tagBDSMDazzled by December: Blind Date

Dazzled by December: Blind Date


Author's Note: I'm tired of the paste and copy option for the previous author notes for this series, so here is the short version. . .I really like George Straight's song She Let Herself Go and I started a series with that title, but the woman in that story is extremely different from this character. So I hope you enjoy Dazzled by December . Her adventures will follow the path of George Straight's song, blending some locations with the cities or trips she takes. Please enjoy and leave a comment if you wish, as is my policy, only comments done respectfully stay. ~ Thanks ~ Red.


December stretched her legs and rolled to the left, her hand reached for the man she'd been dreaming about and sighed. "It was a dream," she muttered and found herself longing to return to the blissful arms of Ridge. It had been almost two years since she'd spent two wonderful weeks with him on the cruise geared toward singles. She took a deep breath and slid her feet from bed, then sat on the edge. She reached for the water she'd poured the night before and drank the lukewarm liquid.

"I wonder," she whispered to herself and walked over to her closet, reached up and grabbed a photo album. She flicked through pages and eventually found several shots of Ridge and her, their arms often locked in passionate embraces. The Captain was in one shot, a Porter in another; an elderly couple had taken a few pictures for them. She didn't find what she was looking for though, the phone number of the man she'd dreamed of. With a frustrated growl, she stood up and put the pictures away, then headed to the kitchen for coffee. The phone rang, she picked it up, continuing to make her way to the aroma that was slowly beginning to take precedence over her dream.

"Whattcha up to today?" the voice on the phone asked after December answered.

"Hey Mary, not much. You?" She pulled a mug from the hook on the wall. She poured the drink and then added some cream and sugar as Mary explained she was heading to the beach with several friends, but they were one girl short of an even number and wanted to know if she'd tag along.

"You're not looking for a date for someone are you? Setting folks up?" December asked. Her chuckle was mirrored by her friend's, "yes."

"What's his name?" December asked.

"Bill; he's 34, an architect, divorced and a father of three, but his wife has the kids," Mary answered. "They have joint custody, but she's got them for the summer."

December laughed. "I'm not looking for love Mary, so don't expect anything, but I don't have any plans, so I know I'll enjoy hanging out with everyone. . . others from work are coming right?" she asked.

"Several and you'll have fun. We may take the boat out too," Mary suggested.

"Nice. Come by and pick me up and I'll be ready," December said and then agreed on a time. She hung up the phone and dragged a carton of yogurt from the fridge, quickly ate it and then headed to her bathroom for a morning shower.

The waters warmed her flesh, still cool from the lost heat of her blanket and comforter. Her eyes closed and she tried to capture Ridge's face in her mind. A groan of disappointment filled her and she stomped her foot in frustration, finished her shower and quickly dressed for the beach. She slipped on a one piece, a knit cover-up shirt and a pair of white shorts. She eyed the two-piece, wondering if she shouldn't show a little skin, then decided she'd keep wearing the "look, but don't touch" suit.

Time passed quickly and soon Mary was pulling up in front of December's house. She bounded down the Victorian home, now hers after she sold her lease on the New York apartment, and signed the papers to become a homeowner. "Looks like you've reached your cargo limit," December said as she squeezed into the backseat and sat next to Alex from Accounting.

"Yeah, I know. But Mark's bringing a few people too and I figured it was silly for us all to wander the beach looking for everyone and waste precious beach volleyball time," Mary said and then winked at the man next to her.

"December this is Bill. Bill that is December," Mary jerked her head back and then focused on pulling onto the road and heading to the beach.

"Nice to meet you," Bill said; December repeated the warm greeting. She smiled at him and noticed his green eyes and the way his grin widened when he caught her staring into them. She blushed and then turned away to stare at the window instead.

Eventually, conversations revolved among all the car's occupants. Most focused on work and how Bill, the newcomer to the group had met Mary. December listened with interest as she learned Mary was Bill's neighbor from eons ago when Bill was married. He took a job in the Charleston area and ran into Mary a few weeks ago. December added that she too had just moved to the area after making, what she hoped was the final job switch in two years.

Mary piped in. "You've been divorced for a couple years now haven't you?" she asked December.

