented it.

While Marie was getting our order I asked Dawn if she wanted Marie as a playmate.

"May I? She's just what I've been fantasizing about, she will be perfect."

"Yes, but with a condition...We share her."

"Oh, I never thought anything else."

When she returned Dawn asked her plans for the weekend. "I'm working Saturday, but off Sunday and Monday. Why?"

"We'd like you to join us. We'll do barbeque, lie around in the sun, and maybe play some games."

"Um, what kind of games?"

Dawn laid a hand on Marie's arm, lightly caressing her skin, "Oh, I'm sure we'll come up with something interesting. I really want you joining us."

Marie looked questioningly at me. "Marie, I'll give you our address and phone number. Be there at ten Sunday morning. If you come, I promise it will be very interesting. Perhaps more than you think. The phone number is if you get lost."

"And if I don't come?"

"Dawn will be very disappointed."


She looked long at Dawn, and suddenly she blushed. That was when she realized Dawn wanted her.

"I...I...I will think about your invitation..."

Dawn spoke up; "Marie, come to us on Sunday."

Then she stood, walking out of the shop. I gave Marie the address and phone number, and joined Dawn outside. "How did I do?"

"Hesitant at first, but you did better when you ordered her to show up."


Being dominant was a new experience for her. Dawn had been subservient to me for six months now, and quite comfortable in the role. I've kept the Dom/sub relationship on a moderate level; my sense of Dawn was she wanted to be controlled. But not totally. I'm fine with that; she's a lot of fun when she can let her sexual inventiveness loose. On the other hand; when she is dominated she drops all control and goes wherever I take her.

Now she was about to learn the responsibilities associated with having someone else in your hands.


Our house is located on the outskirts of Gig Harbor. We're in the middle of an upper middle-class neighborhood; neighbors on both sides and across the street, but open space behind us. It's a four bedroom, two and a half bath split-level; den and half bath in the lower level, the rest of the house above, with a fully fenced back yard, patio and spa off the den and a deck extending in front of the living room and master bedroom. Dawn had moved in with me not long after our adventure with Lillian, and she had taken over running the house easily.

This being late October, I really didn't expect much true sunbathing, but with a forecast of mild and warm weather, we would be able to enjoy the outdoors.

By nine in the morning Dawn was pacing the house; nervous and edgy. "Dawn! ... Come here! ... Kneel! ... Now, breathe deep and relax. Stay there until I release you. If you wish to seduce Marie, first you must control yourself. If you can't do it, I'll take her over completely. "

Slowly, Dawn calmed herself, when I saw her visibly relax I had her stand before me; "The next several hours will determine our relationship with Marie. She must trust us and love us. Think how you want to be treated by me, then treat her similarly"


Promptly at ten, Marie arrived. That was a very good sign; she responded well to orders, and she wanted to be with us. She was dressed simply; peasant blouse over a flowing skirt and pumps. Dawn and I met her at the door; I was in jeans and a polo shirt, Dawn in a simple brown skirt and white silk blouse. As usual, she wasn't wearing a bra. We greeted her with big smiles and warm hugs; we wanted her feeling welcome.

Marie looked a little uncertain when I opened the door, but our warm welcomes and big smiles quickly eased her. As small as she was, she fit easily under my arm as I hugged her, but her arms circled my waist, returning my hug. When Dawn opened her arms, Marie stepped into them and the girls exchanged cheek kisses, although Dawn did hold her close for several seconds more. Walking into the house Marie gasped and complimented us on the home. I suggested Dawn take her on a quick tour while I made coffee.

They met me on the upper deck where we could look out over Gig Harbor, across to Point Defiance, and all the way to Mount Rainier. We sat; talking and admiring the view including a pair of large hawks soaring on a thermal. At first it was just general stuff, but soon we began exchanging more personal information. Dawn told her a little about our relationship, taking pride in stressing her submissive role to me. Marie seemed surprised at first, and then she surprised me; "I envy you, I think that's the kind of relationship I'm looking for."

"What makes you say that?" I asked.

"I was raised in a very strict house, my father wasn't mean or cruel, but his word was law. My mother never challenged him, and yet she seemed happy. I dated a few men in college, but no one had me wanting more than a casual friendship."

"I know what you mean," said Dawn, "I was in several situations, even slept with a couple of them, but something always seemed missing. Then when I started dating Ron it all changed. He would tell me when he would pick me up, where we were going, what I should wear. The first time I disobeyed him, he said the date was off, and he left me at the door."

"How did you feel when he did that?"

"My panties were wet, and I realized he was who I was looking for. The next day he called, told me where we were going, when he'd pick me up, what to wear. He didn't say a word about the night before."

"What did you do?"

