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Readers note: I see things in a storyboard format in my mind and was asked by two very good friends to have the courage to relay what I see. This is a daydream I had early one morning on the way to work.


I'm coming around, brought back up out of the trance, and I'm tied down, hands to the bed, on all fours, head tied by my hair forward, so I cannot turn. Someone enters me, I think it is my top and I am unable to see. I can very quickly tell the shape and girth are different just as my top comes into view in my peripheral vision towards the front of me, and I flail in my bonds in shock. My top unhitches and grabs my hair, and fills my mouth with him before I can argue. He tells me to be a good girl and gives a trigger to increase my sensitivity. It forces me to squeeze down on the stranger. I cannot help it, the stranger moans, grabs my ass hard to pull me apart, and keeps up a pace that will let him last.

I cum around the strange cock a few strokes later, twitching, embarrassed, which doesn't stop as I am forced to look up and am pet by my top. He just looks down as he and the stranger stroke in. My top says, "Don't stop sucking," as my orgasm finishes. I guess I was lagging, that is hard to do during orgasm.

The stranger groans, swells a bit, and keeps up his pace. The sensitivity trigger works so well it is scary. I shouldn't be but the time between releases is shortening, beginning to chain...I feel the next one coming on so soon after that last one. I cry out around my top and try to fuck back. He tells me to still with a trigger, just grip with a second, and cum now with a third...and I do. I am still embarrassed but it feels so good I just get lost, let go, and that combination tends to make me crest easier. I keep cumming with the sensitive interior being rubbed and when I am told to do so. All I need to do, can do, is grip and make my mouth just the way he wants. He tells me what to do and rewards me with orgasms around the stranger. The stranger likes to watch me cum and puts a vibrating egg to my clit. I am so sensitive that I cum quicker, deeper, because it works with the insistent strokes inside me. I'm not able to stop. I'm either in or recovering from an orgasm.

I wish I was free to move so I could arch my ass more, giving access to that sensitive spot inside on strokes. Hope that I could be full in my rear too. My squeals are muffled and the top pulls out of my mouth to find out if I am ok. As he does I orgasm. I look at him as I spasm and he knows. I know better than to ask. I quickly go back to work with my mouth. I am still pulsing as a finger with lube rubs into my ass, opening me slightly. In moments a plug is put in my ass.

Once in, my ass is arched up and I groan on each in-stroke. My mind bends it feels so good. My top bends says the sensitivity trigger in my ear as the plug goes past the apex of the toy and settles into my ass deeply. I relax and can feel myself much more keenly. I cannot get enough air because I just get shoved fully down on the cock in my mouth. It feels absurdly good that the mild choke doesn't phase me.

My skin everywhere tingles. I feel where I am and the hands clearly.

After a minute I begin to cum again but it is not typical. Not a big build to a strong finish. It is like a form of floating. I can tell this is different because it happens so easy. I need to thrust so badly, I want the familiar hard build, but I am pet and told to relax with that same trigger. I don't exactly stop cumming, I hover just below then over then just below and over. The cycle happens every minute or so. I begin to shake in place, sigh, moan, my features relax as part of the trigger. I am very helpless. It takes considerable will to do anything other than react. I don't want it to end and I don't know this has been in the works for some time. The stranger prepared for the occasion and does not finish quickly. I am so grateful and lucky.

I am worked and when I squirt I become delirious. I just want more and I insistently suck, grip, and cum as well as I can. The stranger says in almost grunts, "What else did you bring?", and my top, pulls out. I groan around the emptiness of my mouth and now all the sensation in my ass and cunt are not dulled by multitasking. I am still practically vibrating and the sensation stops as the cock in my cunt is pulled out and the plug is removed.

I'm scared, don't know what else they would do. I'm pulled back, the stranger grins, holds me by my hair and at the neck as the top tells him to hold me in place. Another toy, a bigger one, is put in my rear, I adjust as well as I can but it is very hard. The toy is big and my top gives me a suggestion to relax...Then it is turned on so it pulses and the pulses make me grip and my needs come rearing back.

I squirm a little and I beg, "Please."

The stranger says, "Please what?" With an evil grin, then I am pushed down, he ties me back down, and slides back into me. I squeal and groan because that toy in my ass has tightened everything else up. He says as he is thrusting, "Oh, is that what you needed?" My response is to let my head dip as I groan and grip. I don't have to wait long until I'm full again, unable to answer around the cock in my mouth, floating again, not wanting it to end. The bigger toy in my ass is slowly slid in and out in short strokes at first and the sensation at the opening sends me weakly over and makes everything else that much more intense. My orgasms blend more into the general gripping animal need I have.

