tagIncest/TabooDean's Delight Ch. 03

Dean's Delight Ch. 03

byNemasis Enforcer©

D von, Lindsay and Dean were all ecstatic at the news that Devon was pregnant. Talking about it was one thing but actually knowing that your little 18-year-old sister was having your baby was so much more erotic.

"We did it Dean!" Devon said as the three went back downstairs to the kitchen to celebrate the good news.

"I can't believe it, I'm gonna have a little nephew or niece to look after!" Lindsay smiled as she hugged her sister, their breasts pushing together and nipple poking into each other as their lips met.

Dean was a little overwhelmed by all this, the idea of having a child with his sister was very erotic and he just had to take it all in.

"Ohhhh" a moan from Lindsay brought him back to reality. She and Devon were kissing more passionately; their tongues were intertwining as their puffy lips were pushed together.

Lindsay had her hands on her sister's ass, massaging the supple flesh through the clothes she was wearing, making Devon and Dean, who was watching, moan.

"Ohhh Linds" Devon cried out as she felt her sister's hands pull her top over her up her body and over her head. Dean couldn't take any more and walked over; Lindsay saw him coming over and stepped to the side, making room for him to get in on the action.

"Ahhhhh" Devon moaned as she felt his lips brush hers lightly before his soft lips kissed her neck.

Lindsay watched her brother move up her sister's neck and onto her lips, their mouth's meeting and she watched as Devon's tongue came out and flicked over her brothers lips before pushing past them and into his mouth.

Devon brought her hands onto her brothers face, holding him in place as they kissed with more passion than they thought possible. Dean's hands were sliding to her waistband, once he found it Devon moaned as she felt him begin to pull it down her hips and to her thighs.

Lindsay quickly grabbed her pants and pulled them down her legs so Dean could place his hands on her soft ass cheeks. Devon had not put on any panties or a bra since she had started having sex with her family and now she stood naked apart from a pair of frilly ankle cotton socks.

Lindsay stood back up and hugged up to her brother and sister as they kissed, she too wanted in on this so she began to kiss Devon's neck while her brother used her mouth.

"Hhmmmmmm" Devon moaned into Dean's mouth as she felt her sister's lips touch her neck and an extra pair of hands on her body.

Dean's cock was unbelievably hard as Lindsay moved over to his neck, kissing it and licking up to his ear before whispering encouragement.

"Hhhmmm" Devon moaned as she felt her brother's fingertips touch the insides of her ass cheeks near her hole.

"Come on Devon" Lindsay broke the kissing and led her sister by the hand to the living room, Devon came along without argument, Dean, his cock pointing straight at them, followed them.

"I think we should celebrate the good news" Lindsay said as she placed her sisters hands on back of the sofa, Devon bending over, her ass stuck up in the air as her breasts fell from her body.

"Ahhhhh" Dean sighed as he saw her bend, revealing the slightest view of her pussy lips, they looked wet.

Lindsay leaned over her back and brought her hands under Devon's body taking hold of her breasts and pulling her nipples, while kissing and licking her neck.

"Ohhhhh!" Devon moaned as she felt her sisters own breasts push into her back, the nipples ticking her soft skin.

Lindsay was really horny after hearing that Devon was pregnant with Dean's baby.

Sliding down her sister's body, Lindsay came to rest kneeling between her sister's legs.

Devon couldn't see what was coming but was pleased when she felt a soft tongue touch her inner thigh and begin to move up towards her pussy.

Lindsay closed her eyes as she trailed the tip of her tongue up the soft thigh of her sister; she felt the heat of Devon's pussy radiate, as she got closer before finally being close enough to give it a lick.

"Ahhhhhhh!" Devon moaned as she felt the wet tongue hit her wet lips.

"Hmmm" Lindsay moaned too as she tasted her sister's juice fall onto her tongue.

Devon opened her legs wider to give better access to her sister who used it, early Lindsay pushed her tongue up into the open slit of Devon's pussy, licking at the heat as the lips parted more and her sweet wetness filled her senses.

Dean was watching, his cock was super hard and sensitive, bouncing as he watched Lindsay's talented tongue work it's magic on their little sister.

Lindsay moaned and brought her hands up to hold Devon around the waist before bringing them to her ass cheeks pulling them open before massaging the flesh.

Devon was flying towards orgasm as she felt her asshole being opened then closed by her sister's hands.

