tagGroup SexDawn and Marie Ch. 04

Dawn and Marie Ch. 04


John and May returned in late September. Aggie had to stay behind, catching up on files for third quarter reports. From phone conversations we knew she wouldn't be out this time, but I was still disappointed, I did enjoy that woman's enthusiasm.

We spent the afternoon catching up on each other. I had two new seed companies to baby sit, Dawn was staying busy with her company and Marie was working with me, currently as a researcher; she had tenacity in following leads that had saved us twice already.

John happily reported he was supervising half a dozen field crews, and found he was good at it. May had nothing but good things to say about the restaurant she managed; the workers and the owners. Everyone knew about her living arrangements and was either openly supportive, or at least accepting. Every time I saw them, they wore large smiles; and were constantly hugging someone.

Dinner was casual; just burgers, corn, and beer on the deck while we watched the colors change on Mt. Rainier as the sun set behind us.

Soon, Dawn and May dragged John to the den where they quickly stripped him and then themselves. I followed, May in hand. They went to the floor in front of the couch; we took the big easy chair.

Soon everyone was naked as could be. Without hesitation May turned her back to me and sat on my upright cock. She settled down with a sigh and a murmured; "that's what I'm talking about."

Meanwhile Dawn had parked herself on John's face and Marie was busy sliding down her father's rock hard pole. Facing each other, they began an up and down, back and forth rhythm; Dawn grinding into the face under her, Marie riding her pony hard. They held hands and stared into each other's eyes; I could tell they were nearing synchronous orgasms.

All this time my hands were wrapped around May's brown tipped melons; urging her to keep up with the younger women. Posting on my rod, and squeezing my cock, I felt her quiver through one, then two small orgasms before she froze in a deep groan, then half rose, and finally crashed down onto my lap with a full throated roar. Juices spurted into my lap as she had one of the wettest ejaculations I had ever experienced from a woman.

The other two, hearing May cum sped up even more, and looking at each other, came; Dawn in her classic yipping, and Marie in a long, keening wail that made the hair stand on the back of my neck.

Slowly they tipped to the floor, and May simply collapsed back against me. We were all quiet for the longest time, just absorbing the moment when finally Marie giggled saying; "Welcome back guys."

May chuckled lightly, but John groaned; "Welcome back? You damn near killed me!"

"Not yet Dad, we're saving you for the rest of the night."


In bed, May and I cuddled together, she opened her legs, and I slipped back into her welcoming quim. Barely moving, we kissed and caressed as I slowly moved in her. We dozed off after cuming, sometime in the night I slipped out of her.


After breakfast John asked to talk privately. We moved out to the deck, coffee in hand.

Staring out across the harbor, John was a picture of discomfort. Several times he'd glance at me then clear his throat and look away. Finally he took a deep breath and look toward me. "Ron, I admire you. You have the best of all worlds and seem to be able to do whatever you want..."

I started to respond but he held up a hand. "When you took Aggie in the ass, I envied you because she trusted you that much. But at the same time you proved worthy of her trust. When we got home we tried anal a couple times, but it didn't work. I think it was the way I did it; she'd make me stop when I pushed in, and I felt like I'd cum in just seconds."

"Dawn loves anal, I'm sure we could teach you the right way to do it..."

"Um, that's not all ..."

"There's more?"

"Yeah, um, well, I'll just say it; since I was in my early teens I've wondered what it was like to be with a man."

"Be with? As in have sex with?"

He nodded his head, and was quiet for a moment. "Yeah, I've wondered. But I never tried it. I was too worried what might happen if I was found out. And when I married Aggie, well, I just put all that behind me. And I was doing alright until I had the seizure. I realized time was going by. And the last time we were here, just made me realize how much I was missing."

"Why are you telling me all this?"

"You've never given me an indication you ever had sex with a man, but, and I'm sorry if I'm wrong, but it's my sense you have and I'm hoping you will show me what I've missed."

"Just how much do you want to experience? A simple blow job? Sixty nine? Kissing? Or do you want the full course including getting butt fucked?"

"You do get to the heart of it, don't you?"

"John, do you have a picture in your mind of what you want?"

Again he sat, staring into the distance, then in a small voice that started to crack; "I want..."

