tagErotic PoetryDaydreams of a Catholic Schoolboy

Daydreams of a Catholic Schoolboy

byAlex Finch©

Hazy day, hazy dream.

Red haired girl is my selection for the moment.

She walks with her friends, books in hand.


She's all alone, the hall deserted but for me, invisible to her.

She gasps in shock, and drops all her things, and I have a perfect view of this schoolgirl dream.

She hurries down the hall and falls right out of her shoes, tumbling onto the Lord's rug. She gasps and her eyes fill with tears, her new shoes are ruined and broken.

She stands in her wooly knee socks and hurries, no, hops, no tiptoes down closer, ever closer to me.

She shouts as the elastic in her socks gives way, bunching them around her toes. She bends over to fix them and all her hair ties fall out; red mass down to her back.

Her legs are pink and shaven.

Her hair smells like peaches.

Her smile grows.

She walks forward, out of the socks, and laughs as the buttons slowly fall out of her shirt. She gasps in excitement as she holds the shirt together, and another button hits the floor, which hold up the famous plaid skirt.

She bites her lip in nervous joy, as soon her virgin body will be revealed; her most secret dream. I'm close enough to see her lips mouth: "Let's go!"

She throws the arms back, and the shirt and skirt tumble down, billowing like clouds. She howls in laughter and wanting as her red bra and panties are exposed. She shuts her eyes and walks slowly forward.

She's so wet, the panties are soaked. She's up to me so close I can smell her breath, all cigarettes and bubblegum. My breath leaves me as the bra falls away and her soft, natural little breasts fall free. She's so hard, and she twists them sharply. She's drooling a bit, she's so into it.

She opens her eyes as I look down and the panties tear right in two and they fall away. She shouts in orgasm as the velvet material drifts down the luscious length of her soccer player legs. I circle around and adore the ass that no boy has seen, so flawlessly attached to her fleshy back and solid thighs. Naked from head to painted toenails, light blue.

Her cries are louder.

Her eyes water.

Her body is ready to be caressed and licked.


She darts with her friends to science class.

Red haired girl now an invented memory conquest.

Hazy dream, hazy day.

Copyright 2001, Alex Finch. All rights reserved.

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