"Yeah," December answered. She learned Bill had been divorced for five years, but he shared custody with the kids, who lived in a neighboring town. "Matt and I never had kids."

"Did you want too?" Bill asked.

The car grew quiet and December felt all eyes on her. She shrugged her shoulders and answered, "Someday, sure. I'm not even in my thirties yet, no rush."

"Yeah, cause thirty is sooo old," Bill said rolling his eyes. December laughed and pushed on his shoulder in mocked frustration.

They arrived at the beach the same time Mary's fiance Mark did and each person helped unload the trunks of both vehicles, freeing them of collapsible beach umbrellas, coolers, towels and beach chairs, along with recreation equipment. "How'd you get all this stuffed in these two cars?" someone asked. December wondered too, but said nothing, just enjoyed the view of Bill hoisting a cooler onto one shoulder and carrying another with his other hand.

"He's hot," Mary whispered, bringing December to a sudden blush.

She grinned and turned to her friend. "Yes he is," she answered, "very hot. You did well."

"See, and you thought I was going to hook you up with something horrid, didn't you?" Mary asked.

"Ha ha. . ." December grabbed a couple beach chairs and headed down the sand-covered boards that served as a path to the main part of the beach.

She helped others set up their belongings and then grabbed a cold can of lemonade from the cooler. "Hard drinker, I see," Bill said as he took a seat beside her on an outstretched blanket. He winked and took a swig of a cold beer.

"Nah, just don't like the selection of before noon beverages. I'll have the other stuff later," she nodded to his drink. "You're starting early, but feel free."

Bill laughed. "Ouch, a bit judgmental already aren't you?" he asked and took another drink.

December blushed. "I'm sorry. It does sound harsh; doesn't it?"

"Don't worry about it. I don't plan on getting wasted. Now if we were alone and I wasn't planning on driving us anywhere, then there'd be no guarantees." He smiled and laid back on the sand, putting his hands behind his head. December watched him settle down and then she pulled out her lotion.

"You know if you ask me to rub that on your back, I'll have to claim your giving me an opening to come onto you," Bill said, never opening his eyes to see what she was doing.

She turned back and looked at him. "What?" she asked.

"Your lotion. I can smell the coconut. Love the smell of coconut."

"So do I, and here, put this on my back." They both laughed and she pulled off her shirt, then shimmed out of her shorts.

Bill grinned and took the bottle, watched her lay on her stomach and then began to work the cream into her skin. "You know this is the typical beach scene," he said.

"Oh?" she asked.

"Yep. Boy meets girl. Boy rubs in lotion. Girl rolls over, opens her arms and whispers, make love to me. . ." Bill's words faded.

December laughed hard and rolled over. "Bill," she said, opening her arms wide, "bury me in the sand." She stuck out her tongue and grabbed the lotion. She squirted it on her arms and tossed it back to him. "Legs," she ordered in a steady voice.

He smirked and began to rub the white gel across her skin, massaging her muscles at the same time. "Nice. You work out?" he asked.

"Another line?"

"Nope, believe it or not, some people really do use sentences like that and not just for picking up women," he answered.

"Yeah, I know. Just teasing. Yes, I do work out. The house I bought has a lot of bedrooms. I turned one into a gym." She finished her arms and when he was done with her legs, she had him turn around and she began to rub his back with the warm cream.

"That feels good, December," Bill whispered and dropped his neck as she began to press harder into the muscles. "I'm sure you've rubbed in enough sun screen."

"I have, but you feel tense and they are just now getting the volleyball net up," she told him, purposely pressing her breasts against his back. "Besides, I'm happy where I am," she whispered and kissed his neck. "I wasn't expecting to be attracted to anyone that Mary showed up with, but it's nice to know she's got friends as handsome as you and she isn't marrying them, like she is Mark."

"I'm glad she's not either," Bill agreed, turned his head and met her lips. He pressed gently and December answered his request for more. She opened her mouth and took his tongue in, rolling hers to the side of his and then over the top. Several laps were made of each one's mouth, before Bill pulled away. The sound of "let's go guys" pulled him from December's lips.

She smiled at him, kissed him quickly and then stood up, heading over to the girls' side of the volleyball net. Bill watched her walk and grinned as he imagined how she'd look in his bed. He adjusted himself and then moved over to the opposite side of the net.