He cleared his throat, and in a low clear voice affirmed; "I want everything. Yes I want to suck a cock. No, I want to suck your cock. I want to be your lover. I want to do anything you tell me. And if that means my ass is yours, then my ass is yours."

"And If Dawn, or May, or even Marie see us?"

"I'm fine with that. And I want Aggie to know also. I've hidden too many things in my life, and now it's all going to be open. At least between us. Look, you've seen me loving my daughter. I've wanted her for at least ten years, and when she came to me ... I went with it. No regrets, no apologies. This will be the same for me."

That's when May came out on the deck. "You guys have been talking pretty seriously out here, what's going on?"

"We'll let you in on it at the appropriate time. Are you still going shopping?"

"Yes, there are clothes here that we just can't get in Toppenish or Yakima. They have nice styles and all, but everyone over there has the same thing."

"Are the others going with you?"

"What's going on?"

"We'll tell you later, be patient."


After the women left, we went to the master bedroom. Following my lead, John slowly undressed and joined me in the shower. Stepping under skin temperature water, I began by softly scrubbing his back. At first John was tense, but gradually he relaxed. As he relaxed my hands wandered from his shoulders, down his back, and gently over his buttocks. Again he tightened up, but then with a breath, he relaxed and pushed back to my hands. With him backed against my chest I ran my hands around his sides and up to pinch nipples and caress his chest. Finally, my hands drifted down his stomach, my cock pressed against his ass; causing him to inhale sharply.

I turned and let him scrub my back. At first he was tentative, but soon his hands roamed; down to my hips, across my butt, around to my stomach. He didn't go for my cock, but he did get close. I pushed back, nestling his cock against my ass. That's when I felt a kiss on my shoulder.

Turning into his arms, we were cock to cock, chest to chest, and lip to lip. I pulled his head to me, kissing him, just lips at first, but when my tongue pushed its way in, he greeted it with a groan. Hungrily he returned my kisses, his hands going up to my face, keeping us together.

My straining cock pressed against his, we ground hips against one another. Panting, we went into the bedroom, collapsed on the bed.

My hand sought his cock, stroking from root to tip, feeling the precum on the tip, smearing it down the shaft. I rotated, moving to put his cock next to my face. Knowing he needed some encouragement, I maneuvered my clock closer to his face while at the same time I took a light tongue swipe of his cock head. I felt him responding; pushing toward my mouth, but I pulled back, nudging my cock towards his mouth instead.

He got the hint, and I felt his lips tentatively tasting me; and then with no further hesitation, my cock slid half way in. Now I was playing catch-up, so I inhaled him, swirling my tongue as I went. He paused and then copied me. For the next ten minutes we traded moves; I do this and he'd copy it, I'd do that and he'd copy.

When I felt his cock throbbing as he came, I pushed down, taking all of him I could and then when I came he held my cock in his mouth, hands gripping my ass taking my load.

We lay there for a while, finally I asked; "Well was it what you imagined?"

"It was everything and more. The taste ... the feel of a cock ... there's nothing for comparison. I liked it. If you don't mind I'd like to do that again."

"Oh we will, it's been quite a while for me, I missed it. When do you want to take it all the way?"

"Oh. Um ... tomorrow? I'm not sure."

"Well you're only here a few more days..."

Sighing, "I know ... ok, tomorrow."

"Good, in preparation I want you taking a double enema; do it twice. It's always much more comfortable, and more fun, if you're cleaned out. In the meantime, the women are due home any time. Do you want to get up ... or let them find us in bed?"

"Let them find us. That way we can let them know what's been going on. I want to get that out of the way."

If we smoked, the women would have found us enjoying a post - coital cigarette. They came in the house calling us, I responded "Upstairs."

They came into the bedroom where we were laying, chests bared and hands under sheets obviously playing with each other. The reactions were interesting;

Marie went "Oh my god ..."

Dawn just smiled.

May quickly pulled her phone from her purse, snapped a couple pictures and started texting. Want to guess to whom? Within five minutes the house phone was ringing. Meanwhile the three wanted to know how long we'd been getting together, what brought it on, how far had we gone, why didn't we tell them, when could they watch?

All I had time to say was; "Let's wait for Aggies call ..." and the phone rang.

I didn't even have the phoned to my ear yet, but I could hear her asking what was going on, why wasn't she told, and then; "I want to talk to Jonathan."