"Honey, what do you think I did? I wore exactly what he told me, and was at the door waiting. We had a great night, and he fucked my brains out that night. He took charge there too."

"And after that?"

"We saw each other about four more months and then he told me to move in here."

"I'm not sure why, but I'm glad you told me about that, maybe there's someone out there for me too." She said a bit plaintively.

I'd been sitting quietly while they talked, watching Marie's face; the interplay of emotions, the slight increase in color, breathing that increased at times. I was thinking we might have made a good choice. "Marie, what if someone was closer than you think?"

"...I'm not sure I understand..."

"There was a reason we kept coming into your shop."

"Well, I just thought you liked my coffee at first, and then I thought you liked me..."

"True on both counts, we do like you, which is why we invited you out here. And the more I see and hear, the surer I am. Marie, come to me."

Her head lifted and her eyes enlarged. Slowly she rose from her chair, and while it was only a few steps, she seemed to take forever. When she was before me; she looked down, at my lap rather than my eyes. "Look at me, here you may be submissive, but I want your undivided attention."

Her eyes slowly lifted, until they were focused on my face. There was no fear, instead a sense of anticipation. "Dawn and I are drawn to you." She turned to look at Dawn, then back to me. "Have you ever made love to a woman?"

"No," she whispered, "I've never made love to anyone."

"Would you have a problem making love to Dawn? Or me, for that matter?"

"I don't think so...but I thought you just ordered Dawn to do things? Why are you asking me?"

"I started ordering her when I knew that was what she needed. I want to be sure about you. This won't be a simple man-woman relationship if you choose to join us. You will be one of three."

"Just like that? You want me moving in?"

"No. We want to know you better. If we all agree, then we'll have you move in."

"How...how long will that take?"

"That's hard to say; weeks at least, maybe months, but I doubt that. My sense is we will be able to come to a decision pretty quickly."

"What do I have to do?"

"Be yourself, just as we will be ourselves. It's the quickest and best way. And above all, be honest; if there is something you want to do, or not do, say so. It can take years before we can read each other's minds. Is this acceptable?"

"Yes." She whispered, "What do you want me to do now?"

"Go make lunch- you and Dawn – it's time."

After lunch we gathered in the den; I sat in my usual chair, Dawn at the near end of the couch, and Marie, with some direction, sat at Dawn's feet. As Dawn stroked her fine, blonde hair, Marie told us more about her life.

She had been raised by a fundamentalist father, and a very meek mother. Her father had run the family with an iron fist, and while he never hit anyone, his word was law. Marie had been seeking such a relationship since leaving home, and hoped we were it. "The first time you came into the shop I thought that was how it was with you. The second time I was sure, and the third time I knew Mistress Dawn was happy being with you. But the last time...when Mistress Dawn gave me orders...that surprised me. And then I felt a shiver; this is what I'm seeking...if you will accept me."

"Did your father ever molest you, or touch you inappropriately?"

"Ooh, no! He would never do anything like that."

"What sort of sex life did your parents have?"

"Well, I never saw them, but they made a lot of noise, and my mother was always smiling the next morning."

"Ok, both of you step over here." When they were before me, I ordered Dawn to remove her blouse, showing us her bare tits. "Look at Dawn, beautiful isn't she? Now, I want your blouse off."

Marie slowly pulled the blouse over her head. No surprise- her bra was a simple white affair. "Remove the bra."

Dawn watched closely as Marie exposed her small, perfectly shaped breasts; they stood proudly, having no need for support, probably a b-cup in size. Marie started to cover them with her arms, but when I flicked my hand, she dropped them to her side.

"Dawn, remove your skirt." Easily, she unsnapped the side catch and let the material drop around her feet. She now stood in bare feet and leather, thong cut, panties. Marie looked at Dawn, her eyes enlarging when she saw the panties.

"Marie, your turn, the skirt." Much more slowly, she released the skirt, it finally pooling at her feet. Naturally, she was wearing white, plain panties. The women looked each other over, and then Marie turned back to me.

"Do you like what you see? Isn't Dawn desirable? What do you think of her panties?"

"Yes...Sir...she's beautiful, but I don't think I could wear panties like those."

"Nor do I. Now, remove yours, I want to see the rest of you." Her breath caught in her throat, and for a moment I thought she would run. This was her biggest test; and she waited seconds before taking a deep breath, lifting her chin, and then hooking thumbs into the waist band and pushing down. They joined the pile at her feet.

Standing before me, wearing only a pair of pumps, was a perfectly proportioned woman. From hair to feet everything was just right; the blonde hair swept around her face, framing it, highlighting the shape of her cheeks and the color of her eyes. Her finely shaped nose led to the bow shaped lips, which led you to her throat, which led to perfectly shaped breasts with pink nipples. From there you saw a tapered waist leading to nicely flared hips. Between those hips sat a perfectly shaped pair of lips, lightly covered with true blonde hair, so fine it was like a brush of color over pink lips. My eyes scanned down her exquisitely shaped legs, then back up to the pussy lips beginning to swell with excitement, a few drops of dew appearing on the edges.

