tagHumor & SatireDead Battery Ch. 03

Dead Battery Ch. 03



Dan and his wife had a wonderfully blissful Christmas featuring the incredible gift he picked up at that special boutique. Of course it didn't start out blissfully, there was a bit of resistance. Sure the package was wrapped nicely, but apparently Dan seemed a bit too anxious for his wife to open her present and that got her suspicious.

"And what have you gotten me this year, a skill saw?" she asked as Dan held the package out to her with a lecherous grin on his face.

"No, no hon, it's nothing like that. This is just for you, honestly."

She looked up at him dubiously and then slowly began removing the wrapping paper. As she unwrapped she noticed a sticker from the Hottie Boutique and once again became suspicious. "Hottie Boutique huh? So let's see, another one of those sex toys that's really for you, right?"

"You're wrong babe, I mean it is a sex thing but wait till you see it," Dan said hovering over her as she opened the box.

"What in the hell is this supposed to be?"

"It's a velvet wand, it is the most incredible thing," Dan said excitedly.

"And just how do you know about this?"

"Don't you remember when I told you about the lady in the Beemer?"

"Yeah, had a dead battery."

"Remember what I told you killed the battery?" Dan asked.

"Something that glowed purple, she... wait a minute now, you expect me to plug that into an electrical outlet and then hold it against my..."

"I tell you, it was driving that lady nuts. And at the boutique the women seemed really enamored over it."

"How does it work," she asked.

Smiling, Dan grabbed the base and plugged it in. He then took the wand and hooked up the attachment and the cord to it. He then looked over at her and said, "Watch this." He got up, turned off the lights and then turned on the switch.

The wand started up with the globe flickering with a purple glow. Looking closer they could see what looked like lightning bolts dancing about inside the globe. She looked at him and said, "And you want me to let that electricity..."

"Look, hold your hand against it. See, "he said, holding his hand against the globe. "It's kind of vibrating, maybe tickling a little."

She held out her hand and he placed the globe on it. "Hmm," she nodded, "It feels okay on my hand."

"Hold it on your face, it won't hurt," Dan said.

She held the globe up to her face and then closed her eyes. "Yes, that's nice."

"Well then, come on," Dan said, taking his wife's hand, and grabbing up the wand, they headed into the bedroom.

Once there, Dan plugged in the wand and then got undressed. His wife pulled off her nightgown and climbed into bed. Turing on the velvet wand, Dan crawled between his wife's legs and held it to her thigh.

"Mmm, yeah, that feels nice," she replied leaning back onto the pillows.

Dan slowly moved the purple glowing globe of the wand up her thigh and then slowly onto her pussy, watching her lift her hips up a bit. Sliding the wand up the length of her pussy, he held it over her clit and watched a she began to move in response. She reached down and took the wand from him, moving it just a bit to one side.

While she held the wand over her clit, Dan gently pushed two fingers into her wet opening and slowly moved them in and out of her. Almost immediately she moaned loudly, lifted her ass up off the bed and came just as he shoved his fingers deep into her. Leaving them inside her, he felt her pussy squeezing on his fingers.

She then moved the wand off of her pussy and Dan quickly moved between her legs. Grabbing his cock, she guided it into her pussy and waited as Dan pushed himself into her. After a couple of thrusts, she reached back to the wand and held it against her clit as continued moving his cock in and out of her.

He could feel the tingling where the wand was pressed between their bodies but before he knew it she moaned loudly and came again. That was enough to drive him over the edge and in just a few more thrusts, Dan arched his back and came, spilling his wet cum into his wife's pussy.

They played with the wand several more times over the next few days and Dan was quite proud of picking such a wonderful gift for his wife... and himself of course. Even though she remained very impressed with the gift, their sex life did slip back to normal in the following weeks. Dan didn't think a lot about it, they had a lot of fun for a while and they still used the wand on occasion, so he couldn't complain.

It wasn't until a while later that he realized just how wonderful that gift was. He got another service call and headed out to another shopping center where someone had a dead battery. As he pulled into the parking lot he spotted the car, it looked familiar to him and as he got closer he saw it was his wife's car.

Pulling up in front he hopped out and said, "Hi hon."

"I'm sorry Dan, I guess I left the lights on or something."

"Okay, well you know this drill, pop the hood and I'll connect it up," he said, grabbing the cables from the spool on the front of his truck. He then opened the hood and hooked to her battery. Shouting to her he said, "Okay, when I rev my engine you start it up, okay."

"Okay," she called back.

Dan started his engine and then slowly pressed the accelerator, revving his engine. He glanced toward his wife's car, but it wasn't cranking or anything. He was about to climb out when he noticed the purple glow coming from inside the car. Smiling, he revved his engine up again and again, each time pleasing his wife more and more.


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