tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDaylight Robbery

Daylight Robbery


Joe discreetly surveyed the bank. He patiently observed the staff movements and noticed that on Fridays the all female staff were somewhat careless. They clearly had their minds on their weekend plans, rather than security.

The bank was a small branch in the small town of Southfields in Kent, England. It was staffed by four female staff. As it was a small town, the usual high level security measures were constantly overlooked. After all, everyone knew everyone else in town.

Joe studied the four staff members.

Marion was about forty -five, five foot eight and about a hundred pounds, with a slim waistline. She also had medium but firm breasts. She was the manageress.

Caroline was about thirty-five, five foot six and a hundred and five pounds. Her red hair was in a tight bun. She had large appealing breasts.

Anne was about thirty-three, five foot eight and about a hundred pounds. She had shoulder length blond hair and medium breasts.

Veronica was about forty. She was five foot five and about a hundred pounds. She had long black hair and medium but firm breasts.

They all wore uniforms of navy blue jackets and matching knee length skirts, complemented by white blouses and navy cravats. All the women, despite their ages, were very attractive. Joe knew that if the gang did this right, not only would they be rich, there was the bonus of sex too.

The uniforms would please Joe and his companions. They were all former soldiers. They had all served their country in Iraq and all had been, as they saw it, let down by their country.

Joe Carter was forty-two. He was six foot one and of athletic build. He had been a sergeant in the war. He was badly wounded in an ambush in which four of his comrades, including his younger brother, Matt. Now an embittered man, forced to retire on a miserly pension, Joe resolved to hit back at the rich. As he saw it, this war was started for them.

Denis Nelson was twenty-two. He too, was discharged from Iraq. He had been shot on patrol and was in a field hospital for weeks, there he met Joe and the two formed a friendship. He too, held the "Elite", as he referred to the rich, responsible for his situation.

Jim long was a corporal, also in Iraq. He was discharged after a serious illness. He was twenty-six and five foot ten.

Paul Carter was twenty-two. He was dishonourably discharged when he was falsely accused of stealing from the paymaster's office. Although he was innocent, a cover up occurred when it was discovered that the real culprit was the son of a baronet. Paul became the fall guy. He relished the chance to hit back at the "establishment".

The plan was to strike at precisely four-fifty nine pm. The bank should be empty and the staff would be closing up. The car would be parked at the corner, just around from the bank. Paul would disable the alarm, destroy the cameras and delete the computer records, thereby erasing any knowledge of the amount stolen.

On Friday, the gang drove to the corner as planned. At the signal from Joe, all four masked men entered the bank just as Marion was about to shut the door.

Surprise was complete. With guns in hand, the gang pushed her back and the others froze in shock. Paul immediately cut the power to the cameras and emptied the film. He went to work on the computers.

Just as Joe hoped, the main vault was open.

"Now ladies," he began. "We can do this the easy way or the hard way. It's up to you. Put your hands up."

They did so. It was only now that he realised just how beautiful their captives were. They were pretty and had long slender legs. Joe was pleased about that. Marion spoke up.

"Just take the money and go."

"All in good time," responded Joe.

Paul signalled he was done. Joe nodded to Denis and Jim to enter the vault and they started to empty the large notes into sacks, while Joe and Paul held the staff at gunpoint.

"All done in under ten minutes gentlemen. Well done. I think you deserve a bonus."

He turned to the terrified women and said firmly,

"Ok ladies, take off your clothes."

The women yelled in unison,


"I said strip," yelled Joe.

"Go to hell," yelled Marion.

Joe leapt at her and rammed the butt of his rifle into her midsection. Marion keeled over, wincing in pain and gasping for air. Her colleagues were helpless. Their captors pointed their guns at them. Joe grabbed Marion by her hair and pulled her up, making her yell in pain. He backhanded her making her crash back towards the service counter. He was about to strike her again when Marion, in a defeated tone, begged him, "Please no more. I'll do as you say."

