tagIncest/TabooDean's Story Ch. 03

Dean's Story Ch. 03


You might want to read parts 1 and 2 first and sorry for the delay in posting this. As always, please send feedback!

Sometimes fate really blows. No sooner had my mom cleaned up my spunk from her face and tits, gotten dressed and ready to head back home with me than a call came through from the receptionist. It seemed there had been some sort of traffic accident and the local hospital was calling in all the doctors from the nearby clinics to help out.

There was no way my mom could get out of going, so I headed back home alone, with only the whispered promise from my mom that we would do this again and soon.

It had been a crazy day to say the least: I'd gone from a normal son in a normal family to a guy who'd had a tit-fuck and blow-job from both his mother and his younger sister in a couple of hours. I guess it was only natural that my thoughts turned to my elder sister, Dawn.

When I got back to the house, though, Dawn's car was gone so I guessed she wasn't home. Sure enough, when I walked in and shouted hello, it was only Shannon, my youngest sister, who called back.

I wandered into the lounge and there she was: sat on the couch wearing only a pair of faded Daisy Duke cut off shorts which exposed her long shapely legs and most of her ass, and a tight, old T-shirt that had the arms cut off and ripped down the sides so I could plainly see the swell of her huge 38EE tits.

"Hey Hero," she said, patting the sofa right beside her. "Come sit here." I sat down really close to her, my cock thickening as she laid a hand on my thigh. "How'd the examination go?"

"Fine." I said, picturing mom letting me tit fuck her. "Everything's in working order."

"Hmm, I can vouch for that." Shannon said, reaching over and cupping my impressive bulge. "You don't regret what we did earlier, do you?" she asked, more than a hint of worry in her voice.

"Hell no." I said. "In fact, I was hoping you could make good on your promise and let me fuck you."

Shannon sighed in relief and leaned in to kiss me, our lips parting, our tongues probing each others' mouths. Eagerly, she broke the kiss and began opening my jeans, squealing in delight as my cock sprang free.

"Fuck, Hero, it's huge." She said, running her hands all over my cock. "It's got to be a foot long."

"Close." I said. "It's ten and a half inches."

"Jesus." She whispered. "Who'd have thought my own brother would have the biggest cock I've ever seen?" Holding my thick cock in one hand, her fingers having trouble reaching around it, Shannon dipped her head and began sucking and licking at my knob before taking as much as she could into her mouth. I leaned back and watched my gorgeous sister gobbling me, listening to the slurping, sucking sounds she made as she covered my cock in spit. I reached under her and pulled her T-shirt up, freeing her huge tits, tugging gently on her nipples which made her moan in pleasure.

Shannon let my cock fall free of her mouth and knelt up, ripping her T-shirt off and throwing it aside. I gasped as again I got a good look at her mammoth tits. She smiled and dipped back down, draping her big jugs either side of my dick, sliding them up and down its length.

"Fuck that looks almost as good as it feels." I said, watching her tit-fuck me, my dick slipping in and out of her deep cleavage.

"You like my big tits, don't you, Hero?" Shannon asked using both her hands to wrap her jugs tight around my cock. "I've seen you looking at them every time we're at the pool or if I wear something tight. And you know what? I like you looking at them." She bent her head down and let a long line of spit fall into her cleavage, easing the tit-fucking, before looking back at me. "My pussy's nice and wet now, Hero. I want you to ease this big cock of yours inside me and fuck me till you're ready to cum and then . . . "

"What?" I gasped, still watching my cock slip and slide between her tits.

"And then I want you to pull it out and cum all over my big tits. Would you like to do that?"

"Fuck yeah!" I almost shouted, my dick lurching at the idea. We quickly stood up and threw off the rest of our clothes – easier for Shannon as she was only wearing her Daisy Dukes – before she climbed back on to the sofa one her hands and knees. She dropped her shoulders low, her big jugs squashing against the cushions, her face hidden by her long hair and wiggled her ass at me.

"Come on, Hero." She said. "I'm all yours."

I arranged myself behind her, one leg bent so my knee was on the sofa, the other foot on the floor, and took my cock in my hand. Hardly able to believe this was still happening, I inched my cock forward, the bulbous head slipping between her glistening, shaved pussy lips. Bit by bit, I pushed my dick inside my eighteen year old sister's soft, silky pussy for the first time. I put both hands on her perfect, round ass and slowly began fucking her, more and more of my cock disappearing inside her with each thrust.