The group played several games before submitting themselves to the water to swim and wash off the sweat and sand blanketed bodies. December wasn't surprised to feel Bill's hands on her waist or the way he pulled her close to him as they walked deeper into the water. "Do you mind one night stands?" Bill asked, slowly moving her away from the group.

"No. I do demand protection though," she said, her voice insistent and firm, but also wispy as her pulse raced.

"I'd insist, even if you didn't. I have three kids, I'm not ready for more just yet," he said and turned her to face the beach as he slip in behind her.

"Good, I'm not ready for them . . . yet," she answered and waved to Mary, who was wrapped in Mark's arms several feet away.

"Having fun?" she asked Bill.

"I will be," he answered.

December felt his fingers slide across the sides of her bathing suit. She giggled and then jumped when she felt his hands move between the material. One slid to the front of her suit, the other to the back. "Tell me who is watching?" he asked and pushed a finger against her clit, while another pushed between her ass cheeks. He bent his legs slightly so he could better slide his fingers over her flesh, nipping her shoulder as he settled his toes into the sand.

"Mary is. She has this look on her face. But that may because Mark is behind her and is probably doing the same. . .oh fuck, damn," she bit her lower lip, "the same thing as you to her." She released a puff of breath she didn't know she'd been holding.

"He probably is. Who else?" he asked and pushed one finger into her asshole, the other into her pussy.

"Mmm. . .Alex and his wife, are staring pretty hard and mumbling to each other. There are some. . . ohhh Bill deeper," she hissed. "There are strangers looking back and forth between us and Mary and Mark."

"Your pussy is so hot Dee," he whispered, and bit her shoulder.

She swallowed and clamped her muscles around his fingers. Both her sex and her ass held him tight, forcing him to drag his fingers out and drive them back in. Several times he impaled her, adding another finger to the aroused holes. A third slid hungrily into her pussy, and soon he was whispering for her to come. When she did, she bit her lower lip and fought the urge to shout. Bill felt her body tighten and grinned. He continued pumping, forcing her to come again and again, until she was grabbing the wrist of his palm that was fucking her clit as his fingers claimed her.

He eased his hands away and then turned her around. Their lips met again and he rubbed his swimming trunk's tent against her mound. "You're going to have to take care of this," he told her and grabbed her hand, forcing her to feel his hardness.

"Now?" she asked, more than willingness could be heard in her voice.

Bill groaned. "Damn, now that would be nice, but. . .I don't have a condom and I want to feel your pussy wrapped around this dick, or at least your mouth and I don't think you can hold your breath that long," he told her, winked and then spun her around. "Let's swim and then later this afternoon or tonight we'll have some fun."

"Deal," she answered.

They both moved deeper into the water, then submerged themselves and began to swim over to others that had begun another game of volleyball this time the ocean water was their playground. The day continued. Several kisses passed between December and Bill. Several touches were exchanged and when they gathered around the grilled steaks, burger, brats and hotdogs, both December and Bill were equally aroused and anxious to leave the group.

"Damn, Mary for bringing us both in the same car," Bill muttered and slipped his hand over December's ass as he held her close to him, while waiting in line for a steak.

"You know Bill," December whispered, "Charleston has taxies."

He bit her neck and she giggled. "Yes, smart ass, but I thought it would be rude to ditch the party. It isn't even dark yet."

"Then why were you mentioning a car?" she asked.

"So we could make out," he answered and swatted her bathing suit bottom.

"Ohh, I see," she laughed. "Make out or have sex," she winked and then stuck out her tongue, moved through line and headed back to their blanket.

After the meal, Bill excused himself and Mary rushed over to sit beside December. "Here," she said, tossing December her cell phone. "Call a cab and get that man to your house, right now. You two are killing me here. I want to fuck Mark senseless, because you two just keep eating each other up with your eyes and I have to watch it."

December laughed and reached the operator, got the cab companies phone number and then made another quick call on her friend's phone. She tossed it back and winked. "Thanks Mary. It's been a few months, since I've felt like playing with someone. The rechargeable batteries aren't holding their charge very well, any more."