As he took the phone, I got up, to the cheers for my half hard cock, and dressed. Mean time we could hear his side of the conversation; "Yes dear, (long pause) no dear, (long pause) but, (pause) yes dear, I understand, (very long pause) yes, I'll tell him, good bye. Yes, I love you too."

"Agnes says we're not to do anything until she gets here. She's leaving first thing in the morning. And May, she wants you to know your pictures have her cunt flowing so much she's going to jill off a few times."

We did quickly answer the girl's questions and promised they could witness anything else that happened.


I don't know what time she left Toppenish, but Aggie hit my driveway at precisely 9:30. She had the most intense look and her hair was a bit messy. And I could smell her pussy the moment she came through the door, she must have been flowing constantly since the day before. She gave me a perfunctory kiss, but grabbed John and gave him a kiss that curled the toes of everyone in the room. "You did it? You finally told someone?"

"How, when, how did you know?"

"Honey," she said with a small chuckle, "I've known you for what, thirty years? I've seen a certain look in your eyes when two men go by arm in arm. It only took me a few times to put it together."

"And you didn't, don't, mind?"

"Why should I mind? We've had Marie in our bed, we've swapped with Ron and Dawn, we've taken our daughter as a lover, and I've made love to several women now. Why shouldn't you explore one of your fantasies?"

"So you don't mind?"

"Mind? Honey I want to be part of it. You haven't fucked yet have you?"

He shook his head.

"Good. I want to be there. Can I help him? I'll do anything; suck him hard, suck you hard; do you want my help with the lube? When are you going to fuck? Shit, I've got too many clothes on. Marie! Come eat me, I'm going nuts here."


Eventually everything calmed down enough to plan the day; John and I would prepare ourselves while the women took care of the den. We went to our bathrooms where I did a double enema followed by a long shower, and I made sure to shave around my cock and balls.

May came for me. Nude. Insuring I was nude, she dropped to a knee and sucked me to full hardness. She tied a blue ribbon to my cock, stood, and led me into the hall where Marie had John similarly dressed. Taking us by our cocks, we were ushered to the semi-dark den. Someone had a wicked sense of humor; Elton John was on the sound system. Pillows were scattered in front of the fireplace although there wasn't a fire. Everyone was naked, Dawn and Aggie hand drinks in hand and several others on a tray next to them.

Aggie went to John, handing him his drink, and whispering in his ear. Dawn brought mine to me, whispering; "Make me proud."

John and I sipped a bit, and when half gone put them down and came together on the pillows. Kissing for several moments before getting more serious, I marveled again at the difference between men and women; the softness of a woman's lips, the firmness of a man's.

Soon we were rolling together, hands roaming, feeling, seeking. We turned by mutual agreement; seeking the other's cock. He found my cock, sucking it gently. I took his in my mouth, untying the ribbon then my fingers went back to roaming. I found his ass hole. He stroked me, I penetrated him. I felt coldness on my fingers, looked up to see Aggie squeezing lube. I went from one finger to two. He stroked harder, when I added a third, he clenched it so hard I had to remind him they do break. Soon he was thrusting back against my intruding fingers, moaning over my cock, panting when he broke for air.

I guided him onto his back, lifted his legs back, knelt between them. Aggies hand was on my cock, but she held me back; "John, are you sure?"

He just nodded, his eyes glazed. With that she pulled me to our target. I felt the resistance, but she moved up to his ear, coaching. Gradually he relaxed, and I slid past the first barrier.

The room was silent except for John's deep puffing breaths. He closed his legs against my sides. Looking into his eyes for a sign, he nodded, and I pushed in more. "Stop! Oh god. That hurts. Give me a minute. Okay, I'll take more ..."

We continued like that. When I hit bottom I waited, and when he nodded again, began stroking. We didn't last long. He was so tight I came within minutes. He was right with me; spouting cum up our chests. His legs fell away, and I slumped to the side. Instantly women were on us; licking the cum off our chests, and then using washcloths on us.


After a long break, and some refreshing lemon water, we started again.

John was much more confident, taking the lead. We stretched out, hands exploring once again; this time he was more aggressive, stroking me firmly before turning to suck my hardening prick. For just a moment he stopped to look up at our audience, finally focusing on Aggie. Thy exchanged smiles and he returned to his task. Soon he was working lubed fingers in and out of my ass. When we were both ready I lay back, much as John had, legs wide. I felt Aggies fingers applying lube, then a moment later his prick pushing against my hole; "Easy now, remember patience is everything in this."