Suddenly Lindsay felt her brother's legs touch her back and she stopped licking her sister and smiled. Pulling back from between Devon's thighs she looked up at her brother's cock pointing above her head towards Devon's gaping hole.

"My turn?" Dean asked with a smile. Lindsay nodded and sat back to give him room to work.

"Oh Yeah Dean!" Devon moaned as she felt the head of his cock touch her lips and begin to slide in just a little.

Lindsay had now crawled out of the way and was standing behind her brother as his cock forced its way into his little sister. She was hot and wet and ready from the licking she had just received from Lindsay so there was no effort needed to get inside her.

"Fuck her Dean... Fuck your little slutty sister" Lindsay moaned as she hugged up to her brothers back, her breasts squashed into him as she reached around with her hands and took hold of his cock, which was now beginning to thrust in and out of Devon's tight pussy.

"Ohhh" Dean moaned as he felt Lindsay's wet fingers move off his cock and onto his chest, taking hold of his nipples she twisted them as she continued to talk dirty to him.

"Fuck that slut Dean... She loved it getting pregnant... she wants your cum even more now... she's a filthy little cum slut who needs to be hammered hard... Do it for her Fuck her brains in. Harder... Harder... Just like whores deserve" Lindsay was really twisting his nipples and stroking them as she spoke, her breath becoming ragged as she watched over her brother's shoulder his cock sliding back from their sister's pussy before being pushed back in hard.

Devon was shouting out as she felt her brother's cock open her wide, he was really fucking her hard and she loved every second.

"Oh God Dean yessss!" she shouted as she felt him hit deep, his hands were under her body and rubbing her clit as his cock pounded her wanton pussy.

"Yeah Dean you heard the little slut... she likes it... god just think that's your sister you're fucking and she loves every second of it... What a dirty little cock whore" Lindsay was really getting into this now a she felt her own passion rise.

Devon was almost at orgasm now. The talk from Lindsay and the pounding she was getting from Dean was all too much and she felt her body tense up.

Dean felt it too and held onto her tightly around the waist as she shook in orgasm. Devon's mouth was wide open and her eyes were shut as she climaxed around her brothers cock, her juice soaking him.

Dean stopped his thrusts and Lindsay went quiet as they reveled in the orgasmic moans of Devon who was shaking beneath them.

"Ohhhhh!" Devon moaned as she collapsed onto the sofa exhausted from her orgasm.

Dean was still super hard and in need of release as he pulled out of his little sister.

"My turn!" Lindsay said eagerly as she helped Devon off the sofa "I need some cock too!"

Quickly getting into the same position on the sofa, hands on the back and as pointing out to her brother, she braced for the pounding she was about to get.

"Ohhhhhhh" she moaned as she reached down and held open her lips for Dean to put his cock in.

He wasted no time in placing his cock at the entrance of Lindsay. Pushing his hips forwards he found himself halfway in her body with just the first thrust.

"Ahhhh" Lindsay moaned as she felt her passage being invaded by the thick shaft of Dean, she was really hot and turned on after seeing the show that Dean and Devon had put on that she almost orgasmed right then.

Dean began to pound his cock in and out of his older sister with vigor as the room filled with moans from them all.

Devon had recovered and had taken up the place of her sister behind Dean; her hands were now on his chest and playing with his nipples as she kissed his neck and up to his ear, nibbling on his earlobe.

"Ohhhh Fuck Dean!" Lindsay moaned as she felt his cock widening her inner walls, the head scraping them as he pulled back.

"Ohhhhh" Dean moaned too as he felt his nipples being pulled by Devon, she had her pussy pressed up against his ass cheeks and was copying his thrusts just like it was her who was fucking their sister from behind.

Lindsay's juice was flowing freely as she clenched the back of the sofa hard, her knuckles Turing white and her teeth gritted with the pleasure of the cock being gripped by her tight muscles.

"Oh Dean... You see how she's pushing back into you... I'm not the only slut here... your big sister is such a wanton slut too... Just look how much she loves your cock... She needs you're cum... She wants you're cum... Don't you slut, you need your brothers cock pumping hot semen into you dripping cunt?" Devon remembered how good it felt to have Lindsay talking dirty to her when Dean was fucking her and she wanted her big sister to have the same feeling.

"Oh Yeah!" Lindsay cried out as she felt the cock slide into her deep and her brother's pelvis hit her ass, making loud smacks with the hard thrusts.

"See Dean... Fuck your dirty sister until she screams to stop!" Devon hissed as she kissed her brother's ear and pulled his nipples harder.