My top pulls out. "Damn you suck well when you are cumming once you quit thinking and just give in. Can you take more stroke in your ass yet?" I nod reluctantly and I cannot articulate speech.

The stranger doesn't wait. I cannot move and he begins to piston in and out, pulls the toy in and out of me in progressively longer strokes. He says, "That cock in your ass is pretty to see, especially as I slide into you." He uses me and I cannot hide. I lose it and just go back to just over and just under.

The top pulls my head up, pulls out, and says "Grip nicely." While teasing me with his cock around my mouth. I grip down as well as I can. I am grateful he let me do it for him rather than make me. I feel a hard cascade of thrusts in me that make me shudder.

I get petted and soothed by my top as the stranger works me for a few minutes. The intense feeling in my ass and all the stimulation inside wring orgasms from me. I feel him swell and thrust erratically into me. Then things go still, I am still pulsing, right on the edge of my next orgasm, and the strangers cock pulls out. The stranger leaves and I still have no idea who he is.

I am untied, taken inside, the toy in my ass removed. I'm shocked to find out it is a large toy I never thought would fit in my ass. The toy is re-lubed and suction cupped onto the glass coffee table. I am told to impale my ass on it again and the position to do that makes me expose myself lewdly. The shower is on and a few minutes later someone steps out into the living room. I am on edge because while I love anal but it is no where near enough stimulation compared to earlier. I beg to be filled up front with a grunt and pleading eyes.

I am given my trigger to feel perfect oral, coupled with my wide open rear, I cum almost immediately. He has used this trigger everywhere from car rides to during dinner to keep me enthralled. It never fails, but today he is pushing. He says, "Put one finger in and rub that spot I showed you." I comply and am soon hovering just under then just over again. The one finger is a tease comparatively so I spread myself a bit less and get more contact with the toy. My need is gnawing at me, I need more...not want but need.

I plead, "Sir, ungh,...please help, ungh..."

He grins and goes, "It took you long enough. Now you may keep that toy in you and come serve me."

He lies down on the bed in the next room and I'm pulled along by the stranger who grabs my hair, releases the toy from the table, shoves the toy into my barely adjusted asshole very deep, whispers my sensitivity trigger, and marches me to the bed. They've not forgotten about the oral trigger as I'm made to ride very high on my top's hips. I squish down on him but am not allowed to move. The stranger clips my nipples to a chain and weights them with bells and pulls the toy in and out of my ass.

"Say nothing, do nothing, other than take it, and announce when you are close with a moan. When the bell rings you are allowed to cum, if you can."

My top thrusts up and the bells almost ring. In twenty strokes in my ass and cunt, coupled with the nipples and oral, I'm getting close and moan. I keep my hands on my legs like I was told. I squirm and grip inside, I moan louder, I shudder, the bell almost rings again. I cannot think beyond my need to cum. I almost break the rules. Just in the nick of time the stranger pulls up on the chain, the bells ring, and I explode in a scream.

He keeps thrusting and the oral suggestion is replaced with the Hitachi on my clit. I am handed the wand and expected to keep it in place. I try to hold off but seconds pass and I'm moaning loudly. It is a collision course and I cannot help that orgasm or the one that follows right after - I cum screaming again.

I bite my lip thinking I'm in for the worst and the stranger says, "Good girl, cum for me all you can."

The stranger turns the Hitachi off, and begins rubbing my clit, releases the nearest nipple from the clamp, and sucks on it. This guy is busy with pushing the toy into my ass, rubbing my clit, and sucking on my nipple. I am so lucky. I can't exactly stop cumming again, I grunt, and grind, and moan, just want to thrust. I do as I've been asked take it and cum. I'm delirious, my ass has opened wide, my cunt is gripping, I lose count of the orgasms as I feel something big building. I do as I've been bid. I let go, let it take me. I moan deep to let them know, I vibrate hard.

The top says, "You may thrust," and I immediately pull on my clipped nipple and bounce on him. The stroke is just not enough. I beg for help with a whine and a look...and the stranger pulls his mouth off of my nipple, grabs my throat, pulls me in close, and gives me the trigger to cum hard. He does this five times in a row. I complete the third when I feel my top pound up, hard into me, and explode...as he finishes number four practically breaks me, lights go bright then dull and I lose it for a half a minute, half a year, hell if I can tell. All I know is every ounce of need spilled all down his cock, balls, hips, and out of me. The spasm rocks me off equilibrium and the hand on my throat keeps me in place, upright. In the aftershocks, I weakly succumb to number five as the cock inside me is going soft and the grip on my throat softens and becomes arms helping me slip down. I slump onto my side beside my top as I blackout.

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