tagBDSMDay & Night: The Lesson

Day & Night: The Lesson


For the moment, Christian resided in that leather chair. Two oh-so nimble digits hooked under that cut chin while that spilling crown of damp raven was left to dance and puddle atop broadened, barren shoulders. Only in that sheer white, cotton towel he remained, just getting out of the shower and now pondering what to do with the tied up slave girl he had on that canopied, king sized bed decorated in crimson silk. Yes, he'd positioned Shaila there, licked and sucked on her tight little cunt for a few moments, sank his finger into the slick hole and wiggled then promptly got up to take a shower. While under the hot jets of water he pumped at his thick member, unable to get the image of her so vulnerable on his bed out of his mind. Now, he was ready to own her, again and again.

Up he stood, planting bare feet upon the ground as a set of eager hands unraveled that towel and tossed it like a broken rag doll behind him..Upon the white tiger carpet he went. Crystalline, hungry orbs ever raping the bared flesh of that all four positioned Shaila. Wall attached to chains, chains to manacles, and manacles clamping both of her wrists together while two other chains and clamps attached to her ankles from the opposite end and opposite sides of the bed. Spreading those pillars and tilting that rear in a perfect, heavenly portrait, he stood before the bed, naked as she was then shattered the silence with humor tinting his baritone voice."Well Rae...looks like you've been chained up long enough..."

Pert, sweet curves, in their posing advertisement for perversion, betrayed the quiver that raced the length of her spine when her beloved master spoke. Normally sweet cream flesh, so perfect in its honeyed tone, was flushed bright, even in the dim lighting. He'd left her a rage of desire that threatened to claw those manacles free from her fine, slender wrists and indeed they bore the red marks of her agonized lust for escape and satisfaction. A thin sheen of glistening sweat coated her bare flesh until she glistened like the head of his cum soaked cock under his bedroom's lighting. She growled low in her throat in response, hungering rapaciously for his brand of satisfaction that could send her careening into never-ending ecstasy. That oversensatized body pitched her hips a slight, offering those glistening petals seeking to sheath him, silently begging for release.

"Or..shall I play with you a little longer?" Came his sultry reply, his voice a rough, lions purr of seduction. "Hmm?" Up onto that be he went, climbing into a kneel behind the widely spread pillars that exposed that dripping, slicked cunt. He could practically see the lusted rage emitting from her bonded form. If he released her, would he release a monster? Up behind her he crept, taking that massively large cock that was now throbbing in its full extension and driving hips forth to masterfully send that fuck spear into the netherdepths of her sex. Out he roared, pulling back again and ruthlessly slamming yet again. "Fuck, yeah!"

Her spine arced in such divine pleasure, crimson lacquered nails digging into the crimson satin beneath her hands. Those clean shaven netherlips kissing the base of his raging tool with every driving thrust that rocked her hips.Pure white-gold threads danced over her shoulders when she swung her head, lips pouring a chant of his name between shaky breaths, "M-Master ...Christian... Christian..." That sweet pounding of his invading flesh to the tune of her panting breath sent waves of the purest delight to wash over her skin and prickle gooseflesh. Shaila bit down on the lower twin of plush kissables, trying to stifle the volume of her pitched moaning.

A couple more, quickened pounds of that cunt echoed. Low, throaty and coarse groans intermingled with her own out rages of crazed lust. Hands clasped down upon her hips like the chains that held her wrists. Feverishly thrusting hips dipped, lifted, then sent that cock from the very tip, to the very base, making sure to press with the utmost aggression to get all of it within. Flickering portals delightfully spelt over her quivering frame. Soon enough he'd release her...let her run wild... "Mmmm, yeah...Does my little slut like that? Gods Shaila! Your cunt feels so good!!! Ugghhn!"

Her pitched little cries grew louder, a vocal appreciation for his skill at quenching a fire he'd started long ago and left her to be consumed by those flames. Those handlebar hips swiveled, rocking into each rocketing thrust blazing deep into her core. Lips parted by her labored breathing mouthed something unintelligible, an answer to his question that never got fully formed with the riotous pleasure being such a delightful distraction. His grunts and groans were returned with her own purring moans, her muscles tightening underneath his hips onslaught, signifying the release that would be soon in coming. Without warning, he pulled his satisfying length out, catching it by the base before slapping it on one of those heated pale ass cheeks. The prick slick with her juices was so devilishly hot, and he almost hated to pull it out, but he wanted to see what the teasing and waiting had done to her. He smirked, rock hard chest heaving as he quickly reached down and undid the chains upon her ankles. Then, in leaning forward over her, he undid those wrists, freeing her completely now. Laying upon his back, as he looked to her from between knee bent, spread legs...Flickering portals watched her intently. Awaiting, readying himself for whatever was to come next.

