tagNovels and NovellasDead Heat: Stormbringer Ch. 08

Dead Heat: Stormbringer Ch. 08


Taima Greenleaf and Mahalo Jenkins tried Alicia's residence first. It was empty. The school also yielded no clues as did Pilar's home. It was difficult for Taima to enter the home she had only recently shared with Pilar to think that she might find her lover there, hurt or dead. Mahalo did his best to keep her focused and to keep her spirits high. He knew how important it was to keep Taima moving. Pilar was the real thing for her and this could possibly push her over to the edge. Mahalo didn't want to see that.

Both chief and officer were surprised to find Albert Whitley on the funeral home's doorstep, hat in his hand. He gave Taima a shaky smile and shook Mahalo's hand.

"I'm sorry for not coming sooner." His gaze remained locked on Taima. "And I'm sorry for treating you so rudely yesterday."

"It's no problem, Mr. Whitley, but I must tell you that we're in a big hurry ... "

"I know. You're looking for Alicia Brewster, aren't you?"

"Yes, sir! Do you know where she is?"

"I have a good idea."

"Well, come with us. You can tell us on the way."

* * * * *

His cock was beautiful. She had to admit that. Myron's thick tube of meat bobbed just millimeters from her lips, the pre-cum dripping onto her lips. Pilar tried to turn her head and found it impossible, held in place by Alicia's strong thighs.

"Open your mouth." She nodded negatively and Myron's face reddened with anger. "I said, open your mouth!" When she nodded again, Alicia leaped up and moved just out of her line of sight. The punch in her stomach startled her into opening her mouth and Myron's prick slid right in. "If you bite me, I'll strangle you!"

Pilar closed her eyes and tried her best not to think about the situation. She had sucked men's dicks before but it had been quite some time ago and she was not a fan of the taste of semen. She opened her mouth, letting his rub himself against her tongue and jab the insides of her jaws. His slimy pre-cum tasted vile and she had to twice keep herself from vomiting. Alicia smiled, then turned and snorted a packet of meth, swaying in a self-induced trance.

"You've got a beautiful mouth, Pilar. I should have fucked it sooner."

"May I suck your balls, master?"

"No, pet. Why don't you get her pussy and asshole ready for me?"

"Anything you say, master."

Alicia moved down to Pilar's mid-section, positioning herself between the golden thighs. Pilar moaned around Myron's cock as she felt the young woman's tongue delve into her slit. Tears slipped from the edges of her eyelids as he thrust again and again. "She tastes like honey, master."

"Good. Get her to cum. I want her slick."

Pilar felt Alicia's spread her cunt lips apart and begin to explore the soft pink flesh of her inner lips. Her tongue was gentle, pushing into every corner and mapping her pussy thoroughly. Her manner reminded her of Taima so much that Pilar began to sob. Myron sensed her tears and gave her a resounding smack, pressing his prick farther down her throat. She gagged, swallowed and gagged again. This time, she regained her control and took him without problem. Myron sighed. Alicia stabbed her hole, moaning when she tasted the first of Pilar's cunt cream. She smiled. She knew Pilar was close to cumming and she wanted every bit.

"Oh, yeah, sis. Gonna cum. Gonna squirt right down your throat." Myron moaned. "Lick my asshole, Alicia!" Alicia bent underneath him, spreading his hairy cheeks and piercing his sphincter. "Yeah, baby! Yeah! Fuck that asshole, baby! Fucking eat me!" Myron moved faster now, Alicia gripping his hips in an effort to keep up and Pilar silently sobbing, unable to stop the assault. Oh, Taima! Help me! "Oh, yeah, baby! Here comes my load!"

Taima kicked the door open, sickened at the sight she beheld. She lost her mind. She raised her gun and brought it down on the back of Myron's head, dislodging his soft penis and causing him to fall to the floor. Alicia raised her head, her face slick with Pilar's juices and smiled at Taima.

"She's tastes like honey, Taima. You should have shared."

Taima raised the gun, aiming at the center of Alicia's head. "You fucking ... "

"No, Taima, don't do it!" Whitley's voice broke the tense silence, Chief Jenkins standing behind him, his gun drawn and also trained on Brewster. "Don't throw your future away. Please!"

Moments passed. Taima fought the red fog of anger back, her body shaking, tears striping her cheeks. Alicia raised up, licking her lips suggestively, goading her ex-lover into a reaction. But Taima didn't take the bait. She steeled herself, biting her bottom lip until she tasted blood.