Relaxing muscles, I allowed him in, then clenched; showing him how it could feel with someone else. Talking to him all the way, I relaxed again; he slid in and bottomed out. Slowly his pace increased, and I could tell by his gritted teeth he was trying to hold back his seed.

I closed my legs over his back, holding him in and spurring him on at the same time. Soon he was pounding into my ass, grunting with every effort. I responded, groaning and encouraging; trying to spur him to ever greater efforts.

Suddenly he froze. Arching back, he pushed as far in as he could; in a growling shriek he came and in a slow quiver collapsed beside me.

Again the girls cleaned us. John was finished; he lay beside me with a small smile, and a glazed look. Seeing I hadn't come, Aggie knelt over me, gently sucking my achingly hard cock. In only minutes I came while she lovingly inhaled my sperm.


Everyone was quiet at dinner. John kept shifting in his seat, looking for a comfortable position. Finally Dawn took pity and brought him a pillow. That seemed to open the flood gates as they all began talking at once. Of course they were all going on about how impressed they were that John had stepped over his barriers and tried something he'd wanted for years.

Aggie was hugging him close, telling him he'd get another chance at her ass, now that he knew what it felt like.

Dawn just smiled, saying; "That's why I'll always let Ron have my ass, he knows what it feels like, so he's considerate of me. But once he's in ... well, let's just say he can do anything and I'll love it."

I pulled her to my lap, kissing her in appreciation.

May was looking around, and then said; "If I had a fantasy to fulfill, well ... I've heard of something called a DP? I think I'd like to try that."

Looking over at her while caressing one of Dawn's tits I asked if she knew what that was.

"That's where a woman takes a cock in her pussy and another one in her ass. Is that right?"

"That's right. If we can do it, when would you like to try?"

"Well, I don't know if John is up to anything tonight, how about tomorrow?"

"I looked at John for confirmation and then nodded. "Dawn, would you like to help her prepare tomorrow?"

"I think we'll all help her. She replied with a grin


John and I spent the morning on the boat; several of the halyards were showing wear, and an extra set of hands helped on a job like this. I thought a sunset cruise would be an excellent way to finish they're time with us, and I wanted the boat ready.


Home for lunch, the women were nowhere in sight. About thirty minutes later they came in; laughing. Before we could get a good look, they hustled May upstairs.

"John, they're going all out for this. I suggest when we finish lunch we get showers and shave; and I mean cock and balls too."

At first there was a lot of laughing and joking coming from May's bedroom, but the noise tapered down and if you listened carefully the sounds were of women loving women with lots of whispering and moaning.

John and I were cleaned up and ready long before May, so we popped a porno on the TV and sat back, waiting.

Marie met us in the den; she put light music on the sound system, brought in white wine on a tray. Clad in a light semi-transparent gown; her body was on display. She caressed our bare cocks, stroking us to half –hardness. Soon the others, also in semi-transparent gowns, escorted May into the room. She was in a clingy white robe, tied at the waist. Her hair had been styled to give it more body and frame her face. The fresh makeup highlighted her passion glazed eyes; the women had done everything to bring her to the peak of readiness.

While we sipped wine May was steadily caressed by Aggie and Marie, while Dawn made sure our cocks stayed up. Finally she was led to the pillows before the fireplace; she faced us and dropped the robe. Her body shone in the afternoon light coming through the windows; dusted with glitter laced powder. Her bald pussy, rich with juices, glistened. "Guys, I am soo ready. Take me away."

We wrapped her in our arms, both laying lines of kisses along her cheeks and jaws, nuzzling ears. Soon our hands were busy smoothing her skin, lifting and fondling tits, then pressing down her belly to take turns dipping into her slit.

John knelt to lick her clit causing her to make her first loud moan. While he was busy up front, I moved to the back; first caressing her butt, then slowly pressing them apart to give me access to her pink flower. My first tongue swipe caused her to jump, but we had her pinned in place and while he was seriously going after her clit, I buried my tongue into her ass. Harder and deeper I pressed. Soon she relaxed and I explored her inner regions.

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