tagBDSMDay's End

Day's End


The key turned in the lock and she let out a soft sigh as she tossed her keys on the table. Reaching up and pulling the clip from her hair, she ran her hand through it to loosen it...longing to feel His hand doing the same thing. She kicked off her shoes, bent to pick them up, then padded softly into the bedroom. Her clothes became a trail to the bathroom as she made a beeline toward the relaxation she craved. She turned the water on in the shower and stepped inside cautiously. The water was scorching but it was exactly what she needed to wash away the tension of her day. As the steaming water poured over her body, she could feel her muscles relaxing and her mind clearing. She needed her mind clear for Master.

She loved her job, but it could be so demanding of her energies. She longed to be able to exist on auto pilot. Her submissiveness was so innate, that is what she compared it to. Not that she didn't concentrate on her duties, or pleasing Him, but it was all so natural. There was no thought for her in doing as He asked, obeying His commands. She'd been told she was a natural for her job as well, but there were so many issues and personalities to deal with she oftentimes felt as if the lifeblood were being sucked from her.

Her Master began to fill her thoughts as she began toweling herself dry. Preparing herself mentally for Him was very important. She never wanted to cheat Him of herself when they were together. He was always interested in what she had to say...to share, but when they were together, their relationship was very defined. He was the Master, she was the slave. Amazingly, she was extremely happy with it. She'd always known she had submissive tendencies, and once she realized there was a 'name' for her feelings and her personality, she felt so freed.

In the infancy of her journey, she'd never imagined she'd become a slave. But it was her heart and her soul that guided her to this point. She was most fulfilled by this position. She knew that no matter what, Master would always listen to what she had to say. He respected her intelligence and her independent streak. He chuckled at her temper (as long as it was never turned against Him) and was indulgent of her little 'tudes' on occasion when she felt bratty. But the important thing was she always knew her place and never stepped outside her bounds...boundaries she loved having.

She set the towel by the sink and began combing out her hair. Running her fingers through her hair while applying gel, made her again, long for Master's touch. She closed her eyes and could feel her body beginning to respond to the thought of Him. Suddenly a gasp ripped from her as she felt hands slide up her arms. Her eyes jerked open, then a smile spread across her face as she saw His reflection in the mirror. Master was here. She spun around and fell to her knees...legs spread wide, hands, palm up on her thighs...back straight, chest thrust out, head up, yet eyes were lowered. She absolutely loved sitting for him in this position. It put all of His property on display for His pleasure, and He did not disappoint her. He reached down and tweaked a pert nipple and as He leaned over to kiss her lightly on the cheek, His hand slid between her legs.

She was ready for him and He knew it. She heard His soft moan as He raised from her. She knew she'd pleased Him. He never allowed her to cum immediately, but He always enjoyed keeping her on the edge!

He gazed down at her with a smile on His face and told her to begin undressing Him. She grinned with pleasure and faked an 'oh all right' look. He grinned back down at her and knew with every fiber that she was dying to strip Him naked. He chuckled to Himself. She really could be a brat sometimes, but she was His brat and he loved owning her. She fulfilled something in Him that He'd never realized He was missing. Her submission was so complete and her willingness...so refreshing after all the fakes He'd come across through the years of searching.

She unbuckled His belt, unbuttoned his pants and looked up at Him as she lowered his zipper. His smile was gone now...replaced with a look of interest and something else...something darker. She wet her lips and continued with her mission. Lowering his pants to his ankles, she lifted each leg and removed them completely. She rose to her feet slowly, dragging her body against His. She unbuttoned His shirt and slid it from His arms. He stood before her in His boxers and when she glanced down, she could see His desire waiting for her. Whether she'd be allowed to relieve Him or not was the question that was driving her mad. She enjoyed sucking and licking and tasting Him as much as He enjoyed the release she gave Him in that manner.

She could feel the shift in the energy of the room. It was oppressive, but not frightening. It was enticing; something she was ready to accept and fold herself into. She felt His arms reach around her and pull her close. His scent was intoxicating...better than any drug with which she'd ever experimented. She closed her eyes and let her head fall backward as His face buried itself in her hair...as His lips trailed themselves up from her collar bone to her chin and back down again. Suddenly He pushed himself away from her and commanded her to the bedroom.

Quickly, she obeyed but faltered once there. He'd not told her what He wanted her to do...assume a position, turn down covers, prepare the toys...she was lost. She turned around to face Him and asked of Him what he wished for her to do, but he came toward her with a firm stride and shoved her to the floor so hard that when she went down, the carpet burned her nakedness. He reached out to her and grabbed a handful of the hair he had so recently nuzzled and pulled her up to her knees. When she opened her mouth to cry out, He shoved himself, fully erect, into her and began to rape her mouth.

She was becoming wild with desire...seeing this side of him was a rarity. He was always such a gentle Master, but she loved this raw energy. His masculinity was never in question, ever, but to feel this power and passion was heady. She greedily sucked and licked His cock as He rammed it in and out of her mouth. Gagging occasionally as He shoved Himself deeper and deeper into her, her eyes began to tear. Even in His heightened state, He was concerned for her. Never losing a beat, He reached down and wiped a tear from her cheek and she nodded her acquiescence. She reached to hold onto His thighs...to caress them and was greeted with a sound smack to her shoulder. Her brow furrowed with disappointment, but she continued to give her all to her Master. She felt him swelling within her mouth and began to suck harder as He forcefully rammed himself into her.

With a cry, He removed himself from her and roughly picked her up and tossed her upon the bed, face down. Her head was spinning from the onslaught, but her body was crying out to be fulfilled. He quickly rounded the bed and retrieved the cuffs and chains. "Wrist," he spoke the word harshly. She felt drugged, as if she couldn't move fast enough. She concentrated fully on moving her arm up to reach His hand...then did the same with the other one. When He'd finished attaching the cuffs and chains, He returned to her and demandingly pulled her hips upward until she was on her knees and he entered her from behind. Her hands, at the ends of extended arms began balling up the comforter in an effort to hold on to something, as she felt He would surely fuck her off the bed. In fact, she felt her lower body being raised higher and realized he was standing behind her and had brought her up to meet him. He was pounding into her and she could feel her orgasm brewing.

Her pussy was so damn tight, and she was completely His. The presence of just one without the other would be enough to send him over the edge, but the combination of them together was causing him to fight for control. He could fuck her forever, but knew she wouldn't last much longer. He could feel her tensing around Him...the forewarning of her orgasming. He asked her if she was ready... her panted affirmation was all He needed. "Now," was all He said and He exploded into her with such force that if he hadn't been hanging onto her, he wondered if she'd have stayed where she lay.

His orgasm sent her over the edge completely. His explosion of hot juices into her inner recesses heated her entire body. She felt the flush wash over her and she broke into a sweat. Slowly, the tempo died down until He leaned over her and collapsed. They lie there together for what seemed the longest time. She opened her eyes to see His head lying beside hers. His breathing was still ragged, but his heartbeat was no longer racing. He smiled weakly over at her and she returned His smile with a grin of her own and whispered to Him," So, how was Your day Master?"

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