By now Marie was quivering. Dawn reached over, caressing Maries back, smoothing an arm, murmuring encouraging words. "Dawn, take her in your arms, kiss her gently, welcome her."

Marie melted into Dawn's arms. If she wasn't supported, she'd have slipped to the floor. Dawn began kissing lightly; first on the lips, then along the jaw and throat and then back up to a mouth quivering for attention. This time Marie responded hungrily; pushing against Dawn, grinding lips against lips. When they did part, both were breathing heavily, and both had the heavy-lidded look of passion. They looked to me for instruction; "Marie, remove her panties."

She knelt; hands moving around the waist, fingers hooking under waist band, tugging down. The panties slid easily over hips, but caught between Dawn's legs. Marie ran the back of a finger down Dawn's slit, hooking the leather and freeing them. As the material hit the floor, Marie licked the juice off her finger and then smiled. Dawn looked down and affectionately caressed Marie's hair.

Yes, I enjoyed the scene before me, and I could join in feeling the girls, but I had other plans. I let them explore each other for a bit, and when Marie's color had risen to a bright red, and Dawn was panting heavily, I called a halt. "Dawn, take Marie to Jannelle's Lingerie and buy her at least half a dozen sets. Also buy a black set, and a deep red set for yourself. You know what I like. When you return, we'll have dinner and play more."

They must have thought I was kidding; neither moved, just looking at me, so I gave Dawn a sharp slap on the butt. "Move! You have two hours – starting now."

Suddenly they were scrambling and neither bothered with panties or bras, just tossing on tops and skirts, running for the door with shoes in hand.

I might have heard a giggle as the door closed.


Precisely two hours later they returned, laughing and happy. The bonding time had worked well; keeping them busy and yet still thinking sex. They had several bags in hand and Marie's eyes were shining with excitement.


Dinner was Thai. I'd ordered from a local restaurant and had it delivered ten minutes earlier.

I made sure to draw dinner out, discussing the local music scene, boats in the harbor, even an eagle soaring overhead while they were gone. The girls were squirming on their chairs, anxious to show me their treasures. Finally, after an hour, I put my napkin down. ""Girls, clear the table, and you can put on a lingerie show for me. Dawn, you wear the red outfit, then sit with me while Marie shows us what she has."

I took a drink into the den, put some quiet music on and waited. But not for long; Dawn had selected a lingerie set so red it was almost black. Strapless, it clung to her breasts as if painted on, molding to her curves. The panties shaped over her hips just as snugly, and then swooped over her pussy, actually clinging to her lips, pulling just a little in between. Already there was a touch of moisture seeping through the almost translucent material. She walked in swinging her hips in an accented manner, a large smile shining up the room.

"Give me a slow turn." She lifted to the ball of her left foot and slowly rotated. I held my breath as her ass came into view, and it was worth it! There was a splash of dark red over her hips, disappearing between her cheeks; my hand reached out, caressing one beautiful globe, then the other.

"You're gorgeous, come sit at my feet, and we'll see how well you did with our student." She sat next to my leg, an arm pulling a lightly clad tit against my leg, while I caressed her hair.

Several minutes later we heard Marie coming slowly down the stairs. She paused at the door, just out of sight. That is when Dawn began; "The first number we selected is a simple, innocent, white one piece." As she was speaking, Marie stepped into view; her hair was draped simply over her shoulders, the golden blonde transitioning into the wide white straps of a teddy-like, body sculpting work of art. Marie acted nervous, which I suppose was natural, as this was all new to her. Never-the-less she moved into the room without hesitation and then did a slow turn before walking out of the room. The lingerie may have been meant to be simple and innocent, but there was nothing simple or innocent about the shapely ass leaving the room. I heard Dawn exhale, and realized she had been clinging to my leg. "Nervous?"

"Yes. I worried she wouldn't be able to do this. And that would mean she wouldn't fit with us. She was really shaking when I came down."

"Do you want to help her?"

"Yes, but I won't. She has to do this herself. I had a moment when I decided what I wanted, this is her time."

We heard her descending the stairs again and Dawn began again;"Now this piece is a little more risqué, we selected the color to high light her lips, and the cut for her shape."

Marie stepped before us; this was a red lace, two piece set. It still covered all the vital parts, and yet underscored the perfection of her body. Another slow turn and I admired the material's cling over her ass. This time as she left the room, she looked over her shoulder, watching our reactions. She had to be pleased because there was extra bounce in her step. "How many more to go?"

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