"Fuck that's big!" she gasped, reaching beneath her and stroking her clit.

With a few more gentle thrusts, I was finally balls deep in my sister, fucking her as she moaned and sighed. I watched my cock slide in and out of her pussy and still couldn't believe my luck!

"Oh Dean! Oh fuck me, please!" she sighed as I picked up the pace a little. "Oh that's so fucking good!"

My hands still gripped her ass cheeks and I could see the little rosebud of her asshole just above my cock as I fucked her and I couldn't help wondering if some day she'd let me butt fuck her. I pushed all of my cock inside her in one long, slow thrust and held it there, not moving for a moment.

It's just as well I did as I suddenly felt two hands wrap around my chest and a woman's body pressed against my back, her heavy tits squashing against me.

"What have we here?" whispered a voice.

"Mom?" I whispered back with a smile, figuring she'd made it home after all. I turned and saw Dawn, our eldest sister, grinning back at me.

"Don't stop." She whispered dropping her hands to my hips and pulling me back, then thrusting me forward, sending my cock back into Shannon's pussy.

"Mmmm, feels good." Shannon moaned as I carried on fucking her. Dawn was stood slightly to one side, her hands back at my chest, toying with my nipples as she watched my cock sliding in and out of Shannon.

"You like fucking your sister, Hero?" Dawn whispered right into my ear so Shannon wouldn't hear. I nodded, obviously. "Think you'd like fucking me?" I nodded again and smiled at her. She reached up with one hand and popped her middle finger into my mouth, letting me suck on it for a while before drawing it back out. Slowly she moved it down between me and Shannon and gently rubbed it against her asshole.

"Ahhh yeah, play with my ass." Shannon murmured, letting Dawn slip her finger into her tight butt hole before she realized something was wrong. Both my hands were still on her ass cheeks so there was no way that could be my finger! "What the fuck?" she said, lifting her head up and tossing her hair away from her face, looking back over her shoulder at me and Dawn.

"Oh shit!" she exclaimed in surprise before uttering a long moan as both Dawn and I thrust deep inside her, me with my dick in her pussy, Dawn with her finger in her ass. She dropped her head back down and gave herself over to being fucked and fingered by the pair of us. "Fuck me! Both of you!"

"Looks like little sis likes her asshole played with." Dawn said with a chuckle as Shannon bucked back against both of us. She stepped round me and we kissed passionately, my hands leaving Shannon's ass and groping at Dawn's huge 42EE tits through the T-shirt she wore.

Shannon moaned and shook as she came beneath us, her pussy and ass clamping down on my cock and Dawn's finger.

"I'm gonna cum soon." I gasped. "Jack me off over her tits." I said to Dawn.

I pulled back, my cock slipping free of Shannon's pussy, Dawn reaching down and turning her over on to her back. I moved forward again, straddling Shannon's waist, my hard cock shiny with her pussy juices and grinned as she used both hands to hold up her big tits.

"Do it Dawn." Shannon urged. "Make him cum on my big tits."

Our eldest sister knelt beside me and took hold of my cock, stroking it hard and fast until I groaned and began unloading jet after jet of spunk. It flew from my cock in thick streams, easily the biggest load I'd ever shot in my life. Within seconds, huge amounts of jism were coating Shannon's face, neck and tits and still there seemed to be more. I came over and over, Dawn pointing my cock down at our sister's tits as, finally, my orgasm subsided.

"Fuck, Dean, that's one hell of a load." Dawn gasped. She watched Shannon lean forward and begin licking my cum off her own tits. "Don't mind if I join in do you sis?" she asked before moving down and joining her, her tongue running over her sister's skin, slurping up my spunk. She moved up and in wasn't long before they were kissing, sharing out my cum between them, Dawn's hand kneading and rubbing Shannon's tits.

Eventually they both looked at me and smiled.

"So, Hero." Dawn said. "What made you think I was Mom when I came in and surprised you?"

I grinned at them.

"Let me tell you what happened when I went for my examination." I said . . .

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