Mary rolled her eyes and headed back to Mark. December heard her, "have fun" hollered over to Bill as he passed her. He reached December's side and simultaneously they said, "The cab is on its way." He smirked and she blushed. Twenty minutes later they were waving goodbye to the group and pressed against each other in the back of a Charleston's cab. Bill nuzzled her neck as December toyed with his chest, his shirt doing little to conceal her movements. "How much fun do you want to have this evening?" Bill asked her.

December smirked. "As much as I can stand." She lifted a brow when his grin turned wicked. "What are you planning?" she asked.

"Do you trust me?" he asked and sucked on her ear.

She shivered and then pulled back. "Bill, we just met, but you are Mary's friend and she trusts you, and if anything happens to me . . . she'll know who to blame." December winked and quickly kissed his lips. "Why do you ask? I trust you enough to take you home with me. . ."

Bill pulled her onto his lap and kissed her hard, then moved his lips over her jaw and back to her ear. "I'm going to fuck you till you pass out December dear," he said and then bit down on the soft lobe, he'd been teasing.

Again a roll of shivers ran over her and she found herself growing more hungry for his promises of sin.

They arrived at her home; the driver was quickly paid and the couple hurried up the sidewalk and then the steps of December's home. Once the door closed Bill turned her and pressed her against it, devoured her lips in a breath stealing kiss and then pulled her into his arms. "In the kitchen," he told her, spun her away and slapped her ass, hard.

December jumped, but grinned and quickly led him to the room. She turned to face him, wondering if he was looking for some kind of erotic fruit to enjoy while they fucked, but was rewarded with a hard kiss and his arms sweeping her up and then depositing her onto the table. "Where is your room?" he asked. She answered and he ordered her to not move. If she did, he warned, she'd be punished.

She giggled, but said nothing. She heard him bound up the stairs and then the sound of the antique dresser being pulled open made her pause in the fantasy she had been rolling in her mind. Taking a deep breath she sat up and jumped from the table, shimmed out of her clothes and then climbed back on the table, rolled over and caught Bill's gaze. "Hey sexy," she whispered and motioned for him to come over.

Her gaze moved from his face, to his hands and then back to his face again. "You've been busy," she said, nodding to the articles he had brought down from her bedroom.

"You moved," he said and dropped the articles he'd found onto the edge of the table. He grabbed her legs and dragged her down the length of the polished wood. "I told you, not to move and you did. You trust me right?" he asked, running his hand up and down her thigh.

A look of curiosity crossed her face. "Yeah, you did tell me not to, but. . .I didn't want my wet clothes on and. . ."

"December. Do you trust me?" he asked, still keeping his palm on her thigh and massaging the soft skin.

"Yes, Bill. I trust you. Your Mary's friend and she wouldn't have set us up if there was a reason not too." December reached out and touched his face. "I'm sorry I moved."

"I know, but you still have to be punished. Nothing harsh, this time. . ."

She raised a brow and then suddenly found herself rolled over and the bottoms of her feet landing on the linoleum floor. Without warning she felt a slap on her ass and she jerked around to stare at him. His gaze was both questioning and steady. The question was there on his lips, but he didn't ask it. She could tell what he wanted, trust. Licking her lips, she turned back and presented her ass to him again. She bit her lower lip and clenched her ass cheeks. The slap this time didn't cover as much area and December smirked. "Relax," he told her and rubbed the twin globes that were a soft pink.

December took a deep breath and forced it out, relaxed and was rewarded with another smack and then another. She whimpered and shifted nervously as two more were delivered and then she shivered when a wet kiss was placed on each hot cheek. "Next time, they'll be more," she heard him tell her as he grabbed her hips and pulled her up so she was standing and pressed back to chest against him.

"I'll have to make sure there isn't a next time," she told him. December felt his cock against her ass and she rubbed the tender, warm cheeks against his thick, hot tool.

"Do that and you will enjoy yourself more," he whispered and then turned her around. "Now, get back up there, and don't worry. I'll replace everything I cut up." He winked at her doe-eyed look. She glanced at the panties and stockings, as well as some old costume jewelry she'd not used in years. "You went on a treasure hunt, didn't you."

Bill grinned, slapped her ass and again ordered her to get back on the table. He moved to the counter top, selected a steak knife and moved back to her. "I don't even want to ask " December said, eyeing the knife with a mixture of doubt and pleasure.

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