"Now anyone else want to defy me?" Silence.

"Good. Now get your fucking clothes off," in a roar that would test the nerves of the most seasoned veteran.

All the women began to cry. Marion began by unbuttoning her jacket, her blouse and unzipping her skirt, revealing her full black slip.

"Just a moment," said Joe, stepping forward, ripping the fabric from her body. The sound of the slip being ripped echoed through the bank lobby, sending a chill through the whimpering women.

"I always wanted to do that," said Joe, with a smile behind his mask.

Marion unclasped her white lace bra and dropped it to the ground. She rolled down her flesh coloured tights and finally, placing her hands to her hips, slid her white knickers to the ground and stepped out of them. The sight of this naked, mature women made Joe extremely hard. Marion instinctively tried to cover her breasts and vagina with her hands.

"Put your hands back on your head." Marion summoned her remaining courage.

"Please, we're married women."

"Nothing like experience," responded Joe sarcastically. Marion knew her plea was in vain.

Having witnessed what had happened to Marion, her colleagues followed her example and reluctantly undressed.

Caroline, having discarded her blouse revealed her very sexy, low cut, black lace bra. Her breasts seemed liked they were trying to escape their confinement. Dropping her skirt revealed a tiny black thong and thigh high black stockings. Paul went behind her and untied her hair. She looked at him in anger, but said nothing. She unsnapped her bra and her breasts bounced forth and her nipples hardened almost at once. When she rolled her stockings down, it revealed the true smooth texture of her long slim legs. Removal of her thong revealed her very bare pussy. She hesitantly put her hands on her head.

Anne nervously unbuttoned her blouse. A plain white bra was revealed. She unzipped her skirt and dropped it to the floor, wondering what her husband would say if he knew. In one complete action, she rolled down her tights and plain knickers and stepped out of them. She put her hands on her head as ordered.

Veronica, having removed her blouse and skirt, revealed a low cut red lace bra and matching thong. With these removed, Veronica revealed another shaved pussy.

"Ok boys. Take your pick."

Paul grabbed the red headed Caroline. With his hand firmly grabbing her hair, her pulled her towards him through the hole in his mask, roughly kissed her. He drove his tongue firmly into her mouth wrapping it around hers. He forced her beautiful nude form to the ground and, unzipping his jeans, went down on her and pounded her pussy with his hardened rod.

As Paul pounded her pussy, Caroline wrapped her arms around him, as if welcoming her lover.

"Oh my God," she stuttered breathlessly, several times.

Despite being forced, Paul's kissing and caressing excited her. His systematic love making action made her own body respond with uncontrollable desire. She felt her love juices building and felt certain her lover was about to cum too. The timing was perfect as both climaxed together. Paul's hot cum colliding with Caroline's juices, produced a mutual cry of deep sexual satisfaction.

Paul methodically licked and sucked her ample breasts. Caroline became lost in her erotic world as she moaned, "Oh please, don't stop." She repeated this several times.

He continued his tongue action between her breasts and down her unblemished, smooth body. The tingling sensation made her shudder with a lover's excitement.

Forty year old Anne was taken by Jim Long. Although she could not see his face, Anne knew this was a young man. Although she was married, Anne had had a string of young lovers. This young man proved to be one of her better lovers. He kissed and caressed her gently as his cock was gently eased into her pussy. His slow, gentle rhythm corresponded to her own desire of a slow rhythmic sexual build up that would hopefully satisfy both of them. Because he was young she enjoyed it. Indeed she became somewhat dominant, guiding her lover as he rhythmically moved in and out of her body. Anne had her hands on his hips and he seemed to be responding to her actions. Both yelled "Aaargh," as their mutual climax erupted.

