tagInterracial LoveDead Heat: Shattered Hearts Ch. 03

Dead Heat: Shattered Hearts Ch. 03


Lunch was a dream. Over French onion soup and Monte Cristos drenched with honey, I left the planet Earth and created my own paradise. Fyona Hughes was a dream. Not only was she lovely to look at, she was intelligent and had a wicked sense of humor. I knew that she was trying not to think about Mykal but her laughter was honest, if not nervous on occasion. I liked that she ordered wine for us and chose a sauvignon blanc that I’d never had before.

“So, do you have any children?”

“No. I never married.”

“Never married?” She gave me a dubious eyebrow lift. “Are you gay?”

“Not today.” She laughed. “No, I’m not gay. I’ve just had a hard time finding the right woman.” I paused. “What about you?”

“No, I’m not gay.” She gave me a wry smile. She knew good and well what I was asking. “But no, I’ve never remarried. Come to think of it, I haven’t really dated that much. Mykal’s been my life.”

I reached out and covered her hand with mine, giving a gentle squeeze. “He still is your life, Fyona.”

She gave a sad nod. “He’s such a good kid, Pete. You’d be proud to meet him.”

“I look forward to it.” I kept my hand over hers, enjoying the warmth of her soft skin. “Does he like baseball games?”

“He loves any kind of sports. He plays basketball on the school team.”

“I’d love to see him play.”

“Maybe you can come to one of his games when he comes back.” She gave me a shy smile. “As my date.”

“I’d like that.” I wanted to kiss her so badly. I hoped she felt the same and that she was feeling the same connection that I was.

We finished the wine and I paid for our lunch. I walked her out to her car, holding the door open and waiting until she was settled in the seat before closing it.

“Thank you for lunch, Pete. It was very nice of you to offer.”

“My pleasure.”

“If you’re ever in the neighborhood, stop by and see me. I always have leftovers.”

“I will.”

She started the car and I moved out of the way, smiling and waving as she pulled out. I sighed and turned to head to my car. Maybe I was reading too much into things. Maybe I was hoping too much …

“Pete!” She had stopped a few feet away and called me through her open window. I jogged over and we leaned in at the same time, our mouths meeting, then sweetly lingering. I thrilled to her light touch on my cheek, her fingertips burning into my skin and bringing my cock to painful, cramped life. “I’m glad you came back into my life.”

Her words left me speechless so I leaned in for another kiss, this time teasing her lips apart with my tongue and gently sweeping inside. It took so much for me my desperation and I didn’t want to scare her away with an overt show of passion so I took it slow, trying to memorize the nuances of her tongue. She gifted me with a whimper and one hand snaked through my hair, crushing my mouth against hers. I answered her passion with my own, scouring her tongue with mine and sucking it into my mouth. I pulled away, nibbling on her plump bottom lip and returning to the planet.

“Call me?” It was more a plea than a question. Too overwhelmed by my feelings, I could only nod in response and adjust my stiff cock as I headed back to my car. When I got back to the precinct, my partner, Brad had a message waiting for me. They had a lead on Ronnie and I was to meet him at the address in gear.

I quickly dressed in riot gear and headed over, joining Brad and several other officers in one of our non-descript vans, hovering just around the corner from the address. His hurried explanation told me what to expect. A crack house run by the Adams Brothers, two notorious dealers we’d been trying to get rid of for years. The tip he’d received had said that Ronnie had showed up there with the kid. Hopefully, Ronnie would be stoked on crack and we’d be able to grab Mykal without too much trouble.

I didn’t have his same hope. I knew the Adams Brothers and knew that if they were helping Ronnie, we were in for trouble. I wouldn’t want to see Mykal shot. Fyona’s sad eyes floated in my head.

“Okay. Are we ready?” Everyone in the van nodded in response. Al eased the van up to the house while Brad held the side door, all of us poised to leap out. Then there was the scraggly yard, the weather-beaten front door and the possibility of death awaiting on the other side. Brad opened the door and we leaped into the arms of the unknown.

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