The sound she made was something reminiscent of a jungle cat's fury, her lightning quick reflex rolling her around to pounce on his reclining form. There was a growl, low in her throat as she lowered her mouth to nip his chin, teeth bared in a threat. Lacquered tips dug into the well muscled shoulders, sinking into the flesh slightly, but enough to convey her need while her hips rocked into his, her hand lowered to guide his length back into her sweet, slick prison. Those nails dragged over the hardened muscle of his chest, her spine arching in pure rapture as if it were the greatest high that ever existed ... and maybe it was.

It was at least on the top three list. Up he arched that back, elevating that tight ass from the bed to lift her as she plunged her self down around that cunt stretching shaft. Groaning out harshly with the rake of those slim nails, finding red marks slashed upon that heaving chest as hands flailed out to grasp the sides of the bed beside him. Fists curled up crimson as he rolled those hips in return. Yes, he did release a wild animal..."Yes, make me cum, Shaila." He breathed, his body on fire with her infectious lust.

He roared out, gritting pearl whites stifled that groan as she repositioned that vice gripping, slick cunt over that already hardened prick and slammed herself down upon it. That back arched, hips then lifting from the bed as arms flailed to the sides and gripped crimson sheets ruthlessly. Auspicious orbs flickered intently as that puddle of raven hair splashed backwards once again. With the mercilessly plunge of her nails into his flesh, the tanned Christian quivered, attempting to undulate those hips in return against her own. Yes, he most definitely did release a fired beast from captivity=- OOhhh! Mmmmm!

She arched, forcing herself into his hips with each rampant slam of her own. Nails raked little red trails over the immaculate flesh, dragging the lacquered tips from shoulders to navel over the well formed muscles. Her breath came in shaky grasps, arching spine riding the lift in his hips and darkling hues slid shut, a soft delight of her purr rumbling deep in her throat. Oh how she craved release, and the tell tale tightening of her muscles said as much, head thrown back for damp tendrils of white gold
to tickle the thighs her pert bottom grazed with every satisfying plunge "Shai!!" Her name was shouted as knees bent up, catching the slide and bounce of that pert rear against muscle thighs as those pillars began to now thrust in full command to rise that ass from the mattress and take her with it. Just at the peak of the thrust, orbs could witness that hot cunt coming almost all the way out to the tip, before falling down simultaneously with her body to send that pulsing rod the whole way in again. That torso searing with the continual drags of those wicked nails. Panther tatted chest heaving rampantly while rock abs contracted in what seemed to be a never ending struggle against one another. Orbs rolled back, then flew open again to view that cunt engulfing that rather large, now piston-pumping cock from beneath her...Damn she was good...Hands flew up from the sheets, tearing through the air to find those bouncing swells upon her chest and taking them into a gripping squeeze. Balls attacked her ass, filled to the brim with cum while loins and sleek hips collided like two rivaling rams. "Uuugghhhnn!! Fuck yeah Shaila...mmmm gods your cunt..Hmmmnnn!"

Shaila dipped her chin low, casting those darkling hues down on him to watch his most pleased expression. Riding the tempest that was passion, she dug her nails in once more, her every muscle tightening in that sleek, sweat painted form poised above him. "Ahh gods Master ... gods yes!!" Came her rough cry, falling from the plush lips that lovingly condemned herself to his power over and over again. She was in his thrall, his perfect and welling servant as he was her purest addiction.

Sweat beads splayed over that laying outline of male perfection as he grunted yet again...Vocal chords vibrated slowly, bringing forth that low, throated groan between pink petals. That tight ass flexing, lifting from the bed, then falling to have her weight crash down atop him in those ruthless, hungered fuck thrusts...Quickly, without warning, Lance decided to change the position..Up those shoulders sprung on a down thrust, hands fell from those swelling tits to grasp her hips as he rolled his body forwards and up into a kneel. Arms wrapped about that waist, constricting down like boas as he suspended her body in the air, facing upwards...Legs tensed as that sexual adrenaline continued to coarse through his blood stream...Muscles and flesh seared with what seemed to be hundreds of red marks from digging nails...Now, the pumps became close range, hard fuck thrusts as he held her poised in that arching position....Down those tresses of silken midnight fell, dancing about her flat tummy and just below those beautiful orbs as that wicked tongue escaped to flee a few lashes over her stretched stomach to the tune of his soft groans.