"Get the fuck away from my girlfriend."

Jenkins moved around Whitley, swiftly cuffing a semi-conscious Myron Petersen. Still grinning evilly, Alicia climbed down from the bed and moved away from Pilar. Jenkins grabbed her, throwing her to the ground and cuffing her also. Taima holstered her weapon, threw a sheet over her naked lover and unbuckled the restraints.

Pilar was silent, sobs racking her body but her mouth shut. As soon as she felt the last restraint leave her flesh, she turned over, gripped the side of the bed and regurgitated her brother's copious cum and whatever else she had in her stomach. Taima stayed at her side, rubbing her back while she expelled the vile liquid.

"You're safe now, honey."

Pilar just cried.

* * * * *

Seven days after Myron Petersen and Alicia Brewster's arrests, Taima Greenleaf sat behind the ceremonial lodge on her grandfather's reservation, staring out across the peaceful landscape, reflecting over the happenings of the previous days.

During extensive interviews, Mahalo was able to piece together the mystery. Myron Petersen and Alicia Brewster had become lovers several years earlier, when Myron had gleefully raped her and claimed her soul when she was a teenager. He had made her his 'servant' and her injured mind saw this as love. He toiled for the next years in the family funeral business and was livid to find out that, upon the death of his father, the business was in the red and the life insurance payoff went to satisfy bills. He had wanted that money for himself to leave town and become 'someone'.

Along came Nathan Rhodes, a well-to-do millionaire whom had made his money through drug dealing. Unfortunately, he had fallen on hard times and looked up his old partner-in-crime. They decided that crystal meth would provide them with enough money to accomplish their dreams and Myron came up with the idea to transport the drugs in dead bodies, which could be shipped without scrutiny.

Alicia had been charged with taking the first body. She made quick friends with wallflower Julianne Bennett, abducted her and took her place at the cemetery. It was her inexperience with crime that had caused the caper to be discovered. First, of all the bodies available, she had taken the body of Nathan Rhodes' only son. Rhodes was furious. They couldn't return him to the cemetery without notice so Myron and Alicia had left Benny in the intersection, knowing that he would be found.

Meanwhile, Ray Elliott had come snooping around Bennett's house, having bedded her on a regular basis since their first coupling, looking for more pussy. Since Alicia had assumed Julianne's identity, it was no problem to continue with the sex meetings. When he became too rough the last time, she had taken his demise into her hands and had disposed of him.

Finally, Alicia, with Myron's help, had abducted Pilar, her need for revenge consuming her to the point of near madness. Even now, Alicia was in the mental ward at County General, still railing against Pilar and violently masturbating whenever given the chance. Taima couldn't believe that that same person was her friend. She had attempted to visit but all Alicia did was rub her pussy and ask Taima if she could smell her cum. With a heart full of sadness, Taima had left the hospital, vowing to never return.

Pilar had been a different story. She didn't speak for nearly two days and then, she had only spoken to WhiteEagle. Taima had immediately brought her to the reservation after the interviews were over, seeking to heal the emotional storm that she knew Pilar was braving. She had promised marriage to Pilar on that first day and had left her in her grandfather's capable hands.

On the third day, Chief WhiteEagle had summoned his granddaughter back to the reservation and Taima was reunited with her love, still rough around the edges but much better. They spent the night together, talking and cuddling, aware of each other's proximity but respectfully remaining separate, Pilar afraid that Taima would not want to touch her and Taima afraid to touch and hurt Pilar.

The fourth day, Pilar went through an intense cleansing ceremony and when Taima arrived later that evening, she was informed that Pilar did not want to see her. And just yesterday, Pilar had asked her to come to WhiteEagle's home.

The Pilar Petersen that welcomed her was the Pilar she'd fallen in love with. Rosy cheeks, glossy hair and a sparkle in the green eyes that made Taima's heart leap. She apologized for not wanting to see her but she said that she thought that it was important for the separation. She wanted to make sure that she was all right and that she could return to her life, both as head mortician and as Taima's girlfriend. When she was certain of that, she asked Taima if the offer of marriage was still open. Taima answered with a kiss, a hug and fifteen minutes of sobbing.