"Ohhhhh" Lindsay moaned as she heard her sister speak and her brother's hands move around to her front, first holding her breasts and them sliding down to massage her clit.

Dean increased the speed of his thrusts on his sister Lindsay, she was screaming practically as she felt him touch her clit, her juice was washing over him and making little squelching noise's as his cock filled her.

"Oh! Oh! OHHHHHHH I'm CUMMING!" Lindsay screamed as she felt her orgasm burst inside her, it was super intense and Dean did let up on his thrusts he rode her all the way through the orgasm.

Just like her sister, Lindsay collapsed onto the sofa beneath her brother, his cock slipping from her super wet pussy. Devon went and sat nest to her spent sister, she turned and both looked up to their brother.

Dean hadn't cum yet but was really close, the force of both his sisters orgasm had brought him to the brink but no further.

Lindsay and Devon both covered in sweat smiled at their brother and sat closer together.

"Cum on us Dean!" Devon said kissing her sister's cheek.

"Cum on both of us!" Lindsay said as she kissed her back then looked up to her brother with pleading eyes.

Dean melted at that look, every time Lindsay wanted something all she had to do was that one special look and he couldn't say no to her.

Dean grabbed his cock and aimed it at his too sisters, they giggled and hugged their bodies together, their breasts pushed close and their hair tangled together as they watched Dean's hand begin to slide up and down his cock.

"Ohhh this is gonna be a big one!" Dean said as he continually rubbed his cock up to the head and back to the base, alternating between pointing at Lindsay and Devon.

"Oh Great!" Devon moaned as she watched her brother's hand on his cock, the head coated in pre-cum the shaft in her and Lindsay juices.

Dean was getting close as he watched Lindsay and Devon cuddle up to give him a better chance of getting them both covered with his cum when the front door shut before their mom Jenna walked into the living room.

"Hi there and what's going on?" she inquired as she saw her naked girls giggling on the sofa with her son stood naked masturbating over them.

"Dean's gonna cum" Devon said innocently to her mother.

"Well I do believe he is, but I don't want a mess on the sofa!" she said walking over to him and kneeling down so her face was in line with his cock.

Dean had stopped rubbing his cock when she came over and knelt down but was still just on the brink of orgasm.

"Ohhh Mom!" Lindsay began to protest but Jenna silenced her before her lips were pushed around her son's cock.

Dean didn't last long. Jenna took him deep into her throat and licked the underside of his cock with her tongue, bringing him to orgasm fast.

"Hhmmmmmm" she moaned as her son's cock swelled in her mouth and throat, she pulled him back slightly so his cock was more in her mouth then throat and she could swallow easier.

Dean tried to hold off and it worked for a little while, he was able to give her mouth a quick fuck, pulling his hips back and pushing them back towards her he was able to set up a steady rhythm.

Jenna moaned as she felt his cock slide over her tongue, it was so hard but smooth, she just loved the way it stretched her lips as she sucked on him caving in her cheeks.

"OOhhh" the moans of Devon and Lindsay could be heard behind the erotic pair on the floor.

That moan drove Dean past the point of no return. Gripping his mother's hair with both hands he held her still as his cock swelled and balls tightened.

"Ohhh" Jenna let out a final moan as she felt her son's seed shoot into the back of her mouth, quickly she swallowed the salty liquid before it was replaced by a second and third.

Dean's cum was shooting so fat that his mom was having a hard time keeping up with it all, she didn't think he was ever gonna stop as some of his cum trickled out of the corners of her mouth and onto her chin, finally dripping onto her shirt leaving sticky marks on the silk fabric.

"Ahhhhh" Dean let out a final moan as he finished the last drops off into his mom mouth. Finally Jenna swallowed the last bits and sat back on the carpet resting her back against the sofa.

"Oh that was good!" she moaned as she wiped the cum off her chin and sucked it into her mouth from her fingers.

After Dean had been cleaned off by Lindsay's mouth they all sat on the sofa together.

"Mom we've got something to tell you" Devon said holding Dean and Lindsay close to her.

"What is it?" Jenna asked as she rubbed her sensitive breasts absentmindedly.

"Well me and Dean are..." she didn't finish her sentence, instead just smiled at Dean and built the suspense.

"What?" Jenna asked with a smile of curiosity.

"We're gonna have a baby... I'm pregnant!" Devon said happily and gave a hug to her brother.

"You are!" Jenna said surprised.

Devon and Dean nodded.