Her spine arched skywards, a coarse cry emitted from the panting lips as her luscious thighs tightened again, spilling the juices of that hungry little slave over his raging cock. Vaulted into this new position, she gave a little quiver, dark greens focusing on him inquiringly, but she trusted him and wasn't denied her delight in his ministrations. The touch of his tongue on her enflamed skin was like a brand, searing her already burning flesh and inciting a buck of her hips, insistent and pleading all in one devilish maneuver

Crystalline blues caught those dark eyes and locked under the pleasure weighed lids. He was drunk on their tumultuous passion, lips parting as he took his breath in gulps and gave them in soft hisses through clenched jaws. Panther etched chest rumbled with a purr to match hers, inciting for more. Strong hands fell to her hips, biceps bulging lightly as he pulled her into each meeting of their hips and groaned coarsely. His jaw clenched, the growl being ground out between his teeth as his loins tightened more and more while that sweet cunt rocked him. Arching his spine, he lifted her slightly off the mattress, digging himself deep into her being in search of that elusive spot that will change her tone.

Indeed it did, her pitched moan became a delightful cry, a shudder racing throughout the whole of her body and she bathed his raging cock with her hot, honeyed pleasure. Fingers curled into kittens claws that clenched his shoulders, spine arching into that sating feeling of the tension draining away between her thighs. Her lips let his name fall from their dry surface to tumble over his ears in a heated whisper. Her body stiffened to brace against waves of pure delight pouring over her skin. Her body stiffened, arching spine readying for his ritual pounding while he shot his load.

Just one arm supported her up now with a flat palm upon her lower back as the other appendage fled down to unhook one of her pillars from his side and ascend it to drape her knee over his shoulder. There he began to buck those hips, slamming it into that airborne cunt from head to hilt as he stretched her. The family of five then settled atop the draped leg's thigh, clutching as fingertips pressed in. The sound of those jewels was heard echoing against that ass as his own back arched. The eminent splash of her nectar over his cock and loins only fueled the sexual fire further. Night and day could go for quite sometime, and never loose interest at one point in the whole extravaganza. Lance began to tense...that cum churned relentlessly within...An oncoming first climax was soon to be released. "HHrrmm....Shai...I can't hold it back....I'm gonna fucking cum!...mmmmm!"

His whole inner self trembled with the mannerisms of this cumming slave attached to that monstrous prick. A chain reaction was set in motion,he couldn't hold it any longer. Just as she released that honeyed cum, the fuck pace increased to a maniacal one. Sweat poured from an upper brow to decorate and bath that flesh, while hips ruthlessly and masterfully fuck that cunt to his utmost speed. A loud, roaring groan seemed to tighten those already rippling muscles as that cock exploded a massive stream of heated, milky white thickness. It seared, just as her own cum did as it washed his cock. He shot it deep, making sure to thrust in as each spurt went out. That head dropped back, orbs tightening shut as that mouth went agape with a room flooding moan.

She clung to him with kitten's claws, dug into his shoulders as she held on for dear life. Trailing her nails over those restraining arms her head dropping backwards to spill behind her in a platinum spray of strands. Lower twin was clamped down between her teeth, the soft purr of delight rumbling lightly in her throat. She opened her eyes to look at him, fighting to regain control of her pounding pulse and ragged breathing.

Christian rammed into her stiffened frame a few more times, thick viscous shot of his seed blazing into her clenching walls. His thick fingers gripped onto those hips, holding her impossibly close with his flesh buried deep. The after shocks of pleasure raped his skin, indignant goosebumps rising afterwards. Thickly corded arms wound about her body, holding her shivering body secured in the circle of strong arms. Movement slowed, soon completely coming to a stop save for his mouth tasting her throat, slick with salt and sweat, his tongue finding spots that made her quiver still in his throes.

Spent, Shaila draped in the secure delight of his secure arms, feeling far more comfortable in that circle than anywhere else. Sweaty platinum strands clinging in white gold whorls at her temples and neck while the rest spilled in a blanketing fan of tendrils over his chest. Her master, beloved master, has given her the greatest gift in satisfaction by releasing the demon his teasing had invoked. Under his wandering lips she shivered, her damp cheek tilting to press against his. Lashes fluttered low, shuttering over the weary dark emeralds where sleep tempted her into the darkness.

Day and night made love again, night enslaving the day as surely as dusk quenches the heat of the burning sun. Raven tresses spilled over the mattress beside hers, long fingers delving into the white-golden mass to press a loving kiss to her pale forehead. He too closed his eyes, the temptation of sleep making his limbs heavy, even though they were wound about his current addiction. Their limbs twined about each others, tangled in a furor of love and gratification with pale sweet cream and wintry blonde were a contrast to thick muscled tan and midnight locks. Here they slept in panting bliss, their hungers sated, skin cooled, pulses calmed and bond sealed.

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