Of course, WhiteEagle had just laughed. He had known that they would be married and he had been blessing an area in the southwest clearing for the wedding, following the old Cherokee wedding ceremony ritual of blessing the wedding area for seven consecutive days.

And today was the seventh day. Today, Taima would take Pilar as her wife in a wedding ceremony sanctioned by the tribe. Things were so different, Taima mused. She would never have ever guessed that she would be getting married.

"Officer Greenleaf?"

Albert Whitley stood a few yards away, a smiling Harmony Rhodes on his arm. Mrs. Rhodes had been released from prison on bail but there was no doubt that she wouldn't stand trial for her husband's murder. Numerous police reports and emergency room records had detailed the decades of physical abuse that she had suffered at Nathan Rhodes' manicured hands. The last beating had caused her to snap and she had killed him in self-defense. A visit from Albert had pulled her out of her funk and she looked even better than when Taima had first met her. The dark-smudges under her eyes had fled and her eyes were filled with life. They would enjoy the money that frugal and hard-working Whitley had saved together.

"Hello, Mr. Whitley. Mrs. Rhodes."

"Please." Harmony said, her voice as soft as her eyes. "Call me Harmony. And he's Bert."

"Yes, ma'am." Taima smiled. "Thank you for coming."

"We wouldn't miss it for the world." Albert smiled shyly. "I just wanted to say thank you."

"I should be thanking you, Mr. ... " Harmony gave her a smile of reproach. "Uh, Bert. Your information saved Pilar."

"And you have saved me." Harmony gave the young woman a long hug, thrusting a manila envelope into her hand. "For your future."

"Harmony, this isn't necessary."

"Yes, it is." The older woman's eyes filled with tears and Albert looked away, his eyes misty. "Once you understand why, you come see me."

Taima was confused, but she nodded. "Yes, ma'am."

"Good. Well, we'd better get going." Harmony gave her a kiss on the cheek, followed by one from Albert. "Congratulations."

"Thank you."

Taima watched the couple walk away, observing the byplay between them. There was obvious affection present. She couldn't help but smile, hoping that they would be as happy as she was. The envelope poked her hand and she suddenly had the urge to open it. Inside was a bank draft and a handwritten letter in very elegant script. Taima figured that Harmony had written it and she unconsciously ran her fingers over the opening line before starting to read it.

Dear Taima,

I have decided to give you a wedding gift that you should

have received several years ago. If I had been a stronger

woman, I would have delivered it to you myself but these

days, I still feel very fragile and I'm not sure that I could

get through it without breaking down.

The night I killed Nathan, we argued violently, the worst

argument that we have ever had during our married life

and I knew that I would probably receive the worst beating

of our married life. What were we arguing about? You.

When you came to the house to investigate Benny's case,

Nathan recognized you. I shouldn't say that he recognized

you. He recognized your features. As well that he should

have, because your features are his features.

Yes, my darling girl. Nathan Elias Rhodes was your father.

Nathan, Myron Petersen and Wylie Robertson, who died

several years ago were the three men who killed your

father and raped your mother. However, Wylie did not

participate in the rape and Myron was too drunk to get his

penis hard, so Nathan did the dirty work. Nine months later,

your mother gave birth to you.

Nathan never knew but I suspect that he had heard from

others in town so when he saw you in the flesh, he was very

disturbed. You see, he saw himself as an important business-

man, far removed from his violent past, even though he took

his anger out on my body and was preparing to bring that meth

drug into our town.

And so we argued. He wanted to kill you. I pleaded with him to

have you assigned to another precinct, out of harm's way. He

was very upset that I was defending you and told me that he

was going to kill you and me, too. He said that no one would

miss me and he could finally fuck whomever he wanted in our


I asked Albert for the gun. I don't remember it, but he says that

I did. And I put it away, waiting for the right time. I didn't have to

wait long. Later that same evening, I awoke to his fist smashing

my jaw and I pulled the gun. He laughed and I told him that this

was from you, Taima Greenleaf Rhodes and from me. And I

shot him.

That's all that I remember. Until my precious friend, Albert, came

to visit. I am well and getting better and I hope that one day, you

will come to look upon me as a stepmother. I cannot take

Mitena's place, but I can try to ease your way in the world.

Which comes to the second part of this letter. Nathan made most

of his money from hurting people. I can't think of anything more

appropriate than giving some to you to use for helping people.

Congratulations on your marriage and thank you for thinking

enough of Albert and I to invite us to share your joy this day. I

hope that we can be friends in the future.