"Isn't that great mom" Lindsay chimed in with a beaming smile.

"I don't believe it, my Babygirl is gonna have a baby girl" Jenna said almost laughing with joy.

"Or a baby boy" Lindsay added.

"Come here you lot" Jenna said as she opened her arms for her kids to climb into.

Dean, Devon and Lindsay all hugged up to their mom and smiled, she kissed them all on the head and congratulated the two future parents.

They all laid on the sofa for a long time after that, just hugging and kissing and thinking about what may happen in the future.

It was Monday morning, the news had sunk in and all was happy in the house. Dean had just got up, he always woke before the girls did and quickly he went down to see his mom.

Jenna was always the first to wake, she also had breakfast set for her kids when they got up for school and collage too, today was no different.

"Hi honey" Jenna greeted her son as he came into the kitchen and found her stood at the counter preparing the breakfast as normal.

"Hi mom" Dean said walking over to her and holding her around the waist and kissing her neck.

"Ohhh good morning" she purred as she felt her son's lips touch her neck and his hands find their way to her breasts.

Jenna was wearing just a robe, she had slept nude for a while now since she found clothes uncomfortable at night in the heat.

Dean was naked, his mom had not looked around and so didn't see this but she soon felt it when his cock hardened and began to push into her asscheeks.

"Ohhhh" she moaned as she felt it rise and press harder onto her ass.

Dean was really horny this morning, he had been all weekend and although he'd fucked Lindsay, Devon and Jenna over the 2 days he was still ready for more.

"Breakfast is almost ready" Jenna said as she felt her son's hands cup her breasts through the robe before pushing them inside and squeezing the firm flesh of her breasts.

"There is something else I want more then breakfast" Dean said as he pressed into his mother, leaning her over the counter.

"Ohhhhh Dean!" she exclaimed as she felt his hands push the robe onto her lower back, exposing her naked ass.

Dean felt his cock slide up in-between the cheeks of his mother's ass, she moaned and tightened them around his firm shaft.

"Ohhhh" Dean moaned as he felt her relax then tighten them again and again.

"Ahh God Dean" Jenna moaned out as she felt the thick shaft slide down below her ass and as she opened her thighs, down to her wet, dripping pussy.

Jenna was ready for what was to come; it had only been the day before she had her son filling her pussy and here they were, her bent over the kitchen counter and her son about to fill her again.

"Fuck Yeah!" Jenna moaned as she felt her son's cock begin to enter her warm confines. It was great to have him back inside of her, she had really felt like there was something missing whenever he wasn't in her, it was where he came from and now it was his place to be again.

"Ahhhhhh" Dean moaned as he slid the thick shaft inside his mother, her pussy was so wet and hot he thought it must have been a dream but this was real.

Jenna's breasts had fallen out of her robe and were now resting on the cold surface of the counter, her nipples had harden even more from the cold wooden counter as well as the arousal she had from her son.

Dean began a steady rhythm, his cock being gripped tightly by muscles of his mothers pussy as he pulled up out, so just the head was left inside her, then he would force it roughly back inside her.

Jenna loved the thickness of her son's cock; it was just like he was made to fuck her. Well she made him.

"Oh God!" she moaned as Dean's pubic hair tickled her ass as he pushed in deep and held, grinding his cock around the inside of her.

Dean pulled back again and began to speed up his thrusts, his mom rocking on the counter with him, to give her son fuller penetration.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" she cried out as she felt her breasts rub over the cold, but rapidly heating counter, they were bouncing on the wood when she arched her back up to thrust back into her son.

"Ahhhh! ahhhh! yesss!" Dean moaned as he felt his mother thrust her ass back to him, her glorious round cheeks slamming into his pubic bone, his cock disappearing into his mother's fiery sheath.

"Oh God Dean fuck your mom!" Jenna shouted as she felt his cock pound her hard. This added to her breasts rubbing on the counter and her clit on the edge of the same wood and she was at orgasm quickly.

It seemed to sneak up on Dean, his mother's orgasm. Normally he can tell when she or his sisters are about to cum but this time it took him by full surprise.

"Ohhhhhhhh!" Jenna let out a long low moan that got louder the longer it went then suddenly "FUCK!" Jenna squeezed her pussy muscles so tight that Dean thought his cock would be crushed under the pressures being placed all around it.

Jenna was shaking and almost crying her orgasm was so powerful, she had her eyes closed tight and teeth gritted as the waves of pleasure washed over her entire body.

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