Anne took her lover and kissed him. She offered him her breast and he began to suck and lick it. She began to moan deeply. "Oooohh," was all she could utter as he travelled down her luscious body. Of all the women. Anne was the most experienced. It was her belief that her seduction of Jim Barclay, the twenty year old son of the regional manager, had saved the branch from imminent closure.

Denis took Veronica. Grabbing her long black hair, her forced her to her knees. He unzipped his pants and released his hard cock.

"Suck it," he yelled.

She thought of refusing but the sight of his gun made her think again.

She took his cock and placing it in her mouth, began to rhythmically suck, bobbing in and out.

"Mmmm," she mumbled as she continued to suck, developing a steady pace that slowly built to an explosion of cum that overflowed onto her face and chin. She thought she would suffocate.

Denis exclaimed a euphoric, "Yeeesss," as he came.

"My God, you're one hell of a cocksucker. I bet you've sucked many a bank manager."

Veronica blushed. He pushed her gently onto her back and spreading her legs, he systematically licked her pussy. First her left, then her right and finally her centre.

"Aaargh," she exclaimed in sexual joy as her juices flooded her pussy. She was breathless.

Joe was left with Marion. He was happy about that. To him, Marion was an attractive, mature woman. Her long slender legs appealed especially to him. Her dark shoulder length hair complemented her beautiful naked form. Joe loved a challenge. When he took her in his arms, she attempted to resist his kiss, until a jerk of her hair made her realise the futility of resistance. Joe led her into her office and beckoned her to lie on the couch. He lowered his pants and mounted her. He resumed his gentle, passionate kissing. Marion felt his hardened cock ease gently into her pussy. Joe was not aggressive. He gently pushed in and out until a steady pace developed. Marion's body reacted with increasing pleasure at every stroke. She developed a parallel rhythm. As the pace quickened, so Marion's sense of excitement and pleasure reached heights she never thought possible. Sex was never like this with her husband. Indeed, she couldn't remember when she received such climactic pleasure as her juices and Joe's cum clashed and caused a mutual scream of deep satisfaction.

After a brief pause to catch his breath, Joe got up and dressed. He ushered Marion to the lobby where her nude companions stood, trying to cover their nakedness the best way they could.

"Well ladies, I think I can say it's been one hell of a pleasure."

His comrades laughed through their masks.

"I think your pussies need some cleaning." Joe grabbed Caroline and Anne. He roared at them.

"Get into a sixty-nine and start licking your girlfriend's pussy." Caroline tried to protest.

"We're not lesbians."

She stopped at the sight of guns being pointed at her and her colleagues. She knew she was beaten.

Anne was the first to move. She lay down on her back. Caroline mounted her. They began to lick each others pussy, slowly at first. They gradually picked up the pace as the rhythm developed. They began to moan with ever increasing pleasure. "Oh God. Ooooh, " was all they could murmur.

Marion and Veronica also formed a sixty-nine. Marion lay on her back and Veronica dutifully mounted her.

The men thought they would cum again at the sight of these naked beauties making passionate lesbian love and expelling moan after moan. They could almost feel the lovers' orgasms build. Joe nodded to the others to head for the door of the bank, taking their loot with them.

Not realising the men were gone, or even caring, the women continued to lick and suck with pleasure. It was a new experience for all of them. Lesbianism never crossed any of their minds. Now they were caught in a deep Sapphic world and did not want to leave it no matter what. As they climaxed, they screamed with mutual euphoric delight. They paused for some moments to allow air back into their lungs.

Marion was first to move. "Come on. We've got to get dressed and phone the police." They went for their clothes and discovered their "lovers" had taken their underwear. When the police arrived, they could only give vague descriptions of their assailants. They had agreed between themselves not to reveal their sexual encounters. With the bank records destroyed, it could only be estimated how much was taken.

Several months later, Marion read of two more raids in the North of England. The story was the same. Four masked men with precision timing robbed banks in small towns or villages where the staff were predominately female. She often wondered were she and the girls the sole recipients of sexual pleasure, or were there others?

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