Harmony Rhodes and Albert Whitley

The bank draft inside was made out to Taima Greenleaf in the amount of two million dollars.

* * * * *

The wedding was the most beautiful ceremony that anyone had ever seen. Taima and Pilar rode into the clearing on white ponies, Taima in a white sleeveless duster-length tunic with matching pants and Pilar in a lacy satin dress that caused her to ride side-saddle. Taima could barely breathe when she saw her bride. Pilar's dark tresses had been braided and artfully wrapped around her head, her lips dark like blackberries and her eyes shadowed with earth browns.

Pilar gazed at Taima, her heart pounding as she saw Taima's strong arms and the graceful line of her neck. She so wanted to run into those arms, to be sheltered and protected and contented herself with the knowledge that very soon, she would be in those arms forever. Nothing had ever felt as wonderful. Nothing had ever felt as right.

They slid down from the horses and walked hand-in-hand to where WhiteEagle stood, the sea of tribesmen and friends enclosing and surrounding the couple. Vows were exchanged and Taima and Pilar Greenleaf became wives and companions. The reception had lasted into the wee hours of the night with Chief WhiteEagle leading the festivities. Taima and Pilar were escorted to the ceremonial marriage lodge and left alone.

Taima gazed in awe at the beauty of her wife and reached out to touch Pilar's cheek. Pilar met her hand, pressing a kiss into the palm and turning her cheek into it. Her fingers traced the chased silver band that Taima wore, knowing that her name was etched on the inside.

"Taima." Her voice was low, a sensuous whisper that caressed her lover's heart. "I love you."

"And I you." Taima pulled Pilar close, looking at her as if she was seeing her for the first time. "I belong to you, love."

"And I to you."

With those heartfelt, unrehearsed vows spoken, no other words were said. Taima took Pilar's mouth in a soft, but passionate kiss, possessing every scintilla of Pilar's being with her love. No dark corner of Pilar's heart, mind or soul would be left unlighted by the brightness of Taima's devotion. She used the kiss to blaze through any remaining doubts her lover might have had, replacing them with certainties, the clearest and best being the depth of Taima's love.

Pilar clung to Taima, fighting to release the horrors of her abduction and the devastation of her brother's treachery from her soul. He would not leave a mark on her. He would not! She let herself bask in the love she felt radiating from her new wife, wrapping herself in its protective embrace and taking it deep within her, making it a part of her, becoming not just Pilar Greenleaf, but an irreplaceable part of Taima. She sighed, feeling Taima's hands releasing the braids and quickly unplaiting them, while kissing her gently.

Taima couldn't resist running her fingers through Pilar's hair, seeking the warmth of her scalp and matching it with the softness of her curls. It was like touching the deepest velvet. She gave Pilar a final kiss and turned her in her arms, unbuttoning and unzipping her wedding dress. It slipped off Pilar's slight shoulders and Taima caught it, laying it reverently across a chair before returning to clasp a camisole-and-panty clad Pilar to her, focusing her kisses on Taima's exposed neck.

Pilar shivered, feeling her pussy grow warm and wet, the effect of Taima's open-mouthed kisses sending shock waves through her body. She raised her hands to Taima's collar and unbuttoned those buttons, shoving the tunic aside and cupping Taima's unbound breasts, rolling the nipples along with the silk material of her undershirt. A low growl of pleasure came from Taima's throat, accompanied by a deep quiver. She pulled the undershirt over Taima's head, followed by the half-camisole and lowered her mouth to her lover's impossibly hard nipples.

Taima yelped at the sensation of Pilar's warm mouth covering her and then at the simultaneous rough and silky feeling of Pilar's tongue flicking, circling and laving her flesh. Pilar held Taima's body to her mouth, pressing into the warm flesh and loving the feel of her response. She released her breast with a loud smack and pushed Taima back on the bed, stripping her camisole off while Taima shucked her pants. When Pilar bent to remove her strappy sandals, Taima stopped her with a nodded 'no'. Pilar just smiled.

The feel of flesh against flesh raised the tension a notch. Pilar ran her hands over Taima's back while trying to ignore the growing heat in her belly. Taima's touch was setting her on fire and she was quickly reaching the point where she wanted, no, needed to be fucked. She met Taima's mouth with a staggered sigh, completely giving herself over